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Experience the splendor and beauty of Africa with our new range of bespoke accommodations. Our exclusive lodges offer the most authentic African experience within the surrounds of the African bush. We have chosen our lodges specifically because they all offer something unique. Each lodge has been designated to offer a bespoke accommodation in a private, African setting. Situated in exclusive areas, our lodges are surrounded by fantastic views, beautiful scenery and lots of wildlife nearby. We offer comfort in style, and ensure that the finer details in each room are perfected. Our lodges are designed and built to be eco-friendly, with as little impact on the natural environment as possible. All building and construction materials, as well as ongoing management and maintenance decisions, uphold our two main priorities: our clients and environmental conservation. The two lodges in our portfolio at present are: - Elephant's Eye, Hwange located in Zimbabwe - Khwai Bedouin Camp located in Botswana View our lodge Elephant's Eye, Hwange on Green Tourism here: http://www.green-tourism.com/visit/elephants-eye-hwange/listing-2949/

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Here's how your holiday photos could help save endangered species

Thousands of wildlife photographs are taken every day. And now, The Conversation Africa has come up with a cost-effective solution to help save endangered species: they’re tracking and monitoring wildlife using holiday photos!

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theconversation.com Thousands of wildlife photographs are taken every day – they could prove very valuable for conservation.

Just look at the incredible views from above our lodge, Rio Azul.

Lush greenery surrounded by white sand and crystal clear waters. Your tropical escape in Mozambique awaits! http://bit.ly/RioAzulMoz

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“The love for all living creatures is the most noble attribute of man.” – Charles Darwin

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To celebrate the launch of Zambezi Truth, we’re offering a special that runs until the end of 2019!

Book now to receive USD 25 OFF your authentic, tranquil voyage down the Zambezi River, with just the wind and the water powering your journey.

Special valid until 31 December 2019. Details here: http://bit.ly/ZambeziTruthSpecial

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Are you looking to explore one of Southern Africa’s “best kept secrets”?

Our Best of Hwange safari whisks you into the heart of the savanna to experience the untamed wild of Zimbabwe.

View the vast wilderness and wildlife rich area of Hwange National Park, marvel at the mighty Victoria Falls, and revel in a sunset cruise on the Zambezi River. Details here: http://bit.ly/BestOfHwange

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Travel Africa is paying homage to some of the great characters that play a part in providing amazing safari experiences in Africa.

One such person is our incredible CEO, Katja Quasdorf, who started her journey as a young intern in 2005.

Read about her passions, ambitions and infectious giggle in the image below or here: http://bit.ly/StoryBehindKatja

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“I took full advantage of my bath with a view - watching the antelope at the watering hole creep very carefully in for their morning drink."

Emma Dawes from Off2Africa recently visited Elephant’s Eye, Hwange and shared about what she got up to during her stay.

Read it for a taste of what it's like to stay at our lodge: http://bit.ly/Off2AfricaElephantsEye

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Plan A Trip To Mozambique - She's Calling! Part One | Vayeni

Our wonderful friend Luke Brown from Vayeni wrote about his experience staying at our lodge in Mozambique – describing it as ‘barefoot rustic beach luxury’.

Go on a tropical journey to Rio Azul through his words!

#Mozambique #RioAzul #BarefootLuxury #Hideaways

vayeni.com We've planned a four part series about how to plan a trip to Mozambique - and we're sharing all the ups and downs of planning for yourself!

“Nature is not only all that is visible to the eye… it also includes the inner pictures of the soul.” – Edvard Munch

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Dingani Primary School in Zimbabwe is significantly under-resourced, so it’s absolutely wonderful when guests who visit our lodge make donations.

Pictured are some recent guests who provided goods to make daily lunches for the children.

If you’d like to get involved and bridge the gap between challenges and solutions, visit https://growafricafoundation.org/

#GrowAfrica #Zimbabwe #Hwange #Hideaways

Dingani Primary School in Zimbabwe is significantly under-resourced, so it’s absolutely wonderful when guests who visit our lodge make generous donations.

Pictured are some recent guests who provided goods to make daily lunches for the children.

If you’d like to get involved and bridge the gap between challenges and solutions, visit https://growafricafoundation.org/

#GrowAfrica #Zimbabwe #Hwange #Hideaways

Elephant's Eye, Hwange

Some of our recent guests in Hwange making lunch the traditional way.

Who’s up for some samp and beans? :D

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Touching the earth lightly is an eco-philosophy that lies at the heart of every Hideaways’ experience.

Pictured here are recent guests of our lodge Rio Azul Mozambique, who spent the morning at Bartolomeu Dias island and when they accidentally caught a small Blacktip reef shark, our guide showed them how to safely release it back into the ocean unharmed... and perhaps a little wiser?

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During our Rhino Track & Trail safari, you’ll spend your first morning witnessing a glorious sunrise at the “World’s View” lookout point in Matobo National Park.

Once you’ve experienced it, you’ll quickly understand why it’s the spot that Cecil John Rhodes chose as his final resting place.

#Hideaways #LifeChangingExperiences #MatoboNationalPark

"Staff is amazing, chefs cooked the most delicious meals for us. Our knowledgeable tour guide Dumi went above & beyond to make our game rides unforgettable and Aaron the manager made sure everything worked like a clock."

Just a snippet of a recent TripAdvisor review from a guest who stayed at Elephant’s Eye – our lodge in Hwange.

Visit our website for further details: http://bit.ly/ElephantsEyeLodge

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“Life is short and the world is wide, the sooner you start exploring it, the better.” – Simon Raven

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Antelope are More Than Just Food For Preditors | Jenman African Safaris

Do you know what Springboks have in common with French fries?

Have a read through our blog post which details a few fascinating species of antelope... We sometimes only think of them as food for big cats, but there’s much more to these beautiful creatures than being a predator's next meal.

#Springboks #Antelope #Buck #Hideaways

hideawaysafrica.com We sometimes only think of antelope as food for the big cats of the bush but they are actually fascinating creatures themselves who have evolved in many different ways to survive in the wild.

With the The Lion King set to hit cinemas all over the world, there couldn't be a more perfect time to talk about lion conservation.

Our CEO Katja Quasdorf is honoured to be speaking about this pertinent topic at the premiere of the film in Belgium, hoping to inspire a new generation of passionate conservationists.

Organisations such as the Lion Recovery Fund and the Conservation & Wildlife Fund are making huge strides in the effort to save these beautiful big cats.

#TheLionKing #Conservation #Hideaways #TouchTheEarthLightly #LRF #CWF

Dads and their lads enjoying a successful fishing excursion at our lodge Rio Azul Mozambique.

Most of the fish caught at our eco-lodge are safely released back into the ocean, while only those intended to be eaten are kept and prepared.

Visit our website for more details on a stay at Rio Azul: http://bit.ly/RioAzulMoz

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We Are Africa

Thank you so much for the feature We Are Africa!

Hideaways and their luxury lodge in Mozambique 🌍🎉😍

A recent addition to Hideaways Africa - a luxury lodge in Mozambique. Rio Azul is a classic chic beach lodge that offers serenity in a tropical wilderness. With three different unique ecosystems: beach, lagoon, and a magnificent mangrove forest that the lodge is dedicated to protecting, it’s the perfect setting for travellers with a love of nature and a taste for adventure. Two private 3-bedroomed villas with pools and five beach chalets ensure exclusivity for both couples and families.

SPARK Talk - Katja Quasdorf | FUSE 2019

A SPARK talk lets you soak up a great idea in just 3 minutes and 45 seconds, and our CEO Katja Quasdorf delivered a fantastic, authentic message at FUSE 2019 – hosted by We Are Africa and held at Spier Wine Farm.

The title? “Bounce Forward – Resilience to Failures and F’Ups – Giving up is not an option!”

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Johnny Clegg And Savuka - Scatterlings Of Africa (1987)

Our hearts are deeply saddened by the passing of Johnny Clegg - one of Africa's most celebrated sons.

Not only has his infectious blend of Western pop and Zulu rhythms broken barriers between multiple cultures, he was also a sterling ambassador for peace and unity.

RIP to the beloved "white Zulu".

I do not make claim to nor have ownership of this video. All rights are reserved by copyright owners. Music video by Johnny Clegg And Savuka performing Scatt...

Global Action Week on Education (GAWE) took place during the first week of July, focusing on making an inclusive, equitable, quality, free public education a reality for children. Together with us, the Grow Africa Foundation supported the children at Dingani Primary School in Zimbabwe by providing transport to the GAWE event in Dete.

It was a wonderful celebration and fantastic to see the children take part in a traditional dance in the presence of esteemed guests, including Zimbabwe’s vice president.

To get involved, visit https://growafricafoundation.org/

#GrowAfrica #Zimbabwe #Hwange #Education

Forge a more intimate relationship with Africa on foot!

During a guided walk, you get to discover the deep and meaningful passion that our professional guides share for the Hwange bush and unearth the finer details and inner workings of this ancient eco-system that is often missed in a game vehicle.

#Africa #Safaris #GuidedWalk #Hideaways #LifeChangingExperiences

“The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page.” – Saint Augustine

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Scroll through some delightful images of our guests at Rio Azul, Mozambique, who recently took a boat trip to Paradise Island.

They had an absolutely stunning day snorkelling through crystal clear waters and enjoying a deliciously prepared lunch on the beach.

#RioAzul #Mozambique #ParadiseIsland #Hideaways

At Elephant’s Eye, we offer guests the option to experience Hwange and its wildlife through a unique, guided horseback safari!

Note, however, that this activity is reserved for experienced riders who weigh under 90 kgs and must be organised in advance.

What a fantastic way to make memories in the bush!

#Hwange #HorsebackSafari #ElephantsEye #Zimbabwe

We’re absolutely thrilled to have been featured in the esteemed Travel Africa Magazine!

Our CEO Katja Quasdorf shares some insightful tips for travellers when visiting a local community in rural Africa.

Click here to read: http://bit.ly/TravelAfricaFeature

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Fam Trips In Mozambique & Zimbabwe | Hideaways

Trade show season has finally wound down and we’re catching our breath to reflect on the connections made, relationships strengthened and partnerships established.

Check out our latest blog post where we’re reminiscing the amazing memories made during our specially created Fam trips – where travel agents have the chance to experience our properties and safaris themselves.

#Zimbabwe #Mozambique #Hideaways #LifeChangingExperiences

hideawaysafrica.com One of the highlights of these industry events is the opportunity to experience the properties and products they sell on specially created Fam trips.

Can you believe that these incredibly beautiful beads are handmade entirely from cut up strips of magazine paper and glue?

One of the many community projects that we visit during a Community Upliftment Experience is the Vukani Bead Project. Here, elderly or disabled men and women craft gorgeous African jewellery, all while connecting with others and making valuable contributions. Read more about it here: http://bit.ly/VukaniBeadProject

#GrowAfrica #VukaniBeadProject #Hwange #CommunityUpliftment

“Why is it you can never hope to describe the emotion Africa creates? You are lifted. Out of whatever pit, unbound from whatever tie, released from whatever fear. You are lifted and you see it all from above.” – Francesca Marciano

#TravelQuote #TravelInspiration #LifeChangingExperiences #Hideaways

Though they may look like a lot like your average domesticated tabby, these felines are perfectly adapted predators.

Meet the African wildcat – so closely related to the domestic cat that they can successfully interbreed!

And while these elusive creatures are rarely spotted on safari, if you do see one, you can distinguish a true African wildcat by its slightly longer legs, horizontal stripes, and a reddish tint behind their ears.

#WildCat #AfricanWildCat #WildlifeFacts #DidYouKnow

At Elephant’s Eye, an incredible benefit of staying on a private concession means that we can take guests on exclusive night game drives.

After the sun sets, many of the animals, typically predators, become a lot more active as they ready themselves to hunt, resulting in some magnificent sightings.

Read more about our night-time game drives here: http://bit.ly/NightGameDrives

#GameDrives #ElephantsEye #Safari #HwangeNationalPark

Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

Listen to the constant, powerful rush of water as it cascades over the cliffs at Victoria Falls.

Each of the tours in our safari collection allow you to witness the majesty of the falls first-hand. View them all here: http://bit.ly/HideawaysSafariCollection

#VictoriaFalls #Zimbabwe #Safari #Hideaways

It’s been a great privilege to sponsor the home games of Sankoyo Bushbucks Football Team at Maun Sports Complex in Botswana.

In these rural areas, low employment rates are a constant struggle. But each soccer match brings a sense of ownership and purpose to the young men of the community, and also encourages small business owners to participate in the events as vendors.

Visit the Grow Africa Foundation to see how you can be apart of making a difference in the lives of others. https://growafricafoundation.org/

#GrowAfrica #Botswana #Community #Hideaways


Dhow cruises launch on the Zambezi - Tourism Update

Today’s the day! Zambezi Truth is officially open.

Now, you can drift along the Zambezi River in one of our handcrafted dhows, experiencing one of the most ancient forms of sailing.

Check out our feature on SA Tourism Update Online.

#ZambeziTruth #ZambeziRiver #Zimbabwe #Hideaways

tourismupdate.co.za Hideaway has announced that Zambezi Truth, a dhow operator in Zimbabwe, will launch cruises on the Zambezi from July 1. The t

“If I have ever seen magic, it has been in Africa.” – John Hemingway

#TravelQuote #TravelInspiration #Africa #Hideaways

There’s no need to choose between a tropical escape or a bush adventure – our Safari & Beach experience encompasses the best of both holidays in one incredible, 9-day tour.

Start off in the wildlife-rich Hwange National Park with exciting animal encounters, game drives and bush walks. Then, head to our beach lodge in Mozambique to unwind in a serene, tropical haven.

Visit our website for further details on this experience: http://bit.ly/SafariBeachExperience

#Zimbabwe #Mozambique #HwangeNationalPark #Safari #Beach

Elephant's Eye, Hwange

Playfulness and humour are often associated with humans, but research now suggests that elephants possess a teasing, lighthearted spirit as well.

And we think the proof is in this adorable video of an elephant frolicking, balancing and playing around the waterhole in front of our lodge, Elephant’s Eye, in Hwange.

#Elephants #ElephantsEye #Hwange #Zimbabwe

It’s official – Zambezi Truth is now set to open on 1 July!

Join us for a unique voyage aboard a bohemian styled dhow and soak up the serenity of the Zambezi River.

Experience one of the most ancient and purest forms of sailing on a craft made entirely of natural materials. Wood, rope and canvas combine with wind and water to transport you on an authentic journey, all while you enjoy refreshments and the exquisite natural beauty around you.

Details here: http://bit.ly/ZambeziTruth

#ZambeziTruth #ZambeziRiver #VictoriaFalls #Zimbabwe #Hideaways


New lodge to open in Zimbabwe - Tourism Update

Receive front row seats to one of the best wildlife stages in Africa. Nantwich Lodge boasts chalets that overlook a large dam, drawing in a plethora of wildlife from across the plains.

Thank you SA Tourism Update Online for your feature on our newest lodge, set to open next month in Hwange National Park.

#Zimbabwe #Hwange #HwangeNationalPark #Nantwich #Hideaways

tourismupdate.co.za Nantwich Lodge is set to open next month in Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe. The lodge has nine suites, sleeping two guests each, one of which is a ho

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SPARK Talk - Katja Quasdorf | FUSE 2019
Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe
Elephant's Eye, Hwange
View from the Chalet at Elephant's Eye, Hwange
View from a chalet at Elephant's Eye, Hwange




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