Nicaragua Concierge

Nicaragua Concierge is a boutique travel agency offering extraordinary travel experiences within Nicaragua.

San Juan del Sur marries new world comforts with historic natural beauty and adventurous opportunities.

Eat, drink, explore and enjoy your entire stay in Nicaragua and San Juan del Sur with us.

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Exploring Nicaragua’s Most Remote Coast by Kayak

Uhm, what? YES PLEASE!! #VisitNicaragua #NicaraguaConcierge Far beyond the glorified surf spots, volcano hikes, and coffee plantation tours is a 26-hour-long bus ride to Nicaragua’s Mosquito Coast, a Caribbean region that’s rarely visited. For my wife, Claire Cripps, and me, the idea to explore this region began in 2015 after we completed a packrafting journ...

SUP (Stand Up Paddle) & Yoga Retreat

Lakeside yoga sessions, one-on-one instruction, nourishing food & relaxing activities and stand up paddle your heart out. What's Included? 3-Nights at Apoyo Yoga Lodge and Laguna de Apoyo 3-Nights at HulaKai Yoga Retreat-Playa Maderas

Volcano-boarding in Nicaragua should be next on your bucket list

Just in case you were wondering... 🌋 Nicaragua has volcanoes in every kind of condition, from active to dormant to extinct – from smoking “gateways to hell” (as early Spanish settlers believed them to be), to tranquil, lush, greenery-covered craters. You can hike the slopes of a number of them, swim in their crater lakes, and peek over...

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The first step in learning to surf is figuring out how to let go. And there is no place better to let it all slip away than in the chilled-out surf camps of #Nicaragua. #SurfTrips

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10 reasons why you should visit Nicaragua

Aside from the luxury lodgings, here’s why you should give it your attention this year. While Europe and Southeast Asia still remain major targets for gap year travellers, Central America has, for the past few years, emerged as the trendier of the bunch for sabbatical-taking Londoners. The Isthmian portion of the Americas offers year-round good weather and a sense of unbridled adventu...

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Lakes of lava at the Gates of Hell in Nicaragua

"The Spanish conquerors of Central America called it La Boca del Infierno (the Gates of Hell) and, after standing briefly above its gaseous portal, I can see why." #VisitNicaragua Spanish conquerors called it La Boca del Infierno (the Gates of Hell) and, after standing above its gaseous portal, I can see why.

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Luxury Yoga Retreat with Nicaragua Concierge

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5 Nicaraguan Barrels You Wish You Were Parked Inside Right Now

Here are five lineups from Nicaragua’s Two Brother’s Surf Resort that should satiate your needs… #Nicaragua #SurfNicaragua Summer is so close in the northern hemisphere you can almost taste it. That means your surf trip daydream sessions are headed south real soon.

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We are flexible in terms of group size and will set you up with the right accommodations to meet your group’s needs.

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6 best surf spots in Nicaragua

Oh, and on any given day, somewhere in Nicaragua, is going off. On any given day, somewhere in Nicaragua, is going off.

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We’ll combine adrenaline pumping madness with quiet relaxation - from private yachts to raging Sunday pool crawls (with beautiful travelers from all over the world). Don’t worry about negotiating prices or haggling with locals. Just live free & easy and in the moment.

Travel to central America- Nicaragua, Honduras and Panama | Flux Magazine

Much of the region is covered in volcanoes, but in Nicaragua it seems every horizon is punctuated by their ominous outline. Each of its many volcanoes and lakes has a different character. #VisitNicaragua From trekking around Nicaraguan volcanoes to exploring the Panama Canal to visiting the untamed landscapes of Honduras travel to Central America is unforgettable.

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Falling in Love with San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

San Juan del Sur is the definition of a backpacker beach where surfing and partying are the main draws. Late-night taco stands, cute surf boutiques and lively bars abound. I was reminded vaguely of Montañita, Ecuador, another surf town that feels deliciously frozen in time. San Juan hosts one of the most infamous parties in Central America — more on that later — and attracts toned and tanned backpackers from around the globe, yet you can still peek inside wide open doors in the evening and see a community living simply and more or less unaffected by the tourism around them.
There are a lot of places I say I’ll be back to, but San Juan was different. It’s the kind of place I might go back to for good.

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Eat, drink, explore and enjoy yourself for your entire stay in #Nicaragua and #SanJuanDelSur

Nicaragua Concierge: The Ultimate Bachelor Party Package

This is a trip you don’t want to miss and you won’t soon forget - if you can rally the boys, we’ll make it happen. Don’t get bogged down and stressed out by the details of traveling in a new place - let us work our magic while you relax in the infinity pool. This party will unfold seamlessly in front of your eyes. #BachelorParties #Nicaragua #VisitNicaragua #NicaraguaConcierge You and your best friends will never forget.

Happy Good Friday from awesome San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua 🤙🏼

Get hip to rip in a surfers paradise 🤙🏼

A Central American nation known for its dramatic terrain of lakes, volcanoes and beaches, Nicaragua is a destination on the rise. #VisitNicaragua

Best Off-Season Travel Deals That Will Save You Money | Reader's Digest

“You get the same beaches as in Costa Rica—same water, same climate, and for a lot less money" #Nicaragua #VisitNicaragua

12 Off-Season Travel Deals You’ll Want to Book Now, According to Experts: Three travel experts tell us where they go when they want to keep a tight budget.

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