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With a wilderness setting, this superbly designed and appointed hideaway breaths everything that is African. Standing under the open-air shower in the early morning watching the antics of a troop of baboons at the nearby waterhole is something rather special! On arrival all the staff were there to greet us and this friendliness continued throughout our stay. Knowledgeable guides accompanied us on our game drives and as aresult we were able to sight the elusive cheetah. A very special place and highly recommended.
I stayed two nights at Hideaways Hwange in June 2019. The thought and care which has gone into building this eco resort is amazing. Staff were so thoughtful and caring and evening meal was excellent in both presentation and quality. I would rate it the best accommodation of my three week safari of southern African countries. E.Ammann
Elephant's Eye was the best accommodation we had on our Great Trans African Safari tour. Stunning sunsets too.
Wonderful place to stay. Great location, very comfortable and well designed and located rooms. Elephants drinking from the pool in the evening was a revelation. Staff did everything they could to help. Thoroughly recommend.
The three-generation multicultural unbalanced gender group, including Makoti, Khewa, Thula, and Ebonti. We had such a wonderful time at Elephant's Eye! Arigatou!
Relaxing in my luxury tent at Elephant's Eye Hwange, as I look through the large window, beyond my private deck onto the vista ahead, birds fly past, warthogs and water buck munch their breakfast having survived another night from the hyenas and lions heard last night. Essentially it's a live version of National Geographic from the comfort of my king-sized bed. A very special experience.

Eco-Friendly, Uniquely African Bespoke Lodges in Africa | www.hideawaysafrica.com | +27 (0) 21 671 7729

Experience the splendor and beauty of Africa with our new range of bespoke accommodations. Our exclusive lodges offer the most authentic African experience within the surrounds of the African bush. We have chosen our lodges specifically because they all offer something unique. Each lodge has been designated to offer a bespoke accommodation in a private, African setting. Situated in exclusive areas, our lodges are surrounded by fantastic views, beautiful scenery and lots of wildlife nearby. We offer comfort in style, and ensure that the finer details in each room are perfected. Our lodges are designed and built to be eco-friendly, with as little impact on the natural environment as possible. All building and construction materials, as well as ongoing management and maintenance decisions, uphold our two main priorities: our clients and environmental conservation. The two lodges in our portfolio at present are: - Elephant's Eye, Hwange located in Zimbabwe - Khwai Bedouin Camp located in Botswana View our lodge Elephant's Eye, Hwange on Green Tourism here: http://www.green-tourism.com/visit/elephants-eye-hwange/listing-2949/

Mission: To create life-changing experiences

100 Thirsty Elephants!

This #FlashbackFriday we’re delving into our travel memories from Elephant’s Eye, Hwange.

A few of our guests were blessed to witness an incredible sight as they enjoyed sundowners around the campfire: hundreds of thirsty elephants mere metres away!

What would you be feeling sitting in those chairs?

#TravelFromHome #TravelMemories #HwangeNationalPark #Hideaways

Memoirs of Mozambique: A traveller’s tale... 🏝

“Arriving at Rio Azul, Mozambique, my first desire was to feel the warm waters of the Indian Ocean. Living in Cape Town, only the very brave venture into the frigid Atlantic. So, it’s only natural for any beach lover to immerse themselves in the warmth of a tropical sea for hours at end.

My memory bank of Rio Azul is filled with beach picnics, lantern lit dinners, BBQs on the deck with sumptuous seafood, and sundowners while watching the colours of the sky change from oranges and pinks to a deep blue sky speckled with thousands of stars.

The days at the lodge were intertwined between dips in the pool, swims in the lagoon, walks along the beach, snorkelling amongst the mangroves, and sailing into gold-tinged horizons.”

#TravelMemories #TravelFromHome #RioAzul #Mozambique

Happy Earth Day, fellow earthlings! 🌍🧡

While we’re unable to spend the day out in nature marvelling at our planet, we’re taking the time to spread awareness and education and answer this question: what does it mean to travel while still keeping the earth healthy?

Our CEO Katja reconnects with Dr. Simon King – IUCN health and well-being advisor as well as medical director of Park Doctor – to discuss the essential role of eco-tourism in providing and creating more meaningful travel experiences.

Listen to the podcast here: https://bit.ly/EcoTourismWithDrKing

#EcoTourism #EarthDay2020 #TravelInspiration #Hideaways

Bid on a dream holiday for your future self!

Luxury Travel Diary is auctioning off a 2-night stay in a tented suite at Camp Kuzuma, Chobe. This includes all meals and 1 game activity per day.

Head over to place your bid: https://www.luxurytraveldiary.com/auction/?auction_id=96383

#BidNowTravelLater #CampKuzuma #Chobe #Botswana #Hideaways

“If I have ever seen magic, it has been in Africa.” – this is an Ernest Hemingway quote that speaks of the true essence of our beautiful continent.

Please, share in the comments with us your favourite quotes on travel, Africa and safaris – we’d love to hear them and inspire each other.

#TravelInspiration #TravelQuoteChallenge #Hideaways

Somewhere at Rio Azul, Mozambique, there’s an empty beach chair patiently waiting for you. 🏝

#ParadiseIsWaiting #RioAzul #Mozambique #Hideaways


Top 10 Best Safari Lodges in Zimbabwe

“Untamed Africa at its best, Nantwich ecolodge is an escape that time forgot and where wildlife rules supreme, just as it should.”

Thank you Luxury Travel Diary for featuring Nantwich as one of your Top 10 Best Safari Lodges in Zimbabwe.

#OneZimbabwe #SafariLodge #HwangeNationalPark #Hideaways

luxurytraveldiary.com African safaris are a once in a lifetime experience. Wake up to the sounds of wildlife, and in the evening, explore the bush on the back of an open vehicle as the sunsets. Add in luxurious touches, gourmet feasts and bouts of relaxing pampering at a luxury safari lodge and you have it all.


Camp Kuzuma’s Magical Oxtail Stew - Hideaways

What are your dinner plans for tonight? 🍲

While Camp Kuzuma’s talented Chef Benjamin won’t be able to cook for you, we thought we’d provide you with his mouth-watering oxtail stew recipe.

Save it, try it, and welcome the tastes and smells of a Botswana Safari into your kitchen…

#CampKuzuma #Botswana #OxtailStew #Recipe #Hideaways

hideawaysafrica.com Pumpkins encompass an enchanting element in the fairy-tale realm – conjuring images of dreams coming true. At Camp Kuzuma, not only do pumpkins represent the reveries of magic, they also hold our delicious Oxtail Stew! With the gift of time, this is the perfect dish to simmer over a 3 – 5 hour p...

While families and friends may be separated today, we’re sending our thoughts and well wishes to all.

It’s easy to focus on what we can’t do and where we can’t go, but let’s spend this Easter weekend remembering all we have to be thankful for. 🧡

We may be apart for a little while, but we’re still in this together.

Dinners at Rio Azul are always a memorable affair – especially with the beach as a backdrop!

Choose between relaxed and informal evenings, romantic candlelit occasions on the water, or even lively beach BBQs.

Which one would you choose? 🍤🍲

#RioAzul #DinnerPlans #Mozambique #Hideaways

Conservation knowledge is gold for those living on the outskirts of Hwange National Park, which the Dingani Primary School Team was determined to win at the Painted Dog Conservation Centre Quiz Finals last month.

Transported by our Hideaways vehicles, the team attended Ndangababi Primary as proud representatives of their school. Supported by our staff and guests from the lodge, they returned with smiling faces and third place.

Such initiatives bring exposure and pride to the school children, and community at large. Education is a prized possession – and acknowledgement a mentor for the up and coming students. Well done Team Dingani!

#GrowAfrica #Conservation #OneZimbabwe


Traversing the Tales of Africa: 5 Must-Read Safari Books

As you while away the hours spent at home, we want your connection to Africa to stay strong and rooted.

Take a look at our safari book list – the perfect way to traverse the African wilderness while travel is on pause. 📚

#Africa #Safari #BeInspired #TravelInspiration #Hideaways

hideawaysafrica.com Hideaways invites you to feel free to turn the pages of your imagination, travelling to Africa through the portal of these pages, transported by words. Carefully selected, these tales hold whole worlds of African adventure, waiting to be discovered. From hilarious anecdotes, detective mysteries, the...

Elephants at Camp Kuzuma

Right in front of Camp Kuzuma in Botswana, the elephants take advantage of the muddy waterholes during the hot, dusty days under the African sun. They sure know how to self-care!

What are you doing to care for yourself at home?

#SelfCare #Elephants #Botswana #Chobe #Hideaways

The floodwaters of the Zambezi have hit Victoria Falls and the Kariba – the river has risen quickly, and the lake is starting to fill.

Unfortunately, there will only be a few locals to witness what will be one of the greatest shows of the Zambezi. Records of Victoria Falls started in the sixties, and this is the biggest recorded flood since 1977!

#VictoriaFalls #ZambeziRiver #LakeKariba #OneZimbabwe

Which type of vacationer are you? The relaxer or the adventurer? 🏝🚣‍♀️

A getaway on the shores of Mozambique leaves you rich in either the unwinding or the thrilling. At Rio Azul, the choice is yours.

#RioAzul #Vilanculos #Mozambique #TravelInspiration #Hideaways


Now you can Jetski on the Nantwich Dam | Hideaways

Nantwich launches jetski's on the dam!

In between missing having guests at our Hwange lodges, we’ve been planning some amazing new features. And we’re thrilled to announce that with every stay, you can get up close and personal with the crocs and hippos of the dam for an adrenaline-filled experience unlike any other. 🐊🦛

Click the link to grab the details on how you can pre-book a jetski experience with your stay. 💦

hideawaysafrica.com Get up close and personal with the crocs and hippos of the dam for an adrenaline-filled experience unlike any other.

While many of us are unable to travel at this time, we’re staying encouraged by dreaming of future travel plans.

Comment below with the first place you’ll visit once the travel bans are lifted. 👇

We’re thinking of a high tea at Camp Kuzuma, out in the middle of the glorious and remote wilderness of Botswana. ☕️🐘 What about you?

#CampKuzuma #TravelInspiration #Botswana #HighTea #Hideaways


Empowerment Through Education: Project Ruzivo Awards 35 Scholarships for 2020 - Hideaways

Mr Ndhlovu, headmaster of Dingani Primary in School in Zimbabwe, proudly distributed 35 scholarships to his students at the beginning of March. And it’s through support by De Grendel Wine and Restaurant and Grow Africa’s Project Ruzivo that such invaluable sponsorships exist at all.

A huge congratulations to the students and their families who have their school fees for the year covered!

#GrowAfrica #OneZimbabwe #DeGrendel #Ruzivo

hideawaysafrica.com “Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare it for today.” – Malcolm X Mr Ndhlovu, headmaster of Dingani Primary School, is never without a smile. This smile emanated gratitude and pride as he distributed 35 scholarships to his students at Dingani Primar...

In this time of social distancing, we want to be responsible with our greetings.

Have a look (and a laugh) at the wildlife-themed social distancing handshakes we’ve come up with 😄

We’d love to know in the comments which one is your favourite.

We definitely need it! Comment below with a hug emoji to show us some love. 🤗

What could be better than some bubbly on the beach? 🍾🏝

At Rio Azul, we invite you to step away from the crowds and the bustle and sink your bare feet into the sands of relaxation.

While away the hours with us: http://bit.ly/EnquireWithHideaways

#RioAzul #BeachEscape #Mozambique #Hideaways

Botswana is known for its exceptional water-based activities – and a Chobe River cruise is an experience not to be missed.

As a treat for our Camp Kuzuma guests staying 2 nights or longer, a Chobe River cruise on arrival or departure is included in your stay!

Come and experience the wonder of a safari: http://bit.ly/EnquireWithHideaways

#CampKuzuma #Botswana #Chobe #Hideaways

In celebration of International Women’s Month, we’ve set out to share the stories of formidable females we’re lucky enough to encounter.

And in the rural villages of Dete – a location that our Elephant’s Eye guests have the privilege of visiting – exists the ladies of the Vukani Beading Project. With the weight of providing for their families heavy on their shoulders, they’ve forged a community who turn strips of magazine paper into colourful jewellery.

Visitors to the project can’t help but leave donned in their wares, and it’s a fantastic way for our guests to support the local community while on safari in Hwange.

#GrowAfrica #VukaniBeadingProject #OneZimbabwe #InternationalWomensMonth #Hideaways

How to Make Responsible and SENSIBLE Travel Plans ✈️

How may travel plans be disrupted? What would happen if I became ill during my travels?

An enlightening conversation between Dr Simon King and our CEO Katja Quasdorf, highlighting the importance of collaboration across business sectors and countries as the Covid-19 situation continues.

Click to listen to this helpful podcast: http://bit.ly/QandASimonKing

#Covid19 #HealthAndSafety #Travel #Hideaways

Calling all residents of Southern African countries! This Easter, spend time with loved ones searching for the treasures of the bush at 25 % less!

When booking a holiday for your family or group of friends at one of our lodges in Hwange National Park, you can enjoy a STAY 4, PAY 3 special! Additionally, the 6th person stays for FREE.

Get in touch right away to take advantage of this offer as it’s only valid for stays during April 2020: http://bit.ly/HideawaysEasterSpecial

#EasterSpecial #HwangeNationalPark #Zimbabwe


Implemented Precautions in Light of Covid-19 | Hideaways

To date, there have been no reported cases of the Covid-19 (Coronavirus) in Southern Africa.

However, the health of our teams and our travellers remains our number one priority.

And as ambassadors of education, communication and resilience, we’re sharing our newly implemented precautions, with the goal of promoting facts instead of fear.

hideawaysafrica.com Ambassadors of Facts Instead of Fear To date, there have been no reported cases of the COVID-19 virus in Southern Africa, however the health of our teams and travellers is our number one priority. In light of this, Hideaways has carefully measured, considered and implemented strategies to best manag...

On Zambezi Truth, your bare feet are rooted to the wood of East Africa while your eyes gaze upon the flourishing life of the Zambezi River.

Step aboard our dhows in Victoria Falls for an experience where worlds meet. http://bit.ly/EnquireWithHideaways

#ZambeziTruth #VictoriaFalls #Zimbabwe #Hideaways

“A thriving wildlife is one of humanity’s most precious gifts. Making sure we can pass this gift on to future generations must be a priority to people everywhere.”

Celebrate #WorldWildlifeDay by sharing this post or visiting https://www.wildlifeday.org/. This year’s theme is “sustaining all life on Earth” – and creating awareness around these issues is the first step towards reaching this goal.

#WorldWildlifeDay #SustainingAllLife #Hideaways

Did you know that we offer complimentary transfers between our lodges Nantwich and Elephant’s Eye, Hwange?

This means you can easily experience two unique regions of Hwange National Park and not have to worry about road transfer logistics. Plus, there’s plenty of wildlife to be spotted along the way!

#Nantwich #ElephantsEye #HwangeNationalPark #Hideaways

A happy story from the Conservation & Wildlife Fund – after receiving sightings by guides in Hwange National Park, associated partners Wild Cru acted quickly to save this lioness who had a snare around her neck.

She had been carrying the steel cable for quite some time and her wound was deep. Well done to the team on the ground for successfully rescuing her!

Images: Liomba Mathe

#Conservation #Wildlife #HwangeNationalPark #FieldWork #OneZimbabwe

“The villa is spacious, beautifully furnished and perfect for families or friends. In the morning, I get up from my bed and walk straight onto the beach and dive among the little fish that shoot in different directions.”

We’re just thrilled to have our lodge Rio Azul featured in such a fantastic piece about Mozambique accommodation by Safari Design. What a treat it was to have them stay with us.

The full article can be found in our media gallery: https://hideawaysafrica.com/media-gallery/

#RioAzul #Vilanculos #Mozambique #SafariDesign #Hideaways


Changing Human Lives by Saving Animal Lives - The Story of an Anti-Poaching Unit Scout - Hideaways

The Anti-Poaching Unit at Elephant’s Eye, Hwange is made up of a group of quite serious, reticent men. But we were lucky enough to interview one of the scouts to find out more about the work they do.

Read on for the story about Kennedy – why he became a scout, his favourite part of the job, and the changes and challenges that have occurred since.

#AntiPoaching #Conservation #HwangeNationalPark #OneZimbabwe

hideawaysafrica.com The Anti-Poaching Unit (APU) at Elephant’s Eye, Hwange is made up of a serious group of men who aren’t the most talkative bunch, but we were able to chat with one of the scouts who shared his story with us… Kennedy wakes up every morning with two important clear goals: get poachers arrested & ...

Rio Azul us surrounded by a pristine, unspoilt estuary, making it ideal for bird watchers.

The mangroves that line the estuary are home to a variety of birds. Seen here are a flamboyance of flamingos taking flight in the evening glow – a picture of tranquility.

#RioAzul #Vilanculos #Mozambique #Hideaways


Do Something Different In Victoria Falls | Hideaways

Victoria Falls town may be best known for its legendary waterfall, but as the gateway to Southern Africa’s safari areas, it’s also a bustling hub with so much else to do, see and experience.

We’ve compiled a list of some fantastic local hotspots and activities for those who are looking for something a little different.

Take painting with elephants for example! A highly memorable experience that takes place at The Wallow elephant sanctuary, hosted by Art of Africa. Visit the link to find more unique Victoria Falls excursions.

#VictoriaFalls #Zimbabwe #OneZimbabwe #Hideaways

hideawaysafrica.com From heli-flips and historic bridge tours to painting elephants and a visit to the Big Tree... there’s so much more to Victoria Falls town!

We’re excited to share some behind the scenes images from yesterday where we had the privilege of having the renowned Jan Braai cook for us over the open fire, South African style.

It was a special and of course delicious afternoon that was generously hosted by Zambezi House, Victoria Falls. To end off, we relaxed with Jan on a voyage along the Zambezi River on one of our traditional dhows. What a day!

The entire adventure was filmed, so watch out for the episode on kykNET, coming soon!

#JanBraai #ZambeziHouse #ZambeziTruth #OneZimbabwe

Want your business to be the top-listed Travel Agency in Dete?

Click here to claim your Sponsored Listing.

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100 Thirsty Elephants!
Elephants at Camp Kuzuma
#OneZimbabwe | Hwange National Park
Hideaways Africa #OneZimbabwe
CWF Anti-Poaching Unit
Elephant's Eye, Hwange
SPARK Talk - Katja Quasdorf | FUSE 2019
Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe
Elephant's Eye, Hwange




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