Sailing Adventure by Ocean Adventures Punta Cana

A true and unique sailing experience is our SAILING ADVENTURE, which combines a comfortable catamaran cruise with fun water activities.

Snorkel in an unspoiled reef, and then discover the natural pool, a protected sand bank where in chest deep water you will enjoy the most spectacular ocean view of Punta Cana with a great open bar service. On board of our Spectacular Sailing Catamaran, you will experience outstanding animation. To seal the experience chill out on our private beach club, with great food and comfortable beach amenities.


My husband and I had a wonderful time doing the Stingray Bay Caribbean Festival through Ocean Adventures Punta Cana in early September. Highly recommend it.Great staff make it engaging and informative not to mention entertaining. Pleasantly surprised to find complimentary refreshments were also offered after our swim with the sharks and stingrays. Nothing like a nice cold chunk of pineapple after swimming in saltwater! Our guide was kind enough to take some underwater photos with our camera - but sadly our camera somehow managed to get mixed up with another family's camera. If this is you in the photo below please contact Ocean Adventures directly so we can exchange contact info and get you your photos and get our photos from you. Thanks!

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Ocean Adventures Punta Cana

Good morning dear friends, ready for the weekend?
It's almost 8am in Punta Cana, the sun is hot, the sky clear and a nice hot day is ahead of us

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Photos from Sailing Adventure by Ocean Adventures Punta Cana's post

Ocean Adventures Punta Cana

A big improvement on board of our very special and unique Ocean Spa Dr Fish:

toward the end of the excursion a light, healthy and delicious meal is awaiting you!
The setting is unbeatable!
Only with Ocean Adventures Punta Cana

Ocean Adventures Punta Cana

Good morning beautiful facebook Friends,
how are you today?
Here in Punta Cana at this moment, 7:42am we have

Few Clouds in the sky with a temperature of
25°C/ 77°F, Feels Like: 26°/78°

Wind Chill: 25°, Heat Index: 26° Visibility: 6mi
Dew Point: 22° Wind: 5mph
Humidity: 83% Direction: 110°ESE
Pressure: 29.97"
From 11am to 4pm we will reach the max temperature of 29°C/85°F
Have a lovely day!

Pirate Dinner Show

Ocean Adventures Punta Cana - About - Google+ Ocean Adventures Punta Cana - Ocean Adventures Punta Cana offers the best aquatic excursions of the island. Enjoy the most original combination with Stingray Bay CaribbeanFestival! With a fantastic mix of fun and adventure you

Ocean Adventures - Punta Cana - Sailing Adventure

“Excellent Excursion!”
Review of Ocean Adventures - Sailing Adventure
- thank you Terry S from Sussex, Canada for sharing with us your experience -
"Just came back from our trip to Dominican, and we had the chance to sail with Peter (AKA James Bond), and we had such an amazing time! The snorkeling was our absolute favourite part of the trip, as well as the Manajuanna! I can't recommend this excursion enough to people" Cruising in Paradise! A true and unique sailing experience is our SAILING ADVENTURE, which combines a comfortable catamaran cruise with fun water activities. Snorkel in an unspoiled reef, and then discover the natural pool, a protected sand bank where in chest deep water you will enjoy the most spec...

Ocean Adventures Punta Cana

From our hearts to yours,
Happy Valentine's day

Ocean Adventures - Punta Cana - Welcome

Good morning Sailors! want to join us? visit our webpage to learn about all the adventures we offer. Ocean Adventures Punta Cana is the best choice for adventure, fun and relax in Punta Cana

Go Dominican Republic - Google+ - Te sentirás como un pirata con el espectáculo Caribbean…

Quieres ser pirata por una noche? Te sentirás como un pirata con el espectáculo Caribbean Buccaneers y la cena excursión desde Ocean Adventures Punta Cana!

Ocean Adventures Punta Cana

Excellent point! and we are #readytoparty!
Lucky those of you that will enjoy the #CaribbeanBuccaneers excursion...
If you haven't yet... hurry up! It's not to be missed!!! read on Tripadvisor what our past guests say about us

Ocean Adventures Punta Cana

Dominicans and Christmas creations...
!!!The best Christmas trees!!!
Do you have other original Christmas trees to share with us???
We would love to see them!!!

Caribbean Buccaneers - Night Dinner Show

Дамы и господа! Содоминиканцы (как бы двусмысленно это ни звучало)! В районе Баваро - Пунта-Каны появилось обалденное шоу - “Caribbean Buccaneers”, или по-нашему - «Карибские пираты». Если у вас ситуация «дело было вечером, делать было нечего» - бегом туда! А если у вас ситуация «дело было вечером, дел было много», то откладывайте дела и, опять-таки, туда! «Карибские пираты» это (специально выделяю заглавными буквами) ИНТЕРАКТИВНОЕ шоу с ужином. Шоу начинается на пляже, продолжается на настоящем пиратском галеоне, заканчивается всеобщими танцами. Ужин с лангустами и напитками класса «премиум» проходит в ресторане, который находится посреди синего океана (в самом прямом смысле этих слов).
Если соскучились по театру, цирку, просто хорошему качественному шоу (или не соскучились, но очень захотелось) вам опять-таки сюда! Актеры доминиканского кинематографа даже в подметки не годятся актерами этого шоу. Это настоящие профессионалы! Хотите перенестись во времени – это самый лучший способ. Это не просто спектакль, когда вы находитесь в зрительном зале, а актеры – на сцене. Это самое настоящее приключение. Все происходит рядом с вами, вокруг вас. Зрители здесь не просто зрители, а самые активные участники. Все настоящее. Даже легкая морская качка. Дамы, а какие там пираты!!! Господа, а какая там пиратша!
Внимание! Шоу обладает побочными эффектами. После шоу у зрителей наблюдается счастливая идиотская улыбка и широко распахнутые глаза – явные признаки впадания в детство. Дети во время шоу лихорадочно пытаются найти свою шпагу и дают указания добрым пиратам как победить злых пиратов.
Шоу совсем новенькое, свеженькое и только раскручивается. Поэтому сейчас есть спец. предложение для жителей ДР. Стоимость билета для взрослых – 75 долларов, для детей – 50 долларов. Честно, положа руку на сердце, это того стоит! Если вы проживаете в Доминикане и хотите пойти на шоу, закажите билеты, позвонив по телефонам: 809-552-0936, 809-552-1210, 809-90-7413 в отдел бронирования билетов (reservas). Для доказательства факта проживания в ДР достаточно предоставить номер седулы или телефона. Резервируете места, оплата наличными по прибытии на шоу в «пиратскую деревню».

Ocean Adventures Punta Cana

Good morning dear friends,
Our weather at this hour is:
Scattered Clouds Scattered Clouds
Feels Like: 78°
Wind Chill: 77° Ceiling: Unl
Heat Index: 78° Visibility: 6mi
Dew Point: 73° Wind: 0mph
Humidity: 89%
Pressure: 29.91"

Ocean Adventures Punta Cana

Here in Dominican Republic we will enjoy a long week end. Ready for it?
Today's weather forecast is:
Sunrise 06:33
Sunset 18:00
Moonrise 04:37
Moonset 16:39
Temp feels like: 33°c (91°f)
Length of Day: 11h 02m
Humidity: 89 %
Dew Point: 25 °c (77°f)
Pressure: 29.92 " (1013 hpa)
Visiblity: 6.2miles (10.0km)

October is the last month of the hurricane season. But as September did, we hope that it will be a beautiful month.
★Welcome October...★

October is the last month of the hurricane season. But as September did, we hope that it will be a beautiful month.
★Welcome October...★

Legendary Draconid meteors best after sunset October 7 | The legendary Draconid shower is happening now - best on the evening of October 7, 2013.

"Vacanza da pirati" a Punta Cana - Mondo - In Viaggio - "Vacanza da pirati" a Punta Cana, Oltre alle bellezze marine della Repubblica Dominicana un'esperienza notturna su un antico galeone, Sentirsi un po' Jack Sparrow o Elizabeth Swann al di là dell'Atlantico: nella Repubblica Dominicana un'esperienza da veri pirati attende i visitatori che vogliono…

Ocean Adventures Punta Cana

Good morning. This is the weather at this moment. Looks like a perfect day... Some clouds here and there... nice breeze... a perfect day!
Have a great Thursday!

Ocean Adventures Punta Cana

Buenos Dias amigos de Facebook, que planes tienen en este fin de semana? Nosotros en OAPC los estamos esperando, para un nado con los tiburones, o un paseo en el fondo del mar, un masaje relajante navegando las aguas de Bavaro, o un noche de aventura con un show espectacular y una rica cenita en el medio del mar...
Aqui estamos para servirle :)

Mirage Entertainment’s Dinner Show Cruise at the Ocean Adventure Resort, Punta Cana, Dominican... The latest new press releases from amusement attractions business, theme park and associations involved in the business worldwide. Blooloop announced new developments, new projects, events and introduced new services and products to amusement and theme park business directory.

About Bavaro - Punta Cana: CARIBBEAN BUCCANEERS - Pirate Show and dinner Excursion in Punta Cana

What is Caribbean Buccaneers all about?
It's a new concept here in Bavaro Punta Cana!
It's a pirate show, it's a buffet dinner, it's a fun excursion, it's great for families, it's entertaining for adults!
A fun you don't want to miss...

Ocean Adventures Punta Cana

another review from yesterday on :)

Again, about SAILING ADVENTURE on TripAdvisor:
“Do ths in Punta Cana, dr.”
Recensito il 10 giugno 2013 NOVITÀ

We were a wedding party of 53, and everyone commented on what a great time they had. The catamaran was fun and big enough, but the staff was terrific. They kept us busy with snorkeling, water basketball and deck dancing. Really fun for any age. This is a "must do" in Punta Cana. Thanks to Claudia for a great start to the wedding.
Hugh M
Gig Harbor, Washington

Ocean Adventures Punta Cana

Reviews from TripAdvisor about us:

Once again let me share with you some of the last reviews about one of our excursions taken from Tripadvisor:
“Awesome Experience!”
My boyfriend and I had such a fun time on the boat! We went on wednesday june 5th 2013. I wish I would have remembered the name of guy who was the lead staff member! He made it such an awesome experience for everyone! We first started off snorkeling for about 45 min, saw a bunch of exotic fish. Then we went to a "natural pool" which is just a shallow part of the ocean (maybe waist deep) . In the natural pool we all got off the boat and played water basketball for about an hour. They had music blasting off the boat, they were serving drinks in the water off a floating serving tray, it was too much fun. Everyone was really into the game. We got back on the boat and the main staff member had everyone dancing, music still blasting, he had everyone take a shot of mamajuana. The age group varied, it was people in there early 20s-late 30's. you could drink as much as you wanted but no one was getting wasted, tipsy maybe lol. After we got off the boat we went to a little restaurant on the beach, they had a little buffet for us there. It was the best thing we did in Punta cana. I really want to recognize the staff in particular the main young gentleman. LIke i said I dont know remember his name but he had a burn or scar along his chin. He was so much fun! If i go back it would be for him! He made our experience! Thanks again!
Kelly A
Chicago, Illinois

Ocean Adventures Punta Cana

Good Morning!
Just keep smiling and it will be a beautiful day!

Ocean Adventures Punta Cana

Watch with us the TV Show Breakfast Television Edmonton
Aired April 24, 2013 about Stingray Bay Caribbean Festival

Ocean Adventures Punta Cana

It's getting closer and closer...

A R E Y O U R E A D Y ? ? ? ? ?

Sara S
Boston, Massachusetts, United States says on TripAdvisor:
I just returned from a 5 day visit to Punta Cana with two of my best friends, and Sailing Adventure was absolutely the highlight of our trip! We were so impressed with Edwin as our guide - he was so much fun!! He kept us entertained and excited the entire time, and was the most polite and professional of all the employees on the boat. We can't say enough about what an amazing job he did...thank you Edwin!!! We have already booked another trip for June of this year, and we can't wait to get back on the catamaran!!!
Thanks again, we had a blast :-)

Ocean Adventures Punta Cana

Our exact location in Bavaro is in Playa Corales. Easy to find us!

Crece oferta complementaria en República Dominicana - Hoy Digital Su diario en la República Dominicana. Noticias actualizadas, multimedia y comentarios de los lectores.

Punta Cana - Adventures in Paradise: Crece oferta complementaria en República Dominicana:

Ocean Adventures Punta Cana

From TripAdvisor about SAILING ADVENTURE:
“Great fun, wish it lasted longer”

We booked this trip even though we had already been on a snorkeling trip earlier in the week to Saona Island. The catamaran was large, good thing as there are a lot of people on it.
The snorkeling was great, even better than at Saona Island.
They give you some "bread" fish food to attract the fish. After snorkeling they take you to a "natural pool" where you will play pool games etc. I would prefer to have had more time snorkeling and skip the pool time. The staff of the boat was great, very energetic and good at getting the group up and dancing. The drinks were good as well. Lunch at the asian restaurant was better than expected and a nice change from the Hotel buffet.
It was a bit pricey for a half day snorkeling trip but we did have a great time!
Charlotte NC

Ocean Adventures Punta Cana

Happy April Fools Day!!!!!!
Don’t Believe Anything You Read On The Internet Today

Pónganse abusados y no se crean cualquier noticia que vean este día en varios sitios de internet, pues hoy en varios países se celebra el “April’s Fools Day”, que es el equivalente a nuestro Día de los Inocentes, por lo que no será raro que varias noticias provenientes de sitios extranjeros sean de vacilada.

Ocean Adventures Punta Cana

Happy Easter from all of us at Ocean Adventures Punta Cana!

Don't miss the Punta Cana Carnival photos, featuring our fantastic Caribbean Buccaneers

The Caribbean Buccaneers parade during the Punta Cana Carnival

Ocean Adventures Punta Cana

Caribbean Buccaneers es la nueva excursion de Ocean Adventures. La aventura desarrollará en medio de una historia de Piratas, corsarios, bucaneros buenos y malos, sobre la playa, en un viejo galeón y una isla secreta en el mar.
Esta incluirá actores, malabaristas, efectos especiales y extras, que harán que el visitante se sienta en el medio de una aventura de piratas y corsarios, lo que le permitirá vivir una experiencia mucho más allá que un simple paseo.

Ocean Adventures Punta Cana

Read what our guests think of the unique excursion Ocean Spa Dr Fish:
An experience you don't want to miss!!!
"Went on the Dr. Fish & Spa trip & this time my husband went with me...last year went to the same one with a friend, enjoyed it so much had to do it again...well worth the money. One fee included shuttle, lunch, pilates, massages & of course your visit to the Fish...very relaxing!"
From TripAdvisor,
Joan F
Wiarton, Ontario, Canada

Ocean Adventures Punta Cana

Here is what to expect from the weather today:
Right now:
Partly Sunny
RealFeel® 89°

Hi 86°
RealFeel® 98°
Precipitation 59%
E 6 mph
Gusts: 11 mph
Sunshine and some clouds with a brief shower or two
Max UV Index: 10 (Extreme)
Precipitation: 0.1 in
Rain: 0.1 in

Ocean Adventures Punta Cana

Ocean Adventures Punta Cana

From TripAdvisor about our excursion
“We had a blast”
- 4 of us- my husband and I and another couple did this.
Our age- 40's/50's
Our swim level- 1 of us a great swimmer and 3 not so good.
The water was pretty rough the day we went out and all 4 of us attempted to snorkel but only one of us stayed in the water. The one snorkeling saw lots of fish and even an octopus. The other 3 went back to the boat and were entertained by the staff on the ship.
They served mixed drinks and beer on board and sandwiches.
After snorkeling, we went to a sandbar and played basketball in the water.
Then, the staff taught us a dance and took us to a private beach for a lovely lunch.
We loved the food!! Actually some of the best food we had on this trip and the best day of our trip.
Thank you Sailing Adventures!!! -
Visited March 2013

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