[07/10/17]   You can now take a "Virtual Tour" on the Palasip Qaqqaa.
46 full panoramic images taken from the start to the top.
Please visit to see the Palasip Qaqqaa hiking page.

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62 items (shops, sightings, hotels, cafes) are now online on the updated website. Sisimiut is situated on the west coast of Greenland, 100 km north of the Arctic Circle. The Arctic climate in Sisimiut has a temperature range of up to + 20 degrees Celsius in the summer and down to – 35 degrees Celsius in the winter. Sisimiut is the most northern icefree town in the winter and the…

[06/25/16]   Beautiful church of Sisimiut

[06/18/15]   Thanks to Elmar, so I could take picture inside Sisimiut Boghandel. Bookstore have been added to out website now.

[06/17/15]   Have been online for a week now, and are still adding places.
And for now the website have visitors from USA, Chine, Japan, Germany, Brazil, France, Italy and South Korea :-)

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Sisimiut Museum Sisimiut Museum

Outdoor Adventure of / OAGL Outdoor Adventure of / OAGL
Jooruaqqap Aqq. 15B
Sisimiut, 3911

Outfitting, Guiding, Rentals, Sales, Transport, Logistics & Wilderness Package Tours. Go Anytime or Scheduled.

Visit Sisimiut Visit Sisimiut
Aqqusinersuaq 86
Sisimiut, 3911

Sisimiut where imagination is the only limit for adventure

Aftenskolen Sisimiut Aftenskolen Sisimiut
Kollegie 2, Makkorsip Aqq. 6
Sisimiut, 3911

Siunnersuutissaqarussi sammisassanik piaarnerpaamik siunnersuuteqaritsiHar I forslag til aktiviteter, hører vi meget gerne fra jer