I started this page to share my passion for tropical fish of the Amazon. Thus RESTon and amAZONIA.

[07/27/19]   Restazonia departs for Iquitos, Peru on 2 August for two weeks fish collecting with MT Amazon Expeditions.

Restazonia fish room as of 13 June 2019. Tanks from garage moved to fish room. Only three with water. Apistogramma leulingi from Madre de Dios, Peru have ~20 fry.

Progress on the 'mini' fish room rebuild. Fish rack in corner to hold two 15g aquariums on the bottom and five 5g aquariums on top. One more coat of paint and then I move the three tanks in the garage to their new home. One tank has Apistogramma leulingi fry - need to set up brine shrimp hatchery someplace.

More than adequate work space next to sink with good storage below.

Fish room downsized to 53 square feet space. Don't be impressed by first photo - it is a pano of all 53"sq.

Note floor: cobalt blue flecked garage paint. Walls painted light blue with paint leftover from bathroom remodel.

Plan to install leftover subway tile around sink with some fish themed Portuguese tiles picked up when we lived there '82-'85. Will repaint white--to match baseboard trim--the stand for the Oceanic 33 cube. Space below can hold three 2.5g tanks.

Well the deed is done. Everything--except air handler--stripped from the former 100 plus tank fish room.

[04/19/19]   Fish Room update: decision made to remodel basement. Accordingly, all fish tanks to be decommissioned for a month or two. Rehomed the Rio Nanay angels and hoping to get some F-1s back when the Perfecto 5' 125g is re-established. Will probably move the two 15s to the counter in the garage as I want to kept breeding my last pair of Apistos from Madre de Dios and keep a few of the exotic livebearers. The 33 cube will be emptied and stored. That's it - four fish tanks after well over 100 a few years ago.

Philosophically I look at it this way: I have the best fish room in the world several times a year that I get to share with old and new friends. I'm referring to the splash page picture at the top of the Restazonia FaceBook page.

Next visit: August 3 - 18.

[04/16/19]   Notification: [email protected] email address was hacked. I'm unable to restore. Accordingly, new email address is [email protected].

In collaboration with MT Amazon Expeditions where I co-lead the neo-tropical fish collecting expeditions a new email was established: [email protected].

If you are interested in fish collecting expeditions please reach out to Devon at [email protected]. com or me at [email protected].

Thank you,

[02/05/19]   GoWildPeru LLC status update: please be advised that the GoWildPeru partnership was dissolved at the end of 2018. GWP llc was closed in the Commonwealth of Virginia to allow--without naming rights infringement--the continuation of the GoWildPeru enterprise based in England. Restazonia continues to organize Neo-Tropical Fish Collecting expeditions to the Peruvian Amazon basin with the opportunity to export fish to the United States.

Great time yesterday in Tampa. Collected with Bill Shields, Brian Skidmore and son, Evan at "Stinky Ditch." Eight species collected in this ditch in an industrial area. Target species was a blue tinted 'Jordanella floridae'. Will quarantine and then put to work on algae patrol.

Preparing a 10 minute or less 'lightning talk" for the Potomac Valley Aquarium Society September 2018 meeting.

Restazonia to co-lead--with Devon Graham--the MT Amazon Expeditions August 2018 Tropical Fish Collecting Expedition. Two weeks starting 5 August and 17 August, with Red-Spotted Green Discus collecting on the new moon, Saturday, 11 August. Space available for either week or both. Those signing up for both weeks are included in the night discus collecting trip, there may be an additional charge for those only signing up for one week to join the discus collecting trip. Check with Devon Graham at [email protected] to join us for the boat based trips out of Iquitos, Peru.

Restazonia will handle the import of the fish into CONUS.

All-Aquarium Catfish Convention

The All-Aquarium Catfish Convention is the Potomac Valley Aquarium Society's biennial event dedicated entirely to catfish husbandry and natural history.

[07/15/17]   Shared five day Fish Camp on Tampa Bay on my personal page. Check it out for more.

Air Exchanger

Fish room update. Two of three racks gone. Sump, too. Thirteen foot rack with 15 tens, 12 15s and 12 20 longs available or I'm willing to part out. If tanks sold separately, I'll have wood to custom build fish racks. Willing to patch bulkhead with glass on both sides if wanted.

Anyone need air exchanger unit??? Check out Jehmco website for more information. This unit is discontinued.

[06/26/17]   I'm downsizing to better fit my current lifestyle - grandchild five days a week, entensive travel and besides I have the best fish room in the world three to six times a year (the Amazon basin).

I will periodically post what I have available as I clean out!!

Right now:

13 foot three tier completely plumbed rack with massive sump. Rack has 15 10g, 12 15g and 12 20g long tanks.

8 foot two tier completely plumbed rack with four 75g tanks.

6 foot rack with eight 10g, 3 20g long, and a 28g shortened 30 breeder. All tanks are equiped with Swisstropicals Matten filters.

I will assist with breakdown, move (I have a van) and rebuild of all these racks. No reasonable, again "reasonable" offer will be refused.

You can email me at Restzonia at gmail dot com.


Been remiss in posting about Restazonia. Knee replacement surgery and enjoying new grandson five days a week overtook keeping Restazonia up to date.

A few things in the works:

1) Pond rebuild (photos) nearly completed. Will present progress at the Greater Washington Aquatic Plant Association this afternoon.

2) Have to get serious about fish room rebuild as I have three collecting trips on the calendar this year. Need some help getting 50 plus aquariums out of the fish room so I have space to rebuild. Let me know if you are local and can help.

3) Coryvention in Wigan, England in June.

3) Collecting trip schedule:
- Two Weeks in August with MT Amazon Expeditions. Weekend of the new moon we will spend two nights collecting Red Spotted Green discus on the Rio Nanay. If interested send me an email at [email protected].
- One week in October collecting Corydoras in the Madre de Dios. Only one slot open for this trip. A good chance it might be filled at Coryvention; however, $500 deposit ensures you prevent that from happening. Send me an email at [email protected].
- Two weeks with Ian Fuller in Madre de Dios. Only one slot taken, with three open. Again these might fill at Coryvention. Same offer to guarantee your spot before then.

Water Lily in the pond.

[05/27/16]   Fish available from Go Wild Peru* and Restazonia. I do ship. If interested ask for shipping policy document.

*Brochis sp. CW035 - per Ian Fuller these are the only true CW035 available outside of their native habitat. 12 Available - all ~3".

Ataeniobius toweri 'Blue Tail Goodeid' starter colony - $30
Ancistrus ‘Pucalpa Gold’ - $25 trio
*Corydoras CW062 - $50 for group of 5
Corydoras C123 ‘Yellow Elegans’ - $35 for group of 4
Corydoras napoensis ‘San Juan’ - $30 for group of 5 (please message)
Aspidoras sp. C35 ‘Black Phantom’ - $25 for group of 4
Aspidoras sp. CW052 ‘Black Fin’ - $20 for Pair
*Apistogramma cf. urtegai ‘Madre de DIos’ F1 - $10 each for fry (will try to sex for $25 a pair)
*Rivulus christinae - $40 for pair plus fry
Rivulus rubrolineatus - $35 pair
*Hemiloricaria lanceolata - 2 available at $12 each
*Rineloricaria sp. ‘Madre de Dios’ Whiptail - 12 available at $10 each
Rainbow Wolf Fish Erythrinus sp. 5" - $15


Two major projects to commence soon.

1) Backyard pond rebuild. Actually the filtration system. Pond is approximately 800 gallons. Dimensions are 8'x6'x6'x3'. Deepest point is 3.5 feet. Blue Ribbon Koi owner, John Bianchi, spent better than an hour with me consulting on how best to do the rebuild without starting all over. I will post pictures and thoughts as the project progresses.

2) Restazonia Fish Room rebuild. Leak I cannot fix because I built the 39 tank rack with the drain system against a wall. My fish room space is not wide enough to provide access behind the rack so I will have to rebuild everything in front of the rack. Fortuitiously , I recently visited Joe Gargas in Tampa Bay, FL and he visited my fish room on Saturday as he was the PVAS quest speaker. Joe graciously agreed to help me with the rebuild using some of the amazing systems in his fish room. I will share progress as permissible. Check out

Before I can start I will need to sell most of the fish on the rack to be rebuilt. So continue to watch this page.

More to come!!!!

[05/06/16]   Madre de Dios, Peru fish are out of quarantine in the fish room. All wild caught (unless otherwise noted):

Brochis sp. newly discovered by Evers & Fuller and not-ID'd - $50 (12 available)
C. weitzmani - trio - $35
C. elegans - $10
CW032 - $15
CW052 - $15
CW041 - $15
CW062 - $15
Apistogramma cf. luelingi - $35 pair
Apistogramma cf. rubrolineata - $35 pair
Apistogramma cf. urtegai (F1) - 3/4" - $10
Otocinclus sp. cf. vestitus - $10
Hemiloricari lanceolata - $12
Aphyolebius rubrocaudatus - $35 pair - 3 pairs available
Rivuklus christinae - $35 pair - 2 pairs available

Can ship. Only by USPS next day express $40 per box. - Item # breeding1458143304 - Brazil Nut 'Coco' Breeding Huts - Ends: Wed Mar 16...

Restazonia posts first for sale item on Aquabid. Restazonia is the exclusive US seller of GoWildPeru fish and other fish related items from Madre de Dios. Item # breeding1458143304 - Brazil Nut 'Coco' Breeding Huts.

[02/09/16]   Restazonia departs 11 February to lead GoWildPeru Annual Killifish Collecting Expedition in Puerto Maldonado, Peru. Follow the expedition on GoWildPeru ( page.

San Francisco Aquarium Society

Just received an invitation to speak at the San Francisco Aquarium Society and Sacramento Aquarium Society in September. Calendar nearly full for 2016 speaking engagements.

We are a fresh water tropical fish and salt water aquatic hobby club that meets on a monthly basis.

[01/09/16]   Tomorrow speaking at a combined meeting of The Chesapeake Area Killifish Club and Keystone Killfish Group in Newton Square, PA.

[01/03/16]   Now invited to speak at the Greater City Aquarium Society of New York City in November. Please note availability of Ian Fuller to speak in October!!!

So here is a newly updated list of US speaking engagements in 2016--come introduce yourself if you are in the area:

11 January - Diamond State Aquarium Society (Delaware). Topic: The Fish of the Madre de Dios Drainage
7 April - Greater Akron Aquarium Society. Topic: Collecting Rainy Season Annual Killifish in Madre de Dios
8 April - Medina Ohio Aquarium Society. Topic: The Ideal Fish Room
20 May - North East Ohio Fish Club (Cleveland). Topic: TBD
13 June - Tampa Bay Aquarium Society. Topic: The Fish of the Madre de Dios Drainage
2 November - Greater City Aquarium Society (NYC). Topic: TBD

8 October - Capital Cichlid Association
Available for other US presentations 9-12 October.

If you have a local club interested in a presentation please reach out. Thank you.

[12/30/15]   Update on speaking engagements in 2016--come introduce yourself if you are in the area:

11 January - Diamond State Aquarium Society - Delaware
7 April - Greater Akron Aquarium Society
8 April - Medina Ohio Aquarium Society
13 June - Tampa Bay Aquarium Society

If you have a local club interested in a presentation please reach out. Thank you.

[12/30/15]   Restazonia conducted first ever fish shipment this week after spending time with Eric Bodrock to learn from a master in this discipline. First shipment properly boxed in breather bags wrapped in newspaper with a heat pack departed Restazonia at 2:00 pm on Monday. Shipment went, as Eric recommended, USPS Priority Mail Express with guaranteed arrival at the post office on Tuesday by 3:00 pm. The package arrived today at 9:44 am - 18 hours and 44 minutes late.

USPS sent no email updates to the recipient or myself.

Once I find a reliable source for styros I will start advertising on Aquabid fish from GoWildPeru. Lot's of rare Corydoras and undescribed L-numbers are soon to arrive for minimum 6 to 8 week quarantine.

[07/11/15]   Restazonia sweeps Corydoras class at the Potomac Valley Aquarium Society Annual July Bowl Show. C. delphax collected on the Rio Nanay takes first place in the class. Second went ot C. weitzmani collected with GoWildPeru. And, third to C. arcuatus caught this past January. Restazonia also placed in three other classes, a first, second and third.

Ian is back home in England and I'm back to Restazonia. First order of business was water changes. Fish did well thanks to Jesse Torgerson and eldest son checking in while I was absent.

Great progress made on getting the GoWildPeru facility ready for clients. Check it out on

Website should be up soon with dates for organized groups. Always willing to accommodate special requests.

We are working with one of the best tour operators in Peru to offer special sightseeing excursions en route to Puerto Maldonado. Packages include the Classic Lima tour and since Cusco/Machu Picchu is a stop on the way to Puerto there will be that opportunity for those interested in visiting one of the top tourist destinations in the world.


I depart soon for Puerto Maldonado, Peru in the Department of Madre de Dios in the Southeastern part of the country. This area borders on both Brazil and Bolivia. Ian Fuller, Corydoras World and I are partners and co-leaders in a new Tropical Fish Collecting enterprise for the more adventurous fish collector. These expeditions in a seldom explored region of Peru are land based originating from our "lodge" in Puerto Maldonado with longer trips requiring stays in villages and some even on river sandbars.

Follow developments over the next several weeks on GoWildPeru.

Page to promote the wonders of the bio diversity of the Madre de Dios region of south eastern Peru.

Last week I visited the Tampa Bay area to collect "Florida Non-Game Fishes." I stayed with my good friend George Richter (in the selfie). Also, had the great privilege to attend the Suncoast Killifish Society meeting held at Bill Shield's where I meet a great bunch of fish folks.

Collecting sites were in Hillsborough and Pinellas counties. We caught three species of Fundulas; Etheostoma fusiforme, Swamp Darter; Gambusia affinis holbrooki*; Heterandria formosa*; Lepomis species; Lucania goodei, Bluefin Killifish*; Peocilia latipinna, Sailfin Molly* and several others we could not identify and some we just threw back. I came home with those asterisked.

Pictures are of a representative collecting site and a few of the fish.

Fish Room of a Legend Mike Barber

Attended the Aquatic Gardening Association convention this past weekend. Our club, Greater Washington Aquatic Plant Association hosted the convention, so I worked most of the weekend; however, not as much as some of our members who served as co-chairs of the event. I meet many 'new' friends.

I had the privilege of hosting George Farmer in the fish room and Dustin, of DustinsFishTanks. I don't consider myself a legend; however it is nice for someone else to put me in that category. Enjoy the video. Welcome to Dustin's Fish Tanks YouTube Channel. My channel is made for FISH TANK PEOPLE! I try to fo...

Just sent an email to Mark at Jonah's Aquarium that I can no longer recommend "The Perfect Dipnet" as I've done to many friends over the years. This net was redesigned using a tubular much thinner material for the handles as opposed to the former thicker octagonal material. Those of you who attended CatCon 2014 heard mention of the catastrophic failures of the handles we experienced in the Madre de Dios region of Peru after only two days of collecting - see last two pictures. I acquired a replacement handle with the hope of better results - no joy in that regard - see first picture of the handle after only a week of light collecting. Didn't Einstein say that "Insanity is trying the same thing, ..., but expecting different results."

I am looking for a source of nets I can recommend.

Great picture of me last summer in the Madre de Dios region of Peru. Obviously my good side, next step I was over my head.

CCA Presents The Big Fish Deal

Tomorrow is the beginning of the Capital Cichlid Association Big Fish Deal ( Looking forward to the weekend with fellow fish keepers. Sunday, I'll share a table with a couple friends who are also cleaning out their surplus gear. Welcome to The Big Fish Deal!, an event to bring together aquarium enthusiasts and transform the Gaithersburg Hilton into an aquatic paradise on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, February 27 - March 1, 2015.

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