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About the Sherpa’s who we are
Our name Sherpa means easterner because we came from Kham in eastern Tibet the first person came to Khumbu by way of Rowaling Valley and Tashi La-tse (pass) he opened this valley for the people. Later most Families came from Tibet over the Nangpa La (pass)
This first person came to Khumbu from Kham-Salmo-Gang (east of Tibet his clan was called Timi incarnated from the god Osal and his name was Padzin. When he came to Tibet the people asked where he came from the east part of Kham that is how the name Sherpa easterner. Came to be
Since about 600 years ago. People have migrated from Tibet to these mountain valleys in Nepal. There was a time of great unrest in Tibet when many lamas their families and followers left their homes looking for new places to live. They settled in the mountain valley of northern Nepal.
These places became called Helambu, langtang and Khumbu.
Now we live in the Solu- Khumbu district Sagarmatha zone of Nepal we live in the highest places. In Khumbu we number about 3000 with another 30,000 Sherpa’s living in the Solu, Langtang, Helambu and Rowaling valleys.
Gradually some people emigrated from Solu-Khumbu district to other areas Sangku-Sawa, Helambu, Langtang and Charicot Later too some moved to Sikkim, Assam and Darjeeling in India. Because they spread from here and because their language is similar they are all called Sherpa.
The Sherpa language a dialect of Tibetan and literature history and philosophy came from old Tibetan religious books.
In Solu-Khumbu the most common sect of Tibetan Buddhism is the Nyingmapa, the oldest group. Sherpa and Tibetan lamas taught this religion to the people and organized the communities.
These Sherpa and Tibetan ngagpa (lay lamas) brought teachings from Tibet to Khumbu that were from books hidden by the founder of Tibetan Buddhism Dorje Den or Boudhgaya in northern India North of Boudhgaya is Nepal.
In Nepal especially bear the Tibetan border are high valleys and a long line of many mountains. In Solu-Khumbu district we have Chomolungma and in the Humla district of west Nepal is a special mountain called Kang Rinpoche (Kailash) other northern areas also have Special Mountains.
Nepal is the most special place in the world for Hindus and Buddhists. Here are many of the important books statues and places. Many places are important pilgrimage destinations for Sherpa’s. in the Kathmandu valley are several sites including Swayambu a chorten built by nature and Bouddha where the Buddha reincarnated as king Nyendup Chenbo offered his body to a starving mother tiger. Pashupathi called Shiva J*z by the Hindus honors a god worshipped by Buddhists as the action form of Pawa Cherensig the god of compassion.
Far to the south-west of Kathmandu is the Buddha’s birthplace. Lumbini Nearby was the palace of his father king sae Chengma.
In Nepal there are many high reincarnations of the famous monarch, Gyalu Sekey Kocha Chen father of the incarnation of the goddess Green Tara. Was a reincarnation that treated the people well and affectionately?


Good Morning Everybody & Namaste
I was born in the Himalaya tourist region, the gateway to the Mount Everest Seeing the flocks of tourists heading towards their destination I used to dream of becoming a and mountaineering guide one day. Fortunately, my dream became reality after my school education After I got several opportunities to study tourism activities especially trekking and mountaineering field. Since 1996, I specialized in mountaineering as a licensed guide recognized by the Nepal government. During my career as a mountaineering guide, I got the opportunity to work with people from all over the world. I expanded my experience beyond Nepal to Tibet and Ladakh as a mountaineering guide. with visitors to my mountains. Would like to share my variety of experience I am at your service to help you explore culture, tradition, language,photography, religion, geography, flora and fauna) It would be my great pleasure to extend my hospitality and service to match your wishes.
Cannot decide? No worries.
I can help you plan your trip. Tell me how many days you wish to trek, what your primary interests are (cultural, scenic, educational, mountaineering)
what particular sites interest you, what level of physical activity you are comfortable with and anything else.
We can arrange an adventure tailor made to your desires.


Nepal Beauty Tours

Namo Buddha is a beautiful place. There is no need to exaggerate this. The place is very quiet and pure. Its environment is very clean, with no pollution, and the natural air is so fresh, cool and healthy. It is also the right place for meditation and practice. In the morning when you wake up, you can see a beautiful sunrise. In the evening you can see a wonderful sunset. You can enjoy snow-covered Himalayan ranges which look so amazing and pure.

From the Buddhist point of view, Namo Buddha is one of the most important religious sites in Nepal. There are three major Buddhist pilgrimage sites: Boudha Stupa, Swayambhunath Stupa and Namo Buddha.

How to get there

Namo Buddha is about 40 km away from the heart of Kathmandu city. It is in Kavre District in the southeast of the valley. If you take a local bus, it will take around 3 to 4 hours because there are several substations, but if you take a taxi from Kathmandu, it will take around 2 hours.

If you are willing to take a local bus from Kathmandu, you should first go to Ratna Park Bus station, which also known as Old Bus Park (Puraano Bus Park). You can book a ticket and take a bus from there to Banepa. The bus goes through Koteshow then Bhaktapur and then finally reaches Banepa. From Banepa you have to change buses. Book a ticket at the counter for Namo Buddha (a bus which goes up to Dhapcha passes through Namo Buddha, so you can take that bus as well). The bus goes past the Dhulikhel bus station.

You can also trek from Banepa to Namo Buddha passing through Panauti.




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