Afghanistan Travel Guide and Travel Information

Afghanistan Travel Guide and Travel Information

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Takht-i Rustam
Takht-i Rustam (Haibak), literal meaning the throne of Rustam, named after Rustam, a king in Persian mythology, is a hilltop settlement. It is dated to the 4th and 5th centuries of the Kushano-Sassanian period, which is corroborated by archaeological, architectural and numismatic evidence. It is located 3 km to the southwest of Samangan town. It is the location of a stupa-monastery complex which is fully carved into the mountain rock. The monastery of major Buddhist tradition of Therravada Buddhism, has five chambers, two are sanctuaries and one is a domed ceiling with an intricate lotus leaf beautification. In the adjacent hill is the stupa, which has a harmika, with several caves at its base. Above one of the caves, there is square building in which there are two conference halls; one is 22 metres square and the other is circular. In one of these caves, Archaeological excavations have revealed a cache of Ghaznavid coins.[19][20] The Buddhist temples near the Takht are 10 numbers known locally as Kie Tehe.[16]


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فقط ویدیو ببینید

بایسکل دوانی در کوهستانات افغانستان

In first May of 2017 we guided a short private trip, a group of Film production and documentary. This group conducted to Ahmad khail district of Panjshir province, Bamyan and went Iran through Islām Qala border province as well this group were came from Uzbekistan Termez/Airaton border/Mazar-i-Sharif – 85 kms (enter Afghanistan by their own Vehicles

In May of 2017 we guided a short private trip,

Gardens of Babur Laid out by the Mughal ruler Babur in the early 16th century, and the site of his tomb, these gardens are the loveliest spot in Kabul. At 11 hectares, they are also the largest public green space in the city. Left to ruins during the war, they have been spectacularly restored by the Aga Khan Trust for Culture (AKTC). The garden was laid out in the classical charbagh (four garden) pattern, with a series of quartered rising terraces split by a central watercourse. The garden was used as a pleasure spot by repeated Mughal rulers, but fell into disrepair after the dynasty lost control of Kabul. Abdur Rahman Khan restored much of the grounds at the turn of the 20th century. Public access was allowed in the 1930s, but the gardens were despoiled and many trees cut for firewood in the anarchy that swept through Kabul during the civil war. The garden is surrounded by high walls, rebuilt by the local community. Visitors are greeted by a large traditional caravanserai which is planned to open as a visitors centre, showing many of the finds excavated in the archaeological dig that preceded the restoration. Although modern, it stands on the footprint of an older building of the same plan built as a refuge for the poor in the 1640s. From the caravanserai the eye is immediately swept up the terraces, following the line of the white marble watercourse. On either side the grounds are deeply planted with herbaceous beds and saplings. Many species chosen for replanting are specifically mentioned in the Baburnama, including walnut, cherry, quince, mulberry and apricot trees. In the centre of the garden is a pavilion built by Abdur Rahman Khan, with a series of information boards on the restoration programme. Above this there’s a delicate white marble mosque built in 1647 by Shah Jahan, who commissioned the Taj Mahal.

The Afghan Ski Challenge, which takes place every spring in Bamyan Province. Central Afghanistan.
The race in February 2017 included participants from Afghanistan and international competitors

Entering Kabul’s bird market is like stepping back in time a hundred years.

The city of Mazar-e-Sharif holds its fame for having an important Muslim shrine (the Blue Mosque). It is believed that the Prophet Mohammed’s cousin was buried in a hidden tomb in the city. Mazar-e-Sharif is now a pilgrimage site. The city is a melting pot of different cultures and cuisines, as many Tajiks, Uzbeks and Hazaras live in the city.

Takht e Rustam
Samangan Province, Afghanistan the Throne of Rustam, a king and hero from Persian mythology, is a round stone Buddhist hill temple with a cave monastery. Dating from the 4th and 5th centuries, it rose in three levels for the king (uppermost), his court (middle level) and commoners (ground level). There is a cave inside the hill and a square building on top. Outside there are two conference halls. The ruins are located up the hill 3 km southwest above the town of Samangan.

Panjshir (literally Valley of the Five Lions) is a valley in north-central Afghanistan, 150 kilometres (93 mi) north of Kabul, near the Hindu Kush mountain range.The, natural beauty of Panjshir and its proximity to Capital Kabul made it the favorite of the international tourists, when Afghanistan was in the tourist map of the world.The Kabulis also visited Panjshir Valley to spend their weekends. It is best to visit during the mulberry, grape or apricot harvests. In spring season, the steep mountains flaunt dark green color. Hospitality of the Panjshir people is unforgettable. One of the safest places in this country.Mausoleum of Ahmed Shah Masood, the legedanry mujahedin fighter and Afghan national hero, lies in the Panjshir Valley. The Mausoleum is nothing less than a pilgrimage centre for the visitors. Masud, a brilliant military strategist, foiled nine Russian attempts to conquer Panjshir Valley. He continued his struggle against the fanatic Taliban until he was assassinated in a terrorist attack in 2001.

Afghanistan Travel Guide and Travel Information

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