Mysterious Mineral Springs

Guided historic daytime tours of the Mineral Springs Mall, one of the most haunted locations in one of America's most haunted small towns!

Guided historic daytime tours of the most haunted locations in this century old treasure include stories of the spirits and visits to the iconic pool, grand banquet hall, second floor rooms, the infamous ‘Jasmine Lady’ staircase, the haunted artist mural and also includes admission to the Historic Museum of Torture Devices.

This is what life should be about! Unity, unshakable bonds, love, commitment, family, and a kind, compassionate, giving heart. We love you even more. If that is possible, Mike Couch, Nick Groff, and the Lost Limbs Foundation.

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Rare photos: The Alton (not so great) flood of 1903 These rare photos show downtown Alton in 1903 at a crest of around 34 feet - about what is expected Monday.

A little more history!

These workers were taking a break after working on the new part of the flour mill in Alton, on August 23, 1947. To the left is the Hornsey Moving and Storage Company.

The Hornsey Moving and Storage Company was founded in 1917 by Charles A. Dale and George William Hornsey Sr. Later, Dale sold his interest in the company to Hornsey, and he became the sole proprietor. George Hornsey Sr. died October 31, 1968 at the age of 88, and was buried in the St. Joseph's Cemetery. His son, George William Hornsey Jr., and later his grandson, Fred Hornsey, took over the business. The company must have had several locations, as I have found references to the company being at the southwest corner of State and Broadway; State and Fourth Street; and Main Street. The company is still in business, and is located at 360 E. Ferguson Avenue in Wood River.

1. Workers on Broadway, 1947.

2. Hornsey Moving & Storage, 1943, at State and Broadway.

(Photos from the Alton Telegraph.)

Always good info from this site. We will continue to share as all things Alton come thru!

Source: Alton Weekly Courier, April 3, 1856
163 years ago

On Monday morning, a convict in the Penitentiary named Edward Austin disappeared immediately after breakfast. The officers of the prison supposed he had hidden himself somewhere in the yard, and kept up a vigilant search on Monday and a close watch on Monday night, but no trace of him could be found. Yesterday morning the convict who occupied the same cell with Austin, having related some conversations which had taken place between them, the officers were induced to examine a large cistern in the prison yard, when the body of the convict was found. The water in the cistern was about six feet deep. He had given no intimation of his intention to commit suicide. His frequent and particular inquiries about that cistern, and the despondent state of his mind on account of not hearing from his relatives, suggested the idea of suicide. Austin had only been in prison about ten days. His sentence was for five years by the Court of Winnebago County. He was convicted of an assault with intent to kill. At the request of the prison authorities, Coroner Pinckard held an inquest. The verdict of the jury was in accordance with the above statement.

The Illinois State penitentiary in Alton opened in 1833 on William Street. It was built of local stone, and at first had only 24 cells. The first warden was Samuel H. Denton, who lived in a log house on what was later called Penitentiary Hill. Denton boarded one or two prisoners in his home, and worked them during the day in preparations to build the prison. Over the years the prison was expanded. By 1857, the prison contained 256 cells. It was decided to build a new prison at Joliet, and in 1860, the last convicts were transferred there and the Alton prison closed. In 1861, the Alton prison opened once again as a military post and Confederate prison. Captured Confederate soldiers, deserters, and war criminal were housed there, including a small number of women. In 1865, after the end of the Civil War, the prison was closed permanently. The buildings were slowly dismantled, and all that remains is a small portion of a wall.

The Alton penitentiary (in the foreground), circa 1860s. From the Alton Telegraph.

Welcome to the Mineral Springs! Big thank you, to Robbin Terry for hosting the event! Day one, a success. Today, meet and greet, investigation, and platform reading by Chip!

What an honor to have them investigate Mineral. They were so very, kind and respectful! Day two underway at Noon!

Hangin’ with the Ghost Brothers in Alton, IL!

Large as Life: Wadlow Art on Display at Mineral Springs Mall |

Check out the new statue in the lobby folks! ALTON - The life-size polystyrene sculpture of Robert Wadlow standing in the corner of Mineral Springs Mall started its life as an art project by Washington

Chip Coffey & The Ghost Brothers at Mineral Springs

Great group hosting this event! Sure to be good fun with some of the best talent out there! THIS EVENT IS BEING HELD AT MINERAL SPRINGS IN ALTON, ILLINOIS Chip Coffey is a clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient psychic, as well as a fully-conscious medium. He is blessed to have the God-given ability to provide others with insight, guidance and direction. As a medium, he is also able t...

Chip Coffey & The Ghost Brothers at Mineral Springs

We are coming down to the wire friends! Chip only has a few tickets left! The Saturday investigation is almost sold out, so jump on that Friday date! THIS EVENT IS BEING HELD AT MINERAL SPRINGS IN ALTON, ILLINOIS Chip Coffey is a clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient psychic, as well as a fully-conscious medium. He is blessed to have the God-given ability to provide others with insight, guidance and direction. As a medium, he is also able t...

Chip Coffey & The Ghost Brothers at Mineral Springs

Coming soon! Brought to you by Robbin Terry with Ashmore Estates. THIS EVENT IS BEING HELD AT MINERAL SPRINGS IN ALTON, ILLINOIS Chip Coffey is a clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient psychic, as well as a fully-conscious medium. He is blessed to have the God-given ability to provide others with insight, guidance and direction. As a medium, he is also able t...

Chip Coffey & The Ghost Brothers at Mineral Springs

Tickets are going fast, please don't wait! Event Brought to you by Robbin Terry of Ashmore Estates. THIS EVENT IS BEING HELD AT MINERAL SPRINGS IN ALTON, ILLINOIS Chip Coffey is a clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient psychic, as well as a fully-conscious medium. He is blessed to have the God-given ability to provide others with insight, guidance and direction. As a medium, he is also able t...

Mineral Springs - May 11 2019

We are very excited to host the Tennessee Wraith Chasers at Mineral Springs - event information and tickets are available by clicking on the link! Mineral Springs — Alton, IL

Chip Coffey & The Ghost Brothers at Mineral Springs

Good afternoon everyone! We are very excited to welcome Chip Coffey and The Ghost Brothers at Mineral Springs in March! THIS EVENT IS BEING HELD AT MINERAL SPRINGS IN ALTON, ILLINOIS Chip Coffey is a clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient psychic, as well as a fully-conscious medium. He is blessed to have the God-given ability to provide others with insight, guidance and direction. As a medium, he is also able t...

The Wraith Maffia Paranormal Event @ Mineral Springs Mall featuring TWC Experience the unknown as the boys of The Tennessee Wraith Chasers investigate the historic Mineral Springs Mall for the first time ever!!! The Mineral Springs Mall was originally opened in 1914 and boasted the healing properties of it's springs as well as the biggest swimming pool in Illinois. Asid...

Cheney Mansion

We are excited to be part of this. Book at 2 locations and save $50 at each one. The more you book the more you save.

This is super neat as when we investigate we get the name Mary and JT Drummond! In the large unrenovated apartment upstairs and in the sub basement. Validation like this makes it more real for us. There are stories of trips by all Drummonds to the hotel....also this is similar to the apparition of a man seen down in the sub basement.

Fellow investigators feel free to comment or share your stories!

Former Tobacco Manufacturer; Confederate Soldier; Expert Fisherman
Source: Alton Evening Telegraph, March 24, 1909
109 years ago

John Newton Drummond, in his seventy-third year, died at his residence, 442 East Twelfth Street in Alton, Wednesday morning, shortly after midnight, from paralysis. His death had been expected for ten days. He had suffered a paralytic stroke about five months ago in his home, and at that time was considered in a very dangerous condition, but he rallied and was able to be out of the house in fine weather. He never fully regained the faculty of speech, which was affected by the first stroke, and ever since the beginning of his physical failing he had required constant attention. One week ago last Sunday he suffered another stroke of paralysis, and from that time the decline was rapid. Most of the time he was unconscious, and he suffered no pain. In his dying moments he was attended by members of his family.

In the death of Mr. Drummond there passes away the last of two brothers who made Alton famous, and who started in Alton an institution that helped the city materially, and later became one of the greatest manufacturing institutions in the country. He was born in St. Charles County, Missouri, near St. Charles, November 14, 1836, the son of Mr. and Mrs. Harrison Drummond, who were natives of Virginia and moved to Missouri early in the 1830's. Mr. Drummond was reared on the farm and educated in country schools, becoming a country school teacher. In 1859 he left the farm and entered a tobacco factory at St. Charles. Shortly afterward he took a country school in Phelps County, Missouri, where he taught a short time and then returned to the tobacco business in Warren County, Missouri. In 1861 Mr. Drummond joined Col. J. Q. Burbridge's Missouri State Guard, Co. C., which afterward became famous in the Confederate armies as part of the brigade of General Cockrell, afterward Senator Cockrell. At the surrender of Vicksburg, Mr. Drummond was taken prisoner, but was later exchanged and re-entered the Confederate service. He was recaptured at Blakely, Mississippi, and for three weeks was a prisoner at Ship Island, in the Gulf of Mexico, but was again exchanged.

At the close of the war Mr. Drummond came to Alton and went into the tobacco factory of Meyers & Drummond, his brother being the junior partner, where he worked as bookkeeper. This firm was dissolved in 1873, and Mr. Meyers went to St. Louis. The new firm of Dausman and Drummond was formed, and John N. Drummond became one of the partners with his brother, James T. Drummond. This business was removed to St. Louis when its growth made enlargement of the plant necessary. The firm became famous throughout the United States as the makers of Horseshoe tobacco. John N. Drummond served as president of the Drummond Tobacco Co. from 1879 to 1885, in its palmiest days. About twelve years ago the company was sold out to the trust and Mr. Drummond retiring from the tobacco business in which he had made a fortune, investing heavily in bank stocks at St. Louis. He was a director of the Third National Bank of St. Louis, and gave up all his time to advisory work in a financial line. Up to the last year of his activity, he was one of the foremost members of the Missouri Confederate Veterans Association. His marriage occurred in Upper Alton in 1867, when he took as his bride Miss Mary E. Randle, daughter of Rev. Irwin B. Randle, for many years an old Methodist circuit rider and later a justice of the peace in Alton. He leaves beside his wife, three children, Mrs. E. M. Bowman, Mrs. Z. B. Job, and John N. Drummond Jr. He leaves also one sister, Mrs. B. F. Stevens of Martinsville, Virginia.

John N. Drummond was one of the most enthusiastic fishermen who ever hooked a fish. He was an expert, acknowledged as a chief among experts in handling the rod and reel, and his success was remarkable. He loved to go to the waters of the Douglas County lakes in Minnesota, where the black bass and wall-eyed pike grow the biggest and the gamiest. He delighted in a tug of war with some finny giant, and he followed the sport with the utmost faithfulness. Every summer for many years he had made his 550-mile trip to Minnesota to enjoy the fishing. He could "cast" with the greatest strength and precision. Mr. Drummond has been known to make a "cast" of nearly 150 feet, and he could drop his bait wherever he wanted to put it, through skill acquired by long practice. He was the wonder and admiration of other fishermen. No one ever brought back the fine, big fish he caught, and no one enjoyed the sport more keenly. He loved to share his pleasure with others, and lost no opportunity to give enjoyment to some other disciple of Izaak Walton, who had not the advantages Mr. Drummond had. On such occasions he was host, his high-priced tackle was at the disposal of the guest, and everything was done to make an expert fisherman out of the guest. He had as keen pleasure in seeing one of his pupils make a successful catch, as if he had done it himself. Every other day, when he was fishing, would find him in his boat, on some of the numerous lakes he loved so well in Minnesota. Among the devotees of the sport in northern lakes, Mr. Drummond will be missed, as he was the soul of companionship and good fellowship.

Quiet and retiring, nevertheless he made many firm, lasting friendships among those who penetrated within the reserve and knew him best. He was liberal in all things, and apparently had not in him any part that was selfish. He never forgot the men he had known when he was a working man himself. He, like his older brother, was respected by those who knew him in the days of old when he was an employer, and there will be many a regret among those who knew him, in all walks of life, that his end has come. A year ago, he accepted an appointment as a member of the parks commission at Alton, and was deeply interested in developing a park system, until ill health forced him to stay at home. He was interested in all public improvements in Alton, wanted Alton to move ahead and fulfill its destiny of becoming a thriving, handsome city. Alton has lost a good citizen it could ill afford to lose in the death of John N. Drummond. The funeral of Mr. Drummond will be held Friday afternoon at 2 o'clock from the residence on Twelfth street. The services will be conducted by Rev. H. M. Chittenden, rector of St. Paul's Episcopal church. Shortly before his death Mr. Drummond became a member of St. Paul's church. The burial will be in City Cemetery, and will be private.

1. John Drummond; from the 1912 Board of Trade Publication.

2. Drummond Tobacco Company advertisement for their Horseshoe Crossbar Tobacco.

3. The John Drummond home at 442 E. 12th Street in Alton. This home still stands, and was built in abt. 1882.


Soon!!! At Mineral Springs! Welcome Dead of Winter Event hosted by Troy Taylor!

Troy Taylor


Details are up and the ticket office is open for the After-Hours events because, of course, the daytime event is FREE with a canned food donation. It's February 10, 2018 at the Mineral Springs Hotel in Alton, Illinois -- speakers, vendors, art, haunted history and more! Plus an After Hours ghost hunt of the Mineral Springs and a "Dinner with the Dead," hosted by Troy and Lisa! Limited spots for those, so don't wait too long for reservations!

[05/28/17]   Hey folks, we are still setting everything up for the tours and working with Janet. Be patient and we will announce when the historical tours start in June!

Mysterious Mineral Springs

Mysterious Mineral Springs's cover photo

Mysterious Mineral Springs's cover photo

Mysterious Mineral Springs's cover photo

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