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Immersion Wellness Travel Retreats & Adventures at beautiful destination resorts, wellness presentations & seminars based on holistic health principles.

Inspirational Journeys, LLC specializes in Immersion Wellness Travel Retreats that empower people through quality experiential learning experiences utilizing a holistic health model of well-being and a philosophy of mindful living. Our signature immersion retreats are 6-8 days long and can be customized for corporate groups and special groups. All immersion retreats incorporate inspirational walks and hikes, guided meditations, mindfulness and healthy eating. Enhance personal development, deepen self understanding, renew and reawaken. Be inspired. Live the Experience.

We are a lifestyle wellness & adventure company specializing in helping people learn about wellness through experience. Retreats are held at top rated resorts throughout the United States and Costa Rica.

Mission: Immersing yourself in experiences is the best way to learn about health and healthy lifestyles. And when we travel to beautiful destinations rich in nature and culture, we can be inspired to make healthy behavioral changes that meet our wellness goals and optimize our well-being, All inspirational journeys offer experiences in healthy eating, walking and hiking activities, meditation and yoga classes, relaxation and free time and experiences that promote connection with nature. Our "away from home" programs help you refresh and renew and inspire you to go beyond the ordinary into the extraordinary.

Jimmy Carter's Solar Farm Is Powering Half His Home Town

Joining with natural elements to converse energy and provide resources for many. This man, our past President, is a man to be proud of! Hats off to you Jimmy Carter! A true leader at heart, forever giving power to the people. Literally.

Costa Rica Has Banned Styrofoam — A Major Win for the Environment

This country is so progressive, so environmentally focused, so sane, and so in love with the Earth. Fines for using styrofoam range from about $760 to $7,600.

Dr. Jane Goodall


“There is still a window of time. Nature can win If we give her a chance.” - Dr. Jane Goodall

[12/08/19]   This passage is written by my FB friend Michelle Joy. She eloquently addresses the environmental/existential crisis we face.

When man was first birthed from the womb of the Creator, he was cradeled in the arms of Mother Nature. He was raised in an enviroment where his bare feet touched the earth each day. He nourished his body with living raw plants and the occassional animal that sacrificed itself so that man could sustain. He drank from water that was purified by silt and living moss and full of minerals as it traveled through the rocks of the streams. He slept under the stars and woke with the sun. His job was to protect and feed his tribe. Man respected the earth and understood that he could never overpower the storms and the wind and the fires -- but he could learn to adapt to it and harness it. Medicine did not come in the form of a bottle. Medicine came in the form of a sweat lodge, of plants, of laying on of hands, of prayer. The health of the soul was just as important as the health of the body. And when man got old and took his last breath, his body was returned to the earth to be recycled into new life in the form of a tree or a flower or a shrub.

We are living in an age where man has removed himself from the arms of the Mother. He has lied to himself and said that he must live inside a climate controlled box pumped with artifical air, buzzing floresent lights, and plastic floors offgassing toxins. He has told himself that processed food overheated in toxic BPA lined cans so that the frequency of the nourishment has been boiled to nothing is considered a meal. He nurses water from plastic bottles with drops of flavored chemicals. We are no longer interested in daydreaming amongst the riverbanks. Instead we sit like zombies in front of blue light screens and absorb fictional stories riddled with sex and blood and gore and materialism. Instead of offering up prayers to the creator in the heavens, we idolize Hollywood stars. We wake each day and go to jobs that cause us to betray our souls yet we are slaves to the paycheck so we can keep up with our lifestyles living in our fancy boxes filled with plastic and electronics. We do not understand why we have migranes and diarehha and contstipation and heart palpitations and diabetes and high blood pressure, anxiety and fatigue and arthritis. We yearn for more and do not know why we are so lonely, unfullfilled, stressed, and depressed.

It is because we have removed ourselves from the arms of the Mother. We have allowed our egos to tell us that we know better than the Creator. We have placed a barrier between ourselves and the very environment that is supposed to sustain us. We wonder why we are sick. We wonder why we are always searching for more. It is because we do not even realize that we are lost. The answer is we must find our way back to our true home and until we do that, our soul will always be crying out for the womb from which it has been stripped.

Image may contain: mountain, sky, outdoor, nature and water

Allison Janney

Music inspires. Dogs inspire. Kids inspire. This video has it all! Thanks Tim for the connection.

This tho. Day has just been made. 😂 | Credit: Buddy Mercury

It was a joy leading the Women's Rising Retreat this past September at the Omni Bedford Springs Resort, PA. Thank you Cindy Deugo for co-leading with me and for sharing your expertise and gifts as a yoga teacher. And for the women who attended, I am grateful to have had the opportunity to get to know you and for the opportunity to teach what I love. This was a group of amazing, courageous, strong, heart centered, creative, adventurous women. A deep connection between all manifested quickly and gave way to authentic sharing, stimulating conversations, laughter, tears, wide smiles and sheer fun .
"We deepen our awareness about ourselves through experiences and we awaken to our connectivity through experiences with others and in nature."

Couple Spends 20 Years Planting an Entire Forest and Hundreds of Endangered Animals Have Returned

So inspiring! Hope is an orientation of the mind and soul - with that, anything is possible, including restoring our environment. They transformed a barren plot of land into a thriving forest.

Site visit last weekend at the Omni Bedford Springs Resort for our upcoming Women's Retreat was inspiring! This historic resort has all the comfort creatures one could ask for, and the location, one mile from the town of Old Bedford, is filled with beauty, awe dropping vistas, forest nature trails and colorful flower gardens. One space available for one lucky woman! Contact me today: [email protected]

My friend Madhu and I enjoyed a wonderful site visit at the Omni Bedford Springs Resort & Spa for the upcoming Women's Retreat in 10 days. Such a lovely historical resort filled with serenity and beauty inside and out. Enjoy a few photos of where we are staying, eating, sleeping and hanging out. 1 Space Left for that Lucky Woman!

3 Spaces Left for the Women's Get a Way at the Omni Bedford Springs Resort & Spa in PA, late September. "Women Rising" focuses on tapping into your innate natural strengths from the inside/out, and becoming a more empowered woman. A one of a kind retreat experience that promises to Uplift You and of course....Have Fun!

Trump Administration Weakens Endangered Species Act Amid Global Extinction Crisis

We must be a voice for the animals - precious, essential beings who keep our earth healthy, balanced and happy. Environmentalists see the rule as another handout to industry amid rising alarm that the ecosystems on which humans rely are collapsing.

Ethiopia plants more than 350 million trees in 12 hours

Being in nature, is the most effective way for you to "reset & restore". The people of Ethiopia have it right! Ethiopia planted more than 353 million trees in 12 hours on Monday, which officials believe is a world record.

Grateful Dead Videos and More

In the 1970's I was fortunate to attend a concert in Madison Square Garden, NY, NY to hear the band Traffic and later Blind Faith (yea, I am from that generation of the original rockers!). This song by Winwood, "Can't Find My Way Home", I always loved. Decades later, my work as a somatic (body-centered) therapist and mindfulness meditation teacher, IS to help people find HOME in their body....the first place of residence. I may just have to play his song in my seminars and retreats!

Steve Winwood - Can't Find My Way Home - Solo
*Sitting by the fire

Women's Empowerment Retreat — Inspirational Journeys

Interested in a "sample experience" of the Women's Empowerment Retreat in the fall? Join Cindy and I for an hour and a half this Saturday, the 20th, from 3-4:30 pm at the Body Dynamic Studio in Purcellville. Gain understanding of the retreat program, participate in a 15 mins. meditation with Suzanne and a 15 mins. stretch with Cindy, and enjoy healthy snacks, a glass of wine or a bottle of water. Free of charge. . . yet must call or email to register: 703-729-0505 [email protected]

Nature Inspires. Children Inspire. An exquisite photographer who captures the moment, Inspires. Diana Kennedy Studios

2019 Wellness Trends according to the Wellness Tourism Association: According to their survey: 93% of women are interested in booking a wellness vacation and a girls' getaway. And what do they want? Top of the line luxury accommodations, spa facilities, a range of fitness activities, and yoga and mindfulness activities. Why? To have a few "stress free" days and to get "an overall wellness reboot".

Inspirational Journeys

I am excited to share our retreat "Women Rising: Women Cultivating their most Empowered Self", is 50% full! If you are curious about the retreat held this September at the luxurious Bedford Springs Omni, Cindy Deugotris and I are holding an informational seminar this Saturday, 3:00 - 4:30. An overview of the program, logistics and resort/hotel information will be given. Meet the co-leads enjoy a 15 minute meditation, a 15 minute stretch - and of course a glass of wine with healthy treats afterwards. This free seminar is held in a beautiful studio in Purcellville. Pm me if you are interested and I'll send you all the details. Or send me an email: [email protected]

If You Become More Empowered, You Just Might Live the Life You Imagined!

If You Become More Empowered, You Just Might Live the Life You Imagined! -

[07/03/19]   "Knowledge cannot be grasped by intellect."

Helen Palmer

Jean Shinoda Bolen Quote

I had the good fortune of attending her seminars in the 1990's, who soon became one of my role models - the living potential of what we can be and how we can live our life with purpose. Jean is a brilliant, heart-centered, passionate and a wisdom keeper. She is a True Leader and Empowered Woman. To know how to choose a path with heart is to learn how to follow intuitive feeling. Logic can tell you superficially where a path might lead to, but it cannot judge whether your heart will be in it.

State of the art resort settings, offer full service spas, pristine flower gardens and nature paths, gyms, and chic to elegant dining choices. Resort settings are the ideal place to hold an inspiring, engaging, educational and down right enjoyable women's retreat. And of course, if you are in the mood for luxury, upgraded rooms and suites! "Women Rising", Omni Bedford Springs Resort, Sept. 29-Oct. 1st.

Remote Year

Now this is progressive thinking!

Remember those days when you had summer break? This is the next best thing.

Alice Walker Quote

To All Women - Yes You Do! You are powerful beyond your knowing. You are a wonderful blend of love, understanding, intuition, courage and strength.

Deepen into the truth of who you are, in all your light and power, Sept 29th - Oct 1st. Learn, discover, grow. inspirationaljourneys/retreat/org The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don't have any.

Wellness retreats have "taken" across the country. We now know time away from your home/community in pursuit of well-being and good health are pivotal moments for gaining insight, reclaiming your health and creating life change. No retreat is complete without time in the spa. Check out Inspirational Journeys for more retreats, and to get the lowdown on creating health. Here is the spa area for the next rereat, Women Rising, at the Bedford Springs Omni Shorem.

A boy with autism broke down at an Orlando theme park. This employee saved the day

This is truly what it means to "Be present" to "Be there" with a person. So many of us don't realize the gift of presence. It is one of the greatest gifts to give another person. Learn how to be present with yourself and with another. Meditation has been the path I have taken to learn how to be present and just be. This employee was totally awesome! When Spider-Man was off-duty, a real-life superhero swung into action to comfort a boy with autism.

[05/27/19]   This is your chance to catch the Early Bird Special! 14 days remaining!

[05/17/19]   Be Strong. Be Courageous. Be Love. Be Brave

Event Calendar | Northern Virginia Integrative Therapy Center

We all have habits we would like to change. Emotional eating is a big one, and one I have known, as I am certain many of you have. Learn more about you habit and skills to become more aware, conscious and mindful - the only way to successful change your pattern. Two hour seminar on Saturday, April 27th.

The Daily Goalcast

Inspired by her journey. Always Believe. Always Know Spirit is Embracing You.

Broken bones, a funny walk and a dream to fly. This is how Janine Shepherd went from paraplegic to commercial pilot.

Speaker: Janine Shepherd Author | Motivational Speaker for WORLDZ

Best Castles to See Before You Die

What a joy to visit these amazing castles. Fairy tales, legends, myths and more! It is certainly on my bucket list! Castles, forts, strongholds or whatever you want to call them, are some of the world’s most astonishing works of architecture. Here are 10 you need to see.

5 U.S. Beaches to Visit and 5 to Avoid

Good read if you are planning a beach vacation. I have visited all the Top Beaches listed and have only gone to 2 of the beaches to avoid. How about you? The United States has some of the most amazing beaches in the world. That doesn’t mean that all beaches are trip-worthy.

Animal Planet

Next time an Inspirational Journey has a retreat with yoga, I think it should be open to their dogs too! Wow!

Doga > Yoga 🐶 #AmazingAnimals


The most precious journey is within. The opportunity to Know Your Self and Live with a Wise Mind and Loving Heart can be cultivated through meditation. Join me on either March 15th or April 12th, 10 - 11:30 for a Vipassana Meditaton Seminar in Purcellville. All are welcomed.

6 Places Where It's Summer All the Time

Places to consider if you want to escape winter temperatures. Sweeping cold fronts and the first snowfalls of the year are hitting destinations across the Northern Hemisphere, and the dream of escaping to a warmer locale is on the forefront of many minds. Is there such a place untouched by these annoying temperature fluctuations? Thankfully, yes. Check out the...

Now this is a home with a view during winter.

Imagine waking up in this beautiful cabin on a winter morning ᴷᴬ
📷 by: Isaac Johnston

Art Works January - February 2019 Art Shows - Richmond, VA

Congratulations to my son, Matthew Torrenzano, a world traveler, who will be exhibiting his photographs at Art Works in Richmond! The name of his collection is Common Threads. If your wanting traveling inspiration, go to the exhibit! In his words,

"It's easy to forget how similar we really are. Our body language tells a story that is easily interpreted and transcends spoken language. These candid shots, caught in the moment across the globe, remind me that we're all here together, experiencing similar emotions and sharing common threads."

His photography website is: See 6 new art exhibits -- all highlighting photography! Join us for the opening reception January 25th 6-9 PM. Live music by Anthony Brazeau, Dance performances by RVA Dance Collective, refreshments and tour 75 artist studios. Free and open to the public. Free Parking. Exhibits continue through Febr...

CNN Travel's 19 places to visit in 2019

I've only been to 5 places on this list. I've got some traveling to do! However some countries on their list - are not on my top 10. How about you? CNN Travel has the right destination for you with 19 of the best places to visit in 2019. Our favorites around the world include a relaxing area of India, a wild corner of the UK and several locations across the United States.

Close living in Tibet - however with their incredible hearts of love, compassion and kindness, I imagine they enjoy being neck to neck with their neighbors.

Mountain Village in Tibet.
📷 by:#Unknown

Be There

A tapestry of spirited color.

Rainbow Mountain in Peru

Check out Suzanne Nixon, Northern Virginia Integrative Therapy Center.

Hello friends and colleagues! I am happy to say I made the "final cut" in the People's Poll Best of in the category Psychologist/Counselor. I would appreciate your consideration in voting for me this year. I have been serving the mental health and relationship needs of citizens in Loudoun County and Fairfax County for over 20 years. . . and love what I do. Thank you for your consideration and time. Suzanne Nixon Cast your vote for your favorite people, places, businesses, and events in Loudoun County!

Our Story

I have always loved traveling and it began at the age of 10. Every Sunday when my parents received the Sunday paper, I would grab the Travel Section, cut out travel agents promo ads, and send away for travel brochures. I excitedly waited for them to arrive, and when they did, I would make scrapbooks of my favorite destinations and DREAM BIG.

With a calling for adventure singing in my heart, 45 years later, I began a travel, wellness & adventure company. Each travel experience is especially designed to promote well-being in mind, body and spirit through adventure, experiential learning and mindful practices. I believe when we are surrounded by the pristine beauty of nature, we feel joy, peace and wonder and are inspired to create a more fulfilling life experience.

With expert knowledge in mindfulness, meditation and wellness, I help you learn and practice ways for building greater health and a state of well-being. All journeys are held at beautiful full service resorts and spas surrounding by natural beauty. There is always free time build in to indulge in spa services, fitness classes and “off campus” exploration. Past journeys have been held in Sedona, Arizona, St. George, Utah, Hot Springs, VA and Costa Rica.

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