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Venezuela's Yulimar Rojas Set Triple Jump World Record: 15.43 m

Afro-Venezuelan, Yulimar Rojas, sets Triple Jump world record! #BlackAthletics #BlackGirlMagic Opinion Breaking with Washington: Arabs and Muslims Must Take a U... by Ramzy Baroud The ‘Deal of the Century’ Challenge for Palestinians by Ramzy Baroud Venezuela, Jan. 2020: Hardship and Resistance by Peter Lackowski An Epic Act of Resistance and Trial of Our Times by Lauren Smith

12 Historical Black Latinas You Don't Always Learn About | Black History Month

Black Herstory. Great 25 minute video that celebrates Afro-Latinas.

#blacklatinas #latinegras #afrolatinas For video topic suggestions email me at [email protected] ! (Your identity will remain anonymous) Conéctate conmigo...

[02/23/20]   John Stephens thanks for doing an excellent job curating AfroLatinidad. Give a big up to John fam.


Afro-Turks are a very old branch of the African Diaspora. Afro-Turks, African Turks, or Turkish Africans are people of African descent in Turkey. "Afro-Turk" is a neologism; they have been colloquia...

The Garifuna Market Is Reconnecting People With Their Culture

Promoting Garifuna Culture. Siria Alvarez is igniting Garifuna pride through The Garifuna Market, an e-commerce shop that sells items that represent the Garinagu.

Author Torrey Maldonado knows how kids can be caught in a tight spot

Interview with Afro-Puerto Rican novelist and educator, Torrey Maldonado. (Author of acclaimed children's book, "Tight.") In his new book, a boy pressures his friend into making bad choices.

The Afro-Latinx Identity

Black History Month & the Afro-Latinx Experience The experience of Afro-Latinos is rooted in a blend of Black identity and Hispanic culture that makes for a diverse discussion.

My Skin Is Black, My Name Is Latino. That Shouldn’t Surprise You.

Jose Luis Vilson, Dominican educator, speaks openly about anti-Blackness within the Latino community Something about my Blackness forces some Afro Latinos to face their own, even if they’re not ready to embrace it

Fact Check: What Bloomberg Got Wrong In His Stop-And-Frisk Stance Targeting Young, Latino, Black Men "The notion that this makes us safer is a big lie," said Benjamin Jealous, president of the NAACP, to The Guardian in 2012. "We don't need to violate people's human rights or their basic dignity to make this country safer."

"For Us, By Us": With all-black staff, Black Barbie Agency in Porto Alegre seeks to promote black protagonism in Brazil's Eurocentric fashion industry - Black Women Of Brazil

All-Black staff in agency in Brazil promotes Afrodescendant Pride. Fashion student creates an agency focused on black protagonism Beyond simply featuring black models, every phase of the creations is produced by black people, including [...]

Ja'net Dubois, 'Good Times' Star, Dead at 74

R.I.P. Ja'net Dubois :'( The Good Times family has lost one of their own, as TMZ recently reported. Ja'net Dubois, who [...]

As Airbnb grows in Cuba, locals suffer the emotional burden of entitled tourists Unused to the fake smiles innate to the gig economy, Cubans bear the brunt of Airbnb's emotional labor

If British history was taught properly we wouldn't need Black History Month

The importance of Black History and Black History Month in the United Kingdom Black history is British history. Black History Month is not just a charitable act of diversity and inclusion.


Black History Pearls of Wisdom with Dr. Marta Moreno Vega!

These Latinx people are Black too, but our history lessons didn’t always reflect that

Eleo Pomare's Biography

Black History
Honoring Afro-Colombian choreographer, Eleo Pomare. One of the greatest Black choreographers in 20th century Modern Dance. Check out this story from The HistoryMakers featuring Eleo Pomare

BOMBA: The rhythm of Puerto Rico's African Roots displayed in NYC

Celebrating Puerto Rican "BOMBA" music & dance!

Bomba is a musical tradition developed by West Africans along the coast of Puerto Rico dating back to the 17th Century. Check out more Eyewitness News - http...

Celebrating the DYNAMIC contributions to the upliftment of the African Diaspora of Afro-Panamanian (born & raised in Colon), Yvette Modestin!

Today in #BHM we uplift the work of Yvette Modestin, a writer, poet and activist who focuses on shedding light on the Afro-descendant experience in Latin America. #CenteringHER

Yvette was born and raised in Panama, and was named one of “30 Afro Latinas you Should Know” in the world.” She is Founder/Executive Director of Encuentro Diaspora Afro in Boston, and the Diaspora Coordinator of the Red de Mujeres Afrolatinoamericanas, Afrocaribeñas y de la Diaspora an international network of Afro descendent women. Yvette is also one of the editors and writers of the book, “Women Warriors of the Afro Latina Diaspora”, a book that was named in the top five Latino books in the country for 2013.

Pero Like

Unique experiences of being [email protected] in the U.S.

Struggles of Being Afro Latino

These Emerging Black Artists Are the Future of Figurative Painting As black artists create some of today’s most dynamic figurative paintings, a number of young and lesser-known painters are pushing the genre forward.

Controversial group ADOS divides black Americans in fight for economic equality

Reparations and the ADOS movement. ADOS, American Descendants of Slavery support reparations and a black economic agenda but not without controversy.

Dominicans Love Haitians Movement

Jose Francisco Pena Gomez, a three-time candidate for President of the Dominican Republic who rose from a childhood of extreme poverty to become one of the most prominent black political figures in Latin America, died on Sunday night May 10, 1998 at his home outside Santo Domingo. He was 61.

No politician openly acknowledging African ancestry has ever been elected president of any Spanish-speaking Latin American nation in this century, though a few of mixed race have held power. But Mr. Pena Gomez came extremely close to achieving that feat, and even without occupying his country's highest office came to be known throughout the hemisphere as an eloquent spokesman for and defender of political, social and racial equality and justice.

''He was a great man, one of the very few people I have known who at critical moments put democracy ahead of his own personal interests,'' Robert Pastor, the director of the Latin American and Caribbean program at the Carter Center in Atlanta who knew Mr. Pena Gomez well, said yesterday.

Mr. Pena Gomez was born on March 6, 1937, in Valverde to parents of Haitian descent. As an infant, he was orphaned when Rafael Trujillo, the military dictator of the Dominican Republic, ordered a massacre in which more than 10,000 Haitians and Dominicans of Haitian descent in the border area were killed and additional thousands fled across the border.

''I am a human being who has experienced many vicissitudes,'' Mr. Pena Gomez said in an interview in 1996. ''I was born in an era of conflicts. I have two sets of parents and two families. One is by blood, and the other is the result of cohabitation. But both are dear to me.''

By the time Mr. Bosch was elected President in 1962, Mr. Pena Gomez had emerged as a protege. Mr. Bosch was ousted by a coup in 1963, however, and that led to a civil war and, in April 1965, an American invasion of the Dominican Republic.

Mr. Pena Gomez took his oratorical skills to the streets and the airwaves to head the opposition to that intervention, which led to Joaquin Balaguer's becoming President and the P.R.D.'s being cast into the political wilderness for 12 years. Repression was intense throughout that period, and Mr. Pena Gomez eventually had to leave the country.

Taking refuge in France, he studied political science and constitutional and labor law for two years at the University of Paris. Earlier, Mr. Pena Gomez had earned a law degree from the Autonomous University of Santo Domingo and had also studied political science in courses at Harvard University and Michigan State University.

In 1982, Mr. Pena Gomez was elected Mayor of Santo Domingo, which automatically made him a strong contender for the presidency. But his party passed him by in 1986, with some of its leaders arguing that it would be impossible for a black man, especially one of Haitian descent, to defeat Mr. Balaguer, who was Foreign Minister at the time of the 1937 massacre and was notorious for his disdain for blacks.

The P.R.D. lost to Mr. Balaguer anyway, and in 1990, Mr. Pena Gomez finally won the nomination. He finished third in a vote marred by widespread accusations of electoral fraud after a campaign that was full of racial innuendo, but he vowed to try again.

In 1994 he won his party's nomination for a second time, but had to contend with what electoral observer groups described as race baiting and vote fraud that was even more blatant. The widely questioned final official results showed him losing by 30,000 votes, and though many political observers expected Mr. Pena Gomez to order his followers into the streets to challenge the tally, he chose restraint and negotiation.

His first bout with cancer followed soon afterward. But the disease went into remission after treatment in the United States, and, with Mr. Balaguer barred from succeeding himself, Mr. Pena Gomez finished ahead of two strong competitors in the first round of a special presidential vote in 1996, receiving 47 percent of the vote. But he fell short of the majority that he needed to avoid a runoff, and was narrowly defeated by Mr. Fernandez in the second round.

Shortly thereafter, the cancer reappeared, and Mr. Pena Gomez spent most of the rest of his life shuttling back and forth between Santo Domingo and New York, where he underwent medical treatment.

In January, a factional dispute led him to jump back into the political arena in hopes that his personal popularity and fiery oratory would enable his party to make gains in the voting on May 16.

Surviving are his wife, Peggy Cabral, and eight children and stepchildren. (Nytimes)

The boundaries of how we think of the Global African Diaspora

Black History Month 2020.
A POWERFUL interview with Dr. Marta Moreno Vega. Dr. Moreno Vega is a living encyclopedia and "exploratorium" of ALL ASPECTS of the Global African Diaspora. When she speaks we, her students, listen----in awe and reverence! New York City's Caribbean Cultural Center seeks to “document and present the creative genius of African Diaspora cultures.”

Wildman of Rhythm: The Life and Music of Benny Moré

"Wildman of Rhythm." Biography of the great Benny More. (In English). (Y)
#Amazon Association for Recorded Sound Collections Award for Excellence "An important and highly entertaining book that tells the story of the great and troubled Cuban singer Benny More. Helps roll back the curtain that often comes between American audiences and their appreciation of the great...

Black History Month: Afro-Latinos, Boricuas, colorism—and the Super Bowl The ongoing need in Puerto Rico, as well as the plight of Latino immigrant children in cages, briefly made headlines again this week. Not because of the continuing earthquakes on the island, or for ...

Why Some Black Puerto Ricans Choose ‘White’ on the Census The island has a long history of encouraging residents to identify as white, but there are growing efforts to raise awareness about racism.

Black History Month: The Afro-Indigenous—Native Americans with African ancestry It is fitting to open Black History Month by exploring the long history of relationships between and among the indigenous people of this land with African Americans. Many tribal nations, especially ...

[UNSUNG HEROES]Chano Pozo: The Prometheus of Latin Jazz • EBONY

How Afro-Cuban conguero, Chano Pozo, revolutionized Latin Jazz! He was born in poverty, worked as a shoe-shine boy, lived the thug life, walked around with a bullet in his back, and flashed a gold tooth. But the Afro-Cuban Luciano Pozo y Gonzalez, AKA Chano Pozo, was a master percussionist and entertainer in his native land, who traveled to the United States, an...

In 1945, in a field dominated by white men, Enedina Marques became the first black woman to earn an engineering degree in Brazil - Black Women Of Brazil

Black History.
Celebrating Enedina Marques, the 1st Black woman to earn an engineering degree in Brazil. (1945). In 1945, in a field dominated by white men, Enedina Marques became the first black woman to earn an engineering degree in Brazil By Marques [...]

22 Afro-Latino Actors Who Deserve More Airtime Dear Hollywood, get these people into your projects immediately.

Dr. José Celso Barbosa: First Puerto Rican, Afro-Latino To Earn Medical Degree In U.S.

Black History Month. Celebrating Dr. Jose Celso Barbosa. 1st Afro-Latino to earn a medical degree in the U.S.A.

(PS. The misprint in the article reads "1980." Dr. Barbosa graduated from the University of Michigan in 1880). First Puerto Rican and one of the first people of African descent to earn a medical degree in the U.S. He was valedictorian of his class, a member of Puerto Rico's first Senate, established PR's f...

Afro-Latina Journalist Gwen Ifill Is Being Memorialized With a US Postal Service Stamp The late journalist Gwen Ifill is being memorialized on a new U.S. Postal Service Forever stamp.

Meet Arnol Guity Martinez, the Dancer Behind a One-of-a-Kind Garifuna-Inspired Fitness Class GarifunaRobics is "a mixture of fitness and culture,” as he puts it.

Dominicans Love Haitians Movement

Honoring Solange "Sonia" Pierre! She gave her life---physically, mentally and emotionally----so that thousands of Haitian-Dominicans and dark-skinned Black Dominicans in general, could stand tall and proud in the Dominican Republic.

Highlighting Black Dominicans for Black History month! Destroying narratives that Dominicans are not black Instituted by Trujillo and reinforced by Balaguer.
Sonia Pierre was 13 when she organised her first five-day rally against the poor conditions in the bateys, the rural migrant camps for Haitians working in the Dominican Republic. She was arrested, but generated sufficient public attention to ensure a pay increase for the workers.

Sonia, who has died of a heart attack aged 48, was born in a batey herself and raised in a tiny barrack. Her parents were Haitian migrants who had crossed the border in the 1950s to work in sugar plantations at the invitation of the Dominican government, then under Rafael Trujillo's dictatorship.

In 1983, Sonia formed her own organisation, the Movement of Dominico-Haitian Women (MUDHA), in an attempt to combat sexism and anti-Haitian prejudice and to develop primary health and family planning services and educational programmes. Angered by the Dominican government's continued refusal to grant full citizenship rights to the children of Haitian migrants. Civil registrars claimed that her own migrant parents were illegal residents and that her birth documents had been forged. As a result, Sonia was often called Solange Pie (her Haitian name).

In 2001, MUDHA and two US law firms presented the case Yean and Bosico v the Dominican government to the Inter-American Court of Human Rights. In 2005, the court found that the government had discriminated against two Dominican-born girls of Haitian descent by failing to provide them with birth certificates on grounds of their Haitian ethnicity. This was a landmark ruling which called for governmental reparations and an apology to the girls. The Dominican supreme court later rejected the ruling.

Sonia's open denunciations of Dominican government policy made her a constant target of criticism and threats, but also won her close support from a broad range of international organisations. 2003:Amnesty International award, 2007 Robert F Kennedy human rights award & 2010, Michelle Obama presented her with an International Women of Courage award. (The Guardian)

Happy Blackity Black History Month

Mauricio Baez, Dominican who fought for & organized Haitians in the Dominican Republic, and was assassinated by Trujillo's secret police while in exile in Havana, Cuba.
May he rest in Power! Last month, we had the pleasure of participating in the Hispaniola in Revolt Panel in NYC that highlighted social movements on the island past and present (want the full video here). The biggest takeaway was that every time Haitians and Dominicans have successfully joined together, it's been with ...

Afro-Latinos And Baseball’s Color Line: 5 Pioneers in the Post-Segregation Era #BlackHistoryMonth - Embracing Diversity

Black History Month. Afro-Latinos. As the celebration of Black History Month continues, I talk about Afro-Latinos and baseball’s color line to honor black Latino baseball pioneers.

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