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Turn Lane Travel is a boutique virtual travel agency that launched in the northern Virginia/DC Metro area, and relocated to San Diego CA as of Feb, 2015. Turn Lane Travel and Judy Holiday are registered trade names of The Turn Lane, LLC., a registered Virginia State Corporation. The Turn Lane, LLC dba/Turn Lane Travel is affiliated as an independent contractor with Montrose Travel CST#1018299-10, a 50+ year bricks and mortar agency in Montrose, California. Turn Lane Travel is a virtual agency and recently relocated to southern California.

Mission: Meet your Travel Therapist! We help busy people take a break from the fast lane of life with custom travel itineraries designed to restore balance and help you reconnect with what brings you joy in life! We consult, plan, and take care of every detail so all you have to do is pack and GO!


Paul Harvey ~ A Christmas Story: The Man And The Birds

Enjoy this Paul Harvey classic recording of A Christmas Story: The Man and the Birds as a reminder of the gift we celebrate this season. May your last few days of 2018 be filled with abundance of Peace and Love as we welcome the adventure of another New Year.

This is the 1965 recording of Paul Harvey's Christmas story classic titled The Man and the Birds. Christmas Day in 2013 I spent the morning putting it all to...


The World’s First Underwater Hotel Villa Opens in the Maldives | Architectural Digest

There's swimming with the fish, sharks and turtles, and then there's sleeping with the fish, sharks and turtles. A stay in the world's first underwater hotel room, with all glass walls produced by the same company who manufactures commercial aquarium exhibits, must be the equivalent of being inside an aquarium - you know, with the little bubbler, castle and treasure chest. I wish I could tell you first-hand exactly what it feels like to sleep under the sea, but at $200K for a four-night stay, I'll defer to Architectural Digest. Would you be able to sleep? Oh, the rate includes your private helicopter transfers.

architecturaldigest.com At $50,000 a night, this once-in-a-lifetime experience—literally sleeping with the fishes, stingrays, turtles, and sharks—doesn't come cheap


100 Places Straight Out of Fairy Tales (PHOTOS) | The Weather Channel

Fairies. Pixies.Wizards. Castles and Legends. Players and places in our common story lines where good overcomes evil, in kingdoms of surreal beauty; where mythic creatures roam freely and dragon-slaying knights rescue fair maidens in distress. Here are 100 real places of mesmerizing beauty that could easily be the settings where the Fairy Tales of our childhood fantasies took place. I could easily drop into a dozen or more of these settings and live happily ever after!Tempting! Where would you like to live happily ever after?

weather.com Set your imagination free with a glimpse of some of the world's most beautiful and captivating spots.


Fat Bear Week is here: Your complete guide to nature’s most exciting competition

It's Fat Bear Week in Alaska's Katmai National Park! Mashable has the coolest coverage guide. If you're headed to Alaska next season and will be including Katmai NP in your land trek, their series of articles will help to whet your appetite as you get ready for your journey! If you're not going to Alaska next season, why not? It's America's own final frontier, wild & wooley.

mashable.com “While it may be entertaining for us to watch, for the bears it's a game of survival."


Schedule – 9.21.18 Day Celebration

When your zip code is the date: Celebrate 92118 Day Once in a LIfetime in Coronado CA. How cool is it that this once in a lifetime synchronicity occurs today, on the last day of Summer 2018, on a Friday? This event celebrates the Coronado Island lifestyle, after the summer tourists have left, and the islanders and surrounding locals can come together for a once in a lifetime event. Splendid way to enjoy unwinding summer.



Florence bans eating on sidewalks, doorsteps at meal times

Residents and city officials of top tourist destinations in Europe have been trying to curb the rude, crude and disrespectful habits too many western tourists bring along on vacation. This new law in Florence may seem petty to us but Italians see it as a first and necessary step to preserve and protect their Old World traditions, heritage, and livelihoods from cheap and tawdry tourists. All they're asking is that we mind our manners while visiting their homelands, respect their traditions, and please, don't be such cheapskates.

apnews.com ROME (AP) — The tourist magnet of Florence is cracking down on visitors who eat on sidewalks, doorsteps or driveways during lunch or dinner time. Mayor Dario Nardell


JetBlue Crew Breaks Out Oxygen Mask To Save Dog In Distress

Here's a happy story about one of our favorite air carriers, Jet Blue! However, this incident should be a reminder that not everyone easily adapts to the airlines' adjustments to gas levels or the atmospheric pressure changes that are common inside the tubular transports we call airplanes. Thankfully this story had a very happy ending for Darcy the French Bulldog! Someone give flight attendant Renaud Spencer a treat!

huffingtonpost.com Flight attendants provided an oxygen mask for a French bulldog that was having trouble breathing.


Bus Times at Walt Disney World Resort Now Available in Newly Redesigned My Disney Experience App

Now you can give your kids a better answer than "anytime now" to the question: "When will the bus be here?" while waiting for the park shuttle at your Walt Disney World Resort hotel. You can also check for alternate modes of transport, such as the monorail. This may have been useful when we were left stranded on the monorail many years ago. Yes, that really did happen to us!🤭 Still a fond memory from "Mom & 3 kids spend a day at Disney World."

If you’ve ever wondered when the next bus is going to arrive at your Disney Resort hotel, the answer will now be right at your fingertips. We’re rolling out ...

TurnLaneTravel.com Turn Lane Travel

The Mermaid of Sunset Cliffs

Just another day in America's Finest City, San Diego...Ocean Beach. You never know when you will see a mermaid.


5 Steps to a Perfectly Packed Suitcase

Useful packing tips from Consumer Reports. One of the best packing tips of all time is to roll most of your garments to reduce and optimize space. This works great for towels in linen closets too, by the way. And tee shirts in dresser drawers. One of my clients, a family of four (2 adults/2 teens) managed a 2-week trip to 4 Hawaiian islands with each member carrying only a backpack and a carry-on suitcase that fit in the overhead bin. If you have a great packing tip, please do share!

consumerreports.org To make traveling easier, Consumer Reports says to take less and pack smartly. Here's how to pack a suitcase.

Remembering that Some Gave All

Remembering those who gave all while serving to keep us free. Cabrillo National Memorial


The islands of Hawaii are open for your summer travel pleasure!
Yes, it is safe to go to Hawaii, in case you are wondering.



Travel North To Alaska with Princess Cruises' Enrichment Program

North to Alaska keeps getting better! Princess Cruise Lines was first to introduce cruise passengers to this breath-taking destination 40 years ago. See what you've been missing! Alaska is on your bucket list, Right?

Princess Cruises brings Alaska onboard their cruise ships with theof "North To Alaska" enrichment program. Guests will experience even more of the Great Land...


Car Show Saturday -

Not into drinking cheap beer marketed as a luxe perk just because someone sticks a lime on the side of the glass for you to squeeze into the tasteless froth? Then go for the cars & bikes! Check out Low Rider Lane at the 35th Annual Fiesta Old Town Cinco de Mayo in Old Town State Park in San Diego. Oh yeah. I'll be humming Low Rider by War all day now: "All my friends..." ZZ Top's cover on La Grange.


Maritime Month - San Diego Bay Boat Tour 2017

Did you know the month of May is Maritime Month? The maritime industry is at the very heart of San Diego and the surrounding region. The four maritime Industry sectors keep San Diego vibrant and prosperous. The Port of San Diego invites the community to come celebrate, see & learn about the heartbeat of San Diego with free boat tours of San Diego Bay during the month of May. Guided boat tours aboard Hornblower vessels provide a unique perspective of our port with a narrated story of how the maritime industry impacts the entire San Diego region. Register online for this outstanding educational & pleasant cruise, or, if you're a landlubber, bus tours of the Port are also available. Space is limted & fills up fast, don't wait to book! Visit the Port of San Diego website to register: http://bit.ly/SD_maritimemonth


Letter from Titanic Passenger Makes Record Price | Latest News | Latest News

As Mother's Day approaches, how sweet to learn this letter that survived the sinking of the Titanic was a letter written to a mother by her son who perished the next day on the ill-fated voyage.

kovels.com Kovels.com is the go-to source for information on antiques and collectibles since 1953. Research your antiques using our FREE price guide.


Big trout eight hours away

Merry Fish-mas Eve! Opening day of Trout Season in the Eastern Sierra is tomorrow, Sat. April 28, Dreams of landing the proverbial "big one" have anglers sorting out tackle boxes, checking rods & reels, stocking coolers ahead of a much anticipated season. As the daughter of a one-time avid fisherman, I get it! Good luck and may your lures be favored by the granddaddy of them all!

sandiegoreader.com As hundreds of San Diego anglers get geared up for Merry Fish-mas, the April 28 opening of trout season in the Eastern Sierra, reports indicate good fishing is ahead.


Avocado Festival - Fallbrook Chamber of Commerce

An avocado a day keeps the doctor away! Okay, so you may have heard "an apple a day" in Virginia. But we love our avocados here in SoCal. Great apples are hard to find here, but there's not a day you cannot find a great avocado. It's avocado harvest time, and just like Virginians celebrate the apple harvest in autumn, San Diegans celebrate the avocado harvest each spring in Fallbrook, where the best of the best avocados are grown. Food, music, art, games, races and hometown family fun. There's even a Little Miss & Little Mister Avocado competition! Not quite the southern belle pageants of Deep South tradition, but no less exciting for the competitors. There's an Art of the Avocado exhibit, "best of the best" contests like 'best dressed avocado,' and of course 'best guacomole!' The Fallbrook Avocado Festival is this Sunday April 15, 9AM - 5PM. There won't be a big copper kettle of apple butter cooking over a fire pit, but there will be tons of fabulous guacomole and chips!


TurnLaneTravel.com Turn Lane Travel

Rejoice! Resurrection Sunday is like New Year's Day for Christians. New Life. It doesn't get any better than this. Image courtesy of YouVersion.com


Breaking news: Alert at Papua New Guinea airport - A Luxury Travel Blog

Weapon of Math Instruction causes panic on Sunday April First in Papau New Guinea airport! Thank you to A Luxury Travel Blog for keeping us informed on this Breaking News Story.

aluxurytravelblog.com A high school Mathematics teacher has been arrested at April River Airport (IATA code: APR) in Papua New Guinea. Officials were alerted when a scan of the suspected terrorist’s luggage detected a sharpened compass along with other items concealed in his case (including a protractor and other items...


Stay Out of Trouble When Traveling Abroad With These Apps

These travel apps, reviewed by Wired-dot-com, are worth considering if you're traveling internationally.

wired.com Floods. Thieves. Hackers. Tackle any situation with these mobile assistants.


A message from London City Airport CEO on airport closure following discovery of WWII bomb

You never know what will interrupt your travel plans. Sometimes it's weather, sometimes a volcanic eruption. Or a bomb from 70 years ago discovered under a busy city airport.
Another example that answers the question: Why do I need to buy travel insurance?

A message from London City Airport's CEO Robert Sinclair on airport closure following the discovery of a World War Two ordnance in King George V Dock.


Five Hours of the Scariest Music Ever Written | 7PM-12AM – Classical KUSC

Classical way to indulge the spooky spirit of Hallowed Eve: 5 hours of the scariest music ever written! Its the annual Halloween Spook-Out, featuring five hours of the scariest music ever written. Tune in online from 7PM -12Midnite Pacific Time (4PM-9PM Eastern) on Classical KUSC.org!


Celebrating National Coffee Day! Thankful for the secret sauce of morning...noon...night. Freshly ground, French-pressed, black. Third Wake-up Call, Eye-opener, Attitude adjuster, Health supplement, Motivator. Thought promoter. Stimulant. A good reason to meetup and gather in community.


Jimmy Buffett - Cheeseburger In Paradise

Make it a double, because today is National Cheeseburger Day.

Jimmy Buffett - Cheeseburger In Paradise Comment, Rate and Subscribe For Cheeseburgers!


State Dept. Forces Stranded U.S. Citizens to Foot the Bill for Hurricane Rescue

Emergency Evacuations: Its bad enough being stranded on an uninhabitable island after a massive hurricane has blown thru your holiday travel; it really stinks to learn no one told you that if you need to be rescued by the USA, it will cost you.

This story is not the first of last time USA citizens have had to be rescued. This is why I recommend that clients purchase the right Travel Insurance policy, regardless of where, when and why they are traveling, but in particular outside the USA. We recommend the right insurance for each travel experience, thru our preferred partner.

freebeacon.com The State Department requires U.S. citizens in need of rescue from hurricane struck areas to pay back the U.S. government.

[09/11/17]   Update from Norwegian Cruise Lines:
September 11, 2017 10:00 AM
Hurricane Irma

Norwegian Cruise Line is continuing to closely watch now Tropical Storm Irma and respond as necessary to ensure the safety of our guests and crew.

Norwegian Escape is sailing at full capacity with approximately 4,000 displaced guests from both Norwegian Sky and Norwegian Escape that were unable to secure flights back home when the ships returned early to Miami on Thursday, September 7. Norwegian Escape departed Cozumel, Mexico yesterday at 5 pm. The ship will proceed towards Miami and will dock once PortMiami reopens. Due to the devastating impact in the Caribbean from Hurricane Irma, all of Norwegian Escape’s upcoming Eastern Caribbean sailings until November will be altered to a Western Caribbean itinerary. All guests scheduled to sail on any affected cruises will be notified of the change.

Acting as a responsible corporate citizen and supporting the destinations that our ships operate in is a core value of Norwegian Cruise Line. In the wake of this devastating storm, we have deployed Norwegian Sky to St. Thomas, USVI to bring much needed supplies and assist in a humanitarian effort that is currently being organized by the government. As per the State Department, affected US Citizens on St. Thomas should email name, gender, & last known location to [email protected].

[09/10/17]   Updated earlier today from Norwegian Cruise Lines:
September 10, 2017 12:00 PM
Hurricane Irma

Norwegian Cruise Line is continuing to closely watch major Hurricane Irma and respond as necessary to ensure the safety of our guests and crew. Norwegian Escape is sailing at full capacity with approximately 4,000 displaced guests from both ships that were unable to secure flights back home. The ship is remaining alongside in Cozumel, Mexico today until 5 pm and then will go to sea. Once the storm has safely passed and PortMiami reopens, the ship will proceed towards Miami. Due to the devastating impact in the Caribbean from Hurricane Irma, all of Norwegian Escape’s upcoming Eastern Caribbean sailings until November will be altered to a Western Caribbean itinerary. All guests scheduled to sail on any affected cruises will be notified of the change.

Acting as a responsible corporate citizen and supporting the destinations that our ships operate in is a core value of Norwegian Cruise Line. In the wake of this devastating storm, we have deployed Norwegian Sky to St. Thomas, USVI to bring much needed supplies and assist in a humanitarian effort that is currently being organized by the government.

[09/07/17]   From Norwegian Cruise Lines: Caribbean itinerary updates and changes to cruises at sea or scheduled to depart that will be impacted by approaching Hurricane Irma:
Hurricane Irma Update
September 7, 2017 12:00 PM

Norwegian Cruise Line is continuing to closely watch the forecasted path of major Hurricane Irma. Further to our update yesterday, we have additionally cancelled Norwegian Sky’s four-day cruise departing on Monday, September 11 from Miami. We will be providing a full refund to all guests, plus a 50% future cruise credit. All impacted sailings are as follows:

Amended Itineraries:
• Norwegian Escape’s seven-day Western Caribbean cruise departing September 2 from Miami is now a five-day Cruise, returning on the afternoon of September 7. For those guests who did not drive to PortMiami and are unable to secure a flight back home, we strongly encourage them to stay onboard the ship. Norwegian Escape will set sail from Miami on Thursday evening on a course away from the storm. While we are unable to confirm at this time when and where the ship will return to port, we welcome all guests to remain onboard to stay safe and secure.
• Norwegian Sky, Four-Day Cuba Cruise departing September 4 from Miami is now a three-day cruise, returning on September 7.

Cancelled Sailings:
• Norwegian Sky, September 8 from Miami
• Norwegian Escape, September 9 from Miami
• Norwegian Sky, September 11 from Miami

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