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Activity and adventure off the beaten track at stunning Lake Skadar & the mountains of Montenegro. Take a week's hosted activity holiday with our expert guides, stay at our activity base Villa Miela, or go on a day trip for hiking, kayaking, wild swimming, wine tasting and more in places of outstanding natural beauty.

Yesterday was supposed to mark the end of our first Albanian trip of our season. Of course, it wasn’t to be - but that didn’t stop our guests Hilary and Paul from creating an utterly brilliant “virtual” version! Thanks to all guests who have postponed rather than cancelled; check the real 2021 itinerary below!


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Finding strength through yoga in Montenegro -

New blog post! My story of practising yoga daily to keep a healthy body & mind during two weeks’ official quarantine last month! My next challenge is keeping it up, helped immensely by having Villa Miela’s beautiful outdoor yoga deck all to myself. Looking forward to when I can share the beauty of this place with yoga and non-yoga loving guests! Enjoy the read - Emma 🌿🧘‍♀️

undiscoveredmontenegro.com Our co-founder Emma's story of finding inner and outer strength through daily yoga practice while quarantined and dreaming of our Lake Skadar yoga retreats.

With the youngest members of our team just a year off our official minimum age of seven, we're using this pause in operations to introduce them to the world of adventure right on our doorstep! Saturday's hike to a nearby waterfall got us up-close to toads, crayfish, tadpoles, European Green Lizard, Rock Lizard, Legless Lizard, wild orchards and so many wild herbs and flowers buzzing with bees and butterflies. See what we mean about Spring being perfect for our new Family Lake Adventure Week? #undiscoveredmontenegro


We all need something to look forward to! Sitting around Villa Miela’s fire pit toasting marshmallows the other day, we dreamed up a special family adventure holiday for Autumn & Spring! Combining our most popular family kayaking & hiking trips with canyoning and a bushcraft camp, you won’t need to worry about your survival skills come the next apocalypse!

Go on, we dare you, express an interest for next Easter, or even this Autumn half term (no deposit needed for now) - more details at the link below. Please share with your friends who have active kids! 😄




Birdwatching in Lockdown - Undiscovered Montenegro

If anyone’s bored of lockdown, our latest blog post includes a full uninterrupted minute of nightingale singing in Villa Miela’s garden - enough to cheer any nature lover’s heart. Happy Earth Day everyone! 🌍 💚

#EarthDay2020 #UndiscoveredMontenegro

undiscoveredmontenegro.com Our 2020 birdwatching season has obviously played out a little different than expected what with there being no actual guests for now, but as keen birders the bountiful birdlife around here certainly helps compensate (Lake Skadar National Park has recorded over 270 species!)...

Villa Miela’s chickens did arrive in time for Easter - Orthodox Easter - and we love them! Just waiting on some eggs, while getting used to the funny ways of our feathered friends - and some guests to be allowed to come & enjoy some hen therapy too. Corona project complete!

🐓 🐓 🐓

Watching Spring unfold at our activity base by Lake Skadar is one of life’s joys. Cherry blossom, wild flowers, bees buzzing, tortoises wandering, birds nesting, bright leafy greens and sunset over the mountains - it’s all going on right in Villa Miela’s garden! Seeing as we can’t share our amazing Spring with guests this year, we’re sharing it in video form so you all can enjoy! Watch with sound on. 😊

🎥 by the talented @sambogore

Spring at Villa Miela 🌸

Watching Spring unfold at our activity base by Lake Skadar is one of life’s joys. Cherry blossom, wild flowers, bees buzzing, tortoises wandering, birds nesting, bright leafy greens and sunset over the mountains - it’s all going on right in Villa Miela’s garden! Seeing as we can’t share our amazing Spring with guests this year, we’re sharing it in video form so you all can enjoy! Watch with sound on. 😊

🎥 by the talented Sam Gore

Happy Easter to everyone celebrating today! Seeing as we're stuck at home, we used the chance to have some fun making naturally-decorated eggs. We created homemade dyes from blueberry, turmeric, purple cabbage and paprika and used ferns and crayons to make patterns. Give it a try - and if there's not enough time to do it today, then why not go Montenegrin and do it for Orthodox Easter next weekend! This tutorial is easy to follow - https://thecoconutmama.com/dye-easter-eggs-naturally/

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Living the good life at Villa Miela - Undiscovered Montenegro

***Corona Days at Undiscovered Montenegro***

NEW BLOG POST - how we’re using this pause to get on with living the good life and why we might have more eggs than usual at Villa Miela this Easter. 🐣

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undiscoveredmontenegro.com April is usually an extremely busy time for us at UM. We’d normally be knee-deep in enquiries and bookings, as well as working over-time to get our activity base, Villa Miela, and our equipment ready for our first week of guests. Lake Skadar and the surrounding valleys are looking gorgeous….but ...

Escaping the crowds, splendid isolation, it's what drew us to vast, empty, amazing Lake Skadar all those years ago. While we're in lock-down, we can't help but dream of kayaking along its mirrored waters and lily pads. That's our kind of solitude and we'll be back to it as soon as it's possible!

#undiscoveredmontenegro #isolationinspiration

Our Co-founder Emma talked to the UK’s Daily Telegraph about surviving a mandatory state quarantine in Montenegro by keeping a strong body & mind and the amazing support of our guests-to-be. Thanks to all of you out there who are keeping travel alive by postponing not cancelling & by flexi-booking. And thanks especially to writer & friend, Mary Novakovich. 🧘‍♀️🙃

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***Corona days at Undiscovered Montenegro***

First up, can we just say a big thank you to our amazing guests who have needed to postpone their holidays so far. We can announce fully booked art and yoga holidays for May/June 2021 - something to really look forward to!

Secondly, while we're sad to have to delay our opening date at Villa Miela for the time being, we're counting our blessings for living in a place of great natural beauty where we can get on with living the good life. We've nearly completed a zero budget Mediterranean garden by our new office extension, scrubbed up the terrace, varnished the yoga deck and, just today, started work on making raised vegetable beds and building a chicken coop using scrap materials. Re-use, as they say!

We hope that wherever you're spending this period of hiatus, that you're safe and well and possibly even working on a more sustainable life, like we are!

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So often nature surprises and delights! We awoke to this beautiful dusting of snow at Villa Miela yesterday, caught on camera by our volunteers Beth and Sam. Two hours later it had all melted away...

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Running a holiday business during a pandemic - Undiscovered Montenegro

We've got a bit more time on our hands than usual, so we thought we should get around to updating our blog and letting you know how we're coping. Thanks to everyone who has sent in messages of support! Proof, if ever we needed it, that our clients are the best. Stay home & safe everyone!


undiscoveredmontenegro.com We're looking forward to getting our adventures in untouched beauty back on track as soon as it's safe to do so!

Our first kayaking tour of 2020 went down yesterday in gorgeous sunshine and with three sightings of Dalmatian Pelican! Nature was buzzing as we paddled over gently rippling waters to reach the island prison of Grmozur and a hidden beach - and with no-one around except us and the water birds. Splendid isolation, as they say, which you can enjoy too! Find out more at www.undiscoveredmontenegro.com (our hosted activity holidays) or www.lake-skadar.com (day tours). 😄


Our co-founder Emma and Tour Leader Bojana are two kick-ass women who lead some of our most popular adventures! Both of them prefer staying out of the spotlight, but we wanted to introduce them today and share the courage, passion and determination which led them to ditch their office jobs and pioneer a genuinely ethical approach to tourism in Montenegro supporting the outdoors, wildlife and rural communities!

#InternationalWomensDay #IWD2020

👉👉 https://undiscoveredmontenegro.com/about-us/

Spring has already arrived in Montenegro! Our volunteers Maria & Ciaran took advantage of yesterday’s 18 degree sunshine to hike one of our favourite trails near Virpazar. They took some stunning photos of the endless mountains, lake and wild euphorbia which has just arrived, along with the butterflies... just in time for our new season at the lake. Thanks for sharing, Maptrekking Adventures!


It's March, which means orchid season's just beginning where we are! We love spotting & identifying these fascinating flowers on our Springtime hikes - just one of the many natural treasures waiting for you to discover on one of our multi-active and special interest holidays this Spring! Find out more about Montenegro's wild orchids in our friend Marianne's brilliant blog post - https://montenegro-for.me/2014/04/looking-for-wild-orchids-in-montenegro/.

#naturelovers #undiscoveredmontenegro

These photos show some of the brilliant, unexpected moments from our winter holiday the other week - from snowshoeing in a foggy white-out for a surprise mountain cabin feast of mulled wine, fried dough balls and honey, to a night-time hike carrying real old-fashioned 'fire' torches and even getting invited to a wedding at an Orthodox Monastery! The local hospitality our guests received up in Kolasin was off the scale... 😊

More snow has arrived, so for a last-minute winter adventure somewhere different, send us a message!



Active family? Kids climbing the walls this half term? Don't leave it too late to book something brilliant for next school hols. Come chase the Easter bunny, wild tortoises, waterfalls and more with us on our multi-active holiday at Lake Skadar National Park! £100 off per person through April & May if you follow, share and mention our fb page on booking. 🐰🐣

Photos from our active Easter break last year. More details & booking at https://undiscoveredmontenegro.com/search-form-1/multi-activity-holiday-lake-skadar/


Talk about four seasons in a week! By day three of our first ever winter holiday, our lovely returning guests had gone from learning to snowboard and snowshoeing in decent snow, to dazzling warm sunshine for a hike at Sinjavina mountain. Spring was in the air as we caught up with them, taking more than a few photos of the stunning alpine landscape and our visit to Milijana and Misko's traditional cheese farm...


Before a day at the ski centre, it's important to have a hearty homemade breakfast... We took a weekend trip to Kolasin to catch up with our fab winter holiday partners and hone our snowboarding skills as a family!

Find out more about our active winter adventures in Montenegro - https://undiscoveredmontenegro.com/search-form-1/winter-activity-holiday/ 😎☃️🏂


We’re excited to launch our first sea kayaking holiday, but being us, it has a bit of Lake Skadar too! Our brilliant guide Vuk has created an incredible long distance touring program covering 150km of Montenegro’s most stunning waterways in a week! Running April to October, this adventure ticks all the boxes for anyone with a bit of experience in sit inside kayaks! Come join us for an inaugural tour! 😊



Dreamy, grey, off-season days like this give us new perspective and the promise of adventures to come! Once it stops raining... 😉

Photo from today at our activity base Villa Miela | Stay here and enjoy this mystical view (or the sunny version) on our multi-active and specialist holidays running April to October.


When off for a hike, it's important that your destination has a great view! We could have stood at this one for much longer yesterday taking in the rich browns and misty blues of winter at the lake.



Tourism Declares A Climate Emergency

#TourismDeclares a #ClimateEmergency.

We've joined a new network of organisations, companies and individuals working in #tourism to join other industries and regions in declaring a #climateemergency.

👉 You can join here: https://www.tourismdeclares.com/ 👈

Launched yesterday, the declaration commits signatories to accelerate their own #emission reductions in line with IPPC advice that the world needs to cut global #carbon #emissions to 55% below 2017 levels by 2030.

This won't be easy but it's vital.

All signatories commit to the following five actions:

1. Develop a ‘Climate Emergency Plan’

2. Share commitment and progress publicly

3. Cut carbon emissions

4. Work together

5. Advocate for change

Read more about our actions on climate and sustainability at https://undiscoveredmontenegro.com/responsible-travel/

#climatecrisis #climatechange #travel #sustainabletravel #sustainabletourism #responsibletravel #responsibletourism #climatechangeisreal #climatebreakdown #ClimateFriendly #climatejustice #climateactionnow #climateaction #YearOfClimateAction

tourismdeclares.com We're a coalition of tourism businesses, organisations and individuals that have declared a climate emergency and are taking purposeful action to reduce our carbon emissions.

We're still feeling nostalgic for the last decade, especially as it's New Year's Eve again in Montenegro (yes, really, today is the last day of 2019 according to the Julian calendar followed by most Orthodox Christians!). In celebration, here are 10 of our most-liked photos from 10 years of running Undiscovered Montenegro from our base at Lake Skadar National Park (one pic per year!).

#undiscoveredmontenegro #SrecnaNovaGodina

For anyone lucky enough to have visited the stunning Lola massif with our brother/sister guides Vuk & Bojana, this is how it looked when they went to explore the other day!

By early summer, this landscape is awash with wild flowers & bright green grasses - perfect for hiking on our 7 day all-walking adventure!



One of the best antidotes to the stress of modern life is to take a moment in nature, preferably a long one somewhere extremely beautiful. 🙃 With the last two places on our June yoga break booked as of today (yay!), we're all set and ready for a fabulous, restorative week with Marnie, immersed in the incredible natural beauty of Lake Skadar National Park. 🧘‍♀️🕉


2010-2020 - a decade of Undiscovered Montenegro in 10 random pictures! From putting finishing touches to Villa Miela back in 2010 and taking our first booking (thanks Jillian!), we've come quite a long way. Thanks to everyone who's been part of our journey so far, for trusting in us and inspiring us to keep on sharing our love of the lesser-known tracks and trails!

Last light of 2019 at our stunning base, Lake Skadar National Park! Wherever you are, we wish you a beautiful year-end and exciting adventures for 2020. 🎉



Happy Holidays from Undiscovered Montenegro! | Xmas Newsletter 2019

Ho Ho Ho, it’s our annual Happy Holidays newsletter! Wishing all our Facebook friends & followers a merry time over the festive season. 🎄

mailchi.mp It's that time of year when we remember the good times, look forward to adventures new and thank you all for being the good people you are. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year everyone!

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