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RaceQuest Travel is your backstage pass to sold-out endurance events around the world. Travel with top professionals and have the race of your life!

“Pursue your dreams, fight for want you want, believe in yourself. I think that is the basis for everything. The only success is finding a way to live your life your way” ~ Race Quest Travel client Mauricio Mendez

Our goal is for all RaceQuest athletes to walk away from their multi-sport training and race adventures feeling that they were treated magnificently. To us, that means ensuring smooth, hassle-free travel experiences for all our athletes and their families. We want our athletes to train and travel with us again and again – to become loyal clients for life.

Challenge Roth

The place where world records are set in long course #triathlon welcomes another STELLAR pro field this July. Here’s one who will be giving his all for the Challenge Roth win, one of our favorites “Sebbie”...

Welcome our TOP Class Field 2018.
#homeoftriathlon #88daystogo
All information: http://www.challenge-roth.com/newsdetails-en/leading-athletes-at-datev-challenge-roth.html

We Are Triathletes - Documentary

Five years in the making, the world premiere of a film that features a race near to our hearts is happening this summer. Love us some #DATEVChallengeRoth tri-spiration! #trichat #ChallengeRothTours

Hi all! We are close to finishing this film and we need your help to raise more funds in order to release it in theaters in the second half of 2015! We have some amazing Once-in-a-Lifetime experiences and a lot of great film swag to offer you for your support. Come check out our Kickstarter campaign and see our new trailer. Thanks for your support.

Nath Valvo

Yep, we're all "lycra and positivity" around here! Bit of salty funny language in this but Aussie Nath Valvo nails it! #trichat

Guys! Hello. I yelled at triathletes. Tag annoying fit people and come see my new show. X


A Costa Rican active training vacation would not be complete without trying some local specialties at Limonada Las Catalinas.


Visiting Taupo

RaceQuest Traveler Jason Flowers shared a video diary with us of his 2018 #IRONMANNewZealand experience, visit to Hobbiton Movie Set and Auckland. Check it out! https://quik.gopro.com/v/upgSPG2rT9/

quik.gopro.com Quik by GoPro is the easiest way to create beautiful videos.

Another great reason to book a training camp or active vacation with us... our base at Las Catalinas is also home to the new WAKE Day Spa and boutique. Stop by Plaza Central for services from sports and relaxation massages to a variety of treatments. Facials, scrubs, wraps, mani-pedi and cryotherapy are nice rewards after a day of training and playing! #trichat #LetsTravel #CostaRica

The Coastal Challenge

***ATTENTION - The The Coastal Challenge 😋 #TCC2019 registration is ready, marking the 15th anniversary of this incredible challenge. Early bird registrations are active now, but only 120 slots are available for the 15th special edition. Contact Race Quest Travel TODAY to register. If you have raced TCC before, this is an amazing opportunity to come back to the Rainforest! Lots of love, the TCC team. 🤜🔥

***ATTENTION - This is a friendly reminder... 😋 #TCC2019 is already up ahead and it marks the 15th anniversary of this incredible challenge. Early bird registrations are active now, but only 120 slots are available for the 15th special edition. Contact our official email at info@thecoastalchallengecostarica.com TODAY to request information on your region’s representative. If your raced TCC before, this is an amazing opportunity to come back to the Rainforest! Lots of love, the TCC team. 🤜🔥🤛


The Daily. Saturday, February 17th, 2018 - Las Catalinas

This week’s triathlon training camp was a hit. Thanks to @Coach_flanny for leading the dirt tan movement happening at RaceQuest’s “2nd home,” @LasCatalinas Want to rock your own dirt tan? Join us here in March: race-quest.com

blog.lascatalinascr.com The Daily Blog has been a fun way to find out what is going on in Las Catalinas. We have found another great way is to search “places” on Instagram, putting Las Catalinas as the destination. It is always fun to see what people are doing and how they are enjoying Town. This week...


A Costa Rican Paradise, Made to Order for Travelers

A Wall Street Journal writer agrees, we’re basing our #triathlon and #cycling training camps and active vacations in a place you don’t want to leave! Consider joining us this March for tri camp, or book a visit of your own through RaceQuest with an endurance sports or yoga theme. #trichat #optoutside #LasCatalinas

wsj.com The new resort development of Las Catalinas is wooing tourists with its small-town vibe and bohemian-luxe amenities. But can a purpose-built Shangri-La ever feel authentic?

Feeling the love today!

First dinner at triathlon camp was a scrumptious feast from Coach Flanny! #costarica #YouShouldBeHere #rockthew #foodie

Good Sunday morning to you from Playa Potrero, Costa Rica. We love the colorful and friendly local communities near our triathlon camp base at Las Catalinas. #trichat #PuraVida #NeverABadDay #LetsTravel

We’re in Costa Rica at our beautiful training camp site, Las Catalinas getting ready to welcome guests for next week’s festivities, but we kicked off the weekend with the TriLasCatalinas off-road #triathlon. RQ Co-Founder Krista Baker enjoyed getting her “shred” on! #mtb #trichat

Marathon #3 in the books now from Perth, Australia for our friend Scott Coey.. Taking on the #WorldMarathonChallenge 7-7-7 and raising money for Breast Cancer Haven. Scott is currently in 3rd place overall and departs in a few hours for the next race, #Dubai. #OneFootInFrontOfTheOther #AussieAussieAussie

Follow along as our Co-Founder and favorite "Wookiee" Scott Coey runs the "7-7-7" World Marathon Challenge to raise needed funds for UK charity Breast Cancer Haven. Scott's 7 marathons on 7 continents in 7 days began in Antarctica, continued in Cape Town, South Africa today and tomorrow he's running marathon #3 on his home turf, Perth, Australia! To help out please visit https://www.breastcancerhaven.org.uk/Fundraisers/scottcoey


March Camps: Triathlon and MTB!

Hit the Road...and the Trail -

us6.campaign-archive.com Whether you opt for the triathlon training camp March 14-18, the mountain biking camp March 19-23 or BOTH, you're going to love warming up your season in Costa Rica with RaceQuest. #trichat #mtb #optoutside #XTERRA 1-855-872-8669

“Not until we are lost, do we begin to find ourselves”. Walking the trails at @las_catalinas_

Uh, we know which way we just voted 😎... #SunshineOverSnow #trichat #LetsTravel #PuraVida #TrainInParadise race-quest.com


File XTERRA and Xterra COSTA RICA under Things We Love...

No other sport in the world can take you to the places XTERRA can. #xterrapanam2018

Rock the W Costa Rica Training Camp

Best triathlete gift we know of...warm sunshine in February!

Did Santa forget to bring you what you REALLY wanted? Searched under the tree and in the very bottom of your stocking? Well that Training Camp in Costa Rica is still available and you can grab one of those final slots. Give yourself the gift of fun, fitness, and Costa Rican sunsets.

Consider giving experiences, instead of things. #RaceQuest #LetsTravel #trichat


Check out Scott Coey's fundraising page

Our co-founder and friend who many of you have traveled with on our tours, Scott Coey, is about to embark on his biggest challenge yet! He's running 7 marathons on 7 continents in 7 days to raise needed funds for Breast Cancer Haven. Please take a moment to learn more and consider supporting Scott's goal of raising £50,000. Sharing this post is helpful, too! #WookieeAdventures #DoGood World Marathon Challenge



We're gearing up for #triathlon training camps, just around the corner! Just 5 open spots left for the Feb. 13-18 session. Book at race-quest.com and check out our gorgeous Costa Rican camp digs!

2017 Reflections..it’s a pleasure to train when you’re in Costa Rica, steps from the Pacific, with a group of fun, like-minded people. 25m...saltwater lap pool, pure paradise. See you there once again in February 2018. “Pura Vida” #racequesttravel


RaceQuest Traning Camp: Day 1

Our training camps in Costa Rica kick off with open water swimming, group bike rides, group trail runs to accommodate all places, transition skills and race day nutrition and strategy discussions.

Join us in 2018 1-855-TRAV-NOW www.race-quest.com

#racequest #costarica #trainingcamp #optoutside #challengeroth #ironman #ironmantraining #lascatalinas #trichat #triathlon #swimbikerun

vimeo.com We begin our training days with open water swimming, group bike rides, group trail runs to accommodate all paces, transition skills and race day nutrition and strategy…

Are you ready to experience one of the most #difficult, #demanding and #breathtaking races of your life? As the official USA race partner, #RaceQuestTravel is partnering with #thecoastalchallenge to bring you an epic ultra-marathon stage race in 2018. 6 days. 140 miles. Dare to take the leap!
#racequest #beautifulexplorers #adventureculture #dirtbagrunners #theoutbound #wildernessculture #liveauthentic #venturevibes #twistedtrails #getoutdoors #optoutside #trailandultra #runsteepgethigh #wanderlust #trailrunning #exploremore #getoutstayout #neverstopexpoloring #adventureisoutthere#travelstoke

Take a 1 min tour of our all-inclusive #triathlon training camp in beautiful #CostaRica. Ideal location. #Luxury accommodations. #BikeRentals available. 7 spot left. Don't miss out!

#TriChat #RaceQuestTravel race-quest.com


Who needs a little liquid aloha? We are stocking up for our IRONMAN World Championship #WatchParty tomorrow with GPP Cycling & Multisport Bike Shop and Training Center Bentonville

#LiquidAloha Kona Brewing Company #Aloha #LongBoard


Wellbeing enhanced more by places than objects, study finds

Let us help you fill your life with new places and experiences! We couldn't agree more with the results of this new study... https://www.theguardian.com/education/2017/oct/12/wellbeing-enhanced-more-by-places-than-objects-study-finds
#trichat #PuraVida #LetsTravel #RaceQuest


TIME IS UP! (Almost) TONIGHT Wed. Sept. 27 at Midnight US-EST we officially close our Challenge Roth race entry tour registrations for the Class of 2018. Go to race-quest.com, hit us up on FB Messenger, or call us at 1-855-872-8669 (1-855-TRAV-NOW) to join us! #trichat

CHALLENGE ROTH 2018 Last Chance! Our Roth entry tours close at Midnight US-EST Sept. 27. Message us now, or call us at 1-855-872-8669 with any tour question or to lock in Roth. http://race-quest.squarespace.com/challenge-roth-package #trichat

Thrilled to see our favorite #triathlon and endurance athlete training grounds, Las Catalinas in #CostaRica, featured on the cover of Travel + Leisure Sept. 2017 issue! Can't think of a better place to train and RECOVER in style! Join us Feb. 13-18, 2018 for a next-level training camp! race-quest.com


A glimpse of what life is like for our triathletes, teams, and friends who join #RaceQuest for a little "Pura Vida"-style training... in the paradise, natural environment of Las Catalinas Costa Rica. Join us next Feb. 13-18, 2018 and experience it for yourself! Beautiful video by Herbalife24 and our friends at Campsite Media House, well done! http://race-quest.squarespace.com/rock-the-w-triathlon-camp/

"When you find that thing that draws you in and you get passionate about it ... it's life changing." - Wattie Ink Elite Team Director Robert "Flanny" Flanigan

From top-tier professionals to the everyday athlete, Herbalife is a proud partner in performance for Team Wattie Ink 🏊🚴🏃#HerbalifeEndurance


Challenge ROTH Stories Part 1

UPDATE: Just a handful of race entries remain for #ChallengeRoth 2018. The deadline to get in is fast approaching. We can get you in at race-quest.com. Huge thanks to all of our past travelers for helping us describe what it's like to tour with us, and why ROTH should be #1 on your #triathlon to-do list. Here's one of those stories... #trichat

vimeo.com Ryan and Kat Meyers joined us for Challenge ROTH and our post-race tour of Prague and Salzburg. Here's what they experienced, in their own words. Photography:…


"Let's race in NEW ZEALAND!"

Latest updates from RaceQuest, including the new race entry tour to #IRONMAN New Zealand plus an update on #ChallengeROTH 2018 race entry tour! #LetsTravel race-quest.com

us6.campaign-archive2.com See the details for our new race week tour and catch up on the latest from your friends at RaceQuest Travel. @racequesttravel #LetsTravel race-quest.com 855-TRAV-NOW


Challenge Roth

Challenge Roth 2018 Update: We have some new availability for race access tours (5-night or 7-night) that include access to purchase a guaranteed entry into the 2018 race. For all inclusions, details, and how to book, go here while they last-->> http://race-quest.squarespace.com/challenge-roth-package



Challenge ROTH 2018 Race Entry Tours Now Open

NOW BOOKING: Guaranteed race entry into 2018 Challenge Roth! Choose our 5 night or 7 night tours and gain access to this legendary race. Race entry is paid separately from our tour. See the details and book before we're sold out! #trichat

us6.campaign-archive1.com Secure your spot on the ROTH 2018 start line now! http://race-quest.squarespace.com/challenge-roth-package

Consider visiting #Prague with us in 2018. It's an ideal place to be for some fine Challenge Roth race recovery. Now we're off to #Salzburg! #trichat #EuropeanTreasures

European Treasures!

After one spectacular week at #ChallengeROTH we are packing up and shipping out. Luggage Forward is an exceptional service that can handle getting your bike around the world and back seamlessly. We are LF customers too and appreciate the excellent job they do for us and our #RaceQuest athletes! #trichat #LetsTravel

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