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CE Tours is an educational travel company that plans and executes high school trips, college tours, and musical performance trips for students worldwide.

CE Tours is an educational travel company that plans and executes tours for high school groups. It also provides college tours, musical performance trips, and travel to music festival events. Educational tours are designed to bring textbooks to life. By helping to connect classroom lessons to real life experiences, the company aims to help students to experience hands-on learning and have a unique perspective of each lesson. After over 17 years, the company has served close to 1,000 schools and organizations, and over 100,000 student travelers, from around the world. It has worked with U.S. and international travelers. Each school group is provided with a custom-curated trip related to its needs and educational focus. Featured class trips include Washington D.C. and New York, Disney World & NASA – Orlando, Chicago, Hawaii, and a trip to Madrid, Valencia, and Barcelona, Spain. There’s also the History of California Adventure with visits to San Francisco, Sacramento, Yosemite National Park, and Los Angeles. In addition, Featured College Tours are provided to give students a look at various campuses. With the help of counselors, educators, and program directors, the tours include looks at colleges on a regional basis in places like California, Texas, and Boston. CE Tours also organizes performance trips for school musical groups. It works with groups of 50 to 500 musicians that perform in concert halls, theatres, festivals, cruises, parades, and more. All tours can be browsed online or website visitors can chat with a representative or request a quote to help plan their trip.

Merry Christmas from all of us at CE Tours! We hope you have a very safe and happy holiday!
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What better way to engage your STEM students than by bringing them to the largest technology hub in the world?!
They will have up-close interactions with powerful companies that depend on the fundamentals of programming and computing, data management and cybersecurity. Visit two of the world’s incubators for the top innovations in the technology field, the original Google server at Stanford University and the original HP garage. Tour the Tech Museum, the Apple corporate store and visit Google and Facebook’s Headquarters. Students will also tour the Tesla Motors showroom and top colleges, like the University of California at Berkeley.
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Trips come and go in the blink of an eye. How do you make sure your trip has an impact on students long after it's over?
Have your students put together a post-tour presentation for the school. This will give your students the time to reflect and remember each and every impactful moment they had on tour. It will also give students something to look back on years later!
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The value of travel | Rick Steves | TEDxRainier

Studies show that those who travel with their school are 4x more likely to travel in their adulthood. After spending 4 months a year for the last 30 years living out of a suitcase, Rick Steves reflects on the value of thoughtful travel.
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After spending 4 months a year for the last 30 years living out of a suitcase, Rick Steves reflects on the value of thoughtful travel. Sharing lessons learne...

CE Tour: Chicago’s Premium STEM Spectacular.
Our educational Chicago student trip offers some of the premier science attractions in the U.S., making it a science teachers dream destination. From Astronomy at the Adler Planetarium to Physics at the Museum of Science and Industry, to Biology at the Shedd Aquarium and Oceanarium, your students will experience various aspects of study in science during this 4-day adventure.
With in-depth workshops and customized presentations, our tours go quite a bit further than your typical museum visit
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CE Tour: US History and Government. Washington D.C.
The center of U.S. history and government, comes alive for your students in this 5-day customized educational trip to our nation’s capital. Students will explore numerous museums and sites related to themes in American history, such as National Identity and Politics and Power.
Your students will experience, first-hand, American history and the foundation of our Culture and Society in an up-close and personal way that they will never forget.
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Going on an international trip can be overwhelming for students - especially if it is their first time away from home. Here are three tips to help students make the most out of their experience.
1. Encourage them to use the language – give everyone a little journal or list of common words and phrases before they board the plane.
2. Talk to locals – The goal of travel is to become more aware of other people and how they live, but also to realize we’re not so different.
3. Disconnect – put away cell phones. Disconnecting during activities and meal times will force your students to find that connection with each other.

For many students, going on a school trip could mean flying for the first time. Here are a few tips to make sure they are prepared and comfortable.
1. Dress comfortably - pack an extra sweater and socks for the ride, as planes can get chilly.
2. Bring a water bottle - High altitude and low cabin humidity might cause headaches and dizziness if you’re not used to it. The best way to combat this is by drinking lots of water and staying hydrated.
3. Don't panic over safety-procedures - Before the flight takes off, the cabin crew will take you through some procedures that you need to know. Make sure the student knows that this is a standard procedure that every airline undertakes for every flight!

At CE Tours safety and security is our top priority. For nearly 20 years, we’ve taken students all across the world and we’ve maintained a PERFECT track record for student safety. Simply put: Every student that has traveled with us has returned home safe and sound… All of them.
Perhaps we’ve been lucky. Perhaps it’s our careful planning, attention to detail, and meticulous selection process for our vendors and travel partners. The people, precautions, processes, and contingency plans that we have in place are not just things we do, it’s the cornerstone of our business

CE Tour:New York, Niagra Falls and Toronto.
A student trip to New York, Niagara Falls & Toronto is the perfect way for educators to optimize their travel opportunities. College Tours and Science and Social Studies lessons will be combined on this trip across two countries, the United States and Canada.
Science highlights include the Maid of the Mist Boat Tour along Niagara Falls, a visit to CN Tower, and a tour of Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada.
The trip will also include social studies activities to the Niagara Arts & Cultural Center, where students will participate in an underground railroad workshop, a visit to the Royal Ontario Museum and a guided tour of the Underground Railroad in Buffalo, NY.
Additionally, students will get to explore the possibilities of their academic future with campus tours at the University of Buffalo, the University of Toronto and Ryerson University.

In 2018, an independent survey was conducted to study the impact of educational travel on student's lives. Results showed that children that travelled became better students.

How do you keep students excited and engaged months before a trip? Host periodic group meetings months before the trip!
The students and teachers can come together and get to know each other, look at some pictures of where they’ll be travelling, and have time to ask questions they may have about anything at all. It’s important to keep the students thinking about their upcoming tour so they continue to stay committed all the way through!

CE Tour: Costa Rica Eco Adventure Tour.
Take a Costa Rica Eco tour and learn all about the various ecosystems that exist in this beautiful country.
You’ll have the opportunity to enjoy their tropical beaches and make your way through spectacular rainforests. Observe a broad spectrum of biodiversity and land and water use as you experience the natural wonders that Costa Rica has to offer.
Students will examine land and water use and the impact of Global change and the unique systems and resources of this eco-paradise.

CE Tours: New York and Boston STEM Trip.
Are you a Science, Technology, Engineering, or Math educator trying to find exciting and innovative ways to engage your students?
Step into the future in two of the worlds’ major hubs of innovation. In New York, your students will attend workshops at the Smithsonian Museum and examine the architectural wonders of Times Square.
In Boston, students will visit the world renowned MIT campus and museum, and attend a STEM workshop at the New England Aquarium.

The travel effect report card: In 2018, a market research firm conducted the study by surveying a cross-section of 400 American adults who reported taking an educational trip between the ages of 12-18.
The sample carefully balanced across gender, race and income. An educational trip was defined as any domestic trip taken when the person was between the ages of 12-18 that involved learning about the history or culture of the area visited, either as a school or family trip, and was at least 50 miles from home (one-way) or had an overnight stay regardless of mileage.

Since 1997, CE Tours has assisted hundreds of educators worldwide in arranging life altering travel experiences for student groups. Specializing in working with charter, magnet, and international schools worldwide, CE is dedicated to truly customized educational encounters, creating a product that is genuinely authentic and unlike anything else available in the industry.


15 Reasons to Travel While Young

The well-traveled are often seen as more independent, more culturally aware, and more educated. Read on to see how student travel can positively shape our youth.

venturewithimpact.org There are so many reasons to travel at any point in your life.  People travel for business.  People travel for leisure.  People travel to make new memories.  Wherever you travel, whenever you travel, make sure you travel when you're young. 

ETS students from the University of Georgia visiting the NASA space center in Houston today. The link is in our bio — schedule your next trip with us! #trioprogramswork #trioprogram #ets #educationaltalentsearch #fieldtrips #schoolgroup #houston #science #stem #nasa #cetours


Top 11 Reasons Why Students Should Travel

When students travel, they are continuously improving their social skills and comprehension abilities. Educational tours give students a first-hand look into their studies and allows them a deeper understanding of the world around them.

info.directorschoice.travel According to insight provided by SYTA research, student travel can have a number of benefits on students. Children not only gain social skills but also improve their comprehension skills. This is a result of students working to retain the information learned on the trip.

#Fact: Educational trips provide students with more opportunities to learn than in the classroom, where they tend to just passively listen.

#Fact Cultures have different rules about eating. Finishing everything means you enjoyed the meal in India and Japan; in China, that’s rude.

CenterStage & events are held by CE, creating on the spot festivals at college campuses with workshops. http://goo.gl/HkcPPk

#Fact: There are more than 6,000 languages spoken #aroundtheworld, although the majority of #people speak the top 10 or 12 languages.

Many schools have great #musicians but struggle with group #travel. CE arranges performance #trip around the world. http://goo.gl/HkcPPk

#TGIF The five boroughs of New York City were combined in 1898. There were 56 cities & towns within the city proper and 2,000 farms.

From #Spain to #china to #hawaii , we take students to the far corners of the world to #boost their development. http://goo.gl/wk7y8c

#Fact: Now the largest city in the country, New York City was the first U.S. capital. Its Central Park is larger than the principality of Monaco.

#learning #trip enable #cultural, #Social & educational development of students. #Learn more about CE Tours at http://goo.gl/wk7y8c.

#Fact: The Chicago Cultural Center is the first free such facility in the U.S. The Lincoln Park Zoo is free too and one of the oldest here.


Home - Educational tips and Tour

Hands on lessons are much different than those in the classroom. We offer a much more immersive learning experience. http://goo.gl/wk7y8c

cetours.cetours.com Educational Class Trips CE’s Educational Tours and class trips allow students to learn outside of the box and bring the textbook to life. These experiences have helped to connect classroom lessons to real life experiences for students.

#Fact: Walt Disney studied drawing at McKinley High School, and then the Institute of Fine Arts. In fact, he was born in Chicago in 1901.

We’ll take your students on educational trips to the nation’s capital or for scientific experiences at Disney World. http://goo.gl/wk7y8c

#Fact: Incorporated in 1837 as a city, Chicago has nearly 2.7 million residents today and is visited by over 48 million people every year.


Educational journeys, Student Tours, instructional Travel firms

Class trips, senior trips, & educational #travel are available; we’re skilled at keeping students #safe and #engaged. http://goo.gl/oGYStj

cetours.com CE Tours offers better learning experiences, hotels, and customer care at lower prices than EF and other “cookie-cutter” travel companies. We Guarantee It!

#Fact: One-third of Chicago was destroyed by The Great Fire in 1871 during a drought and high winds. More than 100,000 people were homeless.

Students learn about countries in the classroom, but rarely visit them. We’ve explored cultures of 20+ countries. http://goo.gl/oGYStj

#Fact: Educational trips provide reference points teachers can use in later classes back at school. These references help guide various lessons.

If you’re touring college & university campuses, CE has guided #tours of over 300 of them in North #America. http://goo.gl/oGYStj

#Fact: Visiting a country or a museum helps to reinforce concepts learned in class. In fact, it provides a new way of presenting information.

From musical performance #trips to college tours, we always provide the most affordable and reputable #service. http://goo.gl/oGYStj

#Fact: Students from lower income families benefit the most as #travel experiences open many more #opportunities than they’d otherwise have.

We take #students from all walks of life on educational, #cultural, & exploratory #Tours of the best destinations. http://goo.gl/oGYStj

#Fact: Built in 1173, the Leaning Tower of Pisa tilted due to a poorly laid foundation. It was stabilized in 2008 and may last 200 more years.

Choose an experienced #student #travel tour #company. CE has served over 1,000 #schools & organizations worldwide! https://goo.gl/xhn7Q9

#FridayFact: The biggest city in Europe, London is over 620 square miles and is home to over seven million people, about 12% of Britain’s population.

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