I'm Donna Sapp, an independent travel agent focused on creating the perfect and unique vacation for you and your family backed by over 25 years experience.

Happy Fourth of July! Enjoy the holiday. Now sit back, relax, and pretend you're on a beach! 🇺🇸🎉

Only 4 days until the weekend 😭 Thankfully when you're on vacation the weekend doesn't have to end! Picture yourself on a beach, sipping a cocktail (or two), and relaxing the day away. On the islands of Antigua and Barbuda, you can sneak away to a tropical paradise that offers jaw-dropping beaches and sun-kissed memories. Call or email to find out about the wonderful vacation options that will make Antigua and Barbuda your next never-ending weekend!

Hope you're not afraid of heights! Cappadocia, Turkey is a city you can admire from high above the treetops or deep beneath the earth in its ancient underground cities! Arriving here is like stepping into a different world, and is sure to keep you amazed from start to finish! I'll make it all a part of your next perfect getaway!

Tuesday blues? I'm pretty sure a stroll to a hidden beach on the island of Mallorca, Spain would help! Or maybe a delicious dinner seaside? Either way, I'm positive that I can make that dream come true for you!

If you could travel anywhere in the world right now, where would you go? Sunshine or fresh snow? Oceanside relaxing or inland adventuring? I want to know!

Close your eyes and take a quick virtual vacation...imagine yourself strolling through these picturesque walkways along the Gardone Riviera in Lake Garda, Italy. Ahhhh....

Happy Pride month! As a travel agent, I get to spread love and joy by connecting people all around the world. This month and always I support those who want to travel freely and love freely! A vacation is a great way to celebrate life and explore the beauty of humanity all around the world! So be sure to get out and enjoy the world, just be sure to call me first to plan the trip! 🤣🏳️‍🌈

It's time to plan your Summer 2020 adventure! Why soak up the sun at home when you could be making memories for a lifetime? Some of my suggestions:

-Hiking and kayaking in and around the Hawaiian Islands
-Exploring the beautiful and historical Eastern European capitals up the River Danube
-A rejuvenating beach and spa vacation in the Maldives
-Island hopping in the perennially sunny Greek Isles
-Taking in the sights, sounds and smells on an adventure through Argentina

The options are limitless, but time is limited! Call or email today so you don't miss the perfect opportunity for the perfect vacation! You deserve it!

Imagine yourself relaxing on the beach in Positano after a morning of shopping in the exclusive boutiques, sipping on Limoncello and dreaming of the amazing dinner that awaits you. Sounds heavenly, right?

I love using my connections in Italy to help you plan extra special experiences. From a shopping trip in Milan where the store is closed to everyone but your party to dinner in front of Michelangelo's David in Florence - I can make it happen.

Antigua 5 Star Resort, Luxury Resort Antigua, Resort in Antigua

Give yourself the Caribbean vacation you deserve at the Hermitage Bay Antigua! Pamper yourself in tropical luxury and ultimate relaxation at this Condé Nast Traveler's Gold List boutique resort. Charter a private yacht for a day at sea, refine your culinary skills with private cooking lessons, or catch a view from above with a helicopter tour of the gorgeous island of Antigua. Intimate and secluded, Hermitage Bay offers the world's finest beaches and most relaxing, elegant atmosphere. Check out their website below then call or message me today to begin booking your trip, hurry as the Hermitage Bay availability disappears quickly!

Virgin Voyages' Onboard Amenities

Full sail ahead! Virgin Voyages is closer than ever to debuting their wildly unique and wonderfully fun ship the Scarlet Lady, and excursions begin early 2020, but call or email today to get more information on how you can get in on the greatest adventure on the ocean! Relax, rejuvenate, and celebrate life aboard Virgin Voyages! Virgin Voyages doesn't do amenities, we create onboard experiences that combine sophistication, luxury, and curiosity. From your first step on our unique ships you'll discover what it means to set out on a voyage.

Discover the wonder of Hong Kong! Distinctly unique among the mega-cities of China, this destination offers unparalleled urban adventure and the epitome of luxurious offerings! Find yourself hiking Victoria's Peak for perfect vistas of the city, diving into world-famous street food, soaking it all up in sky lounges and exquisite cocktail bars, and whisking away the day on a shopping spree! Classic cultural institutions blend with cosmopolitan spaces and places to create a city like no other! You need to check out Hong Kong for yourself, so call or email me today to begin planning your trip to Hong Kong!

Need somewhere new to explore? Try Prague in the Czech Republic! As the only major city in Europe never to be razed, invaded or destroyed, Prague offers one of the most incredible and authentic blends of the old world and the new. And don't be mistaken by its cherished and preserved past, because this city is beaming with modern cultural attractions, world-famous cuisine, and plenty of cosmopolitan shopping and nightlife! Check out the classics like Charles Bridge and the 600 year old Astronomical Clock, then unwind with a surprisingly refreshing dip at a Beer Spa, featuring all natural treatments derived from the drink of choice in the Czech Republic, beer! Call or email me today to begin exploring Prague as your next destination of choice!

It's always the right moment to mention the Maldives! Carve out your slice of heaven with a vacation in one of the world's most exquisite and stunning paradises! Have your pick of world-class resorts perched above crystal clear waters, then dive into reefs that will leave your breathless! The ultimate relaxation vacation can also be full of adventure, from snorkelling to wind surfing, the Maldives is a water sports paradise! Unwind with a luxurious spa treatment on a private beach then treat your tastebuds to intimate and extraordinary dining experiences by globally-recognised chefs! The Maldives is the paradise of paradises, the best of the best, and your net dream vacation! Call or email me today because it's never too early to plan a trip to paradise in the Maldives!

Take your next vacation in the Bay of Biscay! San Sebastian, Spain is situated on one of the most diverse and dynamic areas of Western Europe, blending Spanish, French, and Basque cultures seamlessly to offer culinary and cultural experiences unlike anywhere else! Sample from the impressive variety of Michellin star restaurants, or opt for authentic country-side cooking classes to delve into the wonderful flavours of the region. Coupled with stunning beaches and sweeping oceanside promenades, San Sebastian is a delight for all the senses! Whether you're looking to take it all in or relax the day away, San Sebastian is perfect and unique in so many ways! Call or email me today to begin exploring this wonderful city and the surrounding region!

Ready for something new and exciting? The Algarve region of Portugal is the country's stunning answer to the many coasts of the Mediterranean! If pristine towns perched against the water and sitting above sweeping cliffs overlooking sandy beaches is your thing, than you're in luck! The Algarve region is well-connected, meaning you can hop from one beautiful piece of history to the next all while soaking up the sun! Prepare to be wowed by the Algarve region, and get your sunscreen ready! Call or email me today to begin planning your perfect vacation to Portugal!

Come for the sweet wine and stay for an even sweeter time! Porto, Portugal is the underrated city that deserves the spotlight! Explore the dynamic architecture of this marvellous city, traversing its beautiful bridges and surprisingly gorgeous public spaces. Then dive into centuries-old cellars to learn how Port wine is crafted. Finish your day soaking up the sun at the gorgeous beaches or opt for the vibrant shopping and nightlife. Porto, Portugal has everything you could ask for and more in a vacation, including plenty of jaw-dropping surprises along the way! Call or email me today for more information!

Spring is here, and it's never been a better time to plan that next great vacation! I've teamed up with one of my favorite travel groups Kensington Itineraries to provide some of the most exquisite excursions available! Let's get you jet-setting to Tahiti, where you'll be pampered like royalty while fully immersing yourself in the beautiful Tahitian culture. Thanks to this exclusive partnership I have special access to curating the most unique and revered excursions and adventures that you won't find anywhere else. An opportunity to travel like this will create the memories of a lifetime! Call or email me today and see for yourself why this is such a wonderful and special opportunity!

Don't get frozen out from the winter getaway that you deserve! Now is the time to book that trip you've been thinking about for the upcoming fall and winter of 2019! I can create your perfect vacation, but availabilities at my favorite destinations are limited, so call or email me today!

Never settle for less! I've been in the business for decades, and I know all the old and new tricks! So when it's time for you and your loved one(s) to book that trip of a lifetime, don't hesitate, just call me! I'll do the heavy lifting so you can do all the unwinding, just how a vacation should be! Call or email me today so we can begin planning your perfectly curated vacation of a lifetime!

All-inclusive travel – Designed by Us, Tailored to You.

Sometimes a cup of coffee is best enjoyed while perched on your balcony overlooking Europe's greatest cities! Find out how you could have the experience of a lifetime aboard Uniworld's river cruises! Imagine the perfect combination of adventure and rejuvenation, from exclusive tours of ancient wonders to personal butlers trained best in their class and at your service! Uniworld perfects the European cruising experience, see it for yourself in the video below! then call and let's talk about how to create your perfect European adventure!

Welcome. Your all-inclusive journey is about to begin with Uniworld.

Today would be a perfect day to spend an afternoon wandering through the Borghese Gallery in Rome. Tickets sell out every day. Our travel partners in Italy will arrange for private guides who will take care of tickets for you and make sure you see the "best of the best" works of art. They'll provide as much or as little background and history as you want to hear.

Do you still make a wish on a coin and toss it in to a fountain? If so, come to Italy prepared with lots of coins and lots of wishes! It is full of beautiful fountains like this one in Assisi

Who says skyscrapers are a "modern invention?" The Italian village of San Gimignano has a few "medieval skyscrapers!"

Michelangelo described the Pantheon that it looks more like the work of angels, not humans. It is definitely an amazing example of Roman architecture and engineering. Did you know that even today it remains the largest unsupported dome in the world?

Have you visited the Bocca della Verità or the "Mouth of Truth" in Rome? Superstitious visitors say it bites off the hand of anyone not telling the truth. In all likelihood, it was once used as a drain cover!

A walk across the Ponte Sant'Angelo, or Bridge of Angels, in Rome is a must just to see the 10 beautiful angel sculptures by Gian Lorenzo Bernini (the Bernini angels) that line the bridge.

I love all of the colorful buildings of Vernazza in Cinque Terre set against the blue water. Can't you picture yourself enjoying your vacation here?

Monteverdi Tuscany

Haven't you always dreamed of spending your days in the Italian countryside, sipping on fine wine and wading in a pool overlooking rolling hills of vineyards and valleys? Villa Monteverdi in Tuscany delivers all those dreams and more! Explore the very best of Italy with a stay at the Villa Monteverdi and learn what Italian hospitality is all about! Call or email me today to begin planning your own unique adventure of a lifetime (be prepared to save some packing space for bottles of wine!). Visit the post for more.

Borgo Pignano - Luxury relais Tuscany | Relais Borgo Pignano | Tuscany, Volterra

TGIF! Now that you've conquered the week, give yourself something to look forward to by booking your next amazing getaway at one of my favorite villas in all of Tuscany, Borgo Pignano! Explore the wonderful hills of Tuscany and sip on world-class wines, then meander through picturesque towns and take a bite into exquisite cuisine. Finish off with a dip and a sip (or two) in Borgo Pignano's beautiful pool featuring impeccable views of the Tuscan Valleys! Italy is full of surprises and the Tuscany region will never disappoint, so don't wait to call or email me today to book your next amazing vacation! Official website of Borgo Pignano, best luxury relais to stay in Tuscany. Suites, Cottages and 350 acres of biological estate in the countryside. Book!

Summer is just better on Capri! There is no better time to start planning (hint, hint!).

Don't you just love how colorful Italy is? It makes scenes like this of Manarola In Cinque Terre even more stunning! Who is ready to go?

Gaudi was on to something when he designed some of Spain's greatest wonders in Barcelona! Find yourself enchanted by the Mediterranean breeze as you stroll along the ramblas, explore the world classics like Park Güell and La Sagrada Familia, then increase the adrenaline with a sardana dance class or slow it down with a day at sea! Barcelona is the perfect combination of cosmopolitan scene, laid-back southern European charm, and historical regality. Call or email me today to plan your trip to Barcelona!

Virgin Voyages: Scarlet Lady

Full sail ahead! Virgin Voyages is closer than ever to debuting their wildly unique and wonderfully fun ship the Scarlet Lady, and excursions begin early 2020, but call or email today to get more information on how you can get in on the greatest adventure on the ocean! Relax, rejuvenate, and celebrate life aboard Virgin Voyages!

A CGI render look at our Scarlet Lady in action. #ShipTease reveals.

Florence by sunset. Absolutely stunning!

The weekend is almost here, but maybe it's time to plan something a bit more exciting than just a day or two out of the office! My recommendation: Japan! Give yourself the chance to immerse yourself in one of the richest and most ancient cultures in history! Start off with the quintessential stops like Tokyo and Osaka to be mesmerized by the beauty and magnanimity of Japanese mega-cities, where cosmopolitan lifestyles blend with a serene sense of livability and access to pretty much every form of entertainment imaginable. Venture to the mountainous regions to explore Japan's truly stunning natural beauty, with pagodas and temples tucked pristinely into the hills. Head to the southern islands for impeccable beaches and a more laid back lifestyle that gives reason to why the Japanese tend to live such long, happy lives. From the cuisine to the culture, Japan is a true gem waiting for your discovery! Call today or send a message below to begin your incredible adventure to Japan!

We all know London for the classics: Big Ben, London Bridge & Tower, and enough museums to satisfy any history buff. But there's so much off the beaten path yet to be discovered. Call me today to learn more about how you can create a completely unique and customized experience in one of the greatest cities on earth! From local legends to hidden hideouts, one of the best-known cities in the world deserves a second look! Whether you're a Harry Potter bookworm, a WWII history buff, or searching for the ultimate relaxation in this cosmopolitan and urban paradise, we can make sure you have the most incredible time in London for your next vacation, so call today!

The suit of armor fits perfectly here on the streets of San Gimignano, Italy. It's like we've stepped back in time!

The Pantheon is Rome's most well preserved monument. Standing inside and seeing the column of light coming down from the oculus is nothing short of awe inspiring!

How does dinner at a cafe in Tuscany sound tonight?

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