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Boutique travel agency affiliated with MTravel and Virtuoso, specializing in Wellness Travel, Tahiti, and Solo Travelers

Turn Lane Travel is a boutique travel agency that began in the northern Virginia/DC Metro area, and relocated to San Diego CA in 2015.

Mission: Meet your Travel Therapist! We help busy people take a break from the fast lane of life with custom travel itineraries designed to restore balance and help you reconnect with what brings you joy in life! We consult, plan, and take care of every detail so all you have to do is pack and GO!

San Diego Magazine

It's that time of year, between enthusiasm for resolving to eat healthier and falling off the wagon with all of the good excuses to give up. Here are some ideas to help you stay the course in San Diego.

We're helping you keep your resolutions with a roundup of our favorite places to sweat and refuel throughout San Diego

Raise a glass to the 19th hole at these golf resorts with cocktail bars as impressive as the courses. #VirtuosoTravel


Visit IHOP® on National Pancake Day 2/25/20 & A Chance to Win Pancakes for Life!

Pancake Pandemonium is taking over today as thousands of comfort food lovers stop in their local iHOP restaurant for a free short stack of famous iHOP buttermilk pancakes to celebrate National Pancake Day 2020. Check your local iHOP for times but most iHOPs are serving up free short stacks from 7AM until 10PM local time.

In San Diego, make the day more special by dinner out for the family and making a donation to support the local fund-raising partnership between iHOP and Rady's Childrens Hospital. Learn more about the Radys Children's Hospital Foundation here https://www.radyfoundation.org/

Extra butter, please.



Orris: The world’s rarest perfume ingredient

Another reason to visit Italy's Chianti region: A scent more costly than gold. I wish we could "scratch & sniff" this story while viewing the images. Mmmm.

bbc.com A scent with few natural analogues, orris is exceedingly rare; the fact that people continue to seek out this fragrance despite its high cost speaks to its enduring appeal.


Mardi Gras New Orleans | Mardi Gras New Orleans

One of my favorite February trips is Carnaval time in New Orleans. The Big Easy is one of the best long weekend getaways you can take in the States, in my humble opinion. NOL is a special place; you'll feel it the moment you arrive.

Here's the official scoop website for Mardi Gras 2020 - Fat Tuesday coming up next Tuesday. Not going this year? Book for 2021 next week. Make sure you have brunch at Court of the Two Sisters. A must and Best Eggs Benedict in NOL.

Fun factoid: the tap water is never really cold in NOL.

mardigrasneworleans.com Everything you need to know about Mardi Gras, including updated parade routes, traditions, the best places to get Mardi Gras beads, masks, king cakes and more!


St Patricks Day ShamRock San Diego

allevents.in Fri Mar 13 2020 at 12:00 am, Facebook: SDBlockParties Gaslamp Quarter, San Diego, CA – Twenty-six years ago San Diego shamROCK became a small success story that grew into one of San Diego’s favorite traditions. This year sham


Best travel cameras: Take better pics on your next trip

Excellent review of top travel-worthy cameras if you're thinking about upgrading this year. I love my Panasonic Lumix for it's light weight and functionality. The newer models offer interchangeable lenses and still retain all the easy travel size and features that make them great for travel on a smaller budget.

mashable.com These are all better than your phone in their own special ways.


Mashable on Twitter

Has anyone used this art app?
Looks like one I may have to add to must-have travel apps list.

“This app is like Shazam, but for works of art https://t.co/g3o2sQSaEk”


What's New in Las Vegas 2020 | Updated Quarterly

If you're rethinking international travel plans this year, rethink Vegas, Baby! Here are the top new adventures. Meet up with family and friends for a long 4-day weekend.

visitlasvegas.com What's new for your next Vegas adventure? Read our article that details all the amazing new shows, things to do, experiences, and restaurants popping up.

On National Pizza Day everyone is Italian, kind of like everyone is Irish on St. Patrick's Day. But more sober.

If you happen to be in Ketchikan Alaska this year, the best pizza in town is at Chico's Mexican on Dock Street. According to the locals looking for some hot stuff. http://bit.ly/38dH3BP

But if you're going for pizza while in port in Ketchikan, you did not schedule a shore excursion far enough in advance. We need to talk before that happens.

#NaionalPizzaDay #SaintPatricksDay #Kethican #Alaska

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How Flying Seriously Messes With Your Mind - BBC Future - Pocket

From anxiety to confusion to depression to sleepiness, most travelers experience at least one mind messing affect when flying - especially on the long haul international flights.

getpocket.com Traveling by plane has become an everyday activity – but our bodies and brains are still affected by it.


Bald eagle numbers soar to new heights in Wisconsin

Remember when the bald eagle was near extinction? Their continued increase in numbers, in great numbers, is positive news to end the week, fitting that this report is out just before the Great Backyard Bird Count that begins Feb. 14.

abcnews.go.com Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources reported a major increase in bald eagle nests over the last 45 years.


New Exhibition Shows A Lost Tijuana

History and culture buffs will want to visit the 1960's Tijuana exhibit that opens Saturday February 8 2020 at the La Jolla Hostorical Society. The exhibit features a treasury of hundreds of vintage photographs taken in what was then a sleepy Mexican town just across the border.

The exhibit opens Saturday February 8 2020 at the LaJolla Historical Society and runs thru May 2020.

kpbs.org A new photo exhibition opening this weekend gives us a look into daily life in Tijuana over a half-century ago.


Why You Should Start Screening For Hidden Spy Cameras When You Travel

Are you doing security diligence when you check into your hotel, B&B or Air B&B room?

forbes.com Traveler, beware: Reports of spycams in hotel rooms and vacation rentals are on the rise.


9 Travel Movies on Netflix to Download for Your Next Flight

For the love of travel. A few good travel flix available now on Netflix. From Conde Nast Traveler.

cntraveler.com For your next long-haul or duvet day.


GBBC | Great Backyard Bird Count

The annual Great Backyard Bird Count begins on Valentine's Day this year, Friday February 14, 2020. Get all the facts, information and tools you need on the GBBC website, including a downloadable How-To PowerPoint you can view with family and friends.



MCRD Command Museum on Twitter

Suggestions for Valentine's Day gifts for the Marine or Marine family members in your life from the Marine Corps Command Museum in San Diego. Semper Fi to Sean, Joan, Chuck, Rusty and all the staff and volunteers who keep the museum growing.

twitter.com “Searching for Valentine's Day gifts for your Marine, Marine family member or loved one? Browse our Valentine's Day gift suggestions and collection here! Discount code to save on your purchase included! Link in bio!”


CLIA Statement on 2019-Novel Coronavirus Outbreak

Press Release from CLIA on the coronavirus outbreak impact on cruise travel.

cruising.org Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA), the leading voice of the global cruise industry, issued today the following statement in response to the 2019-novel coronavirus outbreak and the World Health Organization’s (WHO) declaration of a global health emergency.


Top Things to Do in San Diego: Feb 4-9, 2020

Much to in and around San Diego this week!

blog.sandiego.org Dining, beer, Museum Month and more!


Salute the Real Heroes: San Diego's Nursing Professionals

Drawing attention to the outstanding local nursing professional community is the goal of San Diego Magazine's Hearts of Nursing award. Nominations are being accepted now thru February 14, 2020.

sandiegomagazine.com San Diego Magazine launches a nomination-based, community-wide award celebration that honors nursing professionals


These 5 great apps take the stress out of international travel

I like this list of five travel apps recommended for international travel. There are others of course. A good short list of five.

Until more travelers are hip to it, Mobile Passport is an app that can significantly shorten customs wait time, depending on where you are re-entering the USA and time your flight arrives.

fastcompany.com Pack smarter, avoid jet lag, make short work of customs, and more.


No Lead Will Be Safe in This Super Bowl

Are you ready for some GREAT football? This should be the best game in years.
Who else is jazzed about these two teams making it all the way to The Show this year?

wsj.com The Chiefs came back in two straight playoff games. The 49ers had the most fourth-quarter comebacks during the season. In the pass-happy NFL, crazier swings are becoming normal.


Sunday's date is written the same backward and forward — for everyone in the world — which hasn't happened in 900 years

Sunday, February 2, 2020, marks a unique calendar date as a palindromic day — one that is written the same both backward and forward in languages around the planet. What are the odds it is also Ground Hog Day and Super Bowl Sunday? Spooky.

I wonder how many people will play these numbers on a lottery ticket Saturday night?

disrn.com Sunday, February 2, marks a unique calendar date, as it forms a palindromic day — one that is written the same both backward and forward.


Thomas Jefferson quoted on new British coin commemorating Brexit

How serendipitous that the British coin commemorating their return to independence and greater prosperity by leaving the European Union this Friday January 31, 2020 includes a quote inspired by our third President of the United States of America, Thomas Jefferson.

washingtonexaminer.com A new coin to commemorate the United Kingdom's departure from the European Union features a phrase inspired by the third president of the United States.

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City Tacos to open in Pacific Beach with free tacos - Just weeks after opening in Sorrento Valley City Tacos will officially open its doors from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. in Pacific Beach on Friday Jan. 31 and offer free tacos for the grand opening. “I a.

Free tacos Friday January 31 2020 at the newest City Tacos location in Pacific Beach. [email protected]

sdnews.com Just weeks after opening in Sorrento Valley, City Tacos will officially open its doors from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. in Pacific Beach on Friday, Jan. 31 and offer free tacos for the grand opening. “I am ecstatic to continue growing the City Tacos family across the great city of San Diego,” said owner ...


Watch the Full Versions of Every Super Bowl 2020 Commercial

Spoiler Alert: Here are the Super Bowl commercials final cuts. There are a few spots that will debut during Sunday's game, probably the political commercials that will try to invade our sacred game space. Take your potty breaks during those! Enjoy!

adweek.com All the brands, from Amazon to WeatherTech and everything in between, making a play in the Big Game.

[01/29/20]   Avocados do this to people.


5 Reasons Why You Need A Travel Agent - More Than Ever

A bit of a long read, after all, it is a Forbes.com story, but informative for those who think travel agents are a washed out profession in the days of book-it-yourself online.

Note the author finally mentions Virtuoso-affiliated agencies as the best for luxury travel experiences. Check out my own private-labeled Virtuoso website if you're curious to see some of the types of travel I manage as a Virtuoso affiliate. And these are just a tip of the proverbial iceberg. Those amazing experiences and private one-ons are not cheap, but more are in the range of possibility than many travelers realize. https://www.virtuoso.com/advisor/judyholiday

forbes.com You don't know what you don't know. Travel agents make your trips better, easier, less stressful, and often cheaper.


San Diego Museum Month | February 1-29, 2020 - San Diego Museum Council

San Diego Museum Month is back February 1-29, 2020!
40+ Museums, 29 Days, Half-Price Admission

Be sure to pick up your free San Diego Museum Month discount pass and use it to get half-price admission for up to four people at local San Diego museums during the entire month of February. This is a sweet deal since most San Diego museums charge admission. Local residents, this is your chance to play tourist and visit the more than 40 participating local museums in San Diego for half the cost!

And great news if you'll be visiting San Diego during the month of February or are expecting out of town guests: You do not have to be a resident of San Diego County to pick up a free pass. Anyone can enjoy San Diego Museum Month!

Passes can be picked up at most local San Diego County libraries and at participating Macy's Department stores, beginning this Friday January 31, 2020, Check the website link for full details and a lists of participating museums, libraries and Macy's store locations.

Guests who book a stay in February at one of Hilton’s 40 participating locations throughout San Diego County will receive a free Museum Month pass, too.

Presented by the San Diego County Museum Council.https://sandiegomuseumcouncil.org/specials/museum-month/



Opinion | Phony Service Dogs Hurt Veterans

A Marine veteran suffering PTSD opines how the rise in phony service dogs and comfort pets traveling in-cabin has hurt our military veterans with real need.
The author Mr. Haag, is a U.S. Marine veteran and founder and CEO of nonprofit Leashes of Valor. https://leashesofvalor.org/

Note: you may need a Wall Street Journal account to access the entire article; my apologies if you run into access walls.
Usually WSJ will let you read the article after you close the subscription window.

wsj.com A new federal rule will keep untrained ‘emotional support animals’ off planes.

Happy New Year to family who are celebrating in beautiful Taipei!

🏮§Happy Lunar New Year!§🏮

Also known as Spring Festival, Lunar New Year is celebrated in the first month from the first to the fifth day of the lunar calendar. Traditionally, the festival is literally referred as "passing the year," which means making farewell to the old and welcoming the new year; it is considered the most important holiday of the year.

✔Of course, there is a list of customs and traditions that go along with the festival. Check them out and check them off one by one!
1️⃣Spring cleaning signifies sweeping away misfortunes from the previous year 🧹 Note: it MUST be done before the 1st of the Lunar calendar!
2️⃣Have some New Year's cake, a symbol of "reaching new heights"🔝
3️⃣Put up spring couplets and New Year’s prints on doors and windows to bring good luck🧧
4️⃣Families to enjoy a New Year’s Eve dinner feast, called "gathering around the stove" 🥢 for good fortune
5️⃣Get red envelopes with cash inside and do new year shopping - the most important one! 💰
🧨Make sure to offer New Year’s greetings and well wishes to your families and friends! Let’s go 2020!🧨

SAN DIEGO, CA January 23, 2020 - Here are five suggested preventive safeguards you can take if you must travel to China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, or other east Asian countries during the coronavirus outbreak.

1. It goes without saying but some people need reminding about hands:
a. Keep your hands clean! Wash before you eat and before you pop the top on a sealed can or twist off the top of a bottle to take a drink.
b. Keep your hands off your face, away from your mouth, nose, ears and eyes, openings where viruses can enter your body.

2. Carry a package of germ-killing wipes in your carry-on bag and use them to wipe off your seat’s arm rests and tray before you use them. Be sure to wipe the window area if you sit in a window seat. Wipe any overhead lighting or call buttons, too.

3. Carry a package of hand sanitizer in your carry-on bag and use it after you go thru security if you handle any bins. Use it often while in public places.

4. Purchase a few medical masks at your local pharmacy and wear in airports and public places when you get to your destination. I would wear one on the plane on your return flight as well.

5. When you land in your Asian destination, stop in a pharmacy and purchase a small bottle of hydrogen-peroxide and add a squirt to your rinse water after you brush your teeth. Gargle but don’t swallow.
a. Note that the look and size of the container may be quite different than what you are used to buying here in the USA. The cost for a small 30mg squeeze bottle, about 2 inches tall, will probably cost about $.75 to $1.00.
b. I’ve attached a photo of a bottle I purchased on my last trip to Taiwan.

Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional. These are suggestions I have made as a travel agent to my clients traveling to China. No guarantee is made that these safeguards will prevent coronavirus. Please check with your personal physician for medical advice anytime you are planning to travel overseas.

I recommend checking for updates to the current China travel advisory on the State Department website before you go: https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/traveladvisories/traveladvisories/china-travel-advisory.html

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