Inspirational Journeys

Immersion Wellness Travel Retreats & Adventures at beautiful destination resorts, wellness presentations & seminars based on holistic health principles.

We are a lifestyle wellness & adventure company specializing in helping people learn about wellness through experience. Retreats are held at top rated resorts throughout the United States and Costa Rica.

[08/01/18]   Got confidence? Feeling strong? Acting courageously? Upload these three traits and watch your life move forward. Mother Bear Rising Women's Weekend Retreat, September 14-16th, Omni Bedford Resort, Bedford, PA

Zen and the art of bicycling to work

Be inspired to bike and improve your health and the environment. Rekindle childhood joy, help the Earth, stay in shape, and practice mindfulness -- all on two wheels.

Native American Wisdom

Pure beauty. Pure inspiration!

Incredible footage of a rare White Moose has been captured in Sweden. There are only an estimated 100 of them left in the country!!
Please Post where you're from so i can track how far the video going...?💞

Dr. Gupta: Living longer is in your hands

So happy to read this report! Jump start or reset your healthy lifestyle behaviors by joining me and my wellness partners on a Inspirational Journeys Retreat! Prefer one close to DC, sign up for "Mother Bear Retreat" (women only). September 14th; ready to spread your wings and experience one of the Blue Zones, sign up for "Free Your Mind: Meditation & Yoga Retreat" in Costa Rica, March 2019. Modern medicine increased our life expectancy, and "longevity genes" will probably be identified in the future, but the best way to live longer is to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Your Future Home

Now this would be awesome! Are their 10 people out there who would like this adventure?

This AirBnb’s indoor aquarium pool lets you show off your best stroke! Watch Full Video: by

The best hotels in the Hamptons

I grew up on Long Island and friends and I often went to the Hamptons for beach and fun during the summer. It was not a big celebrity town then, as it is now. If you can afford a room in these hotels/spas, go for it, you will have a wonderful time! The Hamptons on New York's Long Island are renowned for their charming hotels. LTI, the luxury travel ratings group, selects seven of the best.

Bedford Baths | Omni Bedford Springs Resort

At the Mother Bear Rising Retreat: A Women's Empowerment Retreat, you can spend some of your free time indulging in the Bath Ritual at the Spa, Omni Bedford Springs, Bedford PA. Participate in a centuries-old healing benefit in the practice of “taking the waters” during a Bedford Bath Ritual featuring an aromatic steam, mineral deluge, whirlpool and cool plunge, then leave feeling rejuvenated with muscles relaxed.

Travel itself, is a mindfulness practice.

Nature's brilliant light is always shining on our path....whether we are aware of it or not.

National Geographic Adventure

A wonderful surprise at Yosemite. Now those of you whose 3rd eye is open, you'd be seeing this often! Beauty and color abounds!

This footage of rainbow mist rolling off Yosemite Falls is truly mesmerizing.

The strange hat-shaped Pacific island that's home to a stunning resort

Well this is resort I'd love to go to, yet clearly not in my budget. Wow! What a place!!
Be inspired Vatuvara in Fiji was snapped up by the billionaire founder of Oakley, Jim Jannard, in 2009 for an undisclosed sum.

Viral TRND

This little boy's inspirational journey. So darn cute! Sometimes the simple journeys touch your joy heart as much as the big ones!

Little Boy Gives Cookies to Favorite Garbagemen!
Credit: JukinVideo

Growing Gracefully

And Go


These marionettes are huge and lifelike.

[07/15/18]   Meditation & Yoga Retreat in Costa Rica -

The Ryan Bartel Foundation

Grateful for the wonderful news about the 12 Thai boys and coach being successfully rescued today. After almost three weeks you have to wonder how they survived while maintaining such a positive attitude and guess what, they meditated. In meditation “you’re cultivating [peace, kindness, clarity] so you can offer it to others. When you sit with someone who’s calm, you can become calm. If you sit with someone who’s agitated and hateful, you can become agitated and hateful.”
Come learn the power of meditation at the FORT on July 29th with Suzanne Nixon, along with other workshops that help instill calm and build resilience.

Meditation May Have Helped Trapped Thai Soccer Team, Reports Suggest

The power of meditation never ceases to amaze me. Join me for the next IJ retreat, Mother Bear Rising, where you will tap into your meditation abilities and wisdom. Rescued coach Ekapol Chanthawong learned meditation techniques at a Buddhist monastery.

Mother Bear Rising

Mother Bear Rising

Neuroscientists Strongly Recommend That You Visit The Beach Regularly. Here's Why:

This is my favorite nature place. Evidence based research validating the therapeutic effect of ocean/beaches, just tickles me all over! Walk, swim, walk, nap...Ideal We all know that spending time outdoors is good for you on both a physical and mental level, but the benefits of spending time specifically at the beach have just been revealed.

[07/03/18]   I am thrilled to be offering this one of a kind retreat, "Mother Bear Rising", an opportunity for women to learn methods, skills and tools for becoming their most empowered self. I invite you to join me in a weekend of innovative teachings and mind-body practices, coupled with free time for spa, trail walks, poolside fun, relaxation and adventure.

Connect with your feminine wisdom, strength and power.

Wow- this is pretty amazing.

Thank you Koko for spreading awareness of sign language, we will miss you.

We Can Save The World

Another reason to love Costa Rica!

Costa Rica is about to become the first country to ban single-use plastics!

When we align with our True Vibration, our inner frequency of light and love, we can then discover our True Purpose and live the soulful life we imagined.

Mother Bear Rising

True empowerment, is a deep feeling cultivated from within the body. Learn how to strengthen your feminine source of power in a one of a kind women's retreat held at the historic and beautiful Omni Bedford Spring Resort. Resort Retreats with Inspirational Journeys

Invasive plant found in Virginia: It 'makes poison ivy look like a walk in the park'

It's nearby us Loudoun folks. Don't touch, extremely dangerous. An invasive species of plant that can cause blindness has been found in Virginia, prompting warnings about a 15-feet-herb topped with white flowers. Giant hogweed causes severe burns and blistering.

25 of the best places to visit in the UK

Oh, my times in the UK were amazing. Lush green land, castles and crop fields, rich history and deep consider UK a vacation destination. From vibrant cities to the scenic outdoors, the United Kingdom is a diverse destination for travelers. Here are 25 of the best places to visit in the UK from Hadrain's Wall to Hull.

Protect our home. It is the only one we have.

Mother Bear Rising: Tap into Your Innate Mother Bear Energy and Live a More Empowered Life

I am so excited to be offering a new woman's retreat this fall, "Mother Bear Rising: Tap into your Innate Mother Bear Energy and Live a More Empowered Life." Learn more in my recent blog post: Do you ever wonder what it will take to boost your inner strength and stamina, expand your courage quota, increase your energy, raise your vibration and boldly live a more empowered, fulfilling life?  If you are like most women, including myself, you have. You’ve trie

37 Million Bees Found Dead After Planting Large GMO Corn Field

All the more reason to take care of our environment. Wildlife is rapidly dying. Connect with nature and be inspired to save our earth. Millions of bees dropped dead after GMO corn was planted few weeks ago in Ontario, Canada. The local bee keeper, Dave Schuit who produces honey in Elmwood lost about 37 million bees which are about…

I along with my colleagues and yogis Tim and Chris are planning a 2019 Costa Rica Mindfulness, Meditation and Yoga Retreat. We are choosing Cr because it is beautiful, and the country has great reverence for the land, animals and all things environmentally. They as a people, protect and preserve. Illness, cancer and death among our sea world friends should not be happening. Take action - like a page, donate to an environmental organization, volunteer, and join us for a retreat where your sense will come alive in this natural environment.

Costa Rica to ban fossil fuels and become world's first decarbonised society

Why do we choose Costa Rica for our retreats? Another reason why- Costa Rica’s new president has announced a plan to ban fossil fuels and become the first fully decarbonised country in the world. Carlos Alvarado, a 38-year-old former journalist, made the announcement to a crowd of thousands during his inauguration on Wednesday.

Take refuge in nature. Be in the stillness. Invite awakening.

U.S. Climate Scientists Flee For France To ‘Make Our Planet Great Again’

Powerful action by France to save our earth. Travel, exploration and adventure is dependent on good climate and a sound, natural environment. Some of America's top researchers will move to France to continue their research.

Bored Panda

Respect & Compassion for All Beings. How Delightful to watch!

Pilot took this baby chimp on his lap, so he would feel safe after getting saved from poachers

New Airbus beds will let passengers sleep in the cargo hold

Well, that is a thought! Sure looks comfy and beats the cramped seats in economy. Airbus has partnered with Zodiac Aerospace to create the berths, which will be available by 2020 to airlines flying its A330 wide-body jets.

New Journey Posted! Mother Bear Rising: A Women's Empowerment Retreat. So excited. Take a peek!

Neuroscientists Strongly Recommend That You Visit The Beach Regularly. Here's Why:

My kind of message! We all know that spending time outdoors is good for you, but the benefits of spending time specifically at the beach have just been revealed.

Where not to travel in 2018

Saving our environment and respecting communities lifestyles, has some realistic and sad realities when it comes to traveling. A tourism backlash has been in effect over the past 12 months. Check out which 12 places you should avoid in 2018. (Hint: One place has canals)

Arctic temperatures surge in dead of winter Winter is still in full swing in the North Pole, but temperatures this week have been downright summerlike in the Arctic.

Native Americans

Pass it on!

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