Woodland Resort on Lake Miltona - Miltona, Minnesota, Miltona, MN Video July 6, 2017, 3:33am

Videos by Woodland Resort on Lake Miltona - Miltona, Minnesota in Miltona. We welcome you to vacation with us on beautiful Lake Miltona, near Alexandria. Where the fish are abundant, the sunsets are magnificent and your deluxe cabin or vacation home awaits you. There are activities for the entire family!

Sunset tonight!

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It’s a beautiful, sunny, cold morning on Lake Miltona. And as you can see, we still have ice on the lake. So... any new guesses for an ice out? It won’t be long!

Sunset tonight!

Happy 4th!

Look who I caught on the playground this morning! I think they were playing cornhole. 😃😃😃

This is it... the last bit of snow. A few more days and it will be gone as well! Lake Miltona is ice free as of yesterday afternoon. Bring on the summer!

The ice is moving a lot today. With mid-70s forecast tomorrow, it won’t be long and Miltona will be ice free!

Tonight’s sunset!

Sunset tonight!

Parkers Prairie Panthers are State Champions!!!!! Way to go boys!!!!

Happening right now! #explorealex

The first storm of the winter season is upon us! Steve and Luke moving the fallen tree off the road. Kind of crazy weather as Luke wore shorts yesterday!

Last one from last night!

This is a view to the North from our shore. There were fireworks and we had a light show of lightning from a storm brewing about 60 miles away.

More fireworks from last night!

View of the South Bay fireworks from our beach!

A beautiful night on the lake! Have a great holiday weekend all!

Definitely a top 10 day! Beautiful!

Seriously! How cute are these baby wood ducks?

Beautiful night on the lake! We are a bit excited about "ice out"!

Chilly this morning! We threw hot boiling water up in the air ❄️!

Fish Tales at Woodland Resort
Sharing some of our favorite fishing pictures from the past!

Kayaking on the lake!

Cabin #5
My first attempt at amateur video of one of our Cabins. This is #5 which is a three bedroom, one bath home overlooking Lake Miltona.

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