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Had too much fun at the HARP last night ..great to meet everyone
HAPPY HALLOWEEN! In honor of Purple Hood's favorite day of the year, we have some sweet news!🎃🍬🍫🍭 Think you'll never get to explore the middle east? Think again! Purple Hood Adventures is now in Iran and offering fulfilling all inclusive experiences! Wait...you need travel insurance? We've got that too!
I spent 30 minutes trying to figure out how my makeup even worked and ended up covered in powder about 5 minutes ago! Then I remembered wearing my trusty old purple hooded windbreaker in Sydney as I passed all the night clubs this summer. This jacket defines this year and Purple Hood Adventures. It only seemed appropriate that it would make the cut for NYE! Be you, friends! Happy New year to all of you!!! #purplehoodadventures #notfancy #nye2017 #beyourself
Gatlinburg is a great destination for a wedding. We used Carles-Witt to plan our wedding and they took care of everything. It was wonderful and we didn't have to worry about a thing. We literally came into town got our marriage license and just showed up for our wedding.

Purple Hood Adventures is about everything travel and living a life of adventure and fulfillment in creating! Connect with others who share your passion, travel with us, get help with your own trip or book ANY of your travel needs. We're here to help!

Hello! My name is Marie and I am a female travel entrepreneur! Purple Hood Adventures is the name of my business and on my website. Why? I'm usually freezing and I'm seen wearing my purple Mount Zion National Park wind breaker around all corners of the world! You will find my series of humorous yet informative travel blogs and travel advice. I have also created a "shared stories forum" so that ALL travelers (both nomads and vacationers) can share stories and questions with one another. It's a network for all of us wander-lusters! Still not enough? On my website, you will also find VERY unique adventure tours, excursions, trips, and even private photo shoots! You might have a story or 300 when you return from your travels! Welcome to my purple hood! You're part of the travel family now!


Ghosts, Coasts & Toasts; Halloween Around the World and Season 1 Grand Finale Episode! by Purple Hood Adventures • A podcast on Anchor

This is it! This is my FINALE episode of season 1 of Purple Hood Adventures. I end today on my favorite holiday of the year: Halloween. I invite you to trick or treat with me around the world as we talk about ghoulish celebrations and cultural traditions both nationally and internationally. And just for some extra excitement on Halloween Night, we will talk scary travel stories and interesting homemade Halloween costumes. I will also cross reference moments from all of my previous episodes to tie in one final message of Purple Hood Adventures to all of my listeners. Listen on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google or whatever you listen on! https://anchor.fm/purplehoodadventures/episodes/Ghosts--Coasts--Toasts-Halloween-Around-the-World-and-Season-1-Grand-Finale-Episode-e889e0

#purplehoodadventures #halloweenaroundtheworld #travelpodcast #halloweenadventures #travel #halloween #exploretheword #entrepreneurship

anchor.fm This is it! This is my finale episode of season 1 of Purple Hood Adventures. Don't miss it! We end today on my favorite holiday of the year: Halloween. And I'm going out with a BANG. Tonight, I invite you to trick or treat with me around the world as we talk about ghoulish celebrations and cultural....


Los Angeles's FIRST EVER Travel, Blogging and Entrepreneurs Meetup!

Calling all Los Angeles residents who love travel and blogging!

For all of you not familiar with Purple Hood Adventures, I organize travel meetup groups around the country and eventually, the world. It is aimed to connect travel lovers, entrepreneurs, creatives and those interested in creating a life of travel and adventure outside of the normal 9-5 routine. It is for all walks of life from beginning bloggers to seasoned nomads. It is aimed to connect like-minded individuals who want to network or who are simply are looking for travel companions.

Purple Hood Adventures is traveling to Los Angeles. Be a part of our FIRST EVER meetup there! Find us on Meetup before slots fill up! Can't wait to meet everyone!

meetup.com Mon, Nov 11, 2019, 7:00 PM: Purple Hood Adventures is traveling to LA this week for the FIRST EVER organized meetup group! This is a traveling meetup group aimed to connect travel lovers and creatives


"Story of My Life"- A Reminder to Not Live Life by a Script by Purple Hood Adventures • A podcast on Anchor

My Podcast episode this week! Life should not be a book to be read but a story to be written and told. Today, I interview Sophie Pace: an inspirational traveler-lover who is not afraid to take risks, explore the world, trust locals and most importantly, trust her own intuition and heart. She will share her travel stories and insights and I will share my own as I discuss rules of thumb for OWNING your life and seeing the "journey" in everything and trusting yourself, the world and most importantly... trusting yourself IN the world!

Listen on Spotify (probably the best option) or on your podcast listening platform of choice!

anchor.fm Life should not be a book to be read but a story to be written and told. Today, I interview Sophie Pace: an inspirational traveler-lover who is not afraid to take risks, explore the world, trust locals and most importantly, trust her own intuition and heart. She will share her travel stories and ins...


Let's Study Abroad; Bizarre & Extraordinary Schools Around the World by Purple Hood Adventures • A podcast on Anchor

This week's podcast! Today, I talk about bizarre and extraordinary schools of the world and we will talk about how our "realities" are merely perceptions reflected from our culture and our own school experiences. I'll also take you with me to my own alma mater at Ohio University this weekend for my 10th homecoming! Listen on Spotify, Google or your listening platform of choice! #purplehoodadventures #schoolsoftheworld #ohiouniversityalum #culturesoftheworld #travelpodcast #studyabroad

anchor.fm This weekend, I returned for my 10th homecoming at Ohio University. So much of our lives, sense of selves and understanding of the world begins in school. But this can be drastically different depending on your culture, location and even socioeconomic status. Listen today to hear about the fascinati...


Living Location Independent While Traveling the World and NOT Being Rich-This Week...Richmond, VA! by Purple Hood Adventures • A podcast on Anchor

Hi, everyone! Here is this week's podcast! Today, I talk about what it's like and how to live a location-independent life while maintaining an income and traveling around the globe! Hint: I'm about as far away from rich as it gets! :-D

Listen on Spotify, Anchor or your platform of choice!
#purplehoodadventures #workfromhome #locationindependence #traveltheglobe #wanderlust

anchor.fm Last week, we talked about starting a business and living a free life, but there are certainly other ways to maintain an income on the road. Today, we will answer all of your how-to's and why's when it comes to remote work and working around the globe! This week, I take you to Richmond, Virginia as....



Want to travel in January of 2020? Does Costa Rica sound like a plan? How about with a group of others who love to travel and are entrepreneurs and creatives? Lifelong travel companions and fellow creatives who make adventure a priority to network and form bonds with? What's not to love?! Sign up on Meetup now and join us!



Get Busy Living; Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Starting a Business and Breaking Free! by Purple Hood Adventures • A podcast on Anchor

Happy Wednesday! This week's podcast is out! Let's talk how to start your own business and live a free life today! A special guest explains her adventures through life in ultimately choosing happiness over societal expectations!


#entrepreneurship #liveyourlife #purplehoodadventures #startingabusiness101 #howtoliveyourbestlife

anchor.fm You've talked the talk and now it's time to walk the walk. Today, we give another meaning of getting your steps in. We talk about everything you ever needed to know when it comes to starting an entrepreneurship and living a free life while experiencing the world! I have a special guest today on the....


Paw-some Niche Festivals Around the USA; Next Stop...Athens, Ohio! by Purple Hood Adventures • A podcast on Anchor

My podcast for this week takes place in Athens, OH at the Paw Paw Festival! Today, I talk about niche festivals around the country and about the importance of opening your mind, listening to others and learning about the world! Listen for our special guest this week as well as what it is like to be an accident prone wanderluster adventuring the world! Listen on your podcast app of choice!

anchor.fm This week, we traveled to the Paw Paw Festival and Ohio University in Athens, Ohio with my good friend Lauren. Today, we talk with her and we take a look at how interesting the world really is and how much we can learn from simply talking to people and checking out small local niche events wherever....


The Nightmare Before Vacation; How to NOT Go Broke Seeing the World by Purple Hood Adventures • A podcast on Anchor

Happy Wednesday all! This week we talk about that scary "budget" word when it comes to traveling and we shine a positive light on everyone's least favorite topic!

Listen on Spotify, Anchor, Google, Breaker, Overcast or Radio Public!

anchor.fm Halloween is a whole month away, so why are we talking about that scary " "budget" word now?? Well duh! That's because you'll need to be able to plan in September if you want to already BE somewhere cool this year for your next spook fest in October! Budgeting your travels shouldn't have to be a cir...

[09/12/19]   Working on reconstructing my website and it prompted me to think about what I'm really about. Today, I want to share what Purple Hood Adventures is truly about. Happy Thursday!

"People ask me..."What is your niche"?

And well...that's a good question.

My niche is not a thing, but rather a drive cultivated from of my deepest passions, which is why I'm NOT one of those billion dollar travel sites doing everything far and beyond what I could ever afford to do or invent. I single-handedly created every square inch of everything Purple Hood Adventures ever has been and is now (even with having zero technical skills, background in marketing or funds to pay someone who does)! I created Purple Hood Adventures because I wanted to. Not to become rich, but for the life I want for myself and for you.

My niche is about connecting everyone out there with the same passions and goals in a world that can be rough on creatives and wanderlusters. It's about being a personal part of a worldwide organization of fellow travel-lovers and entrepreneurs and watching bonds form all over the world. It's about regular people out there with amazing and innovative ideas with an amazing drive whom are too afraid to take the plunge and try something new because of the fear of failure. But mostly, it's about watching all of this unfold because of something I took the plunge on DESPITE being afraid of failure.

So as you read my blogs and listen to my podcasts, hear how travel has changed me and about the life lessons it has taught me from every struggle, every ridiculous mishap and every serendipitous moment. The best way to live life is to begin it.

So to answer everyone's question, my niche is to not HAVE a niche but to BE a niche."


Get a Day to Get Away! Next stop...Gatlinburg! by Purple Hood Adventures • A podcast on Anchor

It's that time of week again! We've talked about major international travels. But what about smaller weekend getaways? This week, I take you through my discovery of Gatlinburg, TN and we'll talk about other "under-the radar" hotspots all over the country for your next mini trip! Listen on Spotify, Overcast, Google, Anchor, Breaker or RadioPublic!


anchor.fm We've covered major travel destinations, but what about weekend getaways? Last week, I traveled to Gatlinburg, Tennessee, which is one of the many weekend get away hotspots. You'll not only hear audio clips from my adventures there, but we will discuss highlights and "under-the-radar" destinations a...

Hello, friends! I am excited to announce FOUR new US cities for our Purple Hood Adventurers meetup! I will be headed to parts of Washington, D.C., Virginia and Maryland in September-October and I invite all of you to join other travel lovers and fellow creatives and entrepreneurs at ANY of our meetups in various cities. Want to travel WITH us the whole week? We'd LOVE to have you! Just send us a quick RSVP response on Meetup!

Week Long Journey:

Washington, D.C. Meetup:

Richmond, VA Meetup:

VA Beach Meetup:

Ocean City, MD Meetup:


The Day Before Tomorrow by Purple Hood Adventures • A podcast on Anchor

Hi everyone! It's that time of week again! Listen to this week's podcast about how to never take advantage of time and to always make your "one days" todays! This week, we interview my own father as he talks about his battles with cancer as well as his past travels around the word and his future adventure ambitions! Listen on Spotify or Anchor!

anchor.fm Today, we talk about the importance of always making time to do what you love. Not tomorrow, but today. This week, I interview my own father who is battling cancer. We talk about just how much personal happiness is directly correlated and even influential to physical and psychological health. Today,...


Ready...Set...Travel! by Purple Hood Adventures • A podcast on Anchor

Happy Wednesday!


This week's podcast out! Today, I answer all of your whens, whys, whos and hows when it comes to traveling! Also, we take a look into news and weather around the world and I'm offering some pretty good travel deals for ONLY my listeners, so listen to find out what you can get!!


anchor.fm Last week, we talked about how many people don't have the chance to travel, but today we talk EVERYTHING travel and about HOW to go about getting out there. I will answer every why, when, how and where today as well as share some of my own travel debacles...err..tips! We'll also discuss world news a...


The American Culture; An Insight into Forgotten Vacation Days by Purple Hood Adventures • A podcast on Anchor

New podcast out today! Let's take a look at how Americans stack up against the rest of the world when it comes to taking vacation time and just time to unplug as I interview my very first person....my own husband!

Listen on Anchor, Spotify or Google!

anchor.fm Today we take a look at our American culture, corporate life and the drive to compete and "succeed." But what is success? Do we, as Americans become so wrapped up in our work routines that we forget why we're there in the first place? We talk today about not forgetting to enjoy life and just how we....

Hi everyone!!! I just created my FIRST EVER podcast! Apparently my Jeopardy music didn't quite make it to the Spotify version but it should be on this version!

You can also listen to it on Spotify without my lovely Jeopardy interjections!


Welcome to Purple Hood Adventures: the first EVER travel hub and WORLDWIDE network!

First introduction vlog complete! Sorry everyone! I'm new at this but I finally created a basic video about Purple Hood Adventures to go along with the complete reconstruction on my entire site which is occurring! It is basic info about my business, why I began it and about who I am! Also, video lighting and quality issues to be resolved (and determined lol)! Enjoy! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JzMox_UD91g

Hello! My name is Marie and I'm the founder of Purple Hood Adventures answering all of the questions you ever had about our site and me! This is my first int...


Polls - Wanderlusters, Travel Bloggers and Podcasters of Cleveland (Cleveland, OH) | Meetup

Hi everyone! Thank you so much to all of those who attended the first ever wanderlusters, bloggers, podcasters and entrepreneur event last night! It was so wonderful to meet everyone and I am very excited to announce that the next upcoming date will be Thursday, Aug 1st at 7pm again.

As requested, I have poll on possible locations for you all to vote on. I spent some time Googling addresses and locations either more centralized to some of you or closer to the highway. Thanks for the great feedback, everyone! I will post the formal event notification in a couple days after votes have come in. Thanks everyone and see you in a couple of weeks!!

If you think you'd like to attend the next meetup, here is the poll link: https://www.meetup.com/Wanderlusters-Travel-Bloggers-and-Podcasters-of-Cleveland/polls/

meetup.com We will meet twice per month to network and share ideas and travel, blogging and podcasting tips. This group is for individuals who love travel or are entrepreneurs looking to center a life and "caree

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