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Activity and adventure off the beaten track at stunning Lake Skadar & the mountains of Montenegro. Take a week's hosted activity holiday with our expert guides, stay at our activity base Villa Miela, or go on a day trip for hiking, kayaking, wild swimming, wine tasting and more in places of outstanding natural beauty.

Just one of this week’s succession of gorgeous Villa Miela sunsets! 🌅🥂🙌

Kayaking is our number 1 love here at Lake Skadar; sometimes we paddle to island monasteries, sometimes down secluded birding channels - and sometimes, like yesterday, we head out to see ancient island prisons, eat a fresh fish lunch at a village only accessible by water and leap off...well, anything we can into gorgeous, clear freshwater. Special mention for Linus, aged 9, who did not let a plaster cast on his arm stop him! Hoppe rett inn! #undiscoveredmontenegro #jumprightin #learnnorwegian If you fancy getting in on the action, visit our website and have a look at our multi-activity adventures on https://undiscoveredmontenegro.com/tour-category/multi-activity-holidays/

Great to see our dear Lake Skadar recommended in the Daily Telegraph’s round-up of Europe’s most beautiful lake districts, published yesterday! https://www.telegraph.co.uk/travel/lists/best-lakes-holidays-europe-uk/ via Telegraph Travel 😎

The call of Montenegro's stupendously beautiful mountains was recently answered by our group of six Americans, all age 68+ and avid hikers! No wonder they chose our week-long all-walking adventure, which was specially adapted to suit their group. Photos by our lovely mountain guide Bojana.

All things wild and wonderful! June at the lake has been a nature explosion delighting our guests with wild tortoises, water lilies, flowers, butterflies, birds, dragonflies and creatures galore out exploring the national park. Photos really can't do it justice, so you will just have to book to experience Spring's full majesty with us next year! ☺️

Congratulations to our all-girl kayaking safari group who last week completed more than 65kms of paddling spread over five days, all at the stunning Lake Skadar National Park! The weather was hot, but they held adventure in their hearts, spending nights camping under millions of stars and days kayaking, resting & wild swimming. These brilliant weeks are running all season - to join us, visit https://undiscoveredmontenegro.com/tour-category/kayaking-canoeing-holidays/ 😎

Our super-active adventures in Montenegro's extraordinary outdoor playground are continuing this summer! The pictures capture an epic 10 days our brilliant guide Vuk recently spent taking 15 Dutch & Belgian adventurers cycling, hiking, canyoning, rafting & kayaking through some of Montenegro's very best, lesser-known beauty-spots. Our next super active trip with availability starts on 25 August - get in touch to book the adventure of a lifetime!

This is our hiking guide Bojana enjoying a moment with "her mountain" ("moja planina") the other week. The deep love and connection she and many Montenegrins feel with their extraordinary landscape is as impressive as the scenery. We still have some places left on our guided walking holidays with Bojana and her brother Vuk, so check our website, watch our video and get in touch to share the mountain love! https://undiscoveredmontenegro.com/search-form-1/walking-holiday-montenegro/

Yoga fun at sunset last night! We’ve already booked two places onto next year’s 7 June retreat with brilliant Marnie Yoga & will be announcing more yoga dates soon - check our website for more details! 🧘‍♀️🙃 - https://undiscoveredmontenegro.com/search-form-1/montenegro-yoga-activity-holiday/

We love what we do & we do what we love - which means a free day is a kayaking day! 😎

These hidden waterfalls provided the perfect bathing spot for our guests while out on yesterday’s hike. Needless to say we went full hippo!

We said goodbye today to a special group of guests - our 2019 yogis and their brilliant leader, Marnie Yoga. Here are some photos from the rest of their week which included adventures out hiking & kayaking at stunning Lake Skadar alongside daily morning yoga workshops. Our next yoga week with Marnie is 7-14 June 2020, so get in touch to book your spot! 🧘‍♀️🧘‍♂️🙃

Somehow it's already day two of our yoga adventure week with Marnie Yoga and our new yoga deck is turning out to be pretty om-azing! New dates for yoga adventures coming soon - check our website. 🧘‍♀️

The sun came out at last and it looked like this!

We're always looking for ways to reduce the waste produced by our business and our latest effort is tasty too! As of today, guests at our activity base Villa Miela can enjoy a delicious daily breakfast which is 'zero waste' as well as 'zero mile'. Everything in our new breakfast basket service comes locally from our housekeeper’s farm except the filter coffee (well we couldn't skip on that 😉😋). #eatlocal #farmtotable

Launching from the remotest shores of the lake, we paddled though 50 shades of forested green and by carpets of water lily until there they were, flapping their giant wings above us. We had an incredible visit to Lake Skadar's remote colony of Dalmatian Pelican by kayak with our lake guests on Wednesday - a top wildlife experience for the Balkans and one which shows tourism and nature can support each other (we donate a proportion of our profits to pelican conservation at the lake each year)! Book this trip at www.lake-skadar.com/kayaking - small groups only.

Little known fact: Montenegro is one of Europe's bird hotspots! We have 65% of Europe's bird species right here in this tiny, beautiful country - that's 348 registered species in a landmass just a little bigger than Yorkshire. No surprises that our recent bird-watching groups were delighted. Photos with thanks to guest Jan Willem Steffelaar and guides Andrej Vizi and Mihailo Jovicevic.

Find out more about our bird-watching adventures at https://undiscoveredmontenegro.com/search-form-1/birdwatching-holiday-montenegro/

We always pick the best weather day to take our guests kayaking. Last Wednesday was a corker - perfect conditions for a trip to the remote island monasteries of Beška and Moračnik and a cheeky dip in the lake. Pics by Curiously Erin, who was along for the paddle. 😎 🛶

All you need is a great guide - and this week our guests got two as our brother/sister mountaineers, Vuk and Bojana, took them to climb giant mount Rumija. The weather conditions were perfect for hiking (no rain for a start! 😉), while wild flowers and heady herbs were out in abundance. Photos by our lovely volunteers Erin and Ben.

As if to repay us for some truly wet weather, the last two days have also given us glimpses of some extreme natural beauty right from our door at Villa Miela. Today, the sun is out, the clouds are gone and our guests are out climbing the sacred Mount Rumija!

Hiking in the northern section of the national park on Tuesday felt like visiting the rainforest - hot flashes of sun & “thumps” of rain, vivid greens on grey, toads & wildlife everywhere and scraping past lush vegetation to reach hidden caves and pools. An awesome day with our lovely guests from Sweden.

Srecan Vaskrs / Happy Easter to everyone celebrating today, which includes most Montenegrins! #OrthodoxEaster

We had a treat for our birders yesterday - a trip to Lake Skadar’s Dalmatian Pelican colony with their lead researcher, Andrej Vizi. It was amazing to watch (from a safe viewing distance) these gigantic birds nesting with their fledglings and we also saw first waterlilies coming through and so many other species of waterbird: Purple, Grey & Squacco Heron, Pygmy Cormorant, Egret and more... A wonderful day!

We're excited to be starting today the first of two back-to-back bird-watching weeks at Villa Miela led by our expert local ornithologists, Andrej Vizi and Mihailo Jovicevic. Our yoga deck is transformed into the most comfortable hide we think there's ever been! #naturelovers #undiscoveredmontenegro

Bearing in mind the water temperature is around 12 degrees... 😉 Our current lake guests are cold-water-swimming addicts & we know all the best spots to take them to. This was yesterday mid-hike. #undiscoveredmontenegro


Sign the Petition

PETITION to ban single-use plastic bags in Montenegro - please sign & share! Montenegro is a country of incredible wild beauty with views to die for, but the sad truth is that no-one can visit without seeing some dumped garbage too. We believe this situation can and will change, which is why we’re proud to be part of a new movement aiming to inspire community and governmental action to clean this country up. Let’s all help #OčistiME! (CleanMNE!) by signing the petition and liking the fb page OcistiME. Thanks everyone! 💚

change.org Ban single-use plastic bags and end the garbage crisis in Montenegro – it´s time!

Cheers to the official start of our 9th season! This photo is of us (Undiscovered Montenegro's founders), 10 years ago almost to the day, having just moved into an unfinished Villa Miela. 😬😆 Two years later we launched our eco-tourism business here and have never looked back. Dream big folks, then go make it happen! 🤩💚

[04/12/19]   Our friend Jordan took this amazing drone footage of our base, Villa Miela, this time last year - and it’s looking just as good right now. Ready for our first guests of the 2019 season arriving on Sunday! 😄

It’s not just our local town Virpazar which has been getting a pre-season deep clean. So has Villa Miela’s swimming pool, which has scrubbed up like this! Who wants to be first in?


Crna Goro - Miki Dragićević | Wild Beauty Live

This amazing video, which features so many of our favourite spots in ‘Crna Gora’ (Montenegro), got an award at the world’s leading tourism fair, ITB Berlin 2019! Eagle-eyed former guests will see our own Villa Miela makes an appearance 26 seconds in...

Muzika: Claude Challe - Chall`o Music Maghreb Tekst: Miki Dragićević Guslar: Maksim Vojvodić Snimanje gusala i postavke: Studio Miha Radonjić Mastering: BG S...


Grand canyons and communist ghost towns – 13 things you probably didn't know about Montenegro

With the English football team about to play Montenegro this evening, British newspaper, The Telegraph, has published 13 things you might not know about this tiny country. Our beloved Lake Skadar is Number 10 with a mention of us! Thanks Telegraph Travel & come on England - and Montenegro! 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 🇲🇪

telegraph.co.uk Tonight the England football team face Montenegro, a little-visited country that - for travellers - is a bit like Croatia in miniature. Here are 13 things about Montenegro that you possibly didn't know. 1. It is one of the world’s newest countries – but packed with history Barely the size of Nor...

Here are a few pics from this weekend's brilliantly sunny wine festival in Virpazar. It's always great to see our tiny town full of people enjoying the good grape, grooving to local bands and buying up local treats like smoked fish, honey, wine, cheese and olives. Don't miss it next year! #festivalvinaiukljeve2019

It's kayaking time at last! We headed out for our first paddle of the year yesterday with our current volunteers. The conditions were perfect - silky smooth water, frogs and water birds everywhere and even a lazy blue-throated Keeler lizard to admire during our picnic lunch. Our kayaking tours start up again in the 2nd week of April - get in touch! www.lake-skadar.com/kayaking-tours #undiscoveredmontenegro

Happy official start of Spring! We're loving the wild flowers, new leaves and blossom emerging at Villa Miela. You'll love the Spring offer we've put on the multi-activity holidays we host here - £100 off per person if you book for w/c April 14, May 19 or June 9, 16 or 23 (mention our FB page to get the discount - please share with your friends 😊). #undiscoveredmontenegro https://undiscoveredmontenegro.com/search-form-1/multi-activity-holiday-lake-skadar/

We had fun participating in today’s community clean-up at our local base Virpazar! Over the winter, discarded trash, much of it plastic, gets washed up from the lake. Now so much has been cleaned thanks to a group of very special, nature-loving people, some of whom travelled a long way to help today! #trashtagmontenegro #nekabudecisto #zerowastemontenegro

We've just confirmed we're running our amazing Lake Skadar wild kayaking & camping adventure on w/c June 16th and 30th when the water lilies are in full bloom! Why not grab one of the last few spaces and fall in love with water lily heaven (Lake Skadar has more water lilies than any other place in Europe!). More info here - https://undiscoveredmontenegro.com/search-form-1/wilderness-canoeing-kayaking-holiday-montenegro/ #undiscoveredmontenegro

There's fresh powder on Montenegro's mountains! More playtime for us as we continue learning to snowboard - and our new volunteers, Heda & Jan, are hooked now too. All you need to do is jump on a budget flight to Podgorica and this could be you, just an hour or so after arriving! More details at https://undiscoveredmontenegro.com/search-form-1/winter-activity-holiday/


...it seems a good time to mention that we have just two spots left on our June 2 yoga adventure week! More details here - https://undiscoveredmontenegro.com/search-form-1/multi-activity-holiday-yoga/

#BalanceforBetter #IWD2019

Can we let you in on a secret? Spring is the most beautiful time of year to join one of our hosted activity holidays at Lake Skadar National Park and it's also when our small groups are even smaller. Come and join us this April or May and get £100 off per person if you mention Facebook! The beautiful photos are from April/June last year. https://undiscoveredmontenegro.com/search-form-1/multi-activity-holiday-lake-skadar/

Our guide Gigo took these incredible photos of the Karatuna river & Dodosi floodplains last week. No wonder it's one of his favourite places to take guests on our week-long wilderness kayaking adventure at Lake Skadar National Park! Find out more at https://undiscoveredmontenegro.com/search-form-1/wilderness-canoeing-kayaking-holiday-montenegro/

The new ski slope at Kolasin - Montenegro's main ski centre - officially opened this weekend! We were just there with our family, learning how to snowboard & gaping at the gorgeous snowy scenes. Check out our new winter multi-activity holiday here for affordable winter fun somewhere completely different! https://undiscoveredmontenegro.com/search-form-1/winter-activity-holiday/

We just topped out Villa Miela's new yoga deck! Ben and carpenter-extraordinaire Matias tried out the 'beer-yoga' concept in celebration. Coco the dog took the chance to meditate in the gentle sun.


Yoga at Lake Skadar with Undiscovered Montenegro

Was yoga one of your resolutions for 2019? Why not kickstart your practice on a yoga adventure holiday with us. LIMITED SPOTS LEFT FOR W/C 2 JUNE when we're running an awesome week with British yoga expert Marnie Sullivan - watch our video to find out more, then get in touch and bag one of the three remaining places!


#yoga #Montenegro

A glimpse into our yoga adventure holidays, which are all about unwinding and re-energising in the untamed natural beauty of Montenegro's Lake Skadar Nationa...

Introducing Villa Miela | The UM Activity Base

We made a video all about our activity base, Villa Miela, and it doesn't even feature our soon-to-be-finished yoga deck in the trees! Hope you enjoy and don't hesitate to get in touch if you'd like to be our guest. 🙂

Filming by Team UM
Video editing by Gonza Agostino

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