World of Greenland, Ilulissat Video November 30, 2018, 5:44pm

Videos by World of Greenland in Ilulissat. A world of adventures in Ilulissat at UNESCO World Heritage site Ilulissat Icefiord

World of Greenland - A taste

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Kunne du tænke dig et spændende sommerjob ved den nordlige halvkugles mest kælvende gletsjer? Er du kvalificeret til et job som Restaurantchef i Grønlands bedste restaurant eller som guide der kan tilegne dig en bred viden om Grønland? World of Greenland søger en masse sommerpersonale til at tage godt imod vores meget kvalitets beviste gæster fra hele verden. Stillinger inkluderer: Guider (i perioden 1. juni – 30. september 2020) Kajakinstruktører med IPP 3 og Instruktør 2 som minimum (i perioden 15. maj - 15. september) Koordinatorer (i perioden 1. maj – 30. september 2020) Butiksassistenter (i perioden 1. juni - 30. september 2020) Bestyrere til Ilulissat Hostel (i perioden 15. maj - 20. september 2020) Bestyrer til Glacier Lodge Eqi (i perioden 15. maj - 20. september 2020) Restaurantchef/Lodge Manager, Ilimanaq Lodge (i perioden 1. juni - 15. september 2020) Kok til Restaurant Egede, Ilimanaq Lodge (i perioden 1. juni - 15. september 2020) Tjener til Restaurant Egede, Ilimanaq Lodge (i perioden 1. juni - 15. september 2020) Læs mere om alle vores stillinger på vores hjemmeside:

Igloo Lodge
Igloo Lodge is World of Greenland's first winter lodge and is now part of a range of unique lodges. Here you will have the unmatched opportunity of experiencing Greenland in it's winter outfit of snow and ice. We will take you along with us on an adventure into the back country - one which you will not forget for a long time.

Iglo Lodge
Have you ever wondered what a real igloo looks like from inside? Our brand new Iglo Lodge is openeing in just 3 days. Meet Kristoffer as he tells about the project and have a look inside one of our igloos. Welcome to Iglo Lodge! And a great thanks to Visit Greenland for shooting the video.

Summer Catalogue - World of Greenland
A Summer in Greenland should be on everybody's bucket list! Have you booked your flight?

World of Greenland - A taste

Helicopter to kangia icefjord and glaicer is a must when you visit Ilulissat

Kayaking in Greenland should be on your bucket list!

Glacier lodge Eqi, a magical place!

Ilimanaq lodge
Our beautiful lodge at Ilimanaq !

What are you doing this summer? No plans, then Ilimanaq lodge should be a destination!🇬🇱️ For bookings:

As the boat stopped, we waited and waited as the whales 🐳 came close, so close that you could see, hear and feel their mighty presence. What an incredible experience! ❤️#bucketlist - Shot by @TrineN

Pictures from one of our Whale Safaris earlier today. Humpback whales feeding on a streak of Ammassat.

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Great calving event from Ilulissat Glacier caught by plane
During one of our flight excursions with AirZafari to the Ilulissat Glacier, some of our guest witnessed the calving of a huge piece of ice. A calving in this scale only happens few times a year, witch makes the event a very rare experience. For additional information:

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