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I entered "Cruise ships are" into a Google search and this is what came up!!!

I can't believe these are the terms people google the most. We have a lot of work to do to convince the world otherwise!!


The Flat Earth International Conference (FEIC) described the upcoming voyage as "the biggest, boldest, best adventure yet" on its website.

The goal will be to test flat Earthers' claim that the planet is a flattened disk surrounded by a towering wall of ice that holds back the oceans.

The Flat Earth Society asserts that "the evidence for a flat earth is derived from many different facets of science and philosophy."

"The simplest is by relying on one's own senses to discern the true nature of the world around us," the group states on its website. "The world looks flat, the bottoms of clouds are flat, the movement of the Sun; these are all examples of your senses telling you that we do not live on a spherical heliocentric world."

With the cruise scheduled for next year, it seems we won't have to wait much longer for a final verdict.


Princess Cruises is raising the prices of their daily gratuities that are charged onboard their cruise ships.

Princess Cruises said the reason for the hike in daily gratuities was so that they can “ensure the guest service on board remains among the best in the cruise industry”.

The daily gratuity amount will increase by $1, and will be as follows:

- Interior/Oceanview/Balcony — $14.50 USD per guest, per day
- Mini suites (including Club Class) — $15.50 USD per guest, per day
- Full Suites — $16.50 USD per guest, per day

Princess went on to say that the gratuity rate increase is comparable to cruise industry standards and underlines their commitment to reward the crew for the excellent service provided to their cruise passengers.

This is the first increase in gratuities from Princess Cruises since December 2016.


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The State Department already issues travel advisories for every country around the world, with advice on crime, terrorism, civil unrest, natural disasters, health and other potential dangers. The State Department recently announced that it was adding a new indicator to show which countries have the highest risk of kidnapping.

Here's the list of 35 countries where you're most likely to get kidnapped, according to the U.S. State Department. They are grouped by their overall level of danger and listed alphabetically.

- LEVEL 4: Most Dangerous, Do Not Travel
Central African Republic
South Sudan

- LEVEL 3: Reconsider Travel
Burkina Faso
Democratic Republic of the Congo

- LEVEL 2: Exercise increased caution
Papua New Guinea
Trinidad and Tobago

- LEVEL 1: Exercise normal precautions


Save big on your next unforgettable island hop to the world's most captivating shores. When you book now, you'll enjoy 50% off your second guest. And bring the whole crew along, because kids sail free!! Now that's a deal everyone can get onboard with.

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MSC Cruises Teams Up With Martha Stewart on New Shore Excursions, Menus and Gift Packages

A New World Awaits at an Incredible Value - Book Now and Save!

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1. Don't miss the ship - It's every cruiser's worst nightmare: to find yourself gazing up as your cruise ship sails off into the sunset...without you. Cruise lines run a tight ship, literally — and if you’re late, they will not wait.

2. Don't hoard food

3. Don't pack too much - I've seen people going on a 4-day cruise with 2 HUGE suitcases!! Why? Space is limited in your cabin and really don't need to pack 5 different pairs of shoes.

4. Don't steal a sunbed - Just picture it — it’s 6am, and you hear the thunderous sound of footsteps along the corridors. A herd of elephants, you ask? No. It’s the sunbed stealers. One of the only design flaws onboard larger cruise ships is the ratio of sunbeds to passengers; sadly, there simply cannot be enough for the mammoth number of people onboard. Far too often, scheming guests will rise at the crack of dawn, place their towels down on a vacant sunbed, and "reserve" their spot for the day — even if it only receives ten minutes of use. What they don't realize: if this bad behavior is spotted, the crew will monitor you like a hawk, and your towel will not be long for this world.

5. Don't be rude to the crew - It's extremely hard work to be a cruise crewmember. Seven-day weeks, often for six months at a time — no holidays, no paid time off. Remember: politeness costs nothing. Although it may seem obvious, always remember your pleases and thank yous. Much of the crew’s work goes unnoticed; when your cabin steward makes your bed and leaves an artistic animal-shaped towel creation on top of your duvet, thank them. One of the biggest insults to staff is stiffing them on gratuity. These tips contribute directly towards their salaries; removing gratuity from your fare will only mean the crew is doing the same work for less money.

Fast becoming one of our favorite cruise lines, MSC has some great deals for Fall/Winter 2019-20


Member's Choice Awards analyzed more than 30,000 online reviews in order to determine the very best cruise ships for hosting a reunion; wedding; anniversary; birthday; social club; etc.

Book a minimum of 8 rooms with us on these ships and get special amenities and perks that are just for groups!!

Here are the Top 5:

1. Celebrity Cruises
2. Royal Caribbean
3. Holland America Line
4. Carnival Cruise Line
5. Princess Cruises

Airline Lose/Damage Your Luggage?

As a frequent traveler I just wanted to recommend a couple of luggage tips for this upcoming vacation season.

1. I ALWAYS put this note on the INSIDE of my bag. "This bag belongs to Kevin Gragg. I will be staying at the 'hotel name' in 'name location'. The phone number for this hotel is 555-555-5555". And when returning home I simply add this note, "This bag belongs to Kevin Gragg. My address is 'home address' and my telephone number is 555-555-5555"

It sounds simple but you would be amazed at the number of bags/suitcases that are lost forever because there is no form of identification to be found anywhere in the bag.

2. Everyone takes pictures of everything these days from what you are eating to multiple selfies. But have you ever taken a picture of your suitcase? I ALWAYS take a picture of the contents of my bag before I pack it. I simply lay everything out on the bed, take a quick pic...then pack it all away. I then also take another pic of the outside of my case. It helps immensely if for some reason your bag gets damaged.

Enjoy your summer travels!!!

Small Ships Are The Big New Thing In Cruising

I've yet to try one of these small ships. It looks like a great adventure. Have any of you been on a small ship cruise? With over 40 expedition ships set to launch by 2022, wanderlust travelers seeking new adventures will have more options than ever to sail the high seas in luxury.


Carnival cruise guests, get ready to feud with your families − in a fun way.

Carnival Cruise Line announced Tuesday that "Family Feud Live" will be coming to its Mardi Gras ship, which makes its debut in 2020.

The game show will mimic the TV show with the same format and set, with two five-person teams battling it out for prizes by guessing the most popular answers to survey questions. Mardi Gras' cruise director will host.

Different variations of the show will cater to guests and be both family-friendly and adult-oriented.


In an effort to become more environmentally sustainable, Norwegian Cruise Line is cutting back on its signature turndown service, the folded animal towel.

Each animal takes a minimum of two towels to assemble. And each of the two towels needs to be laundered after it’s appeared in a guest stateroom — even if it hasn’t been used. Although the animals may not seem like a large environmental impact, there are typically more than 1,000 cabins on each ship and the ships sail most nights every year.


Member's Choice Awards analyzed more than 30,000 online reviews in order to determine the very best cruise ships currently sailing.

Here are the Top 5:

1. Symphony of the Seas
2. Allure of the Seas
3. Carnival Dream
4. Carnival Breeze
5. Disney Dream

Which one would you like to sail on?


Carnival Panorama will be launched this fall sailing out of Long Beach, CA. Be one of the first to experience the most anticipated new ship of 2019...we are booking reservations!! Contact Dancing Moon Travel today.

With the recent Viking Sky cruise ship evacuation I've heard some travelers saying, "That's it. I'm not ever cruising."

And that's a shame, because the odds of dying on a cruise ship are roughly 1 in 6.25 million. While any fatality is one too many, recent data confirms that cruising is still one of the safest forms of recreation and travel.

With about 20 million passengers cruising each year, the industry strives to maintain the safety and security of passengers and crew. And as ships have grown larger, cruises have become safer than at any time in history.

According to Cruise Lines International Association, a typical cruise ship has more than 60 safety, environmental and health inspections each year. Safety regulations are rigorous – and ships often go substantially above and beyond what is required.


Cardiovascular disease: 1 in 2

Smoking (by/before age 35): 1 in 600

Car trip, coast-to-coast: 1 in 14,000

Bicycle accident: 1 in 88,000

Tornado: 1 in 450,000

Train, coast-to-coast: 1 in 1 million

Lightning: 1 in 1.9 million

Bee sting: 1 in 5.5 million

Cruise ship: 1 in 6.25 million

U.S. commercial jet airline: 1 in 7 million

(Sources: Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, University of California at Berkeley

“It’s Really a Good Life.” This Retired Couple Has Been on at Least 100 Cruises. Here’s How They Budget for Their Adventures

Meet the Retired Couple Who Have Been on at Least 100 Cruises They have spent as many as five months at a time at sea.

Join Kevin in Ireland...September 2019.


Sail to the Eastern/Western Caribbean or to Canada/New England on one of MSC's 4 ultra-modern ships: MSC Seaside, MSC Meraviglia, MSC Divina and MSC Armonia and get this amazing deal.

*Price is for per person based on double occupancy. Price is subject to change and does not include taxes, port fees or gratuities.

Contact us for a complimentary, no obligation quote.

Galapagos 2019 | Jason P. Odell Photography

Our client and good friend Jason P. Odell recently returned from his adventure in the Galapagos.

Check out these sparkling images from his trip.

Why You May Want To Get On Board With Cruise Insurance

We Strongly Recommend It For All Our Clients How would cruise insurance help in situations like the one passengers on the Viking Sky experienced?

As users tire of online, the humble travel agent makes a comeback

ONLINE SERVICES CAN NEVER MATCH THAT. Frustrated by the overload of information on travel sites, more than 9 million people will use a travel professional to help book a trip this year.

Everything You Need to Know About Disney Cruise Ships

TAKE THE FAMILY ON A DISNEY CRUISE!! Everything you need to know before booking one of Disney Cruise Lines four ships.


CARNIVAL - The self-described “Fun Ship” line is the king of short, affordable, fun-focused cruises from US ports to the Caribbean, Bahamas, Mexico and beyond. The choice of roughly one in five cruisers, its ships are notoriously lively, flashy and packed with fun features such as water slides.

CELEBRITY - Designed to be a cut above mainstream options such as Carnival while still relatively affordable, this Miami-based “premium” line is known for some of the most stylish ships at sea. Expect high-end design, cutting-edge art and on-trend restaurants. In short, it aims for sophisticates, not the party crowd.

HOLLAND AMERICA - Tradition long has been a touchstone for this storied line, which dates to 1873 and is known for carefully crafted, globe-circling itineraries on mid-size ships. But it’s been shaking things up in recent years with lively new venues such as B.B. King’s Blues Clubs. Couples and retirees are the market; families with kids might want to look elsewhere.

MSC - A giant of cruising in Europe, Switzerland-based MSC is in the midst of making a big play for North Americans with newer, bigger ships based year-round in the Caribbean. Like Royal Caribbean and Norwegian, it operates giant, resort-like vessels that appeal to a broad audience.

NORWEGIAN - Multi-story water slides, ropes courses and even go-cart race tracks are among the gee-whiz attractions you’ll find atop Norwegian’s giant, resort-like ships, which also are packed with eateries, bars, showrooms and casinos. If you’re looking for a Las Vegas-style resort at sea, this is your line.

PRINCESS - Popular with middle-age couples, retirees and multi-generational families, the “Love Boat” line’s ships aren’t as flashy (or big) as those of Royal Caribbean and Norwegian, and that’s just the way its customers like it.

ROYAL CARIBBEAN - For mega-resort fans, there’s nothing quite like a Royal vessel. The line’s biggest ships are more than 20% bigger than any others afloat and feature every type of amusement imaginable, from rock climbing walls and surfing pools to Broadway shows and ice-skating rinks. Families, in particular, will love it.

These are only the most common and well known...and Dancing Moon Travel has been on them all. Contact us for YOUR next cruise adventure.

Cruising With Jason Hartman

Join Real Estate Investment Guru Jason Hartman on an amazing Mexican Riviera Cruise #PassiveIncome #Investing #RealEstate Join Jason Hartman and the team for our upcoming cruises featuring Meet The Masters and the Venture Alliance Mastermind.


"If it’s a funny tummy that’s going to ruin your cruise vacation, it’s a lot more likely to come from throwing back one too many drinks around the Lido Deck than a stomach bug. While they do happen occasionally, outbreaks of gastrointestinal illness on cruise ships are relatively rare."

The Best Time to Buy Flights in 2019, Based on 917 Million Airfares

Good info for those flying to cruise ports When you’re planning vacation one of the biggest factors to consider, or at least the priciest, is airfare. When you buy your plane ticket can often have as much impact on its price as where you’re traveling to.


We invite you to join Dancing Moon Travel's very own Kevin Gragg on a special Ramble Through Ireland September 7 - 15, 2019.

Widely known for our expertise in producing awe inspiring events held on cruise ships, Dancing Moon Travel has also carved a reputable niche in the European travel market.

Kevin is our resident Ireland expert. He has traveled to Ireland over 20 times over the years and in September 2017 he decided to make this beautiful Emerald Isle his permanent home.

Join Kevin and together explore the picturesque scenery, lively music, and maybe a pint or two in Kevin's adopted home. We guarantee you'll leave Ireland with memories that will last a lifetime.

Contact us for details

(Image by Kevin Gragg at Glendalough in County Wicklow, Ireland)



Norwegian Cruise Line Is Giving Free Cruises to Teachers This Spring (Video)

Norwegian Cruise Line is Giving Free Cruises to Teachers This Spring!! Finalists will win cruise travel for two on a seven-day trip, airfare, and accommodations to an award ceremony where the teacher has a chance to win $15,000 for their school.

Carnival's Mardi Gras coming in 2020 will be their most innovative ship yet, so it's only right they take a unique approach to the stateroom design and do something completely different.

Mardi Gras' staterooms are enhanced by design touches that include:

- Floor-to-ceiling glass sliding doors on nearly all verandahs for easier balcony access.

- New sofas that "flip" into a bed and foot stools that open up for storage.

- Clear glass doors on the in-room mini-refrigerators to see what's inside.

- More 110V power outlets and USB connections both on the vanity and by the bed as well as more shelf space to accommodate electronic devices.

- Flexible bedside reading lamps that allow guests to read without disturbing others.

- A larger, customizable wardrobe with two pull-out bins, a sliding shoe rack, folding shelves and storage under the bed for luggage.

- Spacious bathrooms with glass shower doors, a first for us, along with an in-shower shaving bar.

Mardi Gras will offer the widest variety of staterooms on any Carnival Ship with more than 70% featuring an ocean view or balcony, along with 300 pairs of connecting staterooms, and the most suites offered on any Carnival ship.

You can contact Dancing Moon Travel now to book on Mardi Gras, debuting in Europe August 31, 2020, before repositioning to New York for a series of cruises then moving to Port Canaveral for year-round 7-day Caribbean cruises beginning in October 2020.

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