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We offer intimate encounters with wildlife emphasizing on unique animal experiences. ​Featuring Great White Sharks, Whale Sharks, Tiger sharks, Hammerheads and Humpback Whales. We have one simple goal in mind – to create a life-changing experience!

Great White Shark Cage Diving at Guadalupe Island and the Farallon Islands.

Mission: To explore and educate people on the wonderful and majestic awesomeness of the ocean

Gray whales starving, washing up dead in startling numbers along SF coast

Whales hungry are coming into the bay for food and through the heavily used shippling lanes.

How do we participate in assuring the ocean ecosystem is heathy? Gray whales are dying in disturbing numbers along the coast of San Francisco because of a lack of food in the ecosystem, experts say.

[05/16/19]   Tiger sharks, Bull Sharks and Fire Walkers...Oh My!!! 🦈🔥

Ocean Safaris is off to Fiji today.. wishing our group safe travels and lots of amazing diving.

Saturday, June 8
World Oceans Day 2019

To find an event near you click...

North Bay Surfer Has Close Encounter With Great White Shark Near Bodega Bay

Love that she was out surfing again the next day. 🦈

“You’re more likely to get hurt by getting hit by your board, hit somebody else, get sucked out or drown or something. The shark thing is the least of your worries, really,” said Irwin. Warning signs were posted at a Sonoma County beach Friday evening after one surfer's close encounter with a great white shark earlier in the week.

Sharks as big as a bus seen off Southern California coast after 30-year hiatus

Here fishy fishy.. come visit us in Monterey!

Basking sharks are back “big as a bus”!!
DM us for adventures!! The basking shark is a ‘bizarre, unstudied species,’ says shark expert Chris Lowe.

Ocean Safaris Shark cage diving trips with Great White Sharks and swimming with Whale Sharks

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First DPG-SharkCon Photo Competition Opens

Photographers... submit your amazing shark photos for chance to win a trip to Guadalupe to visit our Great White Sharks on the new Socorro Vortex or win one of many other super cool prizes!

Let us see what you are going to send too! Comment your photo 🦈 DPG and the organizers of SharkCon are proud to announce the opening of the DPG-SharkCon Photo Competition—the first imaging contest dedicated to sharks, and only sharks! Enter your jaw-some shark images for a chance to win amazing travel and gear prizes and have your winning image displayed at Sh...

Drone Video: Killer whales attack gray whale calf in Monterey Bay

Our friends on The Monterey Bay Whale Watch captured amazing footage of Orcas taking a Grey Whale calf today in the crossing. Warning .. graphic. Drone footage shows the moment when five killer whales attacked and killed a gray whale calf in the Monterey Bay as its mother tried relentlessly to offer protection. According to Monterey Bay Whale Watch, the calf and its mother were on their migration north to Alaska as they were at...

Great white shark attacks rival just feet from diver's cage

Wowsers!! Thoughts?

The terrifying footage shows a great white shark swimming peacefully through the blue waters before coming under a sudden attack. Another great white is seen...

Ocean species are disappearing faster than those on land

AS THE WORLD’S average temperatures creep higher, marine animals are far more vulnerable to extinctions than their earthbound counterparts...

How can we help? Climate change is being more keenly felt by the sea's cold-blooded creatures.

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Man who caught, killed great white shark pleads guilty -

It’s one thing to snag it... these gents pulled it in, killed it, and took photos with the baby great white.

Thoughts on the punishment? VISTA (KUSI) – A man who caught and killed a juvenile great white shark off the Oceanside pier pleaded guilty today to a misdemeanor count of unlawfully taking a shark without a permit and was immediately sentenced to three years probation. Bodi Dee Roberts, 21, was also ordered to pay a $250 fine...

Large great white shark cruising Capitola waters bites boat

It is Summer Time and it time to get into the water!!!! CAPITOLA >> While experts say summertime Monterey Bay shark sightings are the norm rather than an anomaly, large great whites have been causing a hubbub in recent months, shutting down beache…

The Predator That Makes Great White Sharks Flee in Fear

“...Or, in other words: Run away, doo doo doo doo doo doo, run away, doo doo doo doo doo doo, run away, doo doo doo doo doo doo, run away.”


More on the white paper from The Atlantic Better to run than to have your liver squeezed out.

How Orcas Threatened Shark Week's Most Popular Franchise, "Air Jaws"

Jeff Kurr Shark Week show Air Jaws, as well as some of the White Shark Cage Diving Operators in South Africa have also been effected for the last few years by the Killer Whales. It's terrifying in so many ways.

Killer whales redistribute white shark foraging pressure on seals

Super proud of our James and the acknowledgement of his contribtion to this white paper just published on Orcas and Great Whites!! Great read!

To read more about James and his lifelong commitment to our oceans and it’s inhabitants visit: Article

A published study of White shark / Killer Whale interactions I helped with. It is about how White Sharks flee when Killer Whales show up at the Farallons during shark season. Nov 2009 we had both Transient and Offshore Killer whales at the Farallons, after that day we did not have sharks for 10 months

12 of the Best Underwater Photographers in the World - FilterGrade

Congratulations to our dear friend Rodney Bursiel for making the list for top 12 Underwater Photographers according to FilterGrade. Get inspired about the deep blue sea with these photos from the best underwater photographers in the world! Discover new animals and wildlife.

Key West Is Banning Sunscreens Containing Two Common Chemicals to Protect the Great Florida Reef

“There are thousands of sunscreens out there, and we have one reef,” Key West Mayor Teri Johnston

Oxybenzone or Octinoxate... is this in your sunscreen? Key West Florida is banning these sunscreens in order to protect our coral reefs. Key West will ban the sale of sunscreens containing oxybenzone or octinoxate, which protect the skin but harm coral reefs.

These tiny fish reveal our oceans’ biggest problem: plastic

The plastic we cannot see... what are the top three things you do to keep plastic out of our ocean? About nine million tons of visible plastic trash enter oceans each year—then there’s the waste we can’t see.

Handheld DNA tester can quickly identify illegal shark fins

😳😤😥 “Tens of millions of sharks are killed for the fin trade every year...”. (Learn).

Look at what the MiniIon is able to do. The device, which has been used for detecting Ebola and genetically profiling tumors, is now being put toward fighting wildlife crime.

Blue Whale season opener 2019

Are you ready to be in the one percent of people who have ever seen a blue whale. Let’s go on an adventure together. Here is the 1st Blue Whale of the season ... seen Today initially by our fishing vessel the Sum Fun at 7:05 AM, he then gave the coord...

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Beneath the sea in Monterey Ca is an amazing world filled with one of our Nations largest kelp forests and undersea canyons. The giant kelp can grow 175 feet. Monterey Bay is home to 34 species of marine mamals, 345 species of fish, 94 species of seabirds, and numerous invertebrates. Let’s explore

This looks like an amazing day on Monterey Bay ! Last year in May there were sightings of a dozen or more beautiful great whites inside the bay! 🦈

Ocean Safaris

Join us for a fantastic day on the waters of Monterey Bay spending time seeing amazing animals like seals, otters, whales, dolphins, turtles, sharks and the coastal scenery of Monterey Bay. With intimate wildlife encounters, Animals are so close you can almost touch!


Shay ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
James was great and very well educated and passionate about the marine life we encountered! We were lucky enough to see dolphins, seals, and whales! It was very exciting!

Ruth ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
James is deeply knowledgeable about the area and sea life. He had great stories about past trips, and went out of his way to make sure we saw amazing sights. Would highly recommend to both Bay Area natives and visitors!

Aryan ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Incredible experience!

For more information on our Safari Monterey trips, visit

Man comes within feet of great white shark, rescues surfers at Mavericks

This week at Mavericks in Half Moon Bay, Ca. Let’s go surfing! The Mavericks big wave surf spot was evacuated Sunday after a group of surfers had close encounter with a humongous great white shark estimated to be 16 to 20 feet long.

My first time with Great Whites - Jackie Danielsson the hum of the motors gave way to the clanging and splashes of metal cages lowering into the ocean at Isla Guadalupe my mind was racing, my muscles were clenched, adrenaline raced through my body and then silence. A silence of my mind while my body shook as I geared up to come face to face with massive Great White Sharks.

As I lower myself into the water a cage surrounds me and two other divers one of whom I found myself gripping is the incredible photographer Rodney Bursiel… and then, there they were - these massive creatures, but it was unlike anything like I had imagined.

Majestic, individualistic, muscular, thoughtful, and beautiful and I was no longer scared - I wanted to be closer to them, I wanted to observe them for hours, I wanted to save them.

We would love to hear about your first time with Great White Sharks - please DM us and we will post them over the next few weeks.

If you haven't had your first time yet and would like to to book a trip like this one visit our website at or If you are thinking about a trip and want to talk it through give me a shout on DM and let's chat!

Here is an award winning shot Rodney took from our cage that day.. for more of Rodneys amazing photography - visit;

Ladies - Your mascara can save wildlife! Appalachian Wildlife Refuge would like you to send your mascara wands "Old mascara wands are used to remove fly eggs and larva from the fur of wild animals."

Click on this link to learn how to help..

Testing our life jackets and then installing new rearming kits.

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Newly Decoded Great White Shark Genome Hints at Why They're So Indestructible

research decoded the genome of white sharks it gives insights into why they’re so durable and resilient The great white shark is impressively terrifying (though not actually much of a threat to humans). But a new study shows that the animal is also an impressive feat of evolution. For the first time, scientists say they’ve fully unspooled the genome of the great white, a discovery that will help us ...

Great white sharks abound at a marine sanctuary just off the San Francisco coast

Nice Photo from Peter Winch and a story about the Shark Stewards trips to the Farallons The Farallon Islands are teeming with wildlife, including at least 25 endangered and threatened species.

Who is ready to go diving in the Bahamas with Tiger Sharks, Hammerhead Sharks, Lemon sharks, Reef sharks, Sting Rays and Dolphin.
More info coming soon...

Read more about James and his approach to retirement planning.

Plan Your Dive, Dive your Plan. Why not plan your retirement? Alliance for Lifetime Income Learn more about how monthly income planning could help you maintain the lifestyle you're accustomed to in retirement. Consider monthly income planning as a retirement option.

Building The #Strawpocalypse - an installation made from 168,000 recycled straws (1/2)

Watch and share!
Straws are used for minutes but take centuries to disappear.
Every 60 seconds, a truckload of plastic flows into the ocean.
By the year 2050, there will be more plastic than fish in the sea.
"The parting of the Plastic Sea" is built from 168,000 USED straws collected from all across Vietnam

Subscribe to our launch: For the last month, we've been building an art installation out of over 160,000 straws recovered off the s...

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