Red E Bike Tours

Red E Bike Tours


Thanks for the ride! We had a blast
Thank you for an excellent experience that exceeded our expectations! You guys are the Red Rock Canyon ROCKSTARS! Love, the Greenblatts from NJ
Thank you , we had a great time today, What a fantastic experience, this is a must do Las Vegas experience, Alison and her daughter looked after us so well.
A wonderful ride with an amazing group! I highly recommend trying it!!!
My husband and I recently took a tour with Red-e-Bike and had a great time! Our tour guide, Chase (the owner's son), was so kind and had so much knowledge of the area - we were impressed with the attention to detail and his assurance that all our questions were answered and our interests acknowledged. There are a lot of biking outfits that go to Red Rock Canyon to choose from, but Red-e-Bike is the only company with the proper BLM permits to lead a tour on the 13-mile Scenic Loop INSIDE the Canyon. Also, they are family owned & operated with "green" intentions towards keeping our planet alive (WE LOVE THAT) with their electric bikes. Although the elevation is steep in certain areas, there is no stress because the bike does all the work. It was fun, relaxing (or a workout if I wanted it) and such a beautiful experience. 5-star service all the way around - from making the reservation to completing the tour. Don't miss this in Vegas!
Thank you Alison and Sierra for a fantastic tour! We had a blast!

The premiere electric bicycle tour company in Red Rock National Conservation Area. Are you looking for a unique way to view Red Rock Canyon in Las Vegas, Nevada?

Red E Bike Tours is the perfect way to explore the beautiful red rocks up close and personal. Our guided bike tour is the only guided electric bike tour allowed to operate inside the gates of Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area. Red E Bike Tours include a 3 hour bike and sightseeing tour, 17 miles on an electric Energie bicycle. Bottled water, snack, and safety equipment, and transportation from the strip and downtown locations. Come experience Red Rock tours today!

Operating as usual


We honor all who have served 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 09/17/2020

Reservations required beginning Nov. 3 for Red Rock Canyon during busy fall season

We've got a reservation for you! Reservations will be necessary to enter the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area starting Nov. 3.


RED E 2 GO 🚴‍♀️🚴🚴‍♀️🚴🚴‍♀️🚴🚴‍♀️


FOX5 Las Vegas

I'm not crying, you're crying

The Bellagio Fountains on the Las Vegas Strip are BACK!
DETAILS: 05/27/2020

Red Rock Canyon to reopen Monday with restrictions

We're ready!! How about you?!! LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area will be reopening the scenic drive on Monday, June 1, after being closed due to the pandemic. The following areas will also be op…


Thank you for your service 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸


As we look to opening our national parks:

We want to thank everyone for commenting on and sharing our week of Leave No Trace messages. Our followers are some of the best ambassadors for protecting Red Rock Canyon!


Happy Earth Day! We sure do miss you 🌳❤️🚴


I spy with my little eye

... A few bold Mountaineers



Dreaming of lazy summer bike rides with you! Red Rock Canyon is now closed to visitors. Once it's open we'll be ready roll. In the meantime, stay well! 🚴‍♀️🚴🚴‍♀️🚴🚴‍♀️🚴🚴‍♀️🚴


I'm learning to find the beauty in the simple things. I'm hopeful for what this quarantine is going to do for our country and the world. Will we learn not to take things for granted? Our health, our relationships, our careers all the way down to our toilet paper!

The last few days have been a constant stream of cancelations for us. The Las Vegas Strip is dark! It's hard watching your business disappear into nothing but an inbox full of refund confirmation emails. But we are taking the time to organize ourselves, pet our dog and make delicious meals. Life has been so kind to us. We are thankful for the experience of running Red E Bike Tours for these last 6+ years. We are planning to rebuild again, knowing we will be starting from ground floor. If you want to support small businesses it can be as simple as giving a "like or follow" on social media or your reviews keep us relevant on certain platforms. It really means the world to all of us!

Side note: if you have any lithium ion batteries make sure you are keeping them charged even if you aren't using them as much. This will keep them operating optimally.

Our prayer is that this virus is arrested soon and there are only recoveries from here on out. Thank you to the healthcare professionals and first responders on the front lines.
Stay well, my friends❤️


I don't think there's ever been a better time to get out doors. Truly, the mountains are calling....


At Red E Bike Tours we are watching what the CDC recommends about this virus. At this time we are continuing to run out tours. Because we are such a small business, many times it's just 2-6 riders on tour which is well below the number of gathering recommended by the government.

As always, we are very diligent with our infection control. Before we started touring I (Allison) spent many years in the healthcare industry so preventing any disease transmission has ALWAYS been a big part of our protocol in preparing for our guests. We use a thorough cleaning product on our helmets after each use. This product also lists the Corona Virus, among others, that it eliminates. Bikes are also completely wiped down using disinfectant. Any clothing we lend to you is washed in hot water prior to use.

If you find yourself in our beautiful city, we believe coming out to Red Rock and doing our electric bike tour is a great way to escape the crowds and get copious amounts of fresh air and sunshine!

However, we do understand that trips to Las Vegas are being cancelled at this time. We are happy to reschedule your booking or cancel and refund, if necessary. We just ask that you remember us next time you're in town!

As a small family- run business, please know how much we value your support, we are truly thankful for our guests!

We wish you all peace, health and prosperity,

John and Allison 03/13/2020

Let's talk about Covid-19

For our current and future guests. Join the Wix app to read this blog and stay updated on the go.


You know those days when the weather is so perfect it just feels good to be alive? I'm noticing flowers starting to emerge. Apparently, they can't deny the glorious sun either. ☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️

It's been quiet on the Red E Bike homefront lately, but today. Today we had colleagues all the way from New Zealand. Gotta love that surreal moment when you realize folks from around the world are considering your little tour as part of their Las Vegas adventure! Another thing that's mind-blowing?? It's actually summer there! 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎

Plus a beautiful couple celebrated 33 years of marriage with us! Do you think we'll make it that long @messmoreized? ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ "There's nothing greater than love" -Carter


It's the first time we've ever had riders from Panama. Apparently, they really know their way around bikes down there. And Indiana too. Because these folks like to go fast!
We flew today, I had to work hard to stay out front!

I think second winter might have started today, we bundled up but I don't think it's going to last too long. Red Rock Canyon is starting to show signs of spring. The Western Tent Caterpillars are starting their cocoons and Desert Rhubarb is sprouting. I'm definitely ready, how bout you?


The weather is warming up slowly and we are seeing the first signs of spring. Still riders are waiting last minute to schedule but that's no problem. We start each day with our batteries charged and ready to roll!

Made some awesome friends:
Did you know they produce amazing wines in Canada? Pretty interested in trying out Ice Wine. Plus I've added a trip to Kalamalka Lake to my must see list.

We met a couple from Maine traveling in their RV that saw our bikes the day before in Red Rock and decided to join the tour. By the end we're fast friends with hopes to visit their home by the sea someday. My Bike-It List is a mile long.

Lastly my life lesson today was: No matter how bumpy the road gets, just hang on and ride it out. It's worth it.


We woke up this morning with nothing on the books. Trying to decide if we should do yardwork or paint the front door. Thankfully we got saved by these amazing folks from New York! So glad you guys called us this morning. We had an amazing day! While I'm no fan of the wind, I'm realizing when it's windy all the haze gets blown out of the valley. So that's what we ended up with today: light breezes and crystal clear views. Beautiful!


Selfie Sunday


What do you get when you mix CES, Bosch and Red E Bike Tours? One EPIC experience!!


Happy New Year! This year I resolve to accumulate more experiences.


One horse open sleigh @redrockcanyonlv
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Red Rock Canyon Las Vegas

‪UPDATE, Noon 12/26/19: The Scenic Drive will remain closed for safety today, and opening will be delayed until 9am on 12/27/19.

The Scenic Drive is closed temporarily until snow and ice are cleared from the road. Please use caution if driving SR 159 as well. We can’t see the red cliffs, but we’re excited to see how much snow sticks when the weather clears!‬


From our family to yours!


I spy with my little eye...
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So much to be thankful for... and YOU are at the top of our list!
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Happy Friday!
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Viva Las Vegas
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Can you feel the love?
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So thankful for our Veterans!


One of the steepest parts of the ride...effortless!!
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Lunch al fresco
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I bet you look good in RED
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Our Story

Just a short drive from the Strip, Nevada’s true jackpots have been shining for years. From stunning scenery and the vivid colors of the Mojave Desert, it’s not hard to tell why generations of locals and travelers have fallen in love with our state. Sharing this wonder with the rest of the world, John and Allison are guiding you and your family through 17 miles of secret spots. Our cutting-edge electric bikes take all the hard work out of pedaling, so you can focus on the fun. So come get away with us for a ride you’ll never forget -- out here, you’re always a winner.

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Happy Friday!#Travelerschoice #redrockcanyon #lasvegas #nationalparks #vegas #bikeride #mojavedesert #electricbike #tour...
One of the steepest parts of the ride...effortless!!#nosweat #Travelerschoice #redEbike #redrockcanyon #lasvegas #nation...
Wish you were here#Travelerschoice #redrockcanyon #lasvegas #nationalparks #vegas #redrockcanyon #tour #familybusiness #...
Seeing Red Rock Canyon by Ebike 🌄🚲🚲🚲
There's something magical about riding through Red Rock Canyon.
Here's a bird's eye view. Riding through the wide open spaces in beautiful Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area.
Happy Independence Day! #landthatilove #redEbike
Can you tell which one has a little help from a motor?
Great things are done when men and mountains meet -William Blake
Here's March living up to its reputation🌬️ #inlikealion🦁 hopefully #outlikealamb🐑
Enjoying the gentle spring rain. Oh and that heavy breathing at the end of this video? That's what a motorless cyclist s...
You know those days that it just feels good to be alive? Well, yeah, that.




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