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Non Sea Quitter LLC


Captain Paul is excited to celebrate Summer Sailstice in Annapolis, Maryland, aboard Non Sea Quitter LLC with 6 lucky passengers! This year they will be offering three sails for guests - including a sunrise sail, an afternoon sail and a sunset sail. Oh, and guess what? They will be giving away Summer Sailstice "swag"!
We got the call “show up at 330 for sailing” so we did just that, what a great afternoon today with Capt Paul on the Non Sea Quitter LLC… we’ve got so many ways for you have your own Annapolis experience your way!

Fall walks , Christmas shopping, museums, US Naval Academy and more all await you! Or get a jump on your 2022 plans ….
Join Captain Paul Foer aboard the Non Sea Quitter LLC in America's Sailing Capital! They will be taking up to 6 lucky guests on Summer Sailstice aboard "Non Sea Quitter" a restored Morgan 382--a real classic!
Check it out 👉
Commissioning week in Annapolis means the U.S. Navy Blue Angels... and Blue Angels cookies for my kids! Yesterday was our first time watching from the water, and it did not disappoint! Congratulations to all of the mids graduating this week!

Many thanks to Non Sea Quitter LLC for the wonderful outing! (Not sponsored, we just really had a great time!)

#annapolis #blueangels #USNA
Your Captain needs a refresher course in Seamanship skills and rules of the road. Blowing the danger signal from behind and yelling at a boat to get out of your way does not follow “overtaking” rules. Pore form captain.
Check out the "action"...well it may not be THAT exciting, but here's the view at my marina and home base.
Knowledgeable Captain. Great location for the 4th of July fireworks. T-Storm dropped in on us at the end. He was calm and informative. I felt safe and in good hands.
Might be a good opportunity.

FUNtastic sailing tours on the 38' sailboat "Non Sea Quitter" from historic Annapolis Maryland. Relax and enjoy the Chesapeake with up to six guests--less than an hour from Baltimore or DC.

Fun and relaxing sailing tours on Chesapeake Bay on classic 38' yacht with local captain/guide on the "Non Sea Quitter". We take up to six guests on day sails, sunset sails, overnight expeditions and we are available for advanced cruising and seamanship training. Just add water and mix--bring your friends and make a mini-escape just 35 miles east of The Nation's Capital.

Operating as usual


Below are the latest reviews that the crew and I received on Non Sea Quitter from sailing guests. Why not see how FUNtastic and relaxing it is to sail with Captain Paul and crew on "Non Sea Quitter"!! We offer three scheduled tours a day from Annapolis and also customized longer sails and overnight adventures afloat on the Chesapeake:

"The cruise was fantastic and the crew were very friendly, funny and accommodating. Highly recommend!"
(From a U.S. Marine and his fiance'--who became engaged earlier that day, then dined in Annapolis and sailed with us for the sunset.)

"We had a fabulous day sailing with captain Paul. The boat is comfortable and he is quite knowledgeable. Made us all comfortable and enjoy."
(From a family of four from Pennsylvania. Mom and Dad are both physicians and they had twin teenage daughters)

We took great photos but chose not to share these publicly so we again show you the captain and some of our crewmembers. Visit for info.!

Ever Forward ship freed from Chesapeake Bay in Maryland | WTOP News 04/19/2022

Ever Forward ship freed from Chesapeake Bay in Maryland | WTOP News

From the Everforward which was for a month the Neverforward...I saw it the day after it ran aground before I had heard anything on the news and was coming over the Bay Bridges...I instantly knew something was not right. I saw on my vessel finder app that it was underway the other day. It reminds me of so many jokes I share with guests while sailing on Non Sea Quitter...many many jokes.. So here is one that's related to getting unstuck and cleared out.
What happened to the Tightanic after it sailed into a sea of laxatives?
It became the Looseitania! ba da boop and there are more.....

Ever Forward ship freed from Chesapeake Bay in Maryland | WTOP News The Ever Forward Ship was freed Sunday morning after being stuck in the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland for over a month, the U.S. Coast Guard told WTOP.


We are officially open for our seventh season and are now operating at Annapolis Landing Marina with a direct view and immediate access to the open Severn River and Chesapeake Bay.

Here am I am aboard Non Sea Quitter with some of my new and returning crewmembers ready to serve you. Come sailing on Non Sea Quitter, the most popular private sailing tours in Annapolis.--America's Sailing Capital. (L to R Kevin C , Corporal USMC , ret; Captain Paul Foer, Master Captain/Operator of Inspected Passenger vessels, M.A., ASA Certified Instructor, Marine Wizard of Annapolis and Certified Chesapeake Bay Storyteller); Lucas M., engineer and Eagle Scout; Brandon S. CDR, USN ret.)

See you on the Bay---Captain Paul Foer


We are gearing up for our seventh FUNtastic sailing season on Chesapeake Bay. Last year we had nearly 700 happy guests on over 170 trips. And we thank all of our sailing clients--and our terrific crew. This year we re-open on Saturday April 16 and we hope to have a new bimini-awning and refrigeration system in place soon. This season we will be operating from Annapolis Landing marina at the mouth of back Creek!!!

Home - Non Sea-Quitter 11/16/2021

Home - Non Sea-Quitter

As we put "Non Sea Quitter" to bed for the winter, we wish to thank all our wonderful guests for our sixth and by far busiest and most productive season. We've had a handful of bachelorette parties, and a family that came from New York for the day to celebrate Mother's Day. We've had anniversaries, birthdays and other fun times with nearly 600 guests between late March and early November. We took groups out to see the Blue Angels, July Fourth fireworks and the start of the Great Chesapeake Bay Schooner Race. We cannot of course know what next year will bring, but we sure had a good time this year. If you'd like me to host you on a sailing charter trip in the tropics this winter--just call! Thanks to all and please come back.

Home - Non Sea-Quitter FUNtastic Sailing tours from Annapolis on Chesapeake Bay

Eastport 21403 10/28/2021

Eastport 21403

Have you see Eastport 21403??? This is a film about the awesome community where I live and from where I sail. You may notice someone familiar at 6:12- 6:15 (Yes--that is me as in "Revered Paul" warning that The Annapolitans are coming! I am still "owed" 12 seconds of fame...!)

Eastport 21403 When a bridge closes for repairs and cuts off this maritime community from the capital of Maryland, there are a few ways the locals could have responded. Th...

Home - Non Sea-Quitter 10/28/2021

Home - Non Sea-Quitter

Have you seen the terrific 3 minute video we have created about sailing with me on Non Sea Quitter? Just click on over to the main page of and you'll see the movie right on the top of your screen! Great sailing ahead this weekend--here is the forecast--highs in the perfect mid-sixties (You remember the mid sixties? The Beatles, Vietnam, LBJ, etc etc:

Sat Partly cloudy 63°54°

Sun Partly cloudy 64°52°

Home - Non Sea-Quitter FUNtastic Sailing tours from Annapolis on Chesapeake Bay

Home - Non Sea-Quitter 10/24/2021

Home - Non Sea-Quitter

Some of the latest reviews from our most recent customers. Won't you come sailing on "Non Sea Quitter" and experience it for yourself?

"Enjoyed a lovely Daysail with Captain Paul and First Mate, Marcus. We wanted a “hands-on” experience and they delivered allowing us to put out the sails and spend some time at the helm. We would highly recommend this trip to anyone wanting to experience the Chesapeake Bay by sailboat."

"Highlight of our season really. Paul and crew made the trip great and were flexible with us with kids; very accommodating. Excellent sailing experience. Highly recommended!"

"Captain Paul, you were very entertaining. Thank you for making my kids feel so comfortable, and for such a pleasant experience. We couldn’t be more grateful!"

Plenty of great fall sailing weather through November 15th. Visit and come sailing on the Bay with Captain Paul.

Home - Non Sea-Quitter FUNtastic Sailing tours from Annapolis on Chesapeake Bay

Home - Non Sea-Quitter 09/28/2021

Home - Non Sea-Quitter

Here are just a few of the great reviews we've recently received on Trip Advisor:

"Excellent sunset sailing experience with Paul and crew, highly recommended. The boat was plenty big for our family of four, and Paul and the crew were great with the kids. Very relaxing sail. It was a very easy-going experience, very safe and simple. The sailing was great and the sunset was memorable."

"Three days of fun out on the NonSeaQuitter! Sailed to St Michaels and Tilghman Island in very light breeze. But rocked and rolled back to Annapolis in a rolling sea !! We learned about charting our course and some great history of the area. I got promoted to “Extraordinary” Ordinary Seaman ! My husband was happily a landlubber ! Marcus (first mate) and Captain Paul made our trip easy and let us decide on the pace of the day. We hopefully will return soon."

"The four of us had a fantastic time sailing. The Captain and Mate were both very professional, friendly, and knowledgeable. The sunset cruise was absolutely something we’d do again; we will consider a multi-day cruise as well."

"Captain Paul and the Non Sea-Quitter tour are the best. I took a trip to Annapolis this summer and the highlight of my trip and summer was spending my day sailing with Captain Paul. His descriptive narration and sense of humor make the trip. You leave feeling happy."

This is Captain Paul Foer--why not find out for yourself! Call me today or visit and book your trip.

Home - Non Sea-Quitter FUNtastic Sailing tours from Annapolis on Chesapeake Bay

Photos from Non Sea Quitter LLC's post 09/23/2021

Great Fall Sailing Weather Ahead!!! Last season we ran tours until November 22. Please call me today for a FUNtastic sailing trip from Annapolis on "Non Sea Quitter" and enjoy the cooler temps, clear days (except for today--but the weekend forecast is excellent!) and watch the leaves change along the shoreline. We have openings on Friday all day, the Saturday morning sail, and the Sunday morning and sunset sail. Call me, Captain Paul Foer 443 852 2163 today!


Uhhh well I do I hurt.....and well when I get out of the burn unit maybe I'll hire a professional....but they are so expensive. What did I do wrong?

Coast Guard rescues 3 mariners stranded on sailboat in Chincoteague Harbor during severe weather 09/02/2021

Coast Guard rescues 3 mariners stranded on sailboat in Chincoteague Harbor during severe weather

Boat stuck in Chincoteague Inlet...IT MAY BE TOO EASY TO SECOND GUESS, PLAY BACKSEAT SAILOR OR MONDAY MORNING QUARTERBACK.....but was there any sailor out there who did not know for days that IDA was coming? Did they really think that attempting Chincoteague Inlet was a good idea? The Coast Guard had to send a helo and two boats out to assist. Really--in Chincoteague Inlet? As the remnants of a hurricane was approaching. Surely we all can learn something from this--no?

Get Sea Room. Deep water is always safer then shallow water, especially if it is a lee shore. Observe weather. Read charts! Heading to sea or heaving to offshore is safer than attempting a breaking inlet.

This is what the US Coast Pilot says about Chincoteague:

"Chincoteague Shoals, extending about 3 miles east
and south of the lower end of Assateague Island, has a
least depth of 8 feet near Turners Lump. A lighted buoy
marks the south end of the shoals. Breakers have been
observed over the shoaled areas when winds are southerly.
(91) Chincoteague Inlet, between Assateague Island
and Wallops Island, is 30 miles south-southwestward
from Ocean City Inlet. The marked channel through the
inlet to Chincoteague Channel is subject to frequent
change; the buoys are shifted with changing conditions.
Breakers are evident on either side of the channel. A
sunken wreck is about 0.4 mile southwest of Fishing
Point in 37°51'54"N., 75°24'04"W. Caution is advised
when navigating the inlet"

These sailors were lucky--thanks to the Coast Guard."

Coast Guard rescues 3 mariners stranded on sailboat in Chincoteague Harbor during severe weather Hoist footage from the MH-60 Jayhawk helicopter from Air Station Elizabeth City as the aircrew rescue three mariners stranded on an aground sailboat in Chincoteague Harbor, Virginia, Sept. 1, 2021. The boaters had experienced adverse weather when the boat became stranded. (U.S. Coast Guard courtesy....

THE VALUE OF IT ALL 08/31/2021


THE VALUE OF IT ALL After reading on a sailing forum about a lead encapsulated keel... and while deciding about rebuilding versus replacing my boat's old Perkins 4108, I got to thinking about something which all boat owners probably have pondered... or so I would assume most have at least When does it become way beyond...

Photos from Non Sea Quitter LLC's post 08/19/2021

What are you doing this coming SUNDAY? Come sail the Chesapeake on "Non Sea Quitter"!! We take out private groups of up to six on our 38' sailboat. All outside--masks not required...and as mentioned, private groups only add to your safety. CALL CAPTAIN PAUL TODAY 443 852 2163 and visit

Home - Non Sea-Quitter 07/19/2021

Home - Non Sea-Quitter

We at Non Sea Quitter are enjoying our best season ever--the best and the most clients we've ever had. Terrific weather! Many upgrades to the boat--the best and most reviews we've ever gotten from our guests. See for yourself why we are the most popular private sailing operator in Annapolis, Book your trip today at Thanks Captain Paul Foer

Home - Non Sea-Quitter FUNtastic Sailing tours from Annapolis on Chesapeake Bay


We have three seats left on Sunday night's fireworks display cruise in Annapolis. Please contact me at [email protected].

Non Sea Quitter LLC updated their phone number. 06/28/2021

Non Sea Quitter LLC updated their phone number.

Non Sea Quitter LLC updated their phone number.

Home - Non Sea-Quitter 06/22/2021

Home - Non Sea-Quitter

We've just created a brief promotional video with drone footage and all of Non Sea Quitter. Please visit our home page to see ! Thanks. Captain Paul

Home - Non Sea-Quitter FUNtastic Sailing tours from Annapolis on Chesapeake Bay


Our three most recent reviews on TRIP ADVISOR! Yay!

Great time on the Chesapeake Bay!
My friends and I had a fantastic time with Captain Paul! He was hilarious, made sure we were safe, and that we had a fun time. I even got to steer the boat, which was a pleasant surprise. All in all a great trip and I plan to take my family on a charter with Captain Paul again in the future. Affordable and great value. Highly recommend!

Lovely Sunset Sail and Overnight Stay
My family just wrapped a lovely weekend sailing experience with Captain Paul aboard the Non Sea-Quitter. We arrived for a lovely 6pm sunset sail, followed by an overnight stay aboard the boat. It was a fun adventure from start to finish, and a perfect experience for our two daughters (aged 8 and 9). Captain Paul was highly communicative and a consummate professional throughout the entire process, helped customize the experience for our family, and delivered exactly as promised. The sailing was delightful and our family left the Non Sea-Quitter feeling relaxed, refreshed, and looking forward to joining Captain Paul again in the future!

Great Sailing with Paul
Sailed with Paul for a day in Mid- April. He is a very experienced skipper, and I plan to sail with him again this summer. Highly recommend him and his boat, a very roomy vessel, and an accommodating host.

Rising Stars: Meet Paul Foer - VoyageBaltimore Magazine | Baltimore's Most Inspiring Stories 06/21/2021

Rising Stars: Meet Paul Foer - VoyageBaltimore Magazine | Baltimore's Most Inspiring Stories

Please enjoy this little interview about my sailing tours from Baltimore Voyager magazine.!

Rising Stars: Meet Paul Foer - VoyageBaltimore Magazine | Baltimore's Most Inspiring Stories Today we’d like to introduce you to Paul Foer of Non Sea Quitter LLC, an Annapolis-based sailboat tour provider. Hi Paul, so excited to have you on the platform. So before we get into questions about your work-life, maybe you can bring our readers up to speed on your story and how you got to […]


Thy name is irony...oh heck even a tow boat needs a tow sometime--or perhaps the boat in the back is pushing the boat in front?? Or pulling it??. If your boat IS operating and you are in need of specialized nautical training or consulting, please call me, Captain Paul Foer 443 852 2163

Home - Non Sea-Quitter 05/19/2021

Home - Non Sea-Quitter

HAVE YOU SEEN ANY ANGELS LATELY? We still have some seats available for both Blue Angels flyovers on May 25 and 26. We get underway at 1230 hours and get anchored by 1300. The flyover begins at 2 and ends at...1500? 1530? So, come on down for a great afternoon as the jets roar directly overhead in tight formation--an Annapolis tradition. Have the entire boat for your private group of up to six guests including captain and mate. Bring lunch and snacks and drinks. $899 for four hours (plus tax and tip). Call me today 443 852 2163

Home - Non Sea-Quitter FUNtastic Sailing tours from Annapolis on Chesapeake Bay




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