Aiken County Visitors Center

Aiken County Visitors Center


Hi! I'm looking to move to Aiken county! By the GIS Stillwater Rd looks unpaved is it? Not sure if I can ask this here. Delete if not allowed. Thanks in advance
👀 Looking for some fun and to stay dry...check out Aiken County Visitors Center
I wanted to reach out to you to let you know how great of a resource your Visitors Center in downtown was. I made my first visit to Aiken as I had always wanted to in my trips back and forth from Atlanta to Columbia, SC and on July 1, I had that chance. I meandered into town and found your office. I looked around and took materials that I knew would help me in my stay and beyond. You had GREAT maps and resources that were more than enough and actually more than the SC Welcome Center has #1 but #2 more than I have seen for most cities welcome centers. In addition, I was pleasantly greeted and was made welcome and I knew if I needed something, I had what I needed. I took several things that I got offered one of your plastic bags, which came in handy. I learned so much about your fair town and area in my one day visiting that I am now looking to move to the area on a semi-permanent basis as I have done business in the area before. What I learned most was that you are in HORSE country, which I honestly didn't know. I knew it was Monday, so I knew some things might be closed, which included your museum, but I think I got what I needed even without it. As the sun went down, I finished up your wonderful "tree" tour as I had visited the gardens earlier in the day and drove around looking at your beautiful homes and even took in a walk in the "forest" (pardon me if I cant remember the name of the trail). I only wished I had been able to see the horses run, but I loved traveling down the dirt roads and saw the "Horse" crossing of which I had never seen before. I ended my day on the alley way of Aiken and had some local beer and then headed home. Thanks again. I again just wanted to post this because I think its important for you to know. Keep up the good work and I hope to return to the area soon.
I plan to watch the eclipse from work in Aiken, SC assuming I can get some glasses. I work at Autoneum located on Powderhouse Road.
Will be watching the Total Eclispe in my back yard in Aiken, Sc
Such a nice place to visit!
Thank you Aiken, South Carolina for the southern hospitality and making us feel welcomed!! 😎
George the traveling gnome had to visit the Aiken County Visitors Center and took advantage of the photo op.... :)
30 YEARS "YES" 30 YEARS (SHOW 118) You are invited to the SOUTHERN STEEL GUITAR CONVENTION 9:30 A.M. SUNDAY, MAY 21TH, 2017 (Admission $15) The Belvedere Jaycee Building 98 Johnson Rd. Belvedere, SC 29841 (Just 1.7 miles from SC I-20 Exit 5) Guest: : Eddie Lange, Played with Bill Anderson's Po Folks Band on the Grand Ole Opry, performed and played with many artist: Jimmy Dickens,Jack Greene,Jim Ed Brown,Jan Howard,Josh Turner, David Frizzell and Merle Haggard to name a few. Currently a member of the Music City Playboys. Come see all of our local players and Great Staff Band. ******Jam Session: Saturday with Band, 7pm - 11pm****** Please contact to get on Playlist or reply to this post. Thanks, Jerry and Joe NEW *****Booths with local vendors (including items for the "ladies", door prizes and giveaways.***** For Information Call Jerry Reece • [email protected] • 803-593-0454 or Joe Turner • [email protected] • 864-940-8170

Your 1st Stop in Aiken County, SC

We're here to make your visit a memorable one. Start at the Aiken County Visitor Center for information, maps and unique gifts. We'll tell you where all the great sites are in Aiken County, SC.

Aiken County Government

Due to the concerns surrounding the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), the Aiken County Visitors Center will remain closed along with other public buildings throughout Aiken County Parks, Recreation and Tourism until April 17th or unless such directives are otherwise modified, amended, extended or rescinded. Please see the post below for more information and a list of public buildings that will be closed.
If you have any questions you can contact us via telephone 803-642-7557 or email [email protected]. You can also find information about Aiken County at


As the COVID-19 virus continues to spread throughout the state, Aiken County will extend the closure of all public facilities closed to the public through April 17, 2020. This also includes all County parks and recreation facilities. This is being done in accordance with Governor Henry McMaster’s latest executive order that extends dine-in restaurant restrictions and also continues restrictions on public gatherings of large groups.

Citizens are urged to continue conducting business with the County by phone, email, U. S. Mail and online as much as possible. County employees are still at work assisting folks with their needs, but will not be doing so on an in-person basis. Citizens should contact the office they need assistance from to find out what they need in order to complete their business.

Please refer to the Aiken County Government website at for specific departmental information.

Citizens may also call 803-642-1500 for specific information regarding any business they need to conduct with the County.
These measures are necessary for the protection of everyone and to minimize the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Aiken County appreciates the cooperation and assistance from our citizens as we work through these difficult and trying times. Should conditions improve and warrant an earlier opening of the facilities, the building access ban will be lifted.

While helping tourists and locals explore attractions in Aiken County, this place offers souvenirs, brochures on things to do, local art exhibits, and friendly staff . Events are also held here; from book signings to pet adoptions, and holiday events, this is the place to be!

Where am I in Aiken County?

A 3,400-acre woodland overlooking the Savannah River. Here you’ll find extensive pine forests and bottomland hardwood forests; 22 miles of horse and walking trails; 50 acres of lakes and ponds; 100 acres of grassland; and all manner of birds and wildlife. And that’s just above ground — underfoot are archaeological sites from nearly every period in American history.
Where am I in Aiken County?

This site features the world's largest pond! Although the water is temporarily closed, this location plays host to regattas, triathlons, water ski and wakeboard competitions. Hike the 2.8 mile loop trail with friends, a leashed four legged companion or on horseback. This summer you can put your kayak in the water and cruise the water trail connected to the pond. Take your chance on the 18-hole championship level disc golf course! Or just simply have a picnic with family and friends.
Where is this in Aiken County!?

Who doesn't LOVE LEGOs!? Get your creativity on and try this 30 Day LEGO Challenge.

Who doesn’t like Legos?? With the exception of stepping on them of course 😩! Here’s a Lego activity you can challenge your kids with! Make sure you zoom in to be able to read each square!

Our April artwork is up a little early! Please enjoy this beautiful work from our pictures but know that it is breathtaking in person! If we are lucky Pamela Moore will display and sell these pieces again when we are open to the public.

With a new large playground, lighted tennis and basketball courts, walking track and community center, this location has a lot to offer. Seasonal sports leagues are played on the fields and events are had here year-round. Patrons can enjoy a view of the Horse Creek Water Trail.
Where am I in Aiken County?

This farm sells fresh vegetables, herbs and cut flowers. They have a Herb Fair in the fall and spring that is so much fun! Also, it is a South Carolina Historical Site. The Union Army used the house as a headquarters during the Battle of Aiken.
Where is this in Aiken County?

Here's a fun way to break up the day of E-Learning and get out in the sun and fresh air! Fun for the whole family to join in on! 🐝🌷🌞

As a way to get the kids out of the house and away from screens for a bit, we have designed a Nature Scavenger Hunt for you and your little ones! It is designed for children pre-school through elementary school, though some older kids may enjoy it as well!

We encourage you to wander around your yard or even go on a walk around your neighborhood. If you're not in an area where that is conducive, you can drive around the area and spot some from the car! You could also take a walk around downtown Aiken. While you look for each item on the list (you may not be able to spot them all), be sure to pay close attention and use your senses.

Encourage kids to:
Feel the texture of leaves and flower petals
Observe the different shapes and types of leaves
Look for pollen on flowers
Smell the different plants
Observe the different colors
Listen and look for bees and butterflies pollinating flowers
Look for seeds (such as in pine cones)

We hope you enjoy this fun activity, and we would love to see your Scavenger Hunt photos! Post them below or tag us in your Facebook or Instagram photos!

Good Luck!!!

SCDNR - Closings and Cancellations due to COVID-19

The South Carolina Department of Natural Resources has made some cancellations and closing due to COVID-19.
A few cancellations:
-2020 Turkey Lottery Hunts- all dates, all hunts on properties have been canceled
-The Palmetto Sportsmen's Classic (March 24-26)
-The Youth Bass Fishing Championship (March 27-28)
-All in-person boater and hunter education classes are canceled until March 30.
A few closing:
-All SCDNR freshwater fish hatcheries (still operational, but closed to public)
-U.S. Department of Energy has closed Crackerneck Wildlife Management Area and Ecological Reserve in Aiken County until further notice.
All SCDNR-managed shooting ranges
For a more detailed list and updates of all SCDNR cancellations and closings for the state, visit the link below. SCDNR continues to monitor COVID-19. In accordance with guidance from state and federal authorities, SCDNR has canceled, postponed or closed several programs. As more programs and events are affected, we will continue to post cancellations and closures here.

This is a true family farm, a leading producer of certain berries and related products in the CSRA. Spring has already started for them and they currently have their open-air markets up and running (Wacky Wayne's Fireworks, and Aiken bypass). The U-pick portion of the farm should begin middle to late Spring so look out for the announcement! It's a great activity to enjoy with your whole family!
Who am I?

Aiken County Parks, Recreation, and Tourism

So we know some kids just aren’t into picking a book up BUT, maybe they’d enjoy reading on their gadgets! Here are a few online reading resources. Happy Reading!


All Aiken County Parks are currently closed, walking trails are still open to the public but please remember to practice social distancing. Read the article below for more information. Aiken County Offices remained closed to the public, but employees are reporting to work on normal schedules to assist citizens with online, email and phone transactions. However, over the weekend Parks, Recreation and Tourism staff closed all County parks to the public. Previously the facilities at....

This historical site in Aiken County was developed in 1959 by the Board of Directors of Gregg-Graniteville Foundation, Inc. This was a center to accommodate the African-American employees of Graniteville Company and their families along with the residents of Warrenville, Graniteville and Vaucluse. The grounds were beautifully landscaped and the citizens could escape the heat in a filtered swimming pool or building. Today this site has an added walking track, basketball courts, and playground. Where am I in Aiken County?

Home to a reptile that is rare and state-listed as endangered, a keystone reptile that provides shelter for many other species of animals in its 30-footlong underground burrows, which are about 10 to 15 feet deep.

Where is this in Aiken County?!?🐢

Photo Credit - Michael Small SCDNR

Just one of several historic plantations South Carolina is known for, it provides a setting for exploring the experiences of the enslaved, as well as the larger institution of slavery and reflects the historical experiences and impact of the white and black families who lived and worked at the site. The extant slave quarters, mansion, and iconic lane of magnolia trees planted in 1861 serve to highlight the plantation’s rich and varied history.

Where am I!? Comment below if you know where this beautiful historical building is located in Aiken County!

Aiken Steeplechase

If you purchased your Aiken Spring Steeplechase tickets from us, check this post to see how you can go about getting a refund.

March 20, 2020, Aiken, SC

Aiken Steeplechase (501(c)3 charitable organization) Spring 2020 Cancellation Policy and Form

All donation and refund requests will be handled by mail only to Aiken Steeplechase, P.O. Box 360, Aiken, SC 29802. The Steeplechase Office will not be open to walk in traffic during this time. ALL REQUESTS MUST BE POSTMARKED NO LATER THAN MAY 1, 2020. YOU MUST INCLUDE YOUR WRISTBANDS/TICKETS AND PARKING HANGERS ALONG WITH THE DONATION AND REFUND REQUEST FORM TO RECEIVE ANY DONATION ACKNOWLEDGMENT OR REFUND. Please see the form for more information. The Donation Refund Request Form is available at

All patrons that renewed by March 1, 2020 will keep their spaces for the 2021 Spring Steeplechase, if renewed by March 1, 2021. Patrons who received a space in the 2020 Spring Lottery will keep those spaces for the 2021 Spring Steeplechase, if renewed by March 1, 2021. A Spring Lottery and online sale of Infield/Outfield spaces will be held in March 2021.

Check out this helpful information!

We know the kids love their electronic gadgets so, here are some FREE educational websites that they can peruse at their leisure!

The park is a combination of a river swamp, bottomland hardwood forest and dry sandhill Longleaf pine forest. The park has four ponds on the property for recreational paddling and fishing, which are fed by artesian springs. These naturally occurring underground water sources are under sufficient pressure to maintain a constant flow of water. In addition to the ponds, artesian water flows up through two artesian wells on the park.

Where am I? Comment below if you know where this beautiful site is in Aiken County!

Aiken County Parks, Recreation, and Tourism

Need some ideas for the P.E. portion of your home school day?
Check out the video below!

These soccer drills can be done in your backyard., with or without a ball. All you need is a couple sets of cones. If you do not have cones, use anything in your yard such as sticks or rocks. Get outside and enjoy this SUNSHINE!

· First thing is STRETCHING. Always stretch before beginning your activity. Lunges & sit ups. Lunges with each leg & 6 sit ups.

· Straight Lone Drill. 4 cones set up about 4 feet apart. Zig zag through 2x without ball, and 2x with ball (if you have). Speed up each time you attempt. This drill works on your technique & helps develop speed.

· Another Straight Line Drill is the “touch the cone” drill. 4 cones set up about 4 feet apart. Run and touch the second cone & come back to first cone. Run to third cone & touch and come back to second cone until finished. Repeat. Develops stamina & speed.

· Four Corner Drill. Set up cones in a four corner pattern. Run to cone opposite, plant & turn to next cone until you complete the box. Do 2x without ball & 2x with ball. Improves changing direction & endurance.

· Ball Shuffle Drill. Simply run in place around ball. Develops endurance & technique.

Do these drills each day & you will see a noticeable improvement in your stamina & techniques once you return to the field!

Learning made fun!

Good Morning! Here are some learning websites to help pass the time and enrich some learning - the FUN way!

The Monetta Drive-In Theatre "The Big MO" will still have movies playing this weekend. Check their page for information before heading there. They have made some adjustments due to the novel coronavirus.

Friday & Saturday
March 20 & 21

Please see our website for important information regarding changes at the drive-in in response to COVID-19.

Main Field: Onward & Call Of The Wild (both PG)
Screen 2: Birds Of Prey & Bad Boys for Life (both R)
Screen 3: The Invisible Man & The Hunt (both R)

Gates open at 6:30.
The first movie on each screen starts at dark, between 7:50 and 8:00.

Aiken County Parks, Recreation, and Tourism

Oh wow! Be sure to enter!

Discover Your...Photo Scavenger Hunt Series! Every few days, Aiken County PRT encourages you to visit some place close to you and find 4 things! Take a creative picture and post here by Sunday, March 22nd. The top voted photo will appear in the next Parks & Recreation Newsletter! So make sure you and all of your friends “like” our page to vote for your photo!

This week we are Discovering Your Backyard! We want you to look for: an oak tree leaf, flower, squirrel and/or bird. Take your best shot and post here! Happy Discovering!

Aiken County Parks, Recreation, and Tourism

Looking for something to break up the home school day?!
Watch this page for fun ideas and tips!

Homework, reading and math...oh my! Looking for something to do to pass time (once school work is done 😉) during the quarantine?? Check our page at 10 am and 3 pm each day for a quick activity, video or game!

Aiken County Government

We have been directed to remain closed to the public until April 3rd.

Due to the concerns surrounding the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), the Aiken County Visitors Center will close along with other public buildings throughout Aiken County Parks, Recreation and Tourism beginning March 16th until March 31st or unless such directives are otherwise modified, amended, extended or rescinded. Please see the post below for more information and a list of public buildings that will be closed.
If you have any questions you can contact us via telephone 803-642-7557 or email [email protected]. You can also find information about Aiken County at

In response to Governor Henry McMaster’s declaration of emergency for the State of South Carolina, Aiken County Council Chairman Gary Bunker has issued a declaration of emergency for Aiken County. However, County offices will remain open normal business hours unless conditions surrounding the COVID-19 virus worsen and warrant an alteration of hours. A copy of the resolution is attached for information.

The County is working with the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control, the South Carolina Emergency Management Division and healthcare providers, as well as monitoring all directives and recommendations from the National Centers for Disease Control and other sources to guide the response to this virus.

Although business offices will be operating on normal schedules, several Parks, Recreation and Tourism facilities will be closed through March 31, 2020. The closures will begin at the close of business, March 16, 2020 and affect the following locations:

Aiken County Recreation Center
Aiken County Visitors’ Center
Boyd Pond Park
Harrison-Caver Park
Listine Gunter Courtney Senior Center
Roy Warner Park

All PRT recreation programs (licensed and/or permitted events, athletic leagues, facility rentals and scheduled tournaments) are cancelled and all recreation buildings, including restrooms, will be closed to the public. All outdoor parks will be open for leisure use by citizens to include walking tracks, playgrounds and trails. Refunds will be issued for any rental or activity registration that is canceled and not rescheduled.

Aiken County citizens are urged to conduct their county-related business online or through the United States Postal Service as much as possible. The County’s website at contains information on the items you can do online, including the payment of taxes. You can also use the drive thru feature at the Aiken County Government Center to make payments to the Aiken County Treasurer’s Office without having to enter the building.

Citizens are urged to follow the recommendations and directives from the Centers for Disease Control and healthcare providers on how to stay safe and avoid contracting this, or any other, virus.

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Total solar eclipse




133 Laurens St NW
Aiken, SC

Opening Hours

Monday 08:30 - 17:00
Tuesday 08:30 - 17:00
Wednesday 08:30 - 17:00
Thursday 08:30 - 17:00
Friday 08:30 - 17:00
Saturday 10:00 - 15:00
Other Tourist Information Centers in Aiken (show all)
Tailored Tours of Aiken Tailored Tours of Aiken
Park Avenue
Aiken, 29801

Private guided tours, tailored to specific areas of interest, are offered to groups of 1 to 7 people.

208 Abbeville Bed and Breakfast, Aiken, South Carolina 208 Abbeville Bed and Breakfast, Aiken, South Carolina
208 Abbeville Ave NW
Aiken, 29801

Fully restored 100-year-old home has three large bedrooms with full baths. Delicious breakfast served daily by the owner, local chef, Bruce Shipman.

Thoroughbred Country South Carolina Thoroughbred Country South Carolina
2748 Wagener Road (POB 850, 29802)
Aiken, 29801

Feel the thundering hooves of horses; smell the homemade bread baking; sample the fresh peaches and berries; view Civil War and living history; enjoy the songs of birds in our natural areas. Thoroughbred Country - We're Way More than Horses!

Visit Aiken SC Visit Aiken SC
406 Park Ave SE
Aiken, 29801

We serve as the official tourism entity for the beautiful City of Aiken. Take a minute to see the charm and beauty that makes Aiken a place like no other!