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Armenia is the oldest christian country on earth. Known as the land of Noah. Adorned by historic monasteries , mountains including the iconic Mount Ararat

WOW! Armenia. For many people around the world Armenia needs no introduction. But equally for many nationalities little is known of this beautiful, diverse country with a deep Christian heritage and culture. The land that Noah discovered has been a hidden gem for many years, held back due to its recent history perhaps. But for now Armenia, the shadowlands to many, has become a country to be discovered, adorned and shared… I have created an informative and educational website in the hope it will motivate the wider global audience and potential tourists to entice them in wanting to come and visit this wonderfully diverse and mountainous country. So whatever the desire to travel or take a holiday, whether its stunning mountain geography, historical and fascinating Christian monasteries and churches from the early centuries, wine tours to enjoy the palate with the countries rich harvest or just simply the desire to taste and breath alpine fresh air with a fragrance of flowers to aid life's wellness being… Armenia is a country and location where you are sure to be wowe Armenia truly is a hidden gem, a land rich with colour, magnificent geography and historical culture. It is truly multifaceted so there is something for all tastes and interests when you arrive. Discover Armenia through the pages of this website, and you are sure to find an intrigue through its photographs, multimedia videos and information that will make you want to come and once visited, return again and again… We have tour guide specialists, historians, Winery owners, Hotel and Bed and Breakfast proprietors all on hand to help and guide you in making your visit to Armenia truly memorable… WOW! Armenia is here to help and advise, so please feel free to connect with us via the contact page to ask your question or why not write a travel blog and share to the wider global audience about your experience and enjoyment whilst here. Lake Sevan. Finally please feel free to share this website with your friends and colleagues. Thank you, and please remember Armenia is a very friendly country so enjoy the hospitality of its people and culture and embrace its sheer beauty whilst visiting.... Ten Reasons To Travel To Armenia. The country is genuinely cheaper than any country or location in Europe or Northern America and Russia. Sensational Monasteries and churches that date back to the 3rd century AD. Inspirational Mountain scenery and geography. World renowned for its cuisine, culture and history. Mount Ararat. The iconic vision of the mountain famed for Noah's Ark is monumental and awe inspiring. Outdoor Pursuits to satisfy all tastes, Walking, Mountaineering,hang gliding. Cycling to name a few. Skiing - Tsaghkadzor offers fantastic skiing facilities that are second to none. The financial savings as opposed to Mainland Europe will be enough to take you on another holiday. Trust me. Wine Tasting. Discover Armenia,s wonderful wine industry. Enjoy and take pleasure at the countries rich harvest and enjoy some fascinating Armenia tastes to the palate. Health and Wellness being. Jermuk is a region that offers alpine scenery, clean air, recreation, rest and recuperation and is famed for offering health treatments that will benefit the body, mind and soul. Lastly. The Armenian people are famed for being the most friendly and hospitable in the world. Ensuring you have a completely friendly and relaxing holiday environment with the opportunity of making new friendships that will last a lifetime. WOW! Armenia....An emerging tourist destination but with a history that dates back to Noah's Ark. Please enjoy your visit.

Mission: Mission Statement. To advertise and market Armenia as the No 1 country of choice for tourism in the Middle East/Euro Asia territory for travellers who love countries with a deep culture history geography and cuisine.

Never forget. The world's governments and media may have but we can do better. #Armenia


Experience the beauty of Armenia...

The Colours of Armenia 2017
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Glide Adventures

Must Visit Country ♥
Credit: Beeline Armenia

Sublime Noravank Monastery..

WOW! Armenia

Head over to for advice and recommendation on your trip and travel within Armenia. Specialist Tourism website for visitors to Armenia. What To See. What to do. Hotels and accomodation

Armenia-Noah's route

Welcome to Armenia. Make Noahs route - your route.

Armenia-Noah's route

Armenia Uncovered

Since we last chatted "Armenia Uncovered" - the film is going gangbusters. Our promo videos have now been viewed on FB by over 1 million people and Kev Orkian (the film's host) and I are planning to be in Armenia in August to begin work on the film.

Check out our FB page here:-

And Kev talking about us reaching 1 million people:-

Journey into a small nation with big surprises. Thousand-year old churches, the world’s oldest shoe, and mouth-watering Jingyalov bread all in the same place. Travel through the ancient streets and towns of the world’s hidden gem, Armenia.🎥🇦🇲

The colours of Armenia (HD)

So beautiful. God bless Armenia.....

Цвета Армении Gallery AK (Andranik Keshishyan)

WOW! Armenia - The Skiing Jewel In Armenia's crown, Tsaghkadzor.

So you like skiing? Maybe haven't heard of this place??? It does not slip off the tongue quite so easily as its competitors in mainland Europe with the likes of Verbier, Kitzbuhel, or Alagna, nor in Russia with its popular skiing resort of Sochi. But

Sublime, Sumptious, Splendid, Superb.....Or just simply the most stunning view you could ever wish to see. #WowArmenia!

Yerevan time-lapse

The best time line i have ever had the pleasure to watch. Yerevan in your window in just 2 minutes. Amazing, magnificent, imperious sublime.... That's why we call it WOW! Armenia... Armenia. Yerevan time-lapse 2012.

ARMENIA - Once in a Lifetime Journey! (Armenia Travel Guide)

Ever wandered what all the fuss is about Armenia. Everything you ever wanted to know is right here within this video...

ARMENIA - ONCE IN A LIFETIME JOURNEY! (WITH LAURA MCKENZIE'S TRAVELER) The Award Winning Travel Host Laura McKenzie takes viewers on a Once in a Lifetime Jou...

Armenia Uncovered - 2016 Tourism Report.

A new film celebrating Armenia's potential is about to be released... One thing I have learned since I was first introduced to Armenia 3 years ago and that is the ability that the country has in its profound effect on foreign visitors. Not only visitors from diasporo

Armenia Uncovered - Sneak Peek

Wow! Armenia and now Armenia uncovered...Many many reasons to visit this wonderfully diverse and geographically superb country. Don't delay book your trip now....

WOW! Armenia - Time To Put Armenia On The Tourist Map... Visit for more information on tourism and travel to Armenia. Tigrannes the Great, Gregory the Illuminator, Mesrop Mashtots, Moses of Chorene, Herculius, Andranik, Artem Mikoyan,

Visit To The First Christian Nation / Pope Francis

The Popes visit to Armenia in all its 12 minutes of splendor. Armenia the first country to embrace Christianity and welcoming the head of the Catholic Church..... truly an exceptional country to visit...

Armenia has welcomed the pope to its wonderful country. Why not make WOW! Armenia a destination of choice too in 2016...

Karas Wines

When you think of Armenia what do you think of ? . Great cuisine, Monastaries from antipathy, its magnificent geography and nature....well what about its wonderful wine? Armenia and its mouth watering wine is waiting for

May In Armenia is just the most perfect month to visit Wow ! Armenia.

YEREVAN - A Celebration of Life

Visit Armenia For A Celebration of Life...

Welcome to Yerevan, one of the oldest cities in the world, yet arguably with the most modern outlook. Friendly, stable, tolerant and safe, this thriving capi...

Why not be Wowed by an emerging country.WOW! Armenia for your travel needs in 2016.

[03/28/16]   For all your travel and tourist needs to Armenia. Choose

Time to see the light and visit Armenia in 2016.

Time to put Armenia on the Tourist map....

Don't let the sun go down on a long term partnership....keep the faith.)))

Armenia-Noah's route

Be surprised by the beauty of Armenia....Book tours and Hotels in Armenian.

Armenia-Noah's route

Be Unique or Sink Every year more and more new hotels are opened both in Yerevan and in other cities of Armenia. These are large or small, full-service or selected -service hotels, situated in different parts of the city, each one with a different concept, appearance, interior and exterior. The competition among the…

Armenia the country of culinary delight, Lavash, Khash and Dolma. Pomagranit, Apricots and Grapes.... Why not visit in 2016 and see the iconic Ararat Mountain and Khor Virap Monastery for your self. Book your Hotel at

Stop wishing and start doing. Make it your intention to visit WOW! Armenia in 2016. Book your Hotel at

Autumn of my Homeland - Armenia in 4K

Armenia is beautiful in all seasons but especially Autumn....

Filmed during the most beautiful time of the year in Armenia. Autumn is probably the best season for visiting. Lakes and forests, mountains and historical mo...

Armenia is 9th World Most Secure Country

In a current climate of increased security threats and terrorism. WOW! Armenia ( installed as the 9th safest country in the World to reside and visit... According to Gallup’s Law and Order Index Armenia is the 9th spot among 141 countries with 82% of adult Armenians feeling quite safe while walking home alone at night in the city or area where they live.

WOW! Armenia ....Reasons to Visit Armenia in 2016.

SO you think you have been everywhere ?...visit beautiful Armenia in 2016.

BREAKING NEWS...Tsakhkadzor in Armenia confirmed within the TOP 3 Tourist resorts to visit in the CIS for winter 2015/2016...#SkiingInArmenia #TravelArmenia #ArmeniaHolidays

Timeline Photos

★★★ Tsaghkahovit Hotel, Tsaghkadzor, Armenia

Lets face it when it comes to skiing as a sporting holiday it cannot be considered the cheapest - after all things considered, flights, hotels, ski equipment hire, ski passes, lessons etc....That is why those who love the sport or wish to give it a try should have a think of visiting Armenia's Premier ski location Tsaghkadzor. In fact let me make it easier for you. The price of a 7 night stay in the 3 star Tsaghkahovit Hotel from 24 to 31 January 2016 is 200 Euro/ £147 GBP/ $218 USD / 15800 Russian Ruble with breakfast included..Thats great value and whats more I have stayed there and found it excellent value for money. Best of all its 400 metres from the ski lifts..What you waiting for...Here is the link.;label=example;sid=6341514048cb7e19fb16fc47475a46b8;dcid=1;checkin=2016-01-24;checkout=2016-01-31;dist=0;room1=A%2CA;sb_price_type=total;srfid=c482a5277ca0d13514ce0d08a3cf805a1bf7c6d4X19;type=total;ucfs=1&

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