Real Escape Room in Redmond "Conundroom"

Real Escape Room in Redmond "Conundroom"


That was a ton of fun! Thanks!!
Would recommend, we had a group of 7 and enjoyed it immensely. Great family fun
Worked with us to resolve some scheduling issues, and we ended up having a great time. The room was fun and well thought out!
This is a fun interactive activity for any group!
We had fun as a family on the runaway train. It was truly a "team" effort because everyone's skills and gifts came in handy. We made it out in 59 out of 60 minutes, but only thanks to 2 great "clues" from Alex!
My husband and I had such an amazing time on the Train Heist a few years ago, and are (finally) ready to take on another challenge! If there's only going to be the two of us, do you recommend the Mona Lisa, or Ex Machine?
Daeun Kim Hey, they do have it here in seattle!!
We went as a family and really enjoyed our challenge. Did not quite make the hour and were given the option of trying to finish which we did. Lots of fun and would recommend The Escape Game Room.
Ummmm we need to do this like yesterday Kristin Johnson (KJ) Justin Sandock Alisha Marie Riff Gillian Lim Maximillian Rhees Perrigo Chantelle Buyagawan
Breaking News!
Is the instagram promo code still valid? I see it on IG but it does not work when I try to book. I tried emailing you too without any response. Thanks!

Real Escape Room in Redmond
Seattle Area Real Escape Room Quest

One of the most interesting adventures in Redmond for a team of friends or family.

You will solve many intricate logic puzzles step-by-step and work as a team to reach the main goal in under 60 minutes in a fantastically themed environment. We have created a series of highly detailed and well designed rooms that will definately make you think outside the box. The most challenging and brain teasing team building adventure you have ever participated in!

Operating as usual


Real Escape Room in Redmond "Conundroom"'s cover photo


The new Conundroom location in Redmond Downtown Park is open!

We are pleased to announce that today we are opening our first real escape room in a new location! And this is a new version of our most famous quest "Express". In 60 minutes your team will have to stop the train rushing into the abyss. We've completely rebuilt and improved our most popular adventure. A multi-room adventure awaits you with interesting puzzles and new decorations.

If you have already passed the previous version of the train, then the new train will meet you with new puzzles and riddles. Moreover, we are giving a discount to everyone who played the previous train before and wants to try the new version. Just write us a message and we will give you a promo code!

We remind you that we have completely private adventures and you will not meet other players during your visit!

Book it now:


Tired of the lockdown? We have great news! The government made a research and found that real escape rooms are safe for customers and teams. This allows us to get back to work! Bring your family to the amazing real life adventures in Redmond.

We have always been providing private experiences, and you will not meet any strangers during your games. We are following all safety rules and masks mandate ;)

Book your adventure here:


Hi! We’re glad to announce that almost 100 teams have already participated in our REDMOND OUTDOOR PUZZLE HUNT. Looks like next weekend the weather will be fine, and we still have some available time slots for your team! But hurry up because the HOLIDAY theme game will end on January 30th!

Get your tickets here:

P.S Free reschedule in case of bad weather! 🌂 12/22/2020

Outdoor Escape Game in Redmond | Save The Holiday Spirit

Outdoor Holiday Puzzle Adventure in Redmond is ready for your team!

The Holiday Spirit has disappeared from Redmond and only your team can find it back! Gather your family and friends, put on warm clothes, grab umbrellas, and go on an exciting adventure filled with puzzles and riddles around Redmond's downtown. You will visit the most important sights of the city, chat with its inhabitants and bring the spirit of the holiday back!

You can read more and buy tickets on the website:

P.S Adventure seekers under 7 are looking for the spirit of Christmas for free! Discover New Ourdoor Escape Game in Redmond, Washington. A mix between a traditional scavenger hunt and escape game puzzles, where you and your team go around the city to solve the mystery and save the Holiday spirit!


You can’t play inside, but you can play outside!
Outdoor Holiday Adventure will be ready for your team soon! 🎄 12/09/2020

Conundroom Real Escape Room in Redmond

Holidays are coming!
This year, Conundroom Escape Rooms in Redmond has prepared great gift sets that you can put under the Christmas tree for your friends and family! Support our small family business and bring an unforgettable adventure to your friends and family next year!

When buying an electronic gift certificate on our website, you can receive a gift card in a beautiful envelope, with each gift set we will attach United Escapes passport. You will receive stamps by completing any of Conundroom quests and/or partner quests with this passport. After collecting 4 stamps, you can get your next quest for free!
But that's not all, with each gift certificate you will receive our digital adventure "Imaginarium" for free - you can play it remotely during the holidays with your friends!

You can buy an electronic gift certificate on our website

To get a physical gift set for the certificate, just email us at [email protected]

Gift certificates do not have an expiration date, you can use them whenever you want! Real Escape Room in Redmond! An Amazing Designed Adventure That You Will never forget! 11/23/2020

Conundroom Real Escape Room in Redmond

First Black Friday Deal from Conundroom!

Dear teams, this year we need your support more than everespecially! So, for the first time, we provide a 20% discount on gift certificates in our quests. Use promo code "F2020" in November and give your family and friends an unforgettable adventure next year. Certificates do not have an expiration date and you can use them whenever you want!

And to make sure that you can have fun safely at home, for each Conundroom Real Escape rooms gift certificate, you will receive our online adventure "Imaginarium”. You can solve it with your friends over Zoom from the comfort of your home!

You can buy an e-certificate using the link below: Real Escape Room in Redmond! An Amazing Designed Adventure That You Will never forget!


Dear teams,

While we believe our private escape rooms are the safest way to escape this year, we support the state government's order and have to close our real-life escape rooms until December 14th this year.

We will be extremely grateful if you decide to support our small family business and give one of our gift certificates to your family member or a friend this year. Our gift certificates do not have an expiration date, which means that your friends will be able to use their gift certificates at any convenient time!

Also, don't forget that we have a great online adventure "Imaginarium" that you can play remotely with your friends over Zoom or any other video calling software!

See you after the lockdown is lifted!
Conundroom Family


Hello, our dear players!
We have decided that we will now be constantly sharing with you about things happening in our Conundroom escape rooms. You will be able to watch live how we make our biggest dream come true and launch the main entertainment center in Redmond.

This year was not only extremely hard for us, but it also brought many changes and opportunities. You might have noticed that we had to close and move out of our oldest location with Express, Ex Machine, and Mona Lisa Heist quests. But our team is unstoppable, so we decided to go all in and take a risk. Our team is currently building our newest and most amazing location in Redmond Downtown Park. There, we will open renewed Express and Ex Machine and will still have two spots for new quests that we can open together with you!

Great thanks to all those teams who played our aventures! Because of your support we have to opportunity to move forward even during times like this. Thanks to you, we were able to open Alice in Wonderland and move Mona Lisa Heist to a new location!

We would be happy to see you if you pop in just to say hi while passing by our new location in the downtown park :)


Book: How To Open an Escape Room Business?

Greetings to our favorite teams!
After 3 years we finally completed it! Have you ever wondered how to build your own escape room while solving one of ours?

Would you be interested in learning how much do escape rooms profit and how much would it cost to start your own business?

We wrote a book for you and we have put all 5 years of our experience of working in Redmond. We were writing it since 2017 and this year we got a little more time to finish it up! There is absolutely everything in this book that you can learn about our amazing escape room business!

You can download a free excerpt or support our team and buy the whole book online at

Conundroom Escape Rooms team will tell you in full detail how to start, launch, and operate an escape room business. This is the most detailed and thorough step-by-step manual made by real escape room business owners in Redmond, WA.


Our favorite quest MONA LISA Heist🚪 that has been operating since 2015 has moved and was COMPLETELY redesigned✨It now looks better than EVER!! Use promo code MONAISBACK15 for $15 off your entire purchase📜
We encourage you to try it out if you have not done any of our classic quests yet! #Seattle #escaperoomseattle #seattleescapegames #redmond #redmondwa #seattlewa #thingstodoinseattle


Fully rebuild Mona Lisa will be open in September!


See you in W O N D E R L A N D!!! @ Seattle, Washington


Do you want to escape from 2020? Escape to Wonderland!

Our most exciting and unordinary adventure is now opening its doors to you. This time we are focusing
on puzzles being fun and pleasant to solve. We came up and built the most extraordinary puzzles and
decorations that will teleport you from 2020 to the wonderful land of Lewis Carroll. This quest has so many
puzzles and conundrums that the playtime is now 70 minutes. And during the august test games, there is
no time limit at all!

So, what is it all about?

The time has stopped in Wonderland. The tea party is ruined, cakes and cups are out of place, and the
Queen wants the clock to be taken apart! Take a part in the crazy adventure in the land of wonder, help
it regain the normal flow of time. You will meet all kinds of funny, exciting, colorful, and crazy animals
that will help you solve the mystery of the broken heart. You will have an hour to start the time and save
your head from being chopped off by the Queen!

Use promo code “testgame” to get 25% off the entire purchase during the testing phase!

You can choose
date and time for your adventure on our website
Hope to see you soon,
Conundroom Family


M E M O R I E s!!!!

O n e y e a r a g o ^ ^

DERBY DAYs in Redmond! Part I 🎉 WE WANT TO SAY THANK YOU for everybody who came to join & support us at @cityofredmondparksrecreation 12-13, July! Hope you guys enjoyed our family adventures, and see you soon at @conundroom and #DerbyDays next year!
#DerbyDays #Redmond #RedmondWa #conundroom @ Redmond, Washington


Why is Crafted called an Educational Experience and not just an escape room?

When our team was creating real life adventure Crafted, we wanted to make not only a unique gaming experience that requires puzzle solving through creation of tools and materials, but also adds an educational aspect to it. While solving Crafted, you and your kids are not only playing a fascinating adventure but are also listening to informative commentaries from game designer Professor Cube. He tells you about game creation theory, a variety of game mechanics, the difference between various puzzles, and much more. That’s why Crafted is not just a game but an education too!

Crafted was designed with the help of our dear engineering and game design students. That’s why both adults and kids love Crafted!

If you haven’t done Crafted yet, come check it out! Just book it now:

If you have, then stand by for our new adventure “Alice” opening in August!


We have amazing news! Our favorite family-oriented and kids-friendly real-life adventures "School of Magic" and "Crafted" are open again! Use promo-code "magicisback15" to get $15 off and bring your family to our incredible experience.

Also, we are allowed to provide small birthday parties (up to 5 guests) in our party room! You can book your date and time on our website and read more about our safety measures.

Hope to see your soon,
Conundroom family!

Also, we allowed providing small birthday parties (up to 5 guests) in our party room! You can book your date and time on our website and read more about our highest safety measures.

Hope to see you soon,
Family of Conundroom!




Our escape rooms are still closed, but our axe throwing venue is now open! Hope to see you around!

Hello! Axe Throwing in Redmond has reopened!
These past 3 months were long, but our axes are sharp again and we are ready to teach you how to throw. But first, let us tell you about our safety measures during King county’s phase 2.

1. Each axe thrower will get their own individual lane with a target for a regular price of $25! If you have a team of two, you will get two lanes and etc.

2. We are limiting our capacity up to 8 axe throwers at the same time and we can easily provide 6 ft. distance between each of you on your own private lane!

3. All axes are disinfected and swapped after each player. We have tons of disinfecting sprays and wipes ;)

4. Of course, all of our axe masters will be in masks and we kindly ask you to wear them too!

See you around!
Book your date and time on our website:


Be The Alice You Want To Be!

Our new real escape room adventure will be open in phase 3!


Will waiting for your team!


G U E S S what???🐛 #Conundroom #comingsoon #Alice 😏😏🍭🍮🍰 @ Real Escape Room in Redmond "Conundroom"


We did it! Our first online puzzle adventure "Imaginarium" is available for free for everyone! Call your teammates because it is time for your next big journey from the comfort of your home.

Let us explain what it is and how to play:

Imaginarium is an online puzzle game that was designed by the Conundroom team especially for groups to play during the lockdown. .You will take a part in the journey of treasure hunters that received a letter from the mysterious company.

Our game is fully illustrated by our artist and we made it interesting for all ages! Believe us, it is super fun to complete it together with your team of friends, family, or co-workers.

You can gather your family at the dinner table with a laptop, smartphone, or tablet (we optimized it for all devices and you don't need to install any apps). Or you can call your team by Skype or Zoom and share your screen. Also, you can just send them a link to the game and you can follow each other's steps.

We made it available on our website . You have to choose date and time to complete that adventure and then you will receive a link to your game. We wanted to make it more of a special event for your team, than a regular online game, and believe us, it is worth it!
We will be glad to hear any of your feedback!


Our new online puzzle adventure will be amazing! No age limits and no game experience required. You will be able to play it together with your family at the dinner table or just call your friends online.

We want to bring some fun during these times for each of you. That's why we decided to make the experience FREE for everyone during the lockdown. Right now we are making sure the game is up to our standards as well as yours. We still need a week to complete our development and game tests!

Tag your teammates with whom you completed our Conundroom real life adventures and we will send you a link to the experience as soon at it is ready :)


Your "stay-at-home" experience by Conundroom is coming soon. Prepare your team for your next adventure in May.

P.S If you liked our escape rooms, we hope you will like this one too ;)


The more you have me, the less you see. Who am I?


For the puzzle with lock the right combination was "675" ;) But what about this one? Can you escape?


Has a tongue, but never talks. Has no legs, but sometimes walks.


I crawl on the earth and rise on a pillar. What am i?


Alright, all of you were so smart with our previous riddles and solved them without any struggles! Try this one!


What has a green hair, a round red head and a long thin white beard?


I am bigger than elephant, but lighter than a feather? What am I?


The shorter I am, the bigger I am. What is it? :)


What has only two words, but thousands of letters?

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Birthday party in Redmond. Conundroom
EX Machine Quest. New Real Escape Room from Conundroom Team



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