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[03/04/19]   😁 Hi everyone, what are your plans for today?
I'm excited to be booking a flight to UK!!! ✈️

🌎 I'm joining some of my fellow UK #TravelTribe members at the Leeds Hilton in April for a whole day of intense training provided by my company. They're the world leaders in the home based travel industry with over 27 years of knowledge and experience to share 🤩
👏 We'll be hearing from some of the incredible leaders, most experienced agents and the biggest earners in the company. That's besides the expert knowledge we'll get from some of our biggest travel providers and partners such as Disney, TUI, Celebrity Cruises, Railbookers and so many more.

🌍 This company is already the best, but with a huge announcement pending, its about to become the biggest home based travel agency in the UK.

💝 If you would like to earn commissions from booking your own holidays as well as for others; are thinking of a change in career that's home based and can be worked around other commitments, or you want to earn a residual income alongside your current job - drop me a message and I'll send you a short 8 minute video explaining how it all works, with no obligation to take it further.
There's seriously no better time to start than now!

😊 As always if you want help in planning your dream holiday 🛳️ weekend away 🗼cultural or music event 🎶 maybe catch a show and dinner at Londons West End 🎶 Click the contact button above, provide your details and I'll be delighted to email you a free quote.

NB. All personal details are stored confidentially as per current GDPR standards. No details are sent to third party companies without the full consent of the customer.

Neuroscientists Strongly Recommend that You Visit the Beach Regularly. Here’s Why

😊 I'm a mountain girl at heart but I imagine the beach is also perfect therapy for those who love to be by the sea 🏖️ Despite the amazing feeling we get when we spend our time at the beach, enjoying the sun, the warm sand, and the blue waters, apparently, the beach offers much more benefits for our physical and mental health that we all imagined. According to a study published in The Journal of Environmental Psycho...

[01/08/19]   ⚠️ SERIOUS POST ALERT ⚠️

🎿 For all you intrepid travellers planning to ski/snowboard this winter, please...

⚠️ Make yourself aware of the mountain safety rules

👂 Listen to the local guides and instructors

🏔️ Take note of safety signs, particularly those saying AVALANCHE RISK! please don't ignore them!!!

☃️ Mountain life is such good fun as long as you heed the warnings. Enjoy your holiday by not taking any unnecessary risks, just stay safe out there ⛷️

🤗 Thanks for reading folks! 🤗

[01/07/19]   👋 Hi everyone, are the wintery post-Christmas blues getting to you? 😔

🤗 Hope not, but if this is you then what you probably need is something to look forward to 😊

😁 I can't think of any better pick me up than the anticipation and excitement of going on holiday - well of course I'd say that but do let me know if you have a better idea!

🌎 It doesn't have to be long haul or even abroad. Sometimes all that's required is a short trip away. Maybe a spa break or a trip to the theatre or a sports event.

🤩 January is a great time to book and I have access to hundreds of incredible deals right now.

😎 Send me a message telling me what you're looking for and I'll be happy to help you find it and send you a quote - for absolutely no extra charge.

💞 I love my job! 💞

19 Most Romantic Honeymoon Destinations in the World

💞💞💞 Love is in the air, or soon will be 💞💞💞

You don't need to get married to enjoy any of these incredible destinations

❤️ Valentines Day is not so far away so how about planning an amazing getaway to show how much you love and appreciate that special someone in your life ❤️  Well you don’t blame you for feeling all moony eyed and love struck. It is the Valentine’s month, when the world loves being loved. What better excuse to head to some of the planet’s most romantic and exotic hideaways? How about taking a trip to faraway places with your loved

[12/10/18]   😁 Hello and a very Good Morning everyone, did you know?....

🌏 More people book holidays in January than any other month in the year - it's about to get really busy out there 🙄

⚠️ Do you want to avoid the queues and chaos of your usual high street travel agency? If the answer is yes then I'm here to help

😁 As your Independent Travel Agent I can personally help you choose and plan your 2019 holiday of a lifetime - while you just sit back and relax or continue enjoying your favourite past time.

💡Sound like a good idea?💡

😃 Then start getting excited, send me an email or register your details on my web site and I'll get back to you super fast 🚀


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