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A Very Snippies Valentine 02/14/2022

A Very Snippies Valentine

Hi Friends,

As 2022 gets underway, we wish you the best on this Valentine's Day!

Here is a loving look back at our work over the last year.

We hope to hear from you soon!

Team Snippies

A Very Snippies Valentine Who loves you? We do (probably other people also, but mostly us)

Snippies hiring Freelance Assistant Producer in New York City Metropolitan Area | LinkedIn 08/19/2021

Snippies hiring Freelance Assistant Producer in New York City Metropolitan Area | LinkedIn

We're hiring!

If you or someone you know would be a good fit, then please don't hesitate to apply!

Snippies hiring Freelance Assistant Producer in New York City Metropolitan Area | LinkedIn Posted 7:27:22 PM. Job Description:Manhattan based production company is looking for an energetic and collaborative…See this and similar jobs on LinkedIn.

Garcelle Beauvais x HomeGoods | Teachers' Lounge Refresh 08/03/2021

Garcelle Beauvais x HomeGoods | Teachers' Lounge Refresh

New video we helped produce for HomeGoods is now live! Check out the AMAZING makeover they did for a very well deserving group of teachers in Miami!

Garcelle Beauvais x HomeGoods | Teachers' Lounge Refresh Garcelle Beauvais knows firsthand about the challenges teachers faced this past year. With two 13-year-old sons coming out of a year of remote learning, and ...

Home - Snippies 04/27/2021

Home - Snippies

Check out our new website! Call us today and we can be shooting anywhere in the world tomorrow!

Home - Snippies Are You Ready To Create Capture Produce ? We Create Videos Tell Your Stories All about Who we are Since it was founded in NYC in 2001, Snippies has produced over 10,000 videos for Fortune 500 companies. Our growing list of over 3,000 satisfied clients includes companies like Amazon, Google, Droga...


Snippies Election Insights — Leadership

People across the US are ready to share their insight!

Snippies heard it firsthand when we spoke directly to Americans from around the country to get their thoughts on leadership, important issues, the state of the nation, and more.

Here is what they had to say:

This is "Snippies Election Insights — Leadership" by Snippies on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them. 05/28/2020

Insight in the Time of COVID-19: Snippies, TippiTV, and Multiple Sclerosis - Snippies

Want to know what Snippies has been up to lately? Check out the blog and get caught up! Snippies provides our clients with worldwide access to people and places in an instant.  The Snippies business model has been to establish relationships with production professionals around the world that continue to deliver the high quality we insist on.  One of our most recent clients, Everyday ... 04/28/2020

Best Locations to Shoot Video in Spain - Snippies

Does your company have an office in Spain? Are you thinking of a way to spice up your corporate video? Check out the blog for more information on the beautiful places Snippies can capture. España! Spain has been the filming location of choice for Hollywood blockbusters for decades. Epic and iconic films such as Lawrence of Arabia, Star Wars, Indiana Jones, The Bourne Ultimatum, and James Bond have all filmed scenes in various cities around Spain, but there’s no rule that says only ... 04/21/2020

Best Locations to Shoot Video in London - Snippies

New York isn't the only recognizable city in video production. Check out the Snippies blog to learn more about shooting video in iconic London! Outside of New York City, London is probably one of the most featured and instantly recognizable urban metro landscapes that has captivated the big and small screen. Harry Potter, James Bond, Sherlock Holmes, Spider-Man, The Avengers, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Downton Abbey all have prominent se... 04/14/2020

3 Essential Tips That Will Make Your Green Screen Video a Success - Snippies

Fun and interesting backgrounds aren’t just for zoom calls! Check out the Snippies blog to learn more about using green screen for your next video! Shooting on a green screen background gives you the freedom to transport your video to the limits of your imagination – even if you, like the rest of us, are working remotely! Basically, a green screen allows you to superimpose or “key-in” any type of video, photo, or animated video in the bac... 04/07/2020

Evergreen Videos: Fresh as Fluffy Pancakes for Breakfast - Snippies

How can we keep content relevant and fresh? Check out todays blog for ideas on how to keep your videos 'evergreen'. Evergreen video content gives you consistent, dependable value, which is a wonderful thing whether you’re looking to either monetize your video content or acquire a new audience for your brand. Evergreen content, such as the suggestions below, can be made at anytime and is always relevant! Animati... 03/27/2020

What Marketing Managers Should Know About the Company’s Firewall - Snippies

It's time to become friendly with your IT department! Learn a little something about how your company's firewall works today on the blog! File Error! File Failed to Send! Please contact your IT administrator. If you’ve ever seen one of the above or similar messages on your computer while transferring files, you need to know about firewalls. You may think that a firewall exists solely to make you miserable and unnecessarily elongate ... 03/19/2020

3 Ways to Know That the Video Production Company Near You is Worthwhile - Snippies

Looking to hire a production company for your next video shoot? Make sure they have these three things before diving in! You typed in a quick search for a video production company near you and moved ahead. But in addition to the videos they have produced in the past, there are 3 litmus tests available to know that you should get into business with them. Every production company needs the following things. 1. Liability... 03/17/2020

Location Spotlight: Paris - Snippies

Wish you could travel but you're stuck inside isolating? Satiate your wanderlust by checking out our location spotlight of the week in the city of love: Paris, France! What will you film in Paris that hasn’t already been shown to viewers thousands of times? That’s the challenge of Paris. You can never leave the space without at least one mega shot of the stunning Eiffel Tower. A true testament to its longevity and beauty is that each view of the deceptively si... 03/10/2020

Location Spotlight: Mexico City - Snippies

Next stop on our tour of the world: Mexico City! Home to a world of unexpected sights, both new and old, Mexico City is a perfect place for your next video project. Check out the latest blog post to learn more!

And, if you missed it, check out last week's spotlight on Chicago by visiting the Snippies blog! Welcome to Mexico City! Capital of Mexico, of course, but also home to several beautiful video and filming locations for your next video production project. Mexico City has a huge population within its dense cityscape. You’ll find baroque architecture alongside the 13th century Aztec temples, amaz... 03/05/2020

3 Topics You Need to Cover in Your Customer Testimonials - Snippies

There's a lot of ways to optimize your brand through video marketing but one of the best formats is the customer testimonial. Check out why a few good words can go a long way for your company in our latest blog post!

Also, stay tuned next week for our location spotlight in Mexico City! Testimonial videos give prospective customers a reason to trust in your brand. They also give your existing customers an additional reason for repeat buy-ins. A great brand, if nothing else, is good at repeating its value in your life. It gives you FOMO if you don’t have it and makes you feel at e... 03/03/2020

Location Spotlight: Chicago  - Snippies

In the last year, Chicago was home to 522 film and media projects. Could yours be next to find it's way to the windy city? Find out in our latest blog post! The windy city can get quite cold in the winters but offers great shooting locations year round. Not as crowded as New York City, video production crews looking to film in a darker, stylistic, metropolis often turn to Chicago – like the creators of the film The Dark Knight. Goldcoast  Located nex... 02/19/2020

This Is Your Training Day - Snippies

Training videos are a great way to explain your product or service to potential customers. But how do you get started? Find out by checking out the latest Snippies blog post! Five ways to make better training videos Training videos and good video content in general assists in increasing your placement on search engine rankings. Customers love a good training video. And that’s a good reason marketing teams should focus on making more of them. Just like the perfect mac n... 02/18/2020

Why 8K Fizzled Out at CES - Snippies

As a society, we always want the next big thing. So, why didn't 8K video take off at this years CES? We break it down in the latest Snippies blog! Since the beginning of time, we all have wanted to do things faster, better, and with greater power. In the world of entertainment and video, the race has been on for clearer, sharper and brighter images. Even though consumers watch video content on their mobile phones, there is still a demand for b... 02/12/2020

How Much Internet Bandwidth Should a Production Company Have - Snippies

You finished filming and now you're about to upload your footage to your client when you get a message saying it'll take... four days to finish the transfer?!?! This is why the capabilites of your internet bandwidth is important. Find out more in the latest Snippies blog post! And why it’s important Your bandwidth determines how fast you can work. Every business today that wants to scale needs infrastructure designed for growth. Your business does not need to be ecommerce based for you to need good Internet bandwidth. All businesses today require faster communication to... 02/11/2020

Video Marketing in Mumbai - Snippies

Mumbai is one of the most densely populated areas in the world and a major hub for skilled video production teams. No wonder it's the perfect place to take your next video marketing project! If you want your brand to be global, then having your fingers on the pulse of the international audience is absolutely necessary. At Snippies, we have had the privilege of shooting marketing videos in every continent. One of the fastest growing economies in the world today is India. And, while New D... 02/05/2020

Why You Should Talk Everyone Out of Shooting 4K - Snippies

Everyone wants a 4K video. But does everyone need a 4K video? Find out why sometimes ultra-high definition isn't always the best option by checking out the latest Snippies blog post! Your clients will come to you that they want to shoot their corporate video on 4K or even the buzzed about 8k and 16K. You should talk them out of it immediately because 4K does not a good video make! The difference between shooting a 1080p, 2K or beyond does not truly matter for most… Read More 02/04/2020

3 Tips for Getting Interviewed on Camera - Snippies

Last week we gave you some tips on how to be the best interviewer you can be. But what should you do if the cameras on you? Check out the latest Snippies blog for some helpful tips on how to be a great interviewee! So, you’re going to be on TV! Congratulations! You did it! Maybe this is what you’ve been waiting for your entire life but, even if it wasn’t, now’s your time to shine in the spotlight. While you may experience a few butterflies in the onset, being interviewed on camera is not that scary. Es... 01/30/2020

Why Video Interviews Are Like Karate Fights - Snippies

Becoming a great interviewer doesn't require hours of meditation or catching a fly with chopsticks but it can seem a lot like a karate fight. And how do you prepare to be the next karate master? By checking out our latest blog post! Some unusual + helpful tips for your next interview Video interviews can boost your sales, change your mission statement and turn non-believers into faithful followers. But the secret, reader san, is in how you commence battle. Some of the most watched interviews of all time include the following sh... 01/28/2020

Video Pre-Production Checklist - Snippies

Benjamin Franklin once said "by failing to prepare you are preparing to fail" and it couldn't be more true for video production. Find out how to step up your pre-production game in the latest Snippies blog post! Make it once and check it thrice. So you’re going to produce a video! Excellent. But before you start filming and creating final edits, you need to consider one of the most frequently overlooked aspects of a video: the pre-production. Video pre-production is video production company jargon for pla... 01/23/2020

How to Make Money From Your Videos - Snippies

Making money off your videos isn't always easy - but it doesn't necessarily have to be difficult. In our latest blog post we provide you with four tips on how to start profiting from your uploads! So you’re thinking of quitting your job and make money earning money from your videos. Fair enough. A lot of people are doing it. Today, many well-renowned musicians such as Lana Del Rey, Justin Bieber, and tv personalities such as Billy Eichner from Billy on the Street and Lilly Singh started out... 01/22/2020

Know the Limitations of Your In-House Video Team - Snippies

Your in house video production team could be great but every team has it's limitations. Know when to outsource your work to production companies by reading our latest blog post! Your in-house video team is spectacular. They can come together and create videos on the fly when you need it the most. But they do have limits. Get to know your own video crew – see what they’re good at and learn where they require outside talents. This will help you in planning your future… ... 01/16/2020

How To Make Great Man on The Street Videos - Snippies

Nobody knows better than us that man on the street videos are appealing to a wide audience. In the latest Snippies blog post, we let you in on 5 tips to make your next adventure on the street the best it can be! If you’ve watched any late night talk show, you know man on the street videos are entertaining. Short, quirky, honest and hilarious. There’s a reason that these videos do very well and it’s not because the host of the show is funny – it’s mainly because the interviewer is very skilled at a... 01/14/2020

Virtual Reality 360 Videos: What’s Their Deal? - Snippies

Virtual reality videos are one of the newest techniques brands are using to make their marketing content go viral. Is it the right choice for your next video marketing campaign? Check out the blog to find out! If you’re following the viral content across the Internet and on social media sites, you’ve definitely encountered virtual reality styled 360-degree videos. These are the videos where you can take your phone in hand or use your computer mouse, and get a 360 view of every scene. If you haven’t,... 01/08/2020

When to Use Animation in Your Marketing Video - Snippies

Every year, animation becomes more and more advanced. But is it right for your next marketing video? We break it down for you in the latest blog post! Is your brand looking to be the next Pixar of marketing videos? Do you want the Toy Story franchise to pale in comparison to your end of the year corporate animation video? Nobody said it’s impossible, but do you really need to? Having a strong reason associated with why you’re using animating w... 01/07/2020

Video Marketing Trends: 2020 - Snippies

A new year is upon us and that means new trends in video marketing. Check out the latest Snippies blog post so you can be ahead of the 2020 curve! You’ve done it. Reached the year 2020. A new year means new changes in every aspect of your life and while we can’t exactly predict what the next twelve months will bring you we can give you an idea of what trends in video marketing we might see. Virtual Reality Videos Virtual reality or VR… R... 01/02/2020

4 Steps to Build A Comprehensive Video Marketing Strategy - Snippies

A lot of our blog posts are about improving your digital marketing strategy and growing your brand through videos. But what if you haven't even created a video marketing strategy? The latest post to the Snippies blog gives you four easy steps to get started! Videos are the most consumed form of media on the Internet today. They impact everything about your brand from personality to trust factor. 90% of customers say that watching a video helps them make a buying decision. Whether you are a startup or an established brand, video content brings tremendous... 12/31/2019

How Big Should My Instagram Story Be? - Snippies

Instagram is one of the best outlets to get your content recognized and stories are one of the newest ways to push your brand. But how long should your story be? And what size should the video be? There's so many questions and we answer them all in the latest blog post! Size, length and all the important aspects to consider for Instagram Stories If history books are still printed in the future, a special chapter will be saved for Instagram Stories. Instagram stories (or IG stories, as the cool kids are calling them these days) are videos, photos, and visual content...

Our Story

Snippies has been helping companies produce quality video content for almost 20 years.

We have a thoroughly vetted Global Network of talented videographers in 150+ cities worldwide and a top notch post production department here in NYC. We produce in days what takes others weeks or months. We understand that a smooth and efficient experience which demonstrates professionalism at all times and stays on time and on budget is almost as important as the quality of the video produced.

We produce 1000's of videos per year for companies like Google, Amazon, BCG, Estee Lauder, Universal McCann, Droga5, Pepsi and about 300 others.

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Be Like Jim
Diversity in Film
2019 is your year!
Snippies Holiday Video
Snippies Holiday 2017
Valentines Day 2017
Snippies wishes you very happy holidays and a successful 2017! Can you find your producer? #HappyHolidays #VR #360Video
Watch as our Director of Post Production jams out!
Dueling lightsabers by Kieran & Kenie. Happy NYE!!



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