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Scubacaribe specializes in providing a complete range of water sports and activities for hotels and resorts. The company was formed in 1991 when it began operating and providing services for the Riu Hotels in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.

Since then we've grown continuously, providing service to the most prestigious hotels in the largest Caribbean vacation destinations. Our fast growth is based on a philosophy of always implementing the latest and best technology

Our mission is to satisfy clients by providing a wide range of water sports such as scuba diving, snorkeling, windsurf, sailing, rowing and a variety of aquatic excursions. Everything we do is executed with the highest regard for personal safety standards.

Respect for the environment and a commitment to the local communities where we operate is of prime importance for us. We operate within an established corporate code of conduct, encouraging community relations and training local personnel for management positions, which also helps to improve overall administrative efficiency.

Baby turtles on their way to the ocean in #CostaRica! 🐢🐢🐢 😍

#scubacaribecostarica #turtles #nature #funfromthebeginning

More baby’s heading up to the ocean 🌊❤️🐢 @ Riu Guanacaste Beach Hotel & Resort

OUR 83rd COUNTRY | Dream Come True in the Dominican Republic😍

Start the new year with #funfromthebeginning, like Kara and Nate who explored #Bayahibe's vibrant underwater world with our team at ScubaCaribe Dominican Republic, #PADI and Explore La Romana! 💦

Travel vlog 576 | La Romana, Dominican Republic | Country #83/100 We stayed at Dreams Dominicas

🥳 HAPPY NEW YEAR! 🍾🥂 ... and remember, saltwater heals everything! See you soon! 😀

The #ocean is responsible for the air we breathe and regulates our climate. It produces over half of the world's oxygen and absorbs 50x more carbon dioxide than our atmosphere. Covering 70% of the Earth's surface, the ocean transports heat from the equator to the poles, regulating our climate and weather patterns. Here are some #tips to help you #protect the ocean...

#PADIAware #conservation #climatechange

Troubles with your buoyancy after Christmas? Head down to our dive center on the beach and let's fix this! 😜

#padi #scubadiving #divetraining #funfromthebeginning

Cruising Mauritius by Catamaran

Our kind of #Christmas! How do you celebrate? Share with us in the comments!

#Mauritius #catamaran #holidayfeeling #funfromthebeginning

✨Our team wishes you a holly jolly Christmas time with your loved ones and would like to take this opportunity to thank you for following our adventures! ✨

Bull Shark Diving Mexico

Did you know? It's mainly female #bullsharks that visit the shallower waters in front of #PlayadelCarmen to give birth to their young. 🦈🦈🦈

#scubadiving #funfromthebeginning Saving Our Sharks ScubaCaribe Mexico

Named one of the world's top10 diving destinations by #JacquesCousteau, #Cozumel island offers many surprises like this beautiful cleaner shrimp.

#scubacaribemex #scubadiving #funfromthebeginning

[12/19/18]   What would you do if you were here with us on #CatalinaIsland?

A) Relax on the beach
B) Dive the vibrant Catalina Wall
C) Snorkel at the Aquarium reef
D) Explore the island

#DominicanRepublic #scubacaribedominicanrepublic #funfromthebeginning #IslaCatalinaDiving

Can you name this famous little guy that lives in sea anemones?

#anemonefish #clownfish #scubadiving #funfromthebeginning #mauritius

Have you ever visited #CostaRica? The country is renowned for its beaches, volcanoes, and biodiversity - on the surface and underwater.

#scubadiving #reef #funfromthebeginning

Diving is fun! Are you a diver? Where did you learn to dive? Comment below!

#scubadiving #padi #funfromthebeginning

Did you know? Like a human fingerprint, the tail of each humpback whale is unique. Join us in Los Cabos this winter and see for yourself! 🐋🐋🐋

#humpbackwhale #bajacalifornia #scubacaribemex #funfromthebeginning

Do you escape the winter with us? Where is your favorite winter destination? Please comment below!

#winterescape #scubadiving #funfromthebeginning

Our sexy ladies underwater in Playa del Carmen. 😍 Don't miss this #bullshark season in #Mexico! 🦈🦈🦈

#scubadiving #scubacaribemex #funfromthebeginning Saving Our Sharks @brendaborgo

ScubaCaribe Mexico - now at the newly opened RIU Palace Baja California! When do you come to visit us? 💦🚣‍♀️🐋🐬🐡

#bajacalifornia #mexico #funfromthebeginning RIU Hotels and Resorts

How does your favorite #ChristmasTree look like? This is ours! Christmas tree worms are about 1-2 in/ 4-5cm long, have a central tube and two spiraling structures that give them a tree-looking shape. You can only see the feathery part, as the rest of their body is hidden.

#christmastreeworm #jamaica #scubadiving #funfromthebeginning #scubacaribejamaica

Guess where!

#underwatermuseum #scubacaribemex #funfromthebeginning #scubadiving

Have you ever come across a #stonefish? It can be easily mistaken for a stone, as it perfectly blends with its environment thanks to its specific texture and color.

#scubadiving #marinelife #boavista #capeverde #funfromthebeginning

Bull shark season is in full swing in Mexico's Playa del Carmen. Don't miss it! #bullshark #bigfish #scubadiving #funfromthebeginning Saving Our Sharks

Who loves wrecks? St. George used to be a freighter to transport wheat and barley between Norway and America before being abandoned in Santo Domingo port. It was sunk near Bayahibe in 1999 and has meanwhile developed a beautiful artificial reef.

#wreckdiving #scubacaribedominicanrepublic #scubadiving #funfromthebeginning #dominicanrepublic

We are in love with the #bullsharks! 💙🦈🦈

Are you joining us or what? 😎

#ScubaDiving #Shark #Diving #Mexico 🇲🇽

Offering some beautiful smiles early in the morning with ScubaCaribe Aruba 💝😎

#Aruba #Diving

Manatee - Dominican Republic

😯😯 So we are having a great #dive with ScubaCaribe Dominican Republic and something happened that made it even better!! 😍

Play the video to find out what! 💙💙

#ScubaDiving #Manatee #DominicanRepublic

Humpback Whales - Mexico

The #whales are coming!🐋❄

The #Humpback whale season starts in mid-December in #LosCabos 🇲🇽 Don't miss it!! 😎

#whalewatching #mexico #pacific

The sense of freedom while #diving with these imponent💪, yet beautiful😍, #sharks🦈 is beyond our imagination! 💙

#ScubaDiving #Bullshark #Mexico
ScubaCaribe Mexico

📸 Brenda Borgo

Diving Cenotes - Mexico

From 1 to 10, how relaxing this is for you? 😎

#diving #cenotes #mexico

ScubaCaribe Dominican Republic

Enjoy a wonderful dive at the hand of ScubaCaribe Dominican Republic in Monica's Wreck where the mix between the wreck with corals will leave you amazed! 💙🐟

#ScubaCaribe #PADI #Dive

Enjoy a wonderful dive at the hand of ScubaCaribe #DominicanRepublic in Monica's Wreck where the mix between the wreck with corals will leave you amazed! 💙🐟

#ScubaCaribe #PADI #Dive

And now you can find us as well, at RIU Hotels and Resorts Palace Costa Mujeres - Mexico 🇲🇽😍

#ScubaCaribe #Mexico #CostaMujeres

The plane wreck 🛩 at #MontegoBay is a popular dive site for our PADI #Advanced Open Water divers! 🤩

Want to join us? 😎💪

The plane wreck 🛩 at #MontegoBay is a popular dive site for our #Advanced divers! 🤩

You want to check it out?

Releasing turtles - Los Cabos

The cutest video that you will watch today 😍💙
Releasing #turtles 🐢🌊with @ScubaCaribe Mexico - Los Cabos 🙌

#LosCabos #Protect #Marine #Life

ScubaCaribe Dominican Republic

Scuba diving with ScubaCaribe Dominican Republic will always be an unforgettable experience! 🐢😍

#Turtles #DominicanRepublic #diving

Be part of the incredible encounters with nature that our divers live! Like this great moment of our divers on Monday with this friendly turtle. 🐢

#ScubaCaribe #PADI #Turtle

Can you feel the adrenaline already with ScubaCaribe Mexico? 😎

We are having an amazing time with so many #Bullsharks 🦈🦈 every single day! 💙

Join us today!

📸 Brenda Borgo

#Bull #Sharks #ScubaDiving #Mexico 🇲🇽

After the pool session, time to go to the #Caribbean! 💙😍

Have you ever done a PADI course with us? :)

#DSD #Discover #ScubaDiving ScubaCaribe Mexico 🇲🇽

📸 Alejandtra Cobb Alonzo

Happy #divers! Happy #friends! 💙😍
This is ScubaCaribe Dominican Republic 💪

#ScubaDiving #Bayahibe #DominicanRepublic

's cover photo

We are thrilled to announce that #Bullshark season is ON! 🦈💙

Come and dive with these majestic #sharks with ScubaCaribe Mexico!

#scubadiving #bullsharks #mexico

What Happened When I Introduced My Friends to the World of Scuba Diving

"What Happened When I Introduced My Friends to the World of #Scuba #Diving" 😍💙

Do you have a similar story? Let us know what happened :)

ScubaCaribe PADI The most special thing when you take a friend diving for the first time is that you are sharing something you are passionate about

After a stressful year, nothing better than to dive into #Negril - Jamaica, waters with ScubaCaribe Jamaica! 💙😍

Photo by RIU Hotels and Resorts

Negril is a place to discover: nature, historical sights, beaches and much more. Read more about it in our blog. ➡ #ItsRiuTimeNegril

For anyone visiting #DEMA in Las Vegas Nov 14-17: Check out our fantastic show specials!

#specials #scubadiving

More info:

📸 Copyright: Ernesto Rodriguez

They are here!! Guess who arrived earlier this year at ScubaCaribe Mexico!? 😍😍😍

Yes!! #Bullsharks! 🦈🦈

Get all the info to #dive with these amazing creatures at

#SharkDive #Mexico #PlayaDelCarmen

Meet our #lovely staff at ScubaCaribe Jamaica​ - MoonPalace #OchoRios! Captain Jeffrey and first mates Nayib and Rayal are #ready to take you on an #unforgettable cruise 🤩☀️😁

Meet our #lovely staff at MoonPalace Ocho Rios! Captain Jeffrey and first mates Nayib and Rayal are #ready to take you on an #unforgettable cruise 🤩☀️😁

Can you resist the stunning natural swimming pools in the #DominicanRepublic? 😍

ScubaCaribe Dominican Republic will be honored to take you there! 💙

#Caribbean #SaonaIsland #NaturalPools

Come and enjoy the natural pools and its wonderful view for the East National Park on board Queenie, our majestic catamaran, on your way to the beautiful Saona island! 🌴

#ScubaCaribe #Catamaran #NationalPark

Good morning from our brand new ScubaCaribe Cabo Verde info point at RIU Hotels and Resorts Palace #Boavista - #CapeVerde! 😍

#ScubaCaribe #CaboVerde

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