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Located in Twain Harte, California - ideal for a weekend getaway, a second honeymoon, a family vacation, temporary short-term housing or a place to just relax. Our luxury accommodations and gracious hospitality will delight you.

Stay tuned in everyone.....we have two new cabins coming on board to the Shadow Ridge Vacation Rentals family!

It's GORGEOUS up here so come on up! Call us at 1-800-382-0334 or check us out at and reserve your favorite snowplay weekend cabin now!


TH Floral Cottage at The Nest

💐Our new favorite shop in Twain Harte!💐
A Big Welcome to 'The Floral Cottage at The Nest'
The perfect place to pick up a sweet bouquet of flowers to enjoy during your stay at one of our rental cabins. Check them out the next time you are in the village

Flower shop nestled in Twain Harte, California. Located inside The Nest and Nursery

Happy Martin Luther King Holiday Weekend Everyone!! Look what we got here in the village! If you aren't here you should come up as we have Gorgeous bluebird skies and the perfect amount of Snow for the kids to play in ❄️☃️⛷🏂💕 Call Shadow Ridge Vacation Rentals at 1-800-382-0334 or check us out at for the perfect Winter snow-play weekend! ❄️Aerial photos courtesy of my neighbor Jacob Foiada❄️

Welcome the McClean family! Summer of 2020 is looking great!🌅😎🚣‍♀️🍔

News From Twain Harte Lake!

Meet our New Snack Shack Tenants, the McClean family!
Twain Harte Lake is such a special place for our family. Being known as “Mr. Bingo” is something I love and look forward to every summer.

After 12 years of grilling burgers and serving millions of curly fries, the hard working team of Tony & Elfi Taylor are moving on to an awesome new venture. They have started “Base Camp Restaraunt & Catering” and will be working with Inner Sanctum Cellars in Columbia.

This summer starts a new chapter for The Snack Shack at Twain Harte Lake as well as my family! As of today, we are the new operators of the Snack Shack! As a Le Cordon Bleu trained Chef, and a family that loves Twain Harte Lake, we are looking forward to bringing you great food, lots of smiles, and of course the best summer of BINGO ever!

Fantastic news for the holidays!

100% of the mountain is OPEN
Currently the temperature is in the low to mid 30's throughout the mountain. The forecasted cooler temps arrived earlier then expected here at Dodge Ridge and it's currently snowing from the base to the summit with the top of the mountain already picking up over a half an inch in the last hour!

This afternoon and evening, the temperatures will continue to cool off, with snow falling into Saturday morning. The series of storms for tonight to Sunday were forecasted to drop anywhere from 3 - 6”, but with the snow arriving earlier than expected we’ll have to see how much we get from the storms. Be sure to check back for updates throughout the next couple days.

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It's time for SNOWPLAY! What a great holiday month this is turning out to be !⛄❄️🌨️🏂⛷️We just have a few cabins available for Christmas and New Years so you'd better be fast. Call 1-800-382-0334 or check us out online at❄️

❄️It's time to play in the snow! Make your cabin rental reservations now ! Call us at 1-800-382-0334 or check out our website :❄️

Up to 90% of the mountain is scheduled to be open at 9am
This weekend’s storm has continued to deliver. Since the storm began Saturday afternoon the total snowfall has measured 13” at the base and 37” at the summit.

This current storm will continue through today, Monday, December 2, with an additional 2 - 3 inches of new snowfall expected. We’ll have a break in the weather for a couple days mid-week before the next winter storm arrives at Dodge Ridge this Friday, delivering 1 to 2 additional feet of snowfall with colder temperatures during this next storm series in the teens to upper 20’s. It’s looking like we will have an amazing Opening Day this Friday, December 6th and we’re just as excited about getting this season started as you are.

As Opening Day approaches please call our Snow Phone at (209) 536-5300 or visit the Snow Report page at

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Shared Live Stream | Nest

First snow of the season coming tonight! Check out the new live webcam in Twain Harte and see for yourself!
Time to make your Winter & Holiday cabin reservations at Shadow Ridge Vacation Rentals. Call us @ 1-800-382-0334
or check out our website @ Streaming live #caughtonNestCam

We are ready! But are you? The winter and holiday seasons are just starting so you'd better call Shadow Ridge Vacation Rentals real quick while we still have cabins available! 800-382-0334 or visit us at❄️🏂⛄⛷️🌨️


Are you ready for the 2019/2020 SNOWPLAY Season to kick off?! We most certainly are!

A Winter Weather Warning has been issued starting this afternoon, which is predicted to bring snow showers to the higher elevations of the Sierra Nevada. (

Will this be enough to open the door at Leland Snowplay? Not yet. But it’s a start and thinks are looking promising. The weather is turning colder, and we are ready to flip the switches on the snow guns and give Mother Nature a hand in blanketing the hill in white!

Finally, preparations are in the works so we are 100% in operation the moment Mother Nature allows. We encourage you to make preparations now for your 2019/2020 SNOWPLAY Adventure! Please take the time to review our posted calendar. Prices, dates of operation, and other useful information can be found at our website at For answer to our most common questions, we also invite you to visit the following FAQ Page at Please, please, please, take the time to visit those sites when planning your trip in order to avoid problems or misunderstandings. Everything you need to know should be there, but we encourage you to message us on Facebook if we missed something.

It won’t be long now. We are looking forward to another great season on the hill with each and every one of you. Hope to see you soon!

Leland High Sierra Snowplay Inc

We can't wait for winter!!🛷☃️


Despite the hot temperatures this week, for many of you summer is over, as you send the kids back to school, and with Labor Day less than a week away. Soon it will be Autumn... Halloween... Thanksgiving... ... ... Snowplay!

Running a seasonal business means lots of work in the "off season", to not only be ready for the tens-of-thousands of guests we look forward to every year, but to offer an even better product "next year". Over the years that has meant investing in surface lifts, the magic carper, snow making, better inner tubes, remodels to the lodge, better heavy equipment, and continued investment into safety. This year will be no different.

It may seem like a long way out, but we know better, and we will be hard at work until that first snowflake falls. For now, enjoy the last remaining day of the official summer, have a great autumn, and remember to spend at least one of your winter vacation days at Leland Snowplay!

It is a happy Monday morning at Shadow Ridge Vacation Rentals because I just picked up a Dirty Frozen Hot Chocolate from Bean Around The Block ...Yum!! You gotta try it! ☕

What a great way to spend the 4th of July in Twain Harte !!

Come to Twain Harte for all-day Independence Day fun! The Twain Harte Volunteer Firefighters Association 4th of July Family Celebration begins immediately following the 11:00 a.m. Twain Harte 4th of July Parade. Enjoy free activities at the fire station (18781 Cedar Dr.), including a bounce house, water slide, kids games and tours of the active fleet and the 1951 historic engine 3. A dunk tank also will be available (for a fee). Food (including barbecue tri-tip sandwiches and hot dogs), beverages and apparel will be for sale. Apparel sales benefit the restoration of the historic engine. Admission is free. Donations will be accepted. For more information contact the Twain Harte Fire Department at (209) 586-4800.

WHAT?! A Drive thru espresso shop in Twain Harte?!
YUP!! (and I can personally say it is yummy!) Stop by when you come into town and check out Bean Around The Block at the old Shell gas station on Twain Harte Drive !!

Soft opening June 1st! Bean Around the Block LLC drive through espresso and more! In the old Shell gas station in Twain Harte Ca. Please come check us out and try our amazing drinks! We can’t wait to see you. Thank you everyone for all the love and support ♥️

Twain Harte Lake
is Open!

Last chance for tobogganing fun this Winter!! Call today to make your Easter cabin reservation 🐰🐥❄️🛷 1-800-382-0334


After a wild and wonderful season in the snow, the Management of Leland Snowplay has come to the decision that April 21, 2019 will be our final day for the 2018/2019 Snowplay Season!

This is not an easy decision to make. The fact is we are going to end this season with more snow on the hill than we had at any point during our predictable hectic Christmas Break. However, its April; the days are getting very long, the temperatures are climbing, and people’s focus has clearly shifted from snowplay to summer activities. If it were possible to be in operation year-round, we would; but we just can’t complete with the looming promise of boating, swimming, camping, picnics, and summer sports.

The good news is you have 10 more days, and two more weekends, to get up here. You won’t be disappointed. We still have over 6 feet of snow on the hill, and the crowds we had when we had very little snow earlier in the season are virtually non-existent. The weather forecast shows mostly clear and sunny skies, with no major weather systems before we close.

The Management and Staff of Leland Snowplay want to thank everyone who has visited us this season. The snow season started off rather slow, but those February Storms gave so many of you an awesome second half to the season. We hope everyone got their chance to enjoy the snow! If not, we earnestly invite you to make the trip to see us one lasts time this season. THANK YOU!

Come up to the mountains and visit Twain Harte! Spring is here and summer is not far behind so make your reservations now at Shadow Ridge Vacation Rentals for your next cabin getaway! 🌷 / 1-800-382-0334

The Lakeview cabin

Summer is coming! Book your favorite Shadow Ridge Vacation Rentals cabin now before it's too late! 1-800-382-0334

Summer is coming! Book your favorite Shadow Ridge vacation rentals cabin now before it's too late! #twainharte #twainhartelake #shadowridgevacationrentals

Hey Everyone! Shadow Ridge Vacation Rentals now has an Instagram page!! Please join us #shadowridgevacationrentals @shadowridgevacationrentals and share with your friends too!!

We sure received a large amount of snow in Twain Harte the last few weeks! Come on up to your favorite Shadow Ridge Vacation Rentals cabin in March for spectacular skiing, boarding and tobogganing conditions up on the mountain! 1-800-382-0334

Snow day in Twain

Now that's what we call a frosty top! Twain Harte has received a gorgeous blanket of snow so come on up and see us! Shadow Ridge Vacation Rentals 1-800-382-0334 or visit us at 🏂❄️☃️🌨️⛷️

Sounds like it's a great time to plan a trip to the snow! Call Shadow Ridge Vacation Rentals NOW to book one of our beautiful cabins @ 1-800-382-0334 or visit our website !

Unbelievable light, dry powder days all week long.
(check out this photo from Tues, Feb 5, 2019)
Since the storms arrived late Friday night #DodgeRidge picked up 9 FEET of new snowfall! The biggest day of storms was Monday 5am to Tuesday 5am which dropped 47" in 24 hours.
10" past 24hrs // 57" past 48hrs // 73" past 72hrs
We'll have cold temps in the teens and 20's all week, delivering some of the lightest, driest powder days possible. These conditions are all time. Make sure you enjoy some of it.
#skicalifornia #catchthewinterwave

Leland High Sierra Snowplay Inc

Perfect tobogganing weather! Reserve a cabin with Shadow Ridge Vacation Rentals NOW and come on up and visit Leland High Sierra Snowplay Inc !! call 1-800-382-0334 or visit us at


This weekend’s snow storms are leaving us in great shape for the holiday weekend; just take a look! Our staff will be hard at work through the weekend, as we anticipate all your smiling faces joining us on the hill.

Currently, snow levels are down to about 4,500' asl, with chain controls in place at Long Barn. The weather is expected to clear, with partly sunny skies, as we head into Saturday, with a moderate weather system and several more inches of snow forecasted for Sunday. Mostly sunny skies are predicted to return for Martin Luther King Day itself. All-in-all it appears to be a good weekend for tons of fun in the snow, and the entire region is poised for a fun filled weekend! First-and-foremost, let’s make it a SAFE weekend for everyone. Please, keep an eye on the weather and road conditions, drive safely for winter, and when you arrive in our communities, follow directions from those of us who call this home.

So, if you are planning a trip to the mountains this weekend, we have the snow for you to make wonderful memories with us! All the local hotels, motels, cabins, restaurants, and other recreational facilities will be in full swing; we invite you to check it all out at our website ( and at the Tuolumne County Visitors Bureau ( For additional information on Leland Snowplay's prices, hours, road conditions, weather, and so much more, please check out the links below.

It’s been a wonderful season so far, and we are looking forward to another great weekend with all of you. We hope you have a great and safe holiday!


For more information regarding dates and hours of operation:

For more information regarding tickets, prices, and equipment:

For more information regarding weather and road conditions:

For more information regarding lodging, food, and retail services:

Dodge is fully open! Book your favorite Shadow Ridge Vacation Rentals cabin NOW and enjoy some great skiing & boarding! 1-800-382-0334

FRIDAY, JAN 18 - 7am // 41" STORM TOTAL
Granite Bowl Opens Today - 100% of the Mountain OPEN!
The tremendous week of snowfall has now moved on leaving us with just partly sunny/cloudy skies for Friday and Saturday with current temperatures of 26 degrees at the summit and 29 degrees at the base. After receiving 3 more inches overnight, this weeks storm total is now measuring an incredible 41” for the summit and 20" at the base area. With all the new snowfall, we'll be opening up Granite Bowl today bringing the mountain to 100% OPEN! (expect a delayed opening this morning getting Granite Bowl open as we dig out from the new snowfall)
- 7" past 24 hours
- 27" past 48 hours
- 38" past 72 hours
- 41" Storm Total

Shared Live Stream | Nest

Hey Everyone! Do you want to check out what the weather is like in your favorite little village in the pines?? Twain Harte has a web cam! Check it out!! Streaming live #caughtonNestCam

New Snow on The Mountain! Wouldn't the next few weekends be the perfect time to head up and ski/snowboard in this great powder we have received?
Call Shadow Ridge Vacation Rentals right away to reserve one of our beautiful cabins in Twain Harte at 1-800-382-0334 or visit us at

JAN 6, 2019 - 5:30am - FIRST POWDER DAY OF 2019!
New Snowfall: 15" (summit) - 12" (base) past 24 hrs
Currently it is 21 degrees at the summit and 27 degrees at the base of Dodge Ridge under snowy skies. The wintery weekend is upon us and even colder than originally forecast with snow down to the 4,200ft elevation, just above Twain Harte. As of 5am this morning, we’ve officially surpassed the initial forecasts for this storm picking up 15" at the summit and 12” at the base from the past 24 hrs with the snow continuing to fall today. So it it is official, Today Sunday, January 6 will be the first powder day of 2019.

The snowfall will continue through Sunday with light snowfall for the first half of the day with increasing accumulations for the afternoon and then much more significant snowfall totals forecast for Sunday night into the early Monday morning hours. Over the next 24 hours we are currently forecast to receive an additional 8 - 10” by early Monday morning before the snow tapers off around the beginning of the day Monday.

Powder Days are always an incredible way to kick-off the new year, so stay tuned, there’s more snowfall in the forecast for this week. Have some fun out there today!

Providing beautiful vacation cabins for over 20 years!

From rustic to luxurious, our beautiful cabins in the village of Twain Harte can sleep from 2 to 17 people. You can choose a cabin with a large Spa or Fireplace, one overlooking the Golf Course or even a spacious 4 cabin compound on Twain Harte Lake! We have Pet Friendly cabins too! Our Luxury accommodations and gracious hospitality will delight you!

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