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Navy couple faces nearly $11,600 bill to move pair of dogs from Virginia to Guam A Navy couple transferring from Norfolk to Guam with two German shepherds are facing a steep price tag to fly the two canines, thanks to an onerous flight route spanning half the globe and United Airlines' decision last year to stop transporting large dogs.

Our Big Spain Trip 2017 Part 1 - Travels with Shanna This year we embarked on a big family vacation to Spain. Unfortunately, we were missing one special part of the family, BILB (brother in law britches). He was unable to join us this year and we all missed his presence.

There's no need for a map in Tallinn. This charming capital of Estonia is approachable and culturally rich. Tallinn is generally unaffected by mass tourism, so exploring the numerous museums, churches and beautiful architecture is easy.

Travel Tip Tuesday: Binder clips are a must when traveling! Use them to protect the head of shaving razors or wrap your headphone wires around them to prevent tangles.

This meringue and fruit dessert is the subject of a friendly rivalry between Australia and New Zealand over where the recipe originated. The dessert’s namesake, prima ballerina Anna Pavlova, was the first major dancer to tour the world and she was, no doubt, the biggest international celebrity to grace the shores of either nation in 1926. The fact is that dozens of dishes were named in her honor, across the globe, but only this light confection continues to thrive. Have you tried Pavlova in your travels?

We have a case of the Monday Blues, and we're pretty sure the only cure is being transported to the beautiful Puerto Vallarta for a beach vacation. What location cures your Monday Blues?

Paul Gauguin Cruises offer a complimentary honeymoon package to honeymooners sailing the islands of Tahiti, French Polynesia, and the South Pacific aboard our award-winning ship.

Do you want to spend some time with the locals?

When it comes to travel companions we want to know...which would you rather?

A) Romantic trip with your partner
B) Group vacation with your friends
C) A family vacation
D) A solo adventure

Tell us your answer in the comments!

Let's honeymoon in...Santorini! We suspect you will be mesmerized by the postcard worthy views of pristine white villas against turquoise water, but do take the time to go exploring the other sights too! Santorini has a lot to offer, including wine tasting, cooking classes, ancient ruins and sailing expeditions. You could opt for a romantic dinner cruise for the evening or enjoy a quiet meal right next to the ocean at one of the many alfresco restaurants.

It's hard to be gloomy when faced with the sunny petals of the ever cheerful sunflower. In 1903 the state of Kansas agreed, and thus the sunflower was named as the state flower. In their legislation, lawmakers praised the Sunflower as a symbol of the state’s “frontier days, winding trails, pathless prairies” as well as the state’s present and future. The sunflower isn't just a pretty face though, it's been a valuable food and oil source for over 3,000 years, and there are also experiments to harvest the oil as an alternative biodiesel fuel.

Caption this! This is our caption: "Me trying to cut back on my morning coffee just really isn't working out."

Are you in need of a pink sunset? If so, Jamaica has you covered!

There are few things more thrilling than seeing mustangs running free in the wild. We think this quote from Sharon Ralls Lemon says it best: "The essential joy of being with horses is that it brings us in contact with the rare elements of grace, beauty, spirit and freedom."

Have you seen wild horses in your travels?

Have you ever dreamed of wine tasting in South America? Where would you go first? Argentina comes to mind . . .

It's National Leave The Office Early Day, and we're pretty sure that there's no better feeling than leaving the office early to go on a fabulous vacation!

What's this delicious item? It's a nalesniki, a crêpe-style pancake originating from Poland. They can be either sweet or savory—tasty fillings from fresh fruit to vegetables to chicken can be part of the recipe. What's your favorite style of crepe, savory or sweet?

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It's National Go Barefoot Day, because let's be honest, sometimes shoes are overrated. Tell us your favorite place to kick off your shoes!

And the answer is...

The Széchenyi Chain Bridge of Budapest

"I said, 'do you speak my language?'/He just smiled and gave me a Vegemite sandwich/And he said I come from a land down under."

You don't have to hail from the Land Down Under to recognize that Australia is a one-of-a-kind vacation destination. Whether you're looking for beach, tropical forests, desert, wildlife, mountains or thrilling cities with bustling nightlife, Australia has something for everyone. If you surf, want to check out the Great Barrier Reef or just love beach lounging, the beaches of Australia are heavenly! Wildlife lovers will not want to miss Kangaroo Island, the Jumping Crocodile Cruise or shark cage diving and no one will want to pass up the opportunity to see the famous Australian Outback or Uluru. Those who love the city life will be instantly charmed by Sydney Harbor and the sight of the Sydney Opera House. The best part is that no matter where you go you'll be surrounded by warm, friendly locals!

After a count was unable to cross the river for his father's funeral due to icy water, the idea (and name) for this bridge was born. It was once the longest bridge in Europe, generally considered an engineering feat and the stone lions that guard it have their own urban legend. During the summer there are often weekend festivals here where only pedestrians were allowed. Can you name where in the world this is? We'll post the answer later today!

Many who travel to Bologna feel like they are discovering the best kept secret of Northern Italy! Rarely crowded with tourists, you'll have plenty of opportunity to enjoy the food (regarded as the best in all of Italy) and sights such as the local university, which is the oldest in the world!

The famous Moroccan mint tea is steeped with a mix of mint, gunpowder green tea and sugar. As is tradition, the tea must be poured from up high in order to create a nice froth on the top of the slim tea glasses, and if it doesn't have foam, the tea is considered no good and must be brewed longer. Cookies and dates may be served as refreshments along with the tea.

Embark upon a five-star culinary adventure, designed just for you by some of the world’s most talented and award-winning chefs, including Jean-Pierre Vigato, Chef Propriétaire at Paris’ Michelin-starred Restaurant Apicius. What’s more, every onboard dining option is included in the cruise fare aboard Paul Gauguin Cruises.

Discovered in 1974 by local farmers, the Terracotta Army is a collection of sculptures depicting the armies of Qin Shi Huang, the first Emperor of China and they were constructed to accompany his tomb as afterlife guards Each soldier has distinct facial features, crafted out of clay once they were released from their molds.

Seen as the ultimate example of strength, agility and grace, the Royal Bengal Tiger has always held a predominant place in Indian culture, and is displayed on its currency and even on stamps. In 1972 it was officially adopted as the symbol of India. Though the tiger's numbers have been in danger in recent years, the government has stepped up its conservation efforts to protect this much loved animal, including building protected reserves such as Ranthambore National Park.

When it comes to cruises we want to know...which would you rather?

A) Cruise to a tropical destination
B) Whale watching excursion
C) Thrilling Antarctica cruise
D) Leisurely European river cruise

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Ever wanted to travel to the center of the earth? A tour through Portugal's São Vicente Caves would be a great start! Formed by a massive volcanic eruption, these caves are actually a series of lava tunnels sprinkled with fascinating stalactites and crystal-clear pools, extending more than 1,000 meters underneath Madeira Island.

Sail along the Danube. Here is but a glimpse of what you will see and experience cruising this marvelous, winding river.

A metropolis straddling Asia and Europe, Istanbul is a truly impressive city with nearly 15 million people. Don't miss the Hagia Sophia Museum, the architecturally striking Blue Mosque, or the Grand Bazaar, one of the largest covered markets in the world, boasting over 4,000 shops.

It's hard to not be awestruck at the beautiful, colorful sights of Shinsekai! Originally meant to emulate the modern energy of cities such as New York and Paris, Shinsekai has instead become a glimpse into the Osaka of a generation ago. It is home to the oldest grindhouse movie theater in Osaka, playing movies without a break round the clock. The food isn't to be missed, including the regional specialty of kushi-katsu (deep-fried meat or vegetables on a wooden stick). If you're feeling especially brave, there are many restaurants specializing in blowfish! In the evening, enjoy stunning views of Osaka from the infamous Tsutenkaku Tower.

Looking to visit somewhere that has a slow paced, old fashioned feel to it? Look no further than Uruguay! Stroll cobblestone alleys, check out the UNESCO World Heritage Barrio Historico, and join in on the Uruguayan custom of applauding beautiful sunsets. The vintage cars driven by locals (even the politicians) add to the old world charm.

Did you know that there are around 12,000 rum shops in Barbados?

Now this is a "pier-less" view! Alabama's Orange Beach, situated on the Gulf of Mexico, enchants visitors with its white sand beaches and stunning ocean views. Local activities include golf, deep sea fishing, and dolphin tours. This is the perfect place for a family beach vacation!

One of the best parts of vacation is being able sample regional flavors while also letting your hair down a bit. With that in mind we want to know...which regional adult beverage would you most like to sample while on vacation?

A) Wheat beer in Germany
B) Traditional Oaxacan mezcal
C) Vodka in Russia
D) Authentic grower champagne in France

Tell us your answer in the comments!

Caption this! This is our caption: "We've rehearsed so many times that there's no question the dance recital tonight is going to go perfectly!"

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Each spring Texas is painted blue with its lovely state flower the Texas bluebonnet, named due to its color and because it's said the petals resemble a woman's bonnet. It was named the state flower in 1901 after a fierce battle in legislature where it ultimately prevaled against the cactus and the cotton ball. Historian Jack Maguire once said, "The bluebonnet is to Texas what the shamrock is to Ireland, the cherry blossom to Japan, the lily to France, the rose to England and the tulip to Holland."

It's National Wine Day! It's the perfect time to gather up some friends and head to a local tasting room to learn about the different varietals in your area!

And the answer is...Torre de Belém in Lisbon, Portugal

"The only thing that gets me past Hump Day is the thought of being on vacation and laying on the beach!"

This famous landmark was originally intended as a lighthouse but was eventually built as a defensive fortress, and it has long been admired for its beautiful Gothic architecture. It was built on a small island off a river; however, the shift of the riverbank location has resulted to it sitting on the mainland. Can you name where in the world this is? We'll post the answer later today.

In 1970, a landslide led to the rediscovery of this ancient theater in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. Amazingly well preserved, its protective structures imply gladiators once battled animals here. Today, following a beautiful restoration, Plovdiv Roman Theatre hosts concerts, plays, and other public events.

Do you travel to take in the scenery?

The Nut—plug of an extinct volcano—is both a distinctive feature of the scenic landscape around Stanley, Tasmania, and an ideal vantage point for taking in all the other scenery. Chose a steep climb or a relaxing chair lift ride to the top for amazing 360 degree views of the township, the Bass Straight and Rocky Cape National Park. Be sure to pack your camera!

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