White Mountain Snowmobile Tours

White Mountain Snowmobile Tours


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Very fine tours, great machines, excellent guides and friendly atmosphere!

Joe the guide was one of the best we have ever seen. We will be back!
Just left a review... we had a blast! Thought I'd share a pic or two that our guide took while out on the trail. Thanks!
Is this really worth the money? The prospect tour with two parents and a couple of kids? I'm open minded, but wow, that's a lot for 2 hours.
Mario and Allen are the best guides. This is our favorite thing to do every year. Thanks for a fun day!!!
We Have a Santa Claus and Santa Dog at Basecamp this week
I would much rather go snowmobiling deep in the snowy forest with my babe on the back holding onto me than shell out roughly $250 pp/pd to ski. This is some serious fun! Dustin, our tour guide, managed to round us up, transfer us to the staging area, give us a safety lecture, lead us to the practice track, lead us through snowy mountains to a high mountain lake and then lead us back to the staging area where our warm van was waiting...all in two hours! Amazing adventure. The best spent two hours of my life in a loooong time. Do this!
My family and I did the combo zip lining and snowmobiling tour today and had an amazing time. The staff was great all around. However, we want to give a special thanks to Parker our driver who started and ended our experience with a positive attitude. He is an exceptional member to your staff. Thank yall for a great experience. ❄
My family had an Amazing time!!! If you’re planning a winter vacation, plan a trip with @whitemoutainsnowmobiletours
Check out our adventure with them!!
We had a great tour and the weather was fantastic. The entire staff was so friendly and helpful. Brad was our guide and he was exceptional!!! He was very knowledgeable and just a great guy. Thanks to you all!
We would love to head out with you all again! Wonderful memories!
Had an absolutely awesome experience with White Mountain Tours. I would definitely go again. Super friendly and made me feel at ease on a snowmobile going up a mountain.
We had the BEST time! The guides are so personable and fun! Hopefully CT will see this pic to remember the “one that got away”! 🤣

White Mountain Tours is Colorado’s highest snowmobile tour company and has been providing a safe and unique experience for guests under the same local ownership for more than 30 years.

White Mountain offers two and three hour snowmobile tours for all levels of experience including families and riders looking for advanced riding in the deep powder. White Mountain has a fleet of top-of-the-line Polaris Snowmobiles. 550 Touring sleds are for our family tour, ride single or double with a backrest for the passenger. 550 RMKs are perfect for single riders on the Performance or High

Operating as usual

Top of the Rockies Zip Line 04/10/2021

Top of the Rockies Zip Line

Snowmobiling is now closed due to lack of snow. We are running our Top of the Rockies Zip Line Tours through April 18th so visitors can enjoy this exciting and safe activity. We will be closed from April 19th until May 28 when we will reopen for the Spring/Summer and Fall Zip Line season. Book zip line tours now on www.whitemountainsnowmobiletours.com or

Call our offices at 719-486-7354 or 970-668-5323 for information or assistance in making reservations.

Top of the Rockies Zip Line Colorado Zip Line Tours | Just Go For It!

Cooper | Chicago Ridge | The Heart of Skiing in the Heart of the Rockies 03/22/2021

Cooper | Chicago Ridge | The Heart of Skiing in the Heart of the Rockies

Cooper | Chicago Ridge | The Heart of Skiing in the Heart of the Rockies An unforgettable Colorado ski vacation doesn’t have to break the bank. Join the Cooper family today and discover affordable, family-friendly skiing and snowboarding in the heart of Colorado’s Rocky Mountains!

Top of the Rockies Zip Line 12/25/2020

Top of the Rockies Zip Line

MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE FROM ALL OF US AT WHITE MOUNTAIN TOURS AND TOP OF THE ROCKIES ZIP LINE. We are running snowmobile and zip line tours 7 days a week but have few availabilities for the period between Christmas and New Year's day. Staff is available to assist you at 719-486-7354 or 970-668-5323 but we are experiencing a very heavy call volume each day. You can check our website at www.whitemountainsnowmobiletours.com or www.topoftherockieszipline.com for information and availabilities. Book on line and receive an email confirmation with all details.

Top of the Rockies Zip Line Just Go For It!

[11/25/20]   Top of the Rockies Zip Line Company is looking for new guides. You must be residing in the local area (Summit County or Leadville) or have access to housing in this area. We will train friendly, outgoing people who want to work with our team of Rock Stars in one of the most beautiful places in the world. Our first zipline departure deck is at 11,500' on the Slopes of Mount Arkansas. email [email protected] with contact info and resume of experience and education.

[11/06/20]   White Mountain needs full or part-time Reservations person for winter season in the Leadville office. This job would be most appropriate for some one residing in the Leadville area. You can email me: [email protected]

[11/06/20]   We are looking for Snowmobile and zip line tour guides for the upcoming winter season. Because of housing availability, these jobs would be most appropriate for people already living in the Leadville or Summit County area. Email with your resume, location, email and phone contact: [email protected]

[09/29/20]   We are still doing fall operations for Top of the Rockies Zip Line but thinking about snowmobiling. Fall zip lining will be open through October 15 then closed til November 14 when we reopen for winter zip operations.

Many people are calling the office asking about snowmobiling but we're not quite ready for bookings. The White Mountain Snowmobile Tours Website is being updated for the 2020/21 season and inventory will soon be available for on line booking, hopefully by October 15th. Certain changes in operations will be necessary because of Covid but we are looking forward to an exciting winter season. On-line booking will reserve your preferred dates and snowmobiles and facilitate fast, safe and efficient check-ins. Using this system will give you email confirmations and all the information you need. Help us give you the best service by booking in advance on line rather than waiting to arrive in the area.

We can't wait to see you all again this winter.

[03/17/20]   White Mountain Snowmobile Tours and Top of the Rockies Zip Lines are ending operations for the winter season. Contact us by email at [email protected] or
[email protected]. with any comments or cancellation requests. We want to thank our wonderful staff and honored guests for a terrific season. You are valued and appreciated. Stay safe and well and we'll hope to see you soon. Opening dates for the spring/summer/fall zip line season will be confirmed as soon as possible.
Judith Gilman, General Manager


Reda Ruokyte Photography


Yikes, this was another day of snow, wind, and dangerous driving conditions and the second day in a row that we closed operations for the safety of our customers and staff. I have worked 20 years for White Mountain and this was a first!! Today the weather service described it as a "Snow Squall". I've been in a lot of storms in my life including hurricanes, thunderstorms and tropical waves but I can't honestly add "snow squall" to my list because I was safe and warm in the office. Good job drivers for getting your guests safely back to their hotels this morning in white-out conditions. One of our vans is getting a brake job and new studded tires tomorrow morning cause I'll bet we are not done with old man winter 2020 season yet. We still got a lotta riding and zipping to do.


White Mountain Snowmobile Tours


Snowmobiling at the Top of the World. How could anything be better?

There are always better things ahead than the ones we leave behind.


All the snow dogs at White Mountain Snowmobile Tours and Top of the Rockies are straining at their leashes, ready to open up new terrain and get to full capacity for the holidays. Looks like this storm may enable us do that very soon. Call the office for availabilities or book on line at www.whitemountainsnowmobiletours.com



Today was the most AMAZING DAY !!!


The 3:00 tour is very special at this time of year. If you are lucky and conditions are right, before the tour ends, just before sunset, watch the sun slowly dip behind the 14,000' mountains to the south, producing a magical scene. The sky will glow with dreamy shades of smoldering red or pink then fading to smoky amethyst. Experiencing the Alpenglow is kinda like seeing the Green Flash from your chartered yacht in the Caribbean. Memories are made of this.

Sunset tours❤️



It's great being open again. We are running limited numbers of snowmobiles now at the Turquoise Lake riding area and every one is having a great time. Call or go on line to make reservations. www.whitemountainsnowmobiletours.com



We cannot open for snowmobiling yet. The team went out today, checking the terrain, and we have not yet had enough snowfall for safe operations. Another storm is coming on Monday and we will be hoping to see enough improvement to open on Wednesday. Will keep you informed. Don't stay home, Top of the Rockies Zip Line is hosting families every day for exciting winter zip lining. It's really Awesome. Call 970-668-5323 for reservations. Tours tomorrow at 9, 10 and 3.

[11/17/19]   Many people called this morning hoping that snowmobiling was open.
We wish we were. The team is ready to go but Mother Nature needs to cooperate. Keep your fingers crossed for snow. Please please.

[11/16/19]   Snowmobiling is not open yet. Keep your fingers crossed that some of the upcoming storms result in substantial snowfall.
We can't open until we have safe and appropriate conditions.
Will keep you all informed.

whitemountainsnowmobiletours.com 10/17/2019

White Mountain Snowmobile Tours

Top of the Rockies Zip Line is now closed until November 15th when we REOPEN for the winter 2019/20 season. We are presently taking reservations for both winter zip lining and snowmobiling. Book NOW on line at www.whitemountainsnowmobiletours.com or www.topoftherockieszipline.com
The winter office is not open full-time now but you can call and leave a message. Opening date will be determined according to snow conditions as we go through October into November. We are hoping for a Thanksgiving on snowmobiles but will keep you posted.

whitemountainsnowmobiletours.com Leadville Colorado



Thank you for the great train ride!

whitemountainsnowmobiletours.com 09/10/2019

White Mountain Snowmobile Tours

Winter products are now available to book online at www.whitemountainsnowmobiletours.com. You can book both snowmobiling and winter zip lining on this site and you will receive an email confirmation. It is possible that we will be able to open earlier than the dates on the site. If so, we will adjust the availabilities in the weeks to come.

whitemountainsnowmobiletours.com Leadville Colorado


Top of the Rockies Zip Line

I just booked a group of 65 people who are coming out later in September. Our team will show them a fantastic time and hopefully Mother Nature will dress the mountains in her most glorious fall colors for their arrival.

topoftherockieszipline.com 08/28/2019

Top of the Rockies Zip Line

topoftherockieszipline.com Just Go For It!


Top of the Rockies Zip Line

People call the office and ask, "what do we do if it rains?" Every day it will probably rain somewhere🌦 in the high country, typically in the late afternoon but these passing showers are usually brief. Sometimes we stand off for a few minutes, sometimes we bring out the complimentary yellow raincoats. Sometimes that's enough to make the rain stop. Always, our team shows their guests a great time.


Leadville Railroad Discover Colorado

Winter guests for Top of the Rockies Zip Line and White Mountain Snowmobile Tours will recognize the Leadville Train conductor as our van driver, Pat, also known as Santa Claus. In our winter tour season, repeat customers often request Pat to pick them up at their hotel and get them safely to Base Camp. Professional, knowledgeable and dependable, Pat is one of those guys who understands machinery and is at his best in the driver's seat. Helping people enjoy their visit to the Colorado high-country is this man's life.

Leadville Railroad Discover Colorado


Top of the Rockies Zip Line

Winter, spring, summer or fall. White Mountain Tours and Top of the Rockies offers adventure for all ages. Under the same ownership for 30 years. Book on line at www.topoftherockieszipline.com or call 800-247-7238 or 970-668-5323. Mention FaceBook for a 10% discount.

Top of the Rockies Zip Line is the closest zip line company to Breckenridge, Frisco, Keystone, Dillon, Copper Mountain, Leadville and Vail. We are 15 minutes south of Exit 195 on Interstate 70, via Highway 91. Save fuel, zip with Top of the Rockies.

2018/19 Winter Season - Guide Photos 06/10/2019




Mineral Belt Trail

Thanks to Top of the Rockies Zip Line for donating two adult passes/Prospector Zip Line Tour, to our Silent Auction on Saturday. This is your chance to see Lake County's amazing views from a new spot!

coloradotrainandzipline.com 06/05/2019

Colorado Train Rides and Zip Line Tours at the Top of the World

The snowmobiles are sleeping and will awake next November. Now is the time to think about Top of the Rockies Zip Line for spring/summer and fall adventures. Check our the Top of the Rockies Zip Line page on FaceBook or go to www.coloradotrainandzipline.com or www.topoftherockieszipline.com. You can get info on Raft and Zip Line combinations at www.coloradoraftandzip.com



Top of the Rockies Zip Line

What a fantastic day, starting with this great family group of 18 at 9:30 a.m. If you are looking for a great family adventure, this is it. there is still time to book for tomorrow. The Train Zip Combo is available as well as our standard 2-Hour or the Zip n Lunch tour with arrival at 11:15 a.m. Call me, 970-668-5323 or 800-247-7238 Judi

coloradotrainandzipline.com 05/30/2019

Colorado Train Rides and Zip Line Tours at the Top of the World

Check out

for photos, videos and information about exciting combos for the spring/summer and fall season. You can book our tours on these sites or on


leadvilletoday.com 05/28/2019

Leadville Train Opens Tracks for 2019 Season

Ride the Leadville Train then Zip Line. We have complimentary coveralls and insulated boots if you don't. Come on out and enjoy the snowy views.

leadvilletoday.com While the surrounding high mountain passes like Indy, Weston and Mosquito might be a bit late in opening up to summertime traffic, the Leadville, Colorado & Southern Railroad crew has been laying some solid tracks along with some cool drone videos to prove it! Considering all of the avalanches Highw...


Top of the Rockies Zip Line

Top of the Rockies Zip Line is the closest zip line company to Breckenridge, Frisco, Keystone, Dillon, Copper Mountain, Leadville and Vail. We are 15 minutes south of Exit 195 on Interstate 70, via Highway 91. Save fuel, zip with Top of the Rockies.

Videos (show all)

Mason Snowmobiling
The background music is Happy Zone.  That is where you will be when you are riding with White Mountain Tours.  Call 800-...
Every day on the mountain produces memories that will last forever.
Just another day at the office of White Mountain Snowmobile Tours.
White Mountain Snowmobile Tours, Opening Monday for the 2014/15 Season.  25 years of serving visitors and locals.
For Sunday, December 1st.  Performance and Prospector Snowmobile Tours are available at 9:00, 12:00 and 3:00. On the Pro...
For Sunday, December 1st.  Performance and Prospector Snowmobile Tours are available at 9:00, 12:00 and 3:00. On the Pro...
OPENING DAY IS TOMORROW, November 25th.  Tours at 9, 12 and 3 p.m.  Give us a call to reserve Family Tours and Performan...
OPENING DAY IS TOMORROW, November 25th.  Tours at 9, 12 and 3 p.m.  Give us a call to reserve Family Tours and Performan...
Photo Tim of Photography with Altitude has just finished a new snowmobiling video.  This footage was taken last winter. ...




Snowmobile and Zip Line Guided Tours. We are a Tour Company in business for 30 plus years.


6492 Hwy. 91
Leadville, CO

General information

White Mountain Snowmobile Tours has been in business since 1991 under the same local ownership. Our new check-in building at the Base Camp offers a spacious, warm and cozy interior. Hot chocolate and other beverages are always available in the check in building. Coveralls and boots in many sizes are available to use for snowmobile and zip line tours. Photography with Altitude is based in the check-in building. Guests can purchase photos of their tours. The owner of White Mountain finished the construction of Top of the Rockies Zip Line in 2012. We are at the top of the Rocky Mountains, just under the lip of the great Continental Divide. The course was professionally designed and has 6 separate zip lining sections (1 single, 4 doubles and 1 Triple). On Section #6, fly side-by-side-by-side on 3 separate zip lines and land on the BIG NUGGET Sky Tower. Spectacular views abound from six spacious landings. Top of the Rockies has double cables for safety, zbrakes (catch brakes) so that customers are not required to grab the brakes to slow themselves down; this is especially important for people with small children. All sections of the course have different exciting elements of height, speed and terrain. Our spectacular unspoiled 2,000 acre private property represents the very best in the Colorado back country, with views of 14,000 foot mountains and altitudes from 10,000 to 12,800 feet. Our guides are trained on the site and are Certified for all aspects of zip line operations. Our course was one of the first in the State of Colorado to be registered and licensed under the new regulations and guidelines for zip lines. Zip Lining is perfect for all kinds of guests, from 55 pounds to 260 pounds. Normally, this would be approximately age seven or eight and up. Combine zip lining with snowmobling and lunch for the ultimate tour. Check Trip Advisor for customer reviews of both snowmobile and zip line tours.
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