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What's the point of having AAA if they don't show up when you need a simple jump start? 1.5hrs and counting with no eta... "within 45 minutes" promised. Good thing AZ isn't hot or anything 🥵
Didn't know you had a FB page. Thanks.
Is AAA Insurance of AZ attempting to get out of the insurance business, if so please let me know. I've been with AAA Insurance Auto and Homeowners for over 12 years with no claims. Today I received my new policy with a 13.87% increase with no explanation for the increase? I'm going to look at other Insurance organizations for my combined policies. Gregg
Está nublado mañana va a llover lo q
I called aaa back 45 minutes ago and they had to resend another tow truck. I'm still waiting for a tow truck. I have not received any contact with the driver nor any text messages to track this driver!!! It's been a freaking hour!! Why do they end up going to the wrong address?
need a new battery for the car. Gloria McKinney - 742 E. Equality Tucson
I used AAA Arizona travel services to book international flights and a hotel reservation in Germany. The trip has been cancelled by the tour company. I need to cancel the international flights and the hotel reservation and obtain a refund. I completed the on-line form at AAA Arizona website and the instructions indicated I would be contacted in three business days. It has now been 7 business days. The airline will not process the cancellation because the reservation was made through AAA Arizona. Please respond.
I just wanted to thank AAA of Arizona for the 9.98% increase in my auto insurance. Bad form on your management's part passing on an outrageous increase with what's going on right now. I'll remember this when it this is over, don't count on my business next year.

AAA Arizona provides automotive, insurance, financial, and travel services to more than 900,000 Arizona members. Find your local AAA:

AAA serves more than 825,000 members across Arizona. Find an office near you: AUTO REPAIR SHOPS

AAA Arizona provides: ADVOCACY: AAA Arizona has been a champion for the safety and security of the motoring public since the club’s inception, lobbying for safer roads and creating programs for school-age children to seniors. AAA also represents the interests of motorists and the traveling public on fair transportation taxes, traffic safety, energy, environmental, travel and tourism issues. The club is committed to advocating on behalf of motorists on a broad spectrum of issues including occupant protection, teen driving safety and consumer choice. AUTOMOTIVE/ROADSIDE SERVICES: AAA Arizona works to educate motorists about vehicle preventative maintenance in order to prevent breakdowns. However, when they do occur, the auto club comes to the rescue with its legendary Roadside Assistance. INSURANCE: AAA Arizona provides insurance services to members and non-members. AAA Insurance offers low rates to cover consumers in the case of an accident or claim. To meet consumer needs for day-to-day living, as well as while on the go, AAA Insurance provides auto, boat RV, home, business, and life and health insurance. FINANCIAL: AAA Arizona partners with trusted financial institutions to offer members a variety of exclusive products. AAA Arizona’s financial products offer member-exclusive benefits and deposit program rates that consistently beat the national average. VACATION PLANNING: AAA Arizona has provided travel aid for motorists since 1927, taking great pride in offering members high-quality travel products and services, while serving as members “go to” source for travel planning, trends and destination ratings. In fact, AAA is the largest leisure travel agency group in North America, offering discounts on cruises, tours, travel insurance, airline tickets, hotels and car rentals to its members.

Mission: AAA Arizona is a trusted organization providing high-quality products, services and advocacy that members find essential to their safety, security and peace of mind. We want to be highly relevant in the everyday lives of our members.

Where in the West is this brick dwelling sheltered by vivid, swirling sandstone?

Hint: Named for the layers of rock that have seemingly peeled off the ceiling, this specific structure is just one of thousands of ancient ruins tucked into the crevasses of canyons around this 400-square-mile plateau.

If and when your travels take you to this remote, high-desert wilderness, be sure to pack wisely. Winters are cold and summers are hot. Load up your vehicle with water, non-perishable food, and layers of clothing. And make sure you're protected with AAA Auto Insurance. Get your free quote at

Please note: Before you go, call ahead to check the status of any place you plan to visit. You should also consult the CDC’s latest travel recommendations at

Photo: Johnny Adolphson

Stand-up paddle-boarding and camping at Grewingk Glacier is a uniquely Alaskan adventure worthy of one's bucket list. While the 13-mile spectacle of ice is easily reached by hiking trails, the surrounding Kachemak Bay State Park has no road access to most of its wild 400,000 acres. To get here, visitors typically reach the glacier by boat from Homer.

Flexible policy options cover whatever kind of motorized boat you have, along with your boat trailer and lift. Get a quote today at

Photo: Design Pics Inc / Alamy

#alaska #AAAinsurance #boatinsurance

Bison were introduced to the greater Grand Canyon region in the early 1900s as part of a ranching experiment to crossbreed bison and cattle. (It failed.) Descendants of that first herd now number 400–600 and have become a fixture at the north rim of the national park, roaming the meadows and congregating at natural water sources.

Hmmm… this sounds familiar. Is your own herd currently ambling about the house and depleting the contents the fridge? As we enter Thanksgiving week sticking close to home, it’s an opportunity to appreciate family and those who mean the most to us. Protect the people who depend on you with life insurance coverage through AAA. Find more information and get a free quote at

Photo: agefotostock / Alamy

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Stocky and short-winged, puffins may not have graceful takeoffs, but once they're airborne, they flap an impressive 400 times a minute. The sea birds "fly" even better under water, of course, using their wings and rudder-like webbed feet to dive up to 200 feet and hunt herring—holding as many as 12 fish crosswise in their beaks.

Brown Cannon III (IG: @browncannoniii), a photographer and AAA Member, beautifully captured this puffin in the Svalbard archipelago of Norway—but the birds make their homes all over the northern hemisphere, including along the West coast, from Alaska to California.

Wherever your wings take you, AAA Membership offers peace of mind with 24/7 roadside assistance—including towing, fuel delivery, and locksmith services, not to mention hundreds of discounts. Join or upgrade your existing Membership at

Where have you been in the West? Post your photos with the hashtag #ViaAdventure.

Relaxing into Friday like...

There's something to be said for hot-springs-loving snow monkeys: they understand the value of recreation. These gray and brown-furred, rosy-faced creatures are native to Japan and known for their keen intellect, aptitude for rolling snowballs, and knack for relaxation.

At AAA, this is how we want you to feel—confidently relaxed, knowing we’ve got your back with a legion of Member benefits, from discounts on everyday purchases to our legendary roadside assistance.

Upgrade your Membership or gift one to someone you love. Explore your options at

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Photo: BlueOrange Studio

Nature imitates Michelangelo in Arches National Park, artfully sculpting sandstone into spires, domes, and more than 2,000 arches. Iron oxide paints the rocks vermilion. The rising sun makes them glow like carnelian. And the setting sun covers broad swaths in gold.

Located in eastern Utah, five miles north of Moab, the park is home to the highest concentration of natural stone arches in the world. Visit and you will marvel at these delicate, iconic formations—warped and whittled by millions of years of geologic forces and water erosion.

At AAA, we understand your wanderlust, and we're here to support you on the road when your journeys meet with unexpected obstacles. Learn more about AAA auto insurance. Get your free quote in minutes at

Credit: Annett Schmitz / Mauritius Images

#archesnationalpark #arches #archesnps #AAAAdventure #AAAInsurance

Note: Before you go, call ahead to check the status of any place you plan to visit. You should also consult the CDC’s latest travel recommendations at

Where in the West do a pair of bronze angels—aged to a green patina from exposure to the elements—stand sentry?

Hint: These 30-foot-tall statues guard the visitor center of a giant dam, which has supported the largest reservoir in the United States for more than eight decades.

Like our mystery location, AAA has also stood strong for decades, protecting our Members for more than 100 years. Join or upgrade your existing Membership at

Photo: Oskar J W Hansen / Alamy

In Alaska's backcountry, the Matanuska Glacier creeps along, moving over the landscape at about a foot per day, yet it makes for a wonderland of adventures. This massive glacier is one of Alaska's oldest—and the largest in the U.S. that is accessible by car.

If your travels take you there, be sure to pack wisely. Load up your vehicle with a warm blanket, extra clothes, water, non-perishable food, an ice scraper, and a small shovel. And make sure you're protected with AAA auto insurance. Get your free quote in minutes at

(You may be surprised by how much you can save when you bundle it with your AAA Membership!)

Photo: DCrane

Are you herding the masses today? Another week of work deadlines and school assignments is waiting for us, but with a little gumption, we've got this!

Monument Valley Tribal Park has seen its fair share of visiting herds, from tourists taking in the wonders of 1,000-foot-tall buttes rising into the clear blue desert skies to movie producers making this landscape the most iconic of the West. One favorite cinematic visitor proved his determination: This spot is where Forrest Gump turned around after his cross-country jog.

We can't make herding your loved ones any easier, but we can help you find hundreds of discounts and other perks that come along with AAA Membership. Head to to find ways to save.

Photo: Stanislav Beloglazov

The ponderosa pine is always elegantly dressed, with its bright green needles and distinctive bark in hues ranging from black and brown to red and orange. But when it accessorizes with a pop of bright orange fungus... wow! We love this vibrant scene captured in Oregon by AAA Member Kari Ferb (IG: @kkferb), who notes, "Nature is amazing, and color coordinated." Agreed!

AAA Membership is always a smart accessory. For the upcoming holidays, consider gifting your loved ones peace of mind with 24/7 roadside assistance—including towing, fuel delivery, and locksmith services. Find information, including terms and conditions, at

Where have you been in the West? Post your photos with the hashtag #ViaAdventure.

The West is brimming with canyons, from the vast and magnificent ones to the tiny and mystical. While all of them astound, there's something extra special about slot canyons like Antelope Canyon in Northern Arizona. Here, sandstone walls ripple in soft waves, and light fills the crevices with an otherworldly glow. This is a place to find a little peace.

Peace of mind is something we could all use a little more of in 2020. And while many things are out of our control, the security delivered by AAA Membership—with trusted roadside service and many other perks—is a certainty. Make sure you're covered through the road bumps of life at

Photo: Daniel Kim Photography

Eerie rumblings, disappearing prospectors, tunnels to the underworld—the legends that earned Arizona's Superstition Mountains their name are as haunting as the range's otherworldly beauty.

Rising abruptly from the Sonoran Desert some 50 miles east of Phoenix, the colorful cliffs and fantastical spires were born of ancient volcanic eruptions and harsh erosion. The resulting rock formations put the scenic in the Apache Trail Scenic Byway, a 42-mile road with views so stunning that Teddy Roosevelt invoked the Alps, the Rockies, and the Grand Canyon in one breath.

But on this day, Friday the 13th, you may be feeling quite enough superstition without the mountains, thank you. Because you can't always know how your luck will run, on Friday the 13th or any other day, invest in peace of mind with AAA Membership. Buy yours today—or gift one to a friend—at

Photo: laurent baig / Alamy Stock Photo

#AAAMembership #superstitionmountains #fridaythe13th

Where in the West are these striated mesas made of alternating bands of sandstone, shale, and limestone, and carved by the powerful force of water—particularly one pretty impressive river?

Hint: This one-mile-deep, 18-mile-long canyon just might be best visited in the cooler months, when crowds disperse and a quiet calm settles on the iconic landmark.

Hitting the road this fall? Make sure you're protected with AAA Auto Insurance. Get a free quote in minutes at AAA Members can bundle and save!

Photo: AWL Images

An escape to somewhere peaceful might not be in the cards right now—with the kids zooming in to class and those work deadlines staring us down—but we can find a little bit of solitude in this dreamy autumn scene in Zion National Park.

Fall is one of the best times to visit the high desert canyon in Utah. Crisp nights defrost into mild days, and the shimmering golden leaves of cottonwoods lining the Virgin River create a splendid autumn afternoon for exploration.

Where are you dreaming of being? Whenever and wherever you go, make sure you're protected with AAA's widely recommended auto insurance. If you're already a Member, you may be surprised by how much AAA can save you. Learn more at

Photo: EB Adventure Photography

Red, orange, and yellow leaves are the stars of autumn. But red rocks... they're just as vibrant all year round. We see you, Bryce Canyon. And we love the orange glow captured in this photo of Wall Street, the national park's only slot canyon, by AAA Member Maggie Perkins (IG: @magsperks).

When you're ready to explore, remember AAA Membership unlocks hundreds of discounts, including RV rentals, vehicle safety kits, and even pet-sitting services. Learn more at

Where have you been in the West? Post your photos with the hashtag #ViaAdventure.

Well, hello down there!

Along the Oregon coast, a few hours from Portland, is a peculiar chasm that appears to swallow the incoming waves into another dimension. Thor’s Well, also known as the "drainpipe of the Pacific" may look like a bottomless pit, but is only about 20 feet deep.

If you pay a visit to this watery otherworldly portal, try to arrive about an hour before high tide for the most spectacular sights, as water rushes over the top of the rocky formation before disappearing into the god of thunder’s ditch.

But before you head out, be sure you're protected from the unexpected with auto insurance from AAA. Get your free quote at

Video: Zenstrata/Shutterstock

#aaa_via #thorswell #oregon #oregoncoast #nature #ocean #pacificocean #adventure #explore #roadtrip

Need to breathe in some fresh air and cleanse your mind? Us too! May we suggest a quiet escape to Mono Lake? It's an ancient salt-water lake located about 20 miles east of Yosemite National Park. Here you can take in the world-famous tufa towers along the water's edge, hear the calls of hundreds of migrating birds, and spend time away from the crowds—or anyone for that matter!

If you own an RV, you know there's nothing better than taking in a tranquil scene from the comfort of your very own shelter. But before you hit the road, make sure you're protected with RV insurance from AAA. Learn more at

Photo: Cavan Images/

We may have gained an extra hour of 2020 (booooo), but we also gained an extra hour of autumn! We are soaking up all the fall feels in this photo of aspens in Mono County, California, captured by AAA Member David H. Collier (IG: @davidhcollier).

Remember: AAA Members are covered with roadside assistance 24/7—whether you're the driver or passenger. You can trust our trained technicians to perform a variety of services, from fuel delivery to battery replacement, to get you on your way. Learn more at

Where have you been in the West? Post your photos with the hashtag #ViaAdventure

Break out the costumes and fill up that candy bowl cause it's Halloween time! Just because we're staying closer to home this year doesn't mean that we can't have a whole lot of spooky fun. Organize a Zoom costume contest, hunt for candy in the backyard, or even create a creepy—and socially distant—tablescape on your driveway, with candy spaced out to avoid any touching.

Click here for more tips on how to enjoy a spin-chilling Halloween at home:

The holidays are going to be spent mostly at home this year, which means ensuring its protection is more important now than ever. To explore trusted AAA Home Insurance and get a free quote, head to AAA Members can bundle and save!

Video: Aleksandr Ostapchuk

Where in the West is this high-alpine lake, which bursts into colorful foliage when the air turns crisp and cool?

Hint: Tucked into California's most rugged mountain range, this lake sits in the shadows of 13,000-foot peaks.

Hitting the road to seek out the best fall colors in the West? Make sure you're protected from anything that might come your way with AAA Auto Insurance. With legendary 24/7 roadside service, plus fast and efficient claims services, you'll be back on the road in no time. Visit to learn more.

Please note: Before you go, call ahead to check the status of any place you plan to visit. You should also consult the CDC’s latest travel recommendations at

Photo: Adonis Villanueva / Alamy Stock Photo

Sometimes Mondays feel like an arduous swim upstream—with the grind of Zoom meetings to attend, lunches to make, and emails to wade through. But much like the sockeye salmon in Alaska's Katmai National Park and Reserve, we can do the impossible.

These hardy fish survive years in the open ocean before returning to their birthplace to spawn. Tens of thousands of salmon enter the freshwater rivers of the park, seeking streams with the perfect gravel bottom to protect their eggs. Most of these fish avoid bears, anglers, and other predators to carry out their life's work.

However you're experiencing your Monday, know that you've got this! And in case you need an extra hand, AAA has your back with roadside service, discounts, and more. And for a limited time, you can add loved ones to your Membership for 50% off (terms and conditions apply). Get the same great peace of mind for those who matter most by visiting

Photo: Spotmatik Ltd

Blue skies are great and all, but that golden hour... wow! We love this dramatic sunset sky over cholla cactus at Joshua Tree National Park in Southern California, photographed by AAA Member Ramesh Hegde (IG: @ramesh_ks01).

Did you know you can give the gift of AAA Membership? For a birthday or the upcoming holidays, consider giving peace of mind with 24/7 roadside assistance—including towing, fuel delivery, and locksmith services—plus thousands of discounts. Find information, including terms and conditions, at

Where have you been in the West? Post your photos with the hashtag #ViaAdventure.

Although there are plenty of magnificent sites to see in Yellowstone National Park, Grand Prismatic Spring is not to be missed.* One of four geothermal features in the Midway Geyser Basin, this giant hot spring is quite impressive: It's the third largest spring in the world, more than 10 stories deep and larger than a football field. Its waters may not shoot into the air, but the spectacular colors and impressive size make this one of the most photographed spots in the park.

Before you hit the road, be sure you're covered with insurance you can trust. With AAA, not only do you get award-winning insurance agents, but great service and helpful discounts too. Sign up at

Photo: VIA films

*Note: Before you go, call ahead to check on the status of any place you plan to visit. You should also consult the CDC’s latest travel recommendations at

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