Exploring Olympic Peninsula


Bobcat catches salmon in rainforest

I went looking for spawning salmon and found a fishing bobcat. Standing on the bridge watching the fish struggle upstream, I just happened to catch this Hoh ...

Olympic National Park

We're kicking off #NationalParkWeek with National Junior Ranger Day! Junior Ranger Online features digitized booklets and activities for at-home fun. Kids (and adults) of all ages can earn their virtual Junior Ranger badges while learning about parks or special history and nature topics. There's even a Junior SpaceFlight Explorer!

We don't care what age you are—just "explore, learn, and protect" your national parks online and become an official Junior Ranger!

The NPS Kids Portal is where to start your virtual national park experience and participate in fun activities and special online programs for the whole family. Check out online and printable activities along with virtual tours, videos, and webcams from national parks all across the country.

Show us your favorite Junior Ranger badges! How many do you have?


#JuniorRangerDay #FindYourVirtualPark

George Stenberg Photography

My friend Mark Woytowich introduced me to a new photo location at a place he calls "Waketickeh Peak." It's on the west shore just north of the Hamma Hamma River. It was a bit cloudy but turned out to be a great place as he had said. Thanks Mark! Here are a few of my faves from the shoot. Getting better everyday...

The Salmon Center

Rising from the Ashes, an unprecedented steelhead story on the Elwha river following the dam removal, airs tonight at 5pm on YouTube. Link to the video:

If you’re in need of a new show tonight, or just fed up with the Tiger King, get ready to watch a tale of how nature finds a way when we finally give it room to run.

Make sure to catch the Instagram Live interview with the filmmaker, Shane Anderson from North Fork Studios, beforehand at 4pm PST on @troutunlimited

#steelhead #wildsteelhead #pacificnorthwest #elwha #damremoval #ecosystem #environment #habitatrecovery #pnw #wildlife #wildlifefilm #olympicpeninsula

The Salmon Center

Learn about the Salmon Life Cycle in our new online education video! We discuss all 5 species of salmon, (which includes a very special kind of trout), salmon habitat, and what it means to be a Keystone Species.

The video can be found under any of the age categories:

#onlineeducation #salmon #salmonlifecycle #keystonespecies #pnw #hoodcanal #washington #environment #nonprofit #rfeg Regional Fisheries Coalition

Olympic National Park

We made you these. You can color them in and give them to the essential workers and other heroes in your life, your family, and your community.

Need ideas? How about your local delivery drivers, grocery workers, hospital staff, parents, caregivers, safety officers, childcare providers, teachers, transit workers, custodial workers, food service workers, and anyone else who is doing their best 💚

Full-size, printable pages here: https://www.nps.gov/olym/learn/kidsyouth/coloring-pages.htm

The Salmon Center

In celebration of our salmon release, and the release of thousands of young salmon in western Washington rivers every April, we are sharing a message from HCSEG executive director, Mendy Harlow.

Inspired by our growing fish at the Salmon Center earlier this year, Mendy Harlow's message reflects her thoughts on salmon, the work we do at HCSEG, what it's for, and what it really means. Read our latest blog post for the full address.


During this time you might be having your own reflections on your relationship to the Pacific Northwest, what it's like when you must distance yourself from it, and discovering new ways to connect with this place we call home. We would love to hear and share your story. Please send any work, (poems, essays, paintings - we are open to your form of expression), to [email protected] to be reviewed for publication.

Puget Sound Express

Our good friend Jill, who lives on Whidbey Island, has been witness to the T46 family from home. She thinks they might be the new "local" transient family since they've been here for a month!! Oh how we miss being witnesses to their family. If you've been following us for some time, remember that the T46 family has the "white" calf known as Tl'uk. Can you guess the meaning for his name? -Sarah

Visit Port Angeles

Don’t worry everyone, there will come a day (hopefully soon!🤞🏻) where we can get out in the woods and enjoy peaceful campfires once again, like this one with @adlerstudios at @pnwcabinland. 🔥 🏕 🌲

Until then, we all better #stayhome

George Stenberg Photography

Mother Nature put on quite a show last night at sunset. The April Super Pink Moon rise in the east happen about 15 minutes before a dynamic sunset in the west skies. Here are four of my favorites. I feel things are going to get better starting today.

The Salmon Center

Every spring around this time, students release their salmon fry in local streams to commence our Salmon in the Classroom (SITC) program.

Even though we cannot release the young salmon with our students as per our tradition, (every school in Mason County was involved this year!), we are still able to share this moment with you and experience the absolute wonder and immensity of our salmon's next great adventure.

If you would like to bring SITC to your school, or are interested in our online education offerings, visit our website: pnwsalmoncenter.org

Hood Canal Events

Peak Bagging: (n.) /pik bæɡ‐ɪŋ/ - Collecting mountain summits. Especially if you’re trying to summit mountains that all have something in common, like a particular elevation or place.

This seems like a fun goal - “Dude, I’ve been trying to bag all the peaks in the Olympics.”

Hashtags - #HoodCanal #OlympicMountains #BeTheTraveler #Vocabulary #PeakBagging #Goals #Health #Fitness #Hiking #Backpacking #PNW #PNWLife #LiveIt #GoingForIt

George Stenberg Photography

A beautifu day on Hood Canal.

Olympic National Park

We know many of you miss your wide open spaces right now. Here's a promise: We will still be here when it's safe for people to come back. For now, we hope you'll join us in sending all our gratitude and good thoughts to the essential workers who CAN'T stay home. For all of them, staying home is the least we can do, and it is what we've been asked to do under the statewide Stay Home, Stay Healthy order. We miss you too, but together we've got this. Thanks everyone.
#Stayhome #Flattenthecurve

Artwork by Kristin Overbey 💛

Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife

Starting midnight tonight, March 25, we're temporarily closing recreational fishing and shellfishing statewide in response to Governor Jay Inslee's order directing Washingtonians to stay home and stay healthy to limit the spread of coronavirus.

More details: https://wdfw.wa.gov/news/wdfw-closes-recreational-fishing-statewide-wake-governors-order-stay-home-stay-healthy

Olympic National Park

(Updated April 10) Olympic National Park has suspended all nonessential services and has closed all beaches, restrooms, facilities, campgrounds, and park roads. We have taken these safety measures in accordance with the Stay Home, Stay Safe order as it takes effect throughout Washington state. We hope everyone who can will stay home and safe, and we send gratitude to essential workers during this crisis.

We know you will have questions, so please see the full details here: https://www.nps.gov/olym/planyourvisit/conditions.htm


Alerts & Conditions - Olympic National Park (U.S. National Park Service)


Olympic National Park

Considering a hike on the coast this weekend? The Olympic Coast is subject to a dangerous combination of tidal and surf conditions. This weekend the highest daily tides are forecast to be nearly 8.5 feet above mean lower low tide and fall in the middle of the day. Additionally, the approaching weather system will generate large breaking waves that can reach far up the beach. Large waves combined with high tides leave little or no beach to safely stand on much less hike over.

Always carry a tide chart and a detailed map of the coast with you. Know where the tide restrictions and the headland trails are. Look for target signs in the trees marking the route around tidal restriction areas. And when in doubt, wait it out!

For additional information about safety or conditions while traveling on the coast, please call the Wilderness Information Center at 360-565-3100.

These photos were taken from the exact same spot between Scott’s Creek and Strawberry Point on the south coast- the first at low tide and the second at high tide.

#KnowBeforeYouGo #CheckTheTides #WeatherSafety

Olympic National Park

And then this happened.

Today is the vernal equinox. The sun is crossing the sky along the celestial equator, directly above Earth's equator. Both of Earth's hemispheres are receiving the sun's rays equally. Here in the Northern hemisphere, days will start to be longer than the nights.

In the midst of global crisis, it feels strange - sometimes comforting, sometimes deeply surreal - that the rhythms of the natural world proceed as usual. It's so very moving to be reminded that we all share this one beautiful world, and we are all in this together. I like the symbolism of this moment, with the sun shining equally on both halves of the Earth, for our common dreams, vulnerabilities, love for our families, and striving to care for one another. -Ranger Eliza

Photo taken in the ancestral homeland of the Klallam/S'Klallam people. Thanks to EarthSky for information on the vernal equinox.

Hama Hama Oysters

Announcing Operation Farmgate! Rock bottom pricing on oysters and clams shipped right to your door. Link in profile. @ Hama Hama Oysters

Iron Tazz

Feels good to be working on photos again. Captured this one on an awesome trip into the Olympics with my good friend Gabe. Hope everybody is doing awesome out there. Much Love ❤️✌️

Exploring _______

Hello Olympic Peninsula! This is William Tygart (owner of this page) , I know this isn't the mountains of Olympic Peninsula but I am currently traveling and wanted to share this video.

While I was going down the mountains on the gondola I wondered if there was a spot on the Olympic Peninsula where this type of "ride" would work?

Hurricane Ridge? Lake Quinault? Mount Walker? Mount Ellinor?

It will probably never happen but how cool would it be to fly up one of the mountains in our area like this?

Have a great day, hope you enjoy!

At the top of Genting Highlands in Malaysia, First World Hotel, Resorts World Genting has a magnificant property. It's truly hard to describe how magnificant the facility and we are pretty sure it rivals any Gaming and Resort facility that Las Vegas could offer.

The Awana Skyway is one of the breathtaking experiences that the resort offers. Starting from the resort grounds the gondola makes it's way down the jungle mountainside with some stops along the way.

There are three stations – Awana, Chin Swee and SkyAvenue. At the Chin Wee station you can get off and experience the Chin Swee Caves Temple 清水岩庙 .

The Sky Avenue station houses a magnificant premium outlet mall as well as the Bus station.

The resort and the gondola were both truly breathtaking, true wonders of the world that would make a great addition to your travel list.


9 Totally Kid-Friendly Hikes In Washington That Are 1 Mile And Under

2 out of the 9 are right here on the Olympic Peninsula!

onlyinyourstate.com These beautiful Evergreen State hiking trails are fun for the whole family -- and you won't need to devote a full day to them.


The Absolute Best Hikes In Olympic National Park

thewanderingqueen.com Recently, I moved to Seattle, Washington, due to the atmosphere and ubiquitous outdoor activities. The


9 Best Day Hikes in Olympic National Park - Anne's Travels

annestravels.net The 9 best day hikes in Olympic National Park include mountains, sea stacks, waterfalls, rain forests, ocean views, and so much more.


Best day hikes in Olympic National Park




e.givesmart.com Help Sequim Irrigation Festival spread the word about 125th Sequim Irrigation Festival - Powered by GiveSmart


Big Loop Creek Hike - for all seasons, abilities, and even the dog! — Explore Hood Canal

explorehoodcanal.com Guidebook writer, Craig Romano takes us on a journey around Ellinor. Churning Big Creek and its tributaries will charm you with their frothy displays and soothe you with their flowing melodies. 


Everything to know about Olympic National Park

nationalgeographic.com Washington State’s stunning landscapes have earned this park World Heritage status.


Olympic National Park: 8 Beautiful, Wild Things To See in the Park

sunset.com Here is where to see Olympic National Park's most beautiful natural features, including glacier-carved lakes, lush rainforests, and moody coast.


Magical Must-Do Hikes in Olympic National Park

nationalgeographic.com Trek through the rainforest, along the shoreline, and atop towering peaks.

Wild Northwest Beauty Photography

~ The River Wild ~
I found this beautiful spot along a river deep in the heart of the Olympic Mountains. The water of our wild Northwest rivers is so incredibly clear and clean, and I love great blue herons!

Here's where you can get this stunning print: http://www.wildnwbeauty.com/p332490751/e4e8e2987

Black Ball Ferry Line

Are you a snow bunny that loves skiing/snowboarding, but your car isn't as snow-capable? Every Saturday until the end of March, a FREE shuttle departs between Port Angeles and Hurricane Ridge. Enjoy the slopes without the stress of the drive!

Departures from Civic Field in Port Angeles are at 9:00am and 11:00am. Returns from Hurricane Ridge are at 1:45pm and 4:00pm.

Rides are free and on a first-come, first-served basis. Park pass suggested.


Explore 10 Rural Museums on the Olympic Peninsula - Olympic Peninsula

olympicpeninsula.org So often when you think of a museum it’s located in an urban area, which might be large and daunting. But here on the Olympic Peninsula you can leave the big city behind and explore our collection of fascinating rural …

Hood Canal Events

Wilderness Wednesday - enjoy the journey, however you get there! “In this world of rush, rush, we all often focus more on the destination, rather than the journey that takes you there.” - Unknown #HoodCanal #BeTheTraveler #TheJourney #Adventure #Health #Fitness #Getaway #Seaplane #Destination #PNW #PNWLife #LiveIt

Olympic National Park

The Eccentric Sand Dollar is closely related to sea urchins, sea stars, and sea cucumbers; the difference is that the sand dollar must think it’s worth more than the others!

When alive, sand dollars are a dark velvety purple color, covered in small spines. They use these spines to not only move around, but to pass food into their mouth which is located on the underside of their body. Underwater they slice into the sand and stand themselves up to face the oncoming current to capture algae and other organic matter. In strong currents these smart cookies will swallow sand to make themselves heavier!

We most commonly find sand dollars when they are dead, washed up on the beach, bleached white by the sun. The beautiful five petal flower pattern we see on the top actually houses modified respiratory organs for gas exchange when they are alive!

See you on the coast, Ranger Julie

#TheMoreYouKnow #CreatureFeature #FindYourPark

[Image description: A sand dollar laying on top of sand with small isopods on top of it.]

Puget Sound Express

We’ve got humpback whales “Titan” and “Merlin” in the waters between Point Wilson and Whidbey Island today! Footage by PSE’s Fran Marmillion.

Puget Sound Express

Passengers and crew onboard the Glacier Spirit saw the 2nd largest whale species in the world today! A Fin Whale - a rare sighting indeed, as we haven't encountered one in the Salish Sea since 2016. Today's encounter occurred southwest of Dungeness Spit near Sequim, WA. Video by Wendi Robinson.

Adult fins can reach 85 feet and 75 tons and live up to 90 years. Listed as an Endangered Species in the U.S., they once were common in the Salish Sea until targeted and intensive commercial hunting off Vancouver Island nearly wiped out the local population.

The American naturalist Roy Chapman Andrews called the fin whale "the greyhound of the sea... for its beautiful, slender body is built like a racing yacht and the animal can surpass the speed of the fastest ocean steamship."

Explore Hood Canal

Roosevelt elk enjoying the canal today. #wildsidewa

Puget Sound Express

Sometimes minke whales steal the show from the orcas! On this particular day late last month we saw J-pod orcas off the west side of San Juan Island, but multiple minke whales put on an amazing show out at Hein Bank by lunge feeding at the surface. Check out some photos from that day and look for all the bait fish jumping out of the water as the whales fed. Photographer/Naturalist Bart Rulon

Exploring Olympic Peninsula

An “Ads Man” and a Photographic Artist collaborate on showcasing the Olympic Peninsula located in Washington State. George & Will venture out into the Olympic Peninsula to capture the beauty from forest to sea. With so much to capture, we rely on the amazing photographers, filmmakers, and writers that share their own experiences in the Olympic Peninsula. We’re lucky enough to spend our every day in this beautiful area and we love sharing the Peninsula with you.

We hope you enjoy! George & Will

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High Steel Bridge in Mason County, WA
Lake Cushman "slithering fog"



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