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Jamaica anyone? Why not?

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Authentic Mexican food is more than just tacos and burritos. It’s a skillful blend of fresh flavors, spices, traditions, and culture, all cooked into a single dish. A trip to Los Cabos is a great chance to break away from your go-to menu items and try something new. You’ll be trying the best of the best right from the start, so you really can’t go wrong. Give some of my personal favorites a try like the Mexican chocolate clam, Comida de Pobres, or Guemes Tamales.

Are you craving a trip to Cabo? DM or email me today to start planning!

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You probably won’t expect to see sea lions hanging out around a tropical Mexican paradise, but they are practically part of the scenery in Los Cabos. Sea lions are attracted to bays and warm coasts with calm waters, and the Sea of Cortez has become the home to several colonies in the Cabo region. When you visit these friendly mammals in Land's End, you'll easily notice how they're accustomed to visiting travelers. Take a kayak out toward El Arco, and you’ll see them sunbathing on the rocks and playing in the water, seemingly putting on a show for visitors!

I’d love to help you plan your next trip to Los Cabos. DM or email me today to get started.

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You might not think of Los Cabos as a popular location for whale watching, but it's actually one of the best! From December to April each year, humpback whales and gray whales migrate down to the warm waters of the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific Ocean for mating season. During this time, you can go on a whale-watching excursion leaving from the marina to see these majestic sea creatures on the move. Along the trip, your guide will give you fun and exciting facts about the whales so you can learn as you go!

Have you ever been whale watching, or is it on your bucket list? DM or email me today to learn more about planning a trip to Los Cabos!

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Limited Spots Available (3)!
Only $100 to hold your spot! 3- 4 Nights with July dates!
Book now by phone or email ~440-940-4087~ or [email protected]

Prices Starting from $880 per person

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Tacos taste better in Cabo. There, I said it! Sure your local Mexican restaurant at home might do a pretty good job, but nothing beats having a fresh catch-of-the-day fish taco in Cabo while overlooking the water. The local ingredients, combined with the sea air and chilled tequila drink, create an unparalleled dining experience. Don't believe me? Come try it for yourself!

DM or email me today and let’s book your trip to Los Cabos.

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A long walk on the beach is undoubtedly lovely, but a beautiful hike in the Los Cabos desert is equally spectacular. Desert hiking is best in the winter, with comfortable temperatures in the ’70’s. Summer hiking is possible, but early morning is the best time to hit the trail, especially if you want to catch the sunrise. The hike up Mt Solmar is one of the most popular since it’s a relatively easy trail that overlooks the gulf, the ocean, and the town below.

Be sure to pack your sneakers with your flip-flops when you go to Los Cabos. Dm or email me today to book your trip!

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The coastline around Los Cabos spans 20miles reaching from the Pacific Ocean to the Gulf of California. This means that some of the best sights and views can all be seen by boat. For this reason, the Los Cabos Marina offers everything from fishing trips and whale watching cruises to day cruises and dinner cruises. No matter which you chose, a boat cruise around Los Cabos should absolutely be on your to-do list!
Ready to book your next trip? DM or email me today!

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Los Cabos’ position as the southernmost point of the Baja California Peninsula means it is home to some of the country’s most stunning beaches. On one side, you have the gentle blue waters of the Gulf of California that are perfect for swimming and paddle boarding, while on the other, you have the deep indigo waters of the Pacific, which are great for fishing. Thanks to the miles of coastline, you’ll find the beaches to rarely ever be crowded. Some of my favorite beaches in Los Cabos are Santa Maria Beach, Hacienda Beach, Chileno Beach, and Playa Del Amore!

I want to go to Los Cabo, who wants to come with me?

Are you overdue for a beach vacation?
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Exclusive 2021 Sale!
Only $100 to hold your spot!
3- 4 Nights with November dates!
Book now by phone or email ~440-940-4087~ or [email protected]

Prices Starting from $799 per person

Jamaica anyone? Why not?

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Explore the vibrant culture of Los Cabos with a trip to the art district. Gallery openings, artists in attendance sessions, and live performances, are just a few of the things you can expect when you walk down the street. Go in and out of the shops and discover the incredible talents of the local artist who are proudly displaying their work. There are also plenty of hip wine bars and delicious farm-to-table restaurants lining the lively streets, so make an evening of it!

If you’re an art lover or enjoy discovering hidden gems, Los Cabos is the place for you! DM or email me today to book your trip.

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Exclusive 2021 Sale!
Only $100 to hold your spot! 3- 4 Nights with July dates!
Book now by phone or email ~440-940-4087~ or [email protected]

Prices Starting from $880 per person

Punta Cana anyone? Why not?

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You’ve probably seen a version of this picture before but may have never known where it was taken. El Arco, or The Arch, is easily the most famous landmark in all of Los Cabos, Mexico. Located at Land’s End, which is literally the end of the Baja California Peninsula, El Arco is where the Pacific meets the gulf. This large granite structure protrudes from the water and is not so easy to reach by land. The best way to get to the arch is via boat leaving from the marina. Once you arrive, you can hop out and spend a day at the nearby beach and snap your own pictures in front of this natural landmark.

DM or email me today to start booking your trip to Los Cabos.

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Wellness travel is a hot new trend for seasoned travelers who are looking to try something different. You shouldn’t come home from a vacation and feel exhausted, so more and more people seek out relaxing holidays that give you a chance to reset. In Los Cabos, you can find a host of wellness activities that will help you unwind without feeling like you’re missing out. Think massages by the beach, swimming in the therapeutic waters of the gulf, and indulging in healthy, fresh local dishes that won’t leave you feeling guilty.

Tag your favorite travel buddy.

Let me help you plan a relaxing getaway to Los Cabos. DM or email me today to book your trip.

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Limited Spaces Available.
Only $100 to hold your spot! 3- 4 Nights with November dates!
Book now by phone or email ~440-940-4087~ or [email protected]

Prices Starting from $880 per person

Jamaica anyone? Why not?

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One of the treasures of the Baja California Peninsula is the Cabo Pulmo National Park. This small marine park represents one of the most impressive successes in ocean conservation. Estimated to be over 200,000 years old, the reefs of Cabo Pulmo were not always as beautiful as they are today. Years of overfishing and negligence had left the area practically devoid of sea life.

In 1995 Mexico's state of Baja California Sur officially established the Cabo Pulmo National Park, a marine protected area covering 27.5 square miles of Cabo Pulmo reef. Today, Cabo Pulmo is a protected national park known for its spectacular views, abundant wildlife, and ideal oceanic climate, making it a popular place for snorkeling and scuba diving.
Are you ready to plan your trip to Cabo? DM or email me today to get started!

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Limited Time Only. Exclusive 2021 Sale!
Only $100 to hold your spot! 3- 4 Nights with July dates!
Book now by phone or email ~440-940-4087~ or [email protected]

Prices Starting from $880 per person

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The Cabo San Lucas Marine Park is well known for its dramatic rock formations and dive sites. On any given day, you can see anything from sea turtles, surgeonfish, parrotfish, angelfish to Moorish idols, rays, and more. The clam gulf waters around Los Cabos make it an ideal spot for divers to explore. If you've never been scuba diving before and want to learn, this is the perfect destination! In the marina, dozens of dive schools will get you set up and teach you everything you need. You can take group lessons or private lessons that will have you diving before you know it!

Can you think of a better place to learn to scuba dive than Cabo?!
DM or email me today to learn more about booking a class.

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No matter where you travel, souvenirs are a great item to pick up to remind you of your trip. Los Cabos has some of the best souvenirs and shops, making shopping for one a fun experience. The art district of Los Cabos is a great place to start. Galleries line the cobblestone streets of the town, each showcasing unique works of art from local artists. You can also pick up some handprinted pottery and jewelry from local artisans around town.

I’d love to help you book your next trip to Los Cabos! DM or email me today to get started.

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Founded in the early 20th century, the city of Las Vegas is known for its drive-through weddings, big casinos, and dazzling shows. The famed Strip, which is home to all of the action, including the MGM Grand, Caesars Palace, and Wynn Las Vegas, actually isn't even in Las Vegas. This 4.2-mile road is technically in the neighboring town of Paradise and remains the brightest spot on Earth when viewed from space. With over 150,000 hotels in Las Vegas, it would take you almost 300 years to sleep in every room for just one night. There are also over 3,000 blackjack tables in Vegas and an estimated one slot machine per resident!

DM or email me today to begin planning your next trip to the fabulous Las Vegas!

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Exclusive 2021 Sale!
Only $100 to hold your spot! 3- 4 Nights with November dates!
Book now by phone or email ~440-940-4087~ or [email protected]

Prices Starting from $880 per person

Jamaica anyone? Why not?

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Before departure to the United States air travelers must have a required viral COVID test within 3 days before their flight. If you need more information visit the CDC 's website and ask your Travel Advisor! #futuretravel #travel #COVIDtest #traveladvisors #travellifeservices #internationaltravel #airtravel #catchingflights #stayinformed

Sunsets are romantic, inspiring, and Instagram-able, yet most of us only make time for this exceptional experience when we are on vacation. Even though you don’t need to be in an exotic place to enjoy the calming beauty of a sunset, something about being on vacation does make it a little better. One of my favorite places to see the sunset is in Los Cabos, Mexico. Seeing the sunset over the pacific with unobstructed views and a refreshing cocktail in my hand is my idea of paradise. After a day out in the sun and on the water, it’s nice to relax at a beachside restaurant in Los Cabos to take in the view and reflect on the day.

When was the last time you made time to enjoy the sunset?
If it’s been a while and you want to change that, DM or email me today to start planning your next trip.

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As the party capital of the US, Las Vegas is packed with year-round fun. The best time to visit Las Vegas is from March to May and from September to November when the weather is mild, and the crowds are small. Sin City sees an influx of visitors during the winter months, especially surrounding New Year's Eve, and the sweltering summers see daytime temperatures exceeding 100 degrees. However, if you're looking for a good deal and don't mind the desert heat, then summer is the best season for you to visit!

DM or email me today to learn more about when to plan your trip to Las Vegas.

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Have you ever wondered what happens to the old custom neon signs after they've been replaced? Well, they go into a museum, of course! The Neon Sign Museum is perhaps one of the quirkiest and most eclectic attractions in Las Vegas. With over 150 neon signs, this Las Vegas graveyard provides visitors with a nostalgic look into the city's past. Take a tour of the museum at sunset for a chance to see the signs lit up in their dazzling former glory.

DM or email me today to plan your next trip to Las Vegas!
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