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Admissions Open


[06/24/21]   Last moment of psl


[05/12/21]   Happy Eid Mubarak to all of you
May Allah SWT fulfill all of your wishes on this occasion and change your worries into happiness


Land dispute in village jinjirate area of ​​Chitral
Area residents and administration came face to face. Goverment should take it serious and solve the problem as soon as possible otherwise , an unfortunate event may occur



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Photos from Zinda dillanay drosh's post 22/02/2021

Great artist of Chitral.

Who defeated polio with his skill
Chitral is not only famous for its beautiful scenery but the valley is also full of craftsmen. Great people are prominent here in all walks of life. Rehmat Wali, full of creativity, belongs to Kailash Valley of Chitral. Rehmat is affected by polio but he has never used it as an excuse but has created masterpieces using his best talents.
They make a sculpture out of wood of everything that is shown to them once. They claim that if you show me a picture of anything, I will look at it once and sculpt it in the form of wood. Will appreciate Write your opinion in the comments below.

[08/26/20]   Kalash festival ends with a dance to the beat of a drum, three couples tied the knot

Kalash Valley (Fathullah Kalash) The Kalash tribe celebrates four famous festivals a year on the occasion of four seasons. Thousands of tourists flock to the Kalash Valley to see these festivals. These festivals include the Achao Festival at number three. The Achao Festival is celebrated with the joy of producing dairy products and crops. Before the festival, various dairy products are brought to the village from the pastures. The largest religious places of worship in Orkalash are divided after prayers in Saji Gore. Those who do not have livestock are also given a share in these houses, and they are given special care in Saji Gore. On this occasion, a share is also reserved for the Muslim community. And they are distributed from house to house. Similarly, when the Eid of the Muslim community comes, they also join the community in their happiness. That is why the atmosphere of mutual peace and brotherhood between the two communities in the valleys has been ideal for years. Is . The Achao Festival kicked off on August 21 in Rombor, attended by tourists from all over Pakistan, and a group of brothers from the Sikh community from Peshawar also graced the occasion. And they really enjoyed the festival. Along with Wazirzada, Special Assistant to the Chief Minister for Minority Affairs from Kalash Valley, the provincial ministers were also present at the festival and thoroughly enjoyed the Achao festival. He termed it as a poison killer for Kalash culture and Kalash people. He said that internet is not required in the valleys and this facility can be availed from other cities. They said . That they play their part in preserving and promoting this culture. But protect it from being infected by the Internet. On the occasion, CARSP, CREH and ACTED Chitral distributed masks, sanitizers, soaps and gloves among tourists and locals to prevent coronary heart disease. Former Village Councilor Inayatullah Sheikh while talking to media said that Muslims and Kalash of the valley share their religious festivals with each other in an atmosphere of great love and peace. Thanks to this brotherhood and love, the Muslim and Kalash communities in the valley are living a happy life. This unity of ours will last for the rest of the world, said Sherzada Khan, a former minority village councilor from the Kalash community. Expressed. And thanking all the guests. It is a matter of pride for us that people from all over the world come here to see the Kalash civilization and culture. If there is no atmosphere of mutual love. So hardly anyone would bother to come to this valley.
On the occasion, tributes were paid to Rafiullah, SHO, Rombor Police Station and all the youth of the police for providing excellent security and maintaining discipline during the festival.
After the Achao Festival ended in Rombour, the evening started with great enthusiasm in the three famous places of Bamburit, Karakal, Brown and Anish Bamburit. In which thousands of tourists from all over the country participated. It continued till morning and ended. On this occasion, three couples tied the knot. Kalash boys and girls traditionally consider festivals to be the best opportunity to find a mate. And they get married of their choice

Happiness is doubled.


Good news all of us indeed this is great step of PTI government


جن ڈاکٹر سے ملاقات

گزشتہ چند دنوں سے دروش کے وادی جنجریت مین ایک چھوٹے لڑکے کے بارے

مین سننے مین آ رہا تھا کہ اس کے پاس جن ڈاکٹر ھے، جو مریضوں کا علاج

کرتا ھے، مزے کی بات یہ ھے کہ مزکورہ لڑکا جنید احمد ولد منعم شاہ

خود جماعت ھفتم کا متوسط درجے کا طالب علم ھے، مگر جب جن بابا

آتا ھے، تو یہی لڑکا اپنے ہاتھوں سے نسخے لکھتا ھے، اور مریضوں کا

آپریشن بھی کرتا ھے، اب تک سینکڑوں مریضون کا آپریشن کر چکا

ھے جن کے بارے مین دروش تھانے سے معلومات حاصل کی جا

سکتی ھے۔

دل، جگر، پھیپھڑے، گردے، تمام اعصاب کا جن بابا آپریشن کرتا ھے۔

ھم بھی درد دل کے ہاتھوں مجبور ھو کر رگ صحافت کے بار بار پھڑکنے

پر آخر کار جنجریت کی طرف عازم سفر ھوئے۔

چونکہ تھوڑی سی فقیری ھمین بھی آتی ھے، اور جنات کے ساتھ

ھماری بھی برسوں سے علیک سلیک ھے، اس لئے سو سالہ ڈاکٹر

جن سے جلد از جلد ملاقات ھماری ضرورت بھی تھی۔

خلاف توقع ھم جب متعلقہ گھر کے نزدیک پہنچے تو جن بابا

اپنے 60 مرد اور 36 خواتین مریضوں کو چھوڑ کر راستے مین

چشم براہ تھا۔ایک چھوٹا سا روشن چہرے والا لڑکا جس کے

چہرے پر معصومیت تھی، چالاکی اور ھوشیاری کا دور دور تک

شائبہ بھی نہ تھا، اپنے چھوٹے وجود مین سو سالہ جن ڈاکٹر کو

لیکر ھم سے گرم جوشی کیساتھ بغل گیر ھوئے، ھم اس ناگہانی

وی آئی پی پروٹوکول پر سنبھلنے نہ پائے تھے، کہ ھمین دوسرے

مریضوں سے الگ تھلگ ایک علیحدہ کمرے مین بٹھا کر تھوڑی

دہر بعد جنید احمد خود بھی ھمارے پاس آ گئے۔۔

جنید احمد کی زبانی پتہ چلا کہ تقریبا 4مہینہ پہلے شام کے وقت

گھر کے اندر جنید احمد کو ایک کالے رنگ کے سانپ نے ڈس لیا۔

جس کا زھر نکالنے کے بعد جنید احمد پر دورے پڑنے لگے اور

جن بابا حاضر ھو گیا۔

جب جن بابا آتا ھے، تو جنید احمد کو کچھ پتہ نہین چلتا ،اور

جن بابا مریضوں سے بات کرتا ھے، سرنج کے زریعے خون کے نمونے

لیتا ھے، آپریشن کرتا ھے، دوائی لکھتا ھے۔

روزانہ سینکڑوں مریض آتے ھین، کسی کو فائدہ ھوتا ھے،

کسی کا مرض جون کا تون برقرار رہتا ھے۔

ضرورت اس امر کی ھے کہ جن بابا نے اب تک جن مریضوں کا علاج

خاص کر آپریشن کیا ھے، ان کا ڈیٹا اکھٹا کیا جائے، یا دو تین کیسون

کا دوران آپریشن براہ راست مشاھدہ کیا جائے، اور ڈاکٹروں کی رائے

لینے کے بعد جن بابا کی پریکٹس کے بارے مین قانونی نقطہ نظر

سے رائے دی جائے، کیونکہ چترال کے طول وعرض سے روزانہ

سینکڑوں مردو خواتین جن بابا کے آستانے پر حاضری دیتے ھین۔

ھم نے درد دل کی دوا اگلی ملاقات کیلئے التوا مین رکھ کر جن بابا

سے رخصت لی۔

اتنا تو پتہ چلا کہ لڑکا معصوم ھے، تھوڑی سی فقیری ضرور اسکے اندر

ھے، باقی ماھرین ھی علاج کے بارے مین بتا سکتے ھین۔

مقصود علی خان چترالی

[12/28/19]   Religious Festival of Kalash Chowmush
chowmush is religious festival of kalash which is celebrate every year in the mid of december is ended .Duration of this festival is fifteen days the main aim of this festival is to welcome new year and good bye the previous year . this year first time shekhan Dah had opened for the tourist where they played buzkushi the traditional game of kalash.basic purpose of this game is to show their bravery and power. in this game the contester ride on horse and try to snacth the co**se of goat or something else. the brave and power men get this and show their bravery.in this festival many couple tie knot and they also expressed their willingness to marry.in the end of festival early morning they pay religious ritual after that they went village Batrik hill in search of Fox they started searching fox which is the most important and interesting part of this festival. after hard struggle finally they succeed to find fox which they called presage for new year.at broon dancing palace they performed their traditional dance and sang their songs which made the environment mesmerized.on this occasion many women presented their local songs from different villages and many eldest kalash told their bravey to youth.



highest polo battle field in the world shandooor


Chitral Guide

CWC (Chitral wrestling competition)


Qashqar Point قشقار پوائنٹ



Chitral Diary

amazing performance of chitral scout at wagah border

Chitral Scout performing traditional Dance at Wagah boarder.

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power of attitude

[10/16/18]   ہم نے عمران خان کی حکومت میں جو غلطیاں دو مہینے میں ڈھونڈ نکالی اگر يہ ہی غلطياں ہم 35 سال پہلے نکالنا شروع کرتے تو آج ہم سُپر پاور ہوتے


Damama tayar hni

[08/13/18]   Happy independence day all of you


proud son

well done proud son of drosh saifullah


Humans of Chitral

Another one ❤️


Chitral Guide

Zinda dilan e Chitral dancing in front of #Lawari Tunnel


adolf hi**er


zindagi qurban


Priya Parkash Varrier VS Imran Khan PTI


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CSWL organized a stunning annual gathering at GC univercity lahore

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proud son
adolf hi**er
zindagi qurban



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