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Congrats on being featured in our 2021 Best Tech Startups in Washington, D.C.!
Congrats on being featured in our 2020 Best Tech Startups in Washington, D.C.!
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Congrats on being featured in our 2019 10 Best Tech Startups in Washington, D.C.!
Hi Upside Team, I would love to use your service. Unfortunately the options to book flights from Europe are very limited. As soon as you start operating worldwide please let me know :) Oh and it would be nice to state these limitations in your FAQs, so people don't sign up with wrong expectations.
Our new friends at Upside Business Travel!!! Great to meet you today in DC!! Patrice & Alisha
If I book a flight and hotel with you all, do I still get my points and miles for the hotel/plane?
Thanks for the Keurig hookup for TriMech! We've been using it non-stop!
Use this code for $100 gift card when you book~ "INXRHV"
You guys should really offer codes to frequent users not just 1st time bookings.
Booked my second trip with Upside after not booked for a while. Did it because I could now do Air, Car, and Hotel. Flight got cancelled due to impending blizzard and had to cancel my entire trip. Worked with Jennifer who was awesome. She got me fully taken care of and fully refunded. great customer service!
If anyone is looking to book their first trip with Upside, feel free to use code - ymcqp8 for $ 100 gift card!

Upside Business Travel is revolutionizing travel management for small to mid-sized companies. Upside is the only business travel solution with an advanced technology platform that enables lightning-fast booking, insightful reporting, and seamless expensing - all backed by no-fees, no-contracts, and no commitments.

Upside delivers for your team with exclusive deals, the ability to keep loyalty points, and expert travel support.

It doesn’t cost a thing to maximize your return on company travel.

Operating as usual DC

"Save yourself from yourself": Scott Case, CEO and co-founder of Upside Business Travel writes on the importance of mental health for leaders, with added insight from Advancing Inspiration, LLC founder and CEO Susan Kerr.

Happy Holidays! ❄️ #happyholidays #upside #upsidetravel #upsidefinancial #startup #tech #technology

Happy Holidays! ❄️

#happyholidays #upside #upsidetravel #upsidefinancial #startup #tech #technology

Upside Business Travel has many great mantras, but "Team First" is one of the most important. Elizabeth tells us why "Team First" is her favorite! #teamfirst #upsidetravel #upsidefinancial #upsidebusinesstravel #tec

Upside Business Travel has many great mantras, but "Team First" is one of the most important. Elizabeth tells us why "Team First" is her favorite!

#teamfirst #upsidetravel #upsidefinancial #upsidebusinesstravel #tech #technology #startup

We will always be better with more diversity. At Upside Business Travel diversity is a way of life.

#upside #upsidetravel #diversity #DEI #tech #technology #startup

Happy Thanksgiving 🦃 From all of us at Upside Business Travel

Happy Thanksgiving 🦃 From all of us at Upside Business Travel

Where would Upside Business Travel be without its fearless leader? We are thankful for Scott and everything he does for this amazing Upside squad!

Warren is an Upsider like no other. He is a passionate, shining light! Upside Business Travel is grateful to have him be a part of our team.

Upside Business Travel is THANKFUL for Emily. She is always willing to jump in with a positive attitude. We are #grateful she joined the Upside Crew! 🍂

Flock DC

Be sure to tune in today at 1:10 PM for Lisa Wise's feature on Founders Focus with Scott Case where they will chat about the how-to's of leading an anti-racist company AND life! It's going to be great.

Tune in here:

How does Upside hire? In 5️⃣ simple steps!

Flexibility? Adaptability? Upside Business Travel has you covered! Just ask our Data Engineer, Henri Blancke!

Culture is very important at Upside. Don't take our word for it! Check out what our Lead Quality Engineer Chanel has to say.

#upside #travel #culture #passion #innovation

We use React and Material UI on the frontend, mostly Node.js with Typescript on the backend, Go for anything performance heavy, MySQL as our main datastore and NoSQL products for certain domain-specific datastores. Sound fun? Apply here!
#hiring #upside #travel #seniorfullstackengineer

Do you want to work for a company who has tons of energy and an upbeat view of the future? Look no further, Upside is hiring and we are looking for someone just like you! Interested? Apply here:
#travel #recruiting #upside #hiring

Council Post: Product Development: How To Overcome The Fear Of Failure

Everyone has ideas. 💭

The only difference between people and #founders is that founders take action on those ideas to make them real.

But, it’s almost never a smooth ride.

Thankfully our CEO, Scott Case, shared his approach in his newest Forbes article, “Product Development: How to Overcome the Fear of Failure,” to help other leaders gain the confidence they need to make those ideas a reality.

Take a look at how his process could work for you:

#productdevelopment #motivation The experiment framework, when followed, can help you gain the confidence you need to execute on a great idea.

Remote Work: This is Not a Sprint | Upside Business Travel

Kari Clark (CEO of Breakout) shared her recipe for promoting balance in our work lives. 👩🏼‍🍳

Struggling with massive changes to your company's #culture? Get a taste of how you and your team can stay ahead of burnout and feel like a team even while working 100% remote.

#teamwork #growth Staying connected in this new environment is more important now than ever. Score tips and tricks from Kari Clark to reduce burnout and improve satisfaction.

Agile Finance Summit - Teampay

"The 1st ever Agile Finance Summit is TODAY!

A half-day virtual summit filled with rockstar #finance and #accounting leaders focused on helping YOU revolutionize corporate finance.

We're in!

From 1PM - 5PM EDT, these leaders will speak about boosting cash flow, driving agility, and turning cost into assets at a mix of #virtual fireside chats, panels, and workshops.

(In partnership with Upside Business Travel, Teampay, Avalara, FloQast, Tesorio, Tipalti, and Justworks.)

Click here to save your spot:" Don't miss this day of insights on how finance and operations leaders can revolutionize their businesses with new technologies and a lot of out-of-the box thinking.

When we talk about startups, it’s almost always about their #success stories.

In reality, there are always ups and downs. 🎢

It's difficult being a #founder.

Scott Moody is the co-founder and CEO of K4Connect, and he's ready to show founders how to face adversity and overcome obstacles—all while growing your startup.

Tune in from 1:10-1:50 PM EDT to learn more:

Agile Finance Summit - Teampay

Have you heard about the #AgileFinanceSummit on Thursday (7/16)?

1 day.

#CPE credit.

And top tips on how to achieve financial agility in your organization from #finance and accounting #leaders around the country.

You won’t want to miss it!

We'll dive deep into topics such as "Turning Company Costs Into Assets," "Effective #Remote Communication," and more.

Register and secure your spot: Don't miss this day of insights on how finance and operations leaders can revolutionize their businesses with new technologies and a lot of out-of-the box thinking.

Agile Finance Summit - Teampay

Looking for ways to revolutionize corporate finance?

The first-ever #AgileFinancialSummit is filled with #finance and #accounting leaders ready to share their actionable advice.

On Thursday (7/16), the half-day #virtual summit will take place over a mix of virtual fireside chats, panels, and workshops.

Save your spot:

(In partnership with Upside Business Travel, Teampay, Avalara, FloQast, Tesorio, Tipalti, and Justworks)

#CPE Don't miss this day of insights on how finance and operations leaders can revolutionize their businesses with new technologies and a lot of out-of-the box thinking.

Council Post: Product Development: How To Overcome The Fear Of Failure

How can you gain the confidence to execute on a great idea?


Our CEO, Scott Case shares how you can apply this experimental framework to your #ProductDevelopment process in his recent Forbes article.

Click the link to learn more:

#feedback #advice The experiment framework, when followed, can help you gain the confidence you need to execute on a great idea.

Council Post: 13 Types Of Digital Content That Can Enhance A Company’s Online Presence

"Know your audience. Meet them where they are. You've got to be whole-brained, wholeheartedly. Capture their attention through emotion because that’s what leads to action." - Scott Case (via Forbes)

Tips to engage your audience:

#inspiration #entrepreneur Communications pros discuss some of the best types of content that they've encountered in online marketing, and why each one works so well to engage your customer base.

The brokenness and chaos in the world is colliding with the need for creativity.

How can #founders plan to recover from the economic fallout when there is still so much uncertainty?

Today on /FF, Donna Harris is here with tips for recovery. Donna is the founder of Builders and Backers, which works to inspire #entrepreneurs to create companies of impact and to become #leaders in their communities.

Register for free:

How Upside is Helping Travelers During COVID-19 | Upside Business Travel

Health & safety while traveling for work are top of mind for many companies now.

Our team of experts are continuing to build Upside's platform to adapt to changing #travel behavior. As always, we want to hear your feedback

Check out some of the ways we can support your business and team once ready to get back out on the road:

#innovation #health How do you manage company travel while prioritizing travel safety? Using a free platform like Upside Business Travel makes it easy to support your team.

The year’s Top Workplaces elevate strategies to keep employees engaged

Out of 3,500+ companies in the Washington D.C. area, we landed a spot among 200 top-ranked businesses according to Washington Post.

Amidst crisis, the strength and support of our fellow Upsiders makes us feel lucky about the culture we're building everyday.

#washingtondc #topworkplaces #community Amid the twists of the pandemic and the economic downturn, companies come up with innovative methods

Council Post: It’s Time To Start Playing Offense

"The sooner you have a structure, the easier your decisions will be, and we can start climbing out of this mess." - CEO Scott Case via Forbes Communications Council

How can you get real about the near future & start making better #business decisions?

Get after it:

#entrepreneurship #startups Our current crisis has impacted businesses in different ways, but these three steps can help every business better plan for the future.


Lessons Learned from Fintech Startups | Upside Business Travel

What can you learn from successful #fintech startups and leaders?

From Xero to Gravity Payments, see how you can apply what they've learned to best equip your team and business for #growth. 📈 Read up on these lessons from highly successful fintech companies to see what advice can give you the leverage you need to move forward.

EntreFEST 2020 Is Going Virtual June 4-5 | Upside Business Travel

With the current pandemic, #LiveEvents have taken a backseat in today’s world.

On June 4th, EntreFEST's two-day conference is now being held virtually. The event will feature our CEO Scott Case, and a bunch of other awesome speakers.

EntreFEST won’t be like just any other webinar. It will offer speaker sessions, #networking, concerts, and tons of other activities, so you can still connect with other attendees.

Submit your Q's ahead of time. No question is off the table!

Check out our #EntreFEST2020 blog post for more information: Calling all entrepreneurs! It's time to submit your burning questions. Scott Case's EntreFEST keynote is now a virtual "Ask Me Anything."

Designing Experiences for the Future | Upside Business Travel

Attention leaders! 👋🏽

Last week on /FF, our CEO Scott Case was joined by Don Neal (Founder & CEO of 360 Live Media) to explore ways to connect, inspire, and engage new/existing customers in a post #COVID19 world.

Catch up here:

#smallbusiness #startups #customerexpectations How can businesses adapt in order to connect, inspire and engage customers and prospects in a post COVID-19 world? Explore new customer expectations.

We want to hear from #leaders like you!

In this week's Founders Forum, we’re inviting the /FF community to connect with each other through back to back round robin style interviews.

RSVP to join our CEO Scott Case and 200+ other founders for TODAY's session:

#FoundersHelpingFounders #startups #smallbiz #community

Introductions: Founders Forum

Audience takeover!

This week it’s all about YOU.

Stop by the Founders Forum and join our CEO Scott Case where he’ll focus on founders interviewing founders. Take this opportunity to introduce yourself, your company and how you’re steering through the chaos.

When: TODAY (4/21)
Time: 1:10-1:50 PM EDT

Click here to answer this quick survey and join today’s forum:

#leadership #smallbusiness #teamwork On Tuesday (4/21) and Thursday (4/23) we're passing the mic to the Founders Forum community and giving 18 leaders the opportunity to make intros and drop some knowledge. Simply answer the survey below and Scott's team will get back to you with your speaking slot and directions. Spots are first come....

Tough times mean tough decisions.

Whether you’re unsure of how to deal with existing investors or struggling to find funding, the Founders Forum can help.

Join our CEO Scott Case and Doug Mellinger (Managing Director at Clarion Capital Partners) TODAY from 1-2PM EDT for insight on how to handle investor relations during a time of crisis.

Click here to register:

#investing #funding #startups #crisis

Goal Financial | Banks Currently Accepting PPP Loans

Do you know which banks are currently accepting #PaycheckProtectionProgram loan applications? 💰 Goal Financial is monitoring & updating real-time bank info to help #SmallBusiness leaders make sense of how to apply for #PPPloans.

Stay in the know: Goal Financial pulls together the latest info on which SBA approved lenders that are currently accepting Paycheck Protection Program applications.

Startup Champions Network

Upside Business Travel is running a series of virtual Founders Forums with a GREAT lineup of guests. This Tuesday, Scott Case and Doug Mellinger will discuss Capital Partners: Investing in a Time of Crisis. On Thursday, Susan Kerr and Stephynie Malik will discuss C-Level Burnout: Coping with Chronic Crisis Stress. Check out the full schedule and learn more here:

Want your business to be the top-listed Travel Agency in Washington D.C.?

Click here to claim your Sponsored Listing.

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Happy Holidays! ❄️ #happyholidays #upside #upsidetravel #upsidefinancial #startup #tech #technology
Upside Business Travel has many great mantras, but "Team First" is one of the most important. Elizabeth tells us why "Team First" is her favorite! #teamfirst #upsidetravel #upsidefinancial #upsidebusinesstravel #tec
Happy Thanksgiving 🦃 From all of us at Upside Business Travel
Taking pride in your work and welcoming critical feedback are both crucial to #success. Just like our Senior Digital Marketing Associate said, Upsiders genuinely believe "resilience is the difference," and we embrace that mentality to offer the best #Bus
“Ask for sponsorship rather than permission.” Our #CompanyCulture is all about taking ownership. Get a taste of how we embrace this mentality to improve the #BusinessTravel experience for our travelers:
When Bumps in the Road Can't Stop Your Conference Hustle
Meet Upside Engineers at #TheAIConf in NYC
Every Hotel Ever
A Car Rental Success Story
Air Travel in Real Life



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