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Arica and surrounding area are any tourist`s dream! Volcano`s, extremely rough terrain and spectacular sights. Get your own personal guide! We care!

The Atacama desert in Northern Chile as well as the southern (Tacna) area of Peru and the saltlakes extending into Bolivia are a tremendous experience for any tourist that likes to go outside the trodden path and wants to experience raw nature, country and costums. In Chile it can be quite a challenge to get to see and know the sites that you want to see. Tourism is not well developed which means that anyone wanting to take the trip and really experience the sites is on his own. How do I get there? Is it safe? What must I take with me? How long will it take? Which sites are the best to see? What if I don`t speak Spanish? What if I get ripped off? These questions are relevant to any tourist travelling in these parts. We offer a solution here. We specialize in personal help and will establish: 1. What sites and experiences best fit your travel plans and personal interest; 2. How to get there and/or which tours are best; 3. Personal tours and 24/7 accompaniment in your own rented vehicle; 4. Negotiating with the locals; 5. Make sure you get the best deals and travel as safe as is possible; 6. Make your experience of Northern Chile unforgettable! Our personal guides speak English, French, Dutch, German and Spanish as well as the local dialect (Castellano Chileno) fluently and are well aware of local costumes as well as which places you must see, how to get there (within your budget) and when to be there (Tatio Geysers MUST be visited early morning for example, as of 10.00 they will not spout due to the curvature of the earth). We offer ANY personal service you like and will be available 24/7 or less. We charge a very reasonable fee (based on your wants and needs) and will do our utmost to make sure that you get the vacation and experience you deserve. Andrea Labra Madriaza is an Arican local that has lived in the Netherlands for 23 years. She knows the city and the Northern part of Chile really well and combines her unique knowledge with a European sense of business and living up to agreements.

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Caleta Negreiro 1183
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Turismo local y comunitario en la ciudad de Arica

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Tour Operadora del Norte Grande, ubicada en la ciudad de Arica, Chile. Realizamos viajes dentro y fuera de la ciudad y en especial al Altiplano, Lago Chungará, Putre, Parinacota y en la ciudad de Arica, Momias Chinchorro, Valles de Lluta y Azapa.

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Agence de Tourisme d'Aventures basée au Nord du Chili, nous réalisons des tours orientés vers la Photographie, les cultures ancestrales et le MTB

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Que No te lo Cuenten, Vívelo!!!!

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Caminante no hay camino, se hace camino al andar, estamos comenzado a crear experiencias y aventuras únicas, así que atentos!

ARICA Maravillosa ARICA Maravillosa
Vicuña Mackenna/ Chacabuco

Información sobre turismo, viajes, alojamiento, gastronomía, paseos y todo lo que necesitas para disfrutar de nuestra Arica maravillosa

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Página destinada a contribuir positivamente al desarrollo turístico y al comercio de la ciudad.

Valle de Lluta Valle de Lluta
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gastronomía , turismo