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GetTreated is an online portal which makes booking medical travel to Armenia simple safe and affordable for dental and medical tourists. GetTreated was established in 2014 to provide an easy and inexpensive way to obtain medical treatment abroad via medical tourism.

Based out of Downtown Yerevan, Armenia; GetTreated helps people from across the planet get access to world-class, yet inexpensive medical treatments at the push of a button by connecting patients to doctors whereever they may be. GetTreated’s easy to use platform has been approved by some of the world’s top medical professionals.

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The Truth About Dentistry It’s much less scientific—and more prone to gratuitous procedures—than you may think.

These are the top trending destinations for 2020, according to

Armenia is on Lonely Planet's top trending destinations for #2020 Have you been to any of these destinations?

Germany’s Lidl includes Armenia among its proposed travel destinations Germany’s Lidl includes Armenia among its proposed travel destinations

One of our latest patients sharing her experiences with #gettreatedinarmenia - #video coming out soon! #gettreated #armenia #medicaltourism #medicaltourismarmenia #dentaltourism #dentaltourismarmenia

Our highly qualified #dentist #getting ready to provide world class #dentaltreatment on a patient from #Canada #medicaltourism #medicaltourismarmenia #dentaltourism #armenia

'I had my misgivings about going abroad for surgery'

Need medical treatment? Why wait, qualified #doctors in #Armenia are ready to give you world-class treatment at affordable rates. Studies show that a growing number of people are going overseas for medical treatment.

Why have Gulf-based Filipinos fallen in love with Armenia?

#Armenia has become a prime destination for #Filipino holidaymakers living in the #Gulf countries. Not just a place to renew work visas, Armenia offers World-famous hospitality, ancient christian sites, and picturesque snowy landscapes. #GetTreated is also proud to have welcomed many Filipinos for affordable #Lazik and #DentalImplant treatment. #Dubai #Qatar #Doha #Bahrain Since 2014, the number of tourists rose from 674 to 22,000, and some even stayed behind to make home in Yerevan.

Invest in Armenia

Bloomberg lists Armenia amongst the fastest growing tourism destinations in Europe. Come for affordable dental treatment and experience this unique country before the word gets out...

Bloomberg ranks Armenia amongst Europe's Top 10 fastest growing destination. #VisitArmenia #InvestinArmenia Armenia and Travel


40 years ago the Armenian-American scientist and inventor Raymond Vahan Damadian developed the #MRI. Read about it here Armenia is making its mark as a global medical tourism hub, yet to the keen observer, this should come as no surprise. Despite its tiny size, this caucasian nation has contributed disproportionately to the medical profession, through advances in medical research over the course of many centuries. Ar...

Happy #Eid to those who celebrate

In China, Robot Dentists Are Implanting 3-D Printed Teeth

Dental technology is changing fast. Until you get robo-dentists at home, consider a more affordable alternative with #Gettreated. Open wide, because the robots have eyes on your dental work.

In China, Robot Dentists Are Implanting 3-D Printed Teeth

While you're waiting for robo-dentists to come into your local clinic, why not consider affordable treatments with #Gettreated? Open wide, because the robots have eyes on your dental work.

European Planning Meeting Yerevan 2018

Just another reason why you should get Treated in #Armenia. It's affordable

Have you ever wondered about exactly how cheap Yerevan is? Or what would 1EUR get you in the oldest city of Europe?
Well, we are here to answer! From free solar energy chargers, water spots on every street to taxi for less than a euro, Yerevan offers you everything and you don't need to worry about the price! This video is a series of 3 very different characters and how each of them enjoys life in the warm pink city for the cheapest costs possible. We hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed creating it.
Editing and Motion Graphics: David Mkhitaryan
Creative Director: Kalipso Bznuni
Camera and audio: Ani Jilavyan Azat Margaryan
Characters: Rimma Shahverdyan , Marijana Asprovska, Dawid Arakelyan
Crew members and supporters: Catherine Miller Manu Yadav , Ilona Tsaghikyan
Special thanks to all the cafes and places for hosting us!

*According to Numbeo Yerevan ranks the 490th from 542 cities with its cost of living!
#EPMYerevan2018 #AEGEE #AEGEE_Yerevan #CheapYerevan

A revolution in health care is coming

Check out how tech is disrupting healthcare #GetTreated Welcome to Doctor You


As #Armenia continues to grow as a #MedicalTourism destination, here, once more, are 10 reasons why: When we founded GetTreated in Yerevan, back in 2014, many asked what they thought to be a perfectly rational question: of all places, why Armenia? For us, the choice was quite clear: each member of our team has had a positive experience with Armenian medical professionals at one time or another and....

Happy 2018 from everyone at #GetTreated

888 innovative digital health, eHealth, mHealth startups worldwide

GetTreated was listed as no 586 in Dr. Hempel Digital Health Network's list of 888 most innovative #eHealth startups! #GetTreated in #Armenia Check out the list of 888 innovative digital health, eHealth, mHealth startups worldwide who are improving health care services around the world.

The 20 Fastest-growing Travel Destinations in the World

#Armenia is amongst the top 20 fastest growing #travel destinations. visit to book your #medical visit now. These destinations are attracting visitors at a record pace.

В Армении открыли первое в мире автоматизированное медицинское турагентство - Rusarminfo

#GetTreated's pioneering work in developing #medicaltourism in #Armenia was recently featured in (in russian) Армянский репатриант из Канады Раффи Эллиот открыл в Ереване первое в мире автоматизированное медици

GetTreated Medical Travel's cover photo

FAQ - Armenian EyeCare Project

Wanted to find out more about the Armenian EyeCare Project's excellent work in #Armenia? Look no further #GetTreatedinArmenia Frequently Asked Questions What is the Armenian EyeCare Project? The Armenian EyeCare Project (AECP) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing the Armenian people ophthalmologic care through five primary programs. The organization is governed by a volunteer board of directors and funded ent...


Some important thoughts on the future of #DigitalHealth #GetTreated

There is a certain irony when governments profess to be digital health leaders, while IT infrastructures in hospitals still use long-forgotten versions of Windows.

Last Sunday, #GetTreated's own @RaffiElliott ran the Yerevan Half Marathon. Find out how and why he did it here:

U.S. Embassy Opens Regional Disease Prevention Labs in Armenia

Improving healthcare standards in #Armenia: Residents s in Martuni, Kapan, and Vanadzor are safer today thanks to the construction of laboratories designed to track, monitor, and fight infections.

Why Armenians love strangers

Just another reason to #VisitArmenia Armenians, like their Caucasus neighbours, have long been renowned for generosity to outsiders – a result of the country’s historical location on the Silk Road.

GetTreated: an Armenian startup tapping into a global market, with support from EU4Business | EU4Business

#GetTreated was featured on the #EU4Business website With support from EU4Business, Armenian start-up GetTreated is aiming to tap in to the global market for medical tourism, with $50 billion a year and rising

#GetTreated was part of a group of Canadian-Armenian Tech companies that met with Transport Minister Vahan Martirosyan on Tuesday

#GetTreated CEO, Raffi Elliott describing life as a #Startup #Entrepreneur in #Armenia at the Canadian #ICT Forum in #Yerevan

Նախագահը ներկա է գտնվել «ԴիջիԹեք էքսպո-2017» տեխնոլոգիական ցուցահանդեսի բացմանը

#GetTreated CEO, Raffi Elliott was interviewed by #Armenian media at the #DigitecExpo17 (in Armenian)

#CEO Raffi Elliott presented Gettreated to the President of Armenia, Serj Sargsyan as part of the #Canadian ICT mission to #DigitecExpo17

We're at #DigitecExpo17


Come meet the Gettreated team at #DigitecExpo2017 tomorrow Home

10 Most Beautiful Landscapes In Armenia

#VisitArmenia Discover Armenia's ten most stunning natural landscapes, from caves to mountains to lakes.

We enjoyed the evening at the Armenian Startup Night held in Berlin

Հայաստանյան ստարթափերին նվիրված երեկոն, որը կազմակերպվել էր «Հայաստանյան ստարթափերի ակադեմիան Բեռլինում» միջոցառման շրջանակում մեծ հաջողություն ունեցավ: 15 հայ նորարար ստարտափեր ներկայացվեցին Գերմանիայի ստարտափերի և նորարարության էկոհամակարգի ներկայացուցիչներին, ներդրողներին և հյուրերին: Հանդիսատեսը բացահայտեց հայաստանյան ստարտափերի դինամիկ աշխարհը և տեղեկացավ երկրում առկա ներուժի մասին, որը կարող է հաջողված համագործակցության հիմք հանդիսանալ ապագայում: Միջոցառմանը հրավիրված Գերմանիայում Հայաստանի Հանրապետության մեծարգո դեսպան Աշոտ Սմբատյանն իր ողջույնի խոսքում ընդգծեց բարձր տեխնոլոգիաների և նորարարության էկոհամակարգերի զարգացման ռազմավարական կարևորությունը Հայաստանի համար: «Հայաստանյան ստարթափերի ակադեմիան Բեռլինում» միջոցառումը տեղի ունեցավ ս.թ. սեպտեմբերի 3- 10-ը՝ նպատակ ունենալով ներկայացնել հայաստանյան ստարտափերին Գերմանիայում, բարելավել վերջիններիս բիզնեսի կառավարման հմտությունները, հիմնել կապեր և հնարավորություն ընձեռել նրանց մուտք գործելու Եվրոպական շուկա: Միջոցառումը կազմակերպվել էր «Աջակցություն ՓՄՁ զարգացմանը Հայաստանում» ծրագիրը, որը համաֆինանսավորվում է Եվրոպական միության և Գերմանիայի դաշնային հանրապետության տնտեսական համագործակցության և զարգացման նախարարության կողմից: Այն իրականացվում է ԳՄՀԸ «Մասնավոր հատվածի զարգացումը Հարավային Կովկասում» ծրագրի շրջանակում:

Միջոցառման մասին ավելին իմանալու համար, սեղմեք այստեղ.

Ստարտափերի մասին վիդեոն դիտելու համար, այցելեք այստեղ.

Die Armenian Startup Night, die im Rahmen der Armenian Startup Academy Berlin (#ASAB) stattgefunden hat, war ein großer Erfolg. Die 15 innovativen armenischen Startups präsentierten sich vor Vertretern, Investoren und Gästen aus dem deutschen Startup- und Innovationsökosystem. Das Publikum entdeckte eine dynamische armenische Startup Welt und erfuhr über mögliche interessante Kooperationspotentiale. Der armenische Botschafter in Deutschland, Ashot Smbatyan, nahm an der Veranstaltung teil und hob in seinen Begrüßungsworten die strategische Bedeutung einer Entwicklung des Hightech- und Innovationsökosystems in Armenien hervor.

ASAB fand vom 3. bis 10. September 2017 in Berlin statt und zielte darauf ab die armenischen Startups dem deutschen Startup Ökosystem zu präsentieren, die Business Expertise der armenischen Startups zu verbessern, Kontakte herzustellen und Eintrittsmöglichkeiten in den Europäischen Markt zu schaffen. Die Woche umfasste 4 Tage intensives Training zu Investor Readiness, Business Modeling, Pitching, Marketing und Sales.

ASAB wird vom “Support to SME Development in Armenia” (SMEDA) Projekt durchgeführt, ko-finanziert durch die Europäische Union und das Bundesministerium für Wirtschaftliche Zusammenarbeit und Entwicklung (BMZ) umgesetzt vom GIZ Programm “Privatsektor-Entwicklung um Südkaukasus”.

Um mehr über die Veranstaltung zu erfahren, klicken Sie hier:

zum Video über die ASAB-Startups geht es hier:
© GIZ Armenien

15 surprising & innovative startups at ASAB

#GetTreated was among 15 #Armenian #Startups that took part in a week-long event in #Berlin Here is a short glimpse:

About 15 Armenian startups had the opportunity to participate at the Armenian Startup Academy Berlin (ASAB), which took place from September 3-10, 2017 in Be...

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How GetTreated helps you find affordable health treatment abroad
GetTreated Patient shares experience in Armenia
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