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Fully-furnished apartments for on-the-go person, wherein when they are at Norfolk, Virginia having a place called home is not a dream. Welcome to Sandy Bay Apartments!

Feel the comfort of being at home here at Sandy Bay Apartments! Located at Norfolk, Virginia we are proud to say that we can cater you a wonderful stay with our beautifully furnished corporate apartments. And if you are planning to stay at Norfolk whether for short term or longer period of time our apartments is awesomely perfect than staying at a hotel. For guests staying 30 days or more we can s

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Tips to Enjoy Staying in a Chosen Apartment

Approved for renting; how will you enjoy your stay? Choosing an apartment can be difficult but when you’ve settled at a good place where you can feel comfort and convenience just the way you have at home, you can concentrate on how else you ca...


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Choosing Your Apartment Types and Styles • homeawayfromhome's Blog

Choosing Your Apartment Types and Styles After posting previous articles, I guess you are now ready for choosing your apartment. You have considered your criteria to judge what you really need for an apartment. Though there are many types of apartments you can settle at, there is just an efficient one for you. At this crucial stage, you mu...


Mark this date! November 17 - Downtown Norfolk Grand Illumination Parade - The Downtown Norfolk Grand Illumination Parade on Saturday kicks off six weeks of Holidays in the City. (


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Less Pests, Less Worries, Great Living | Sandy Bay Apartments Updates

are you tired of living in a house with the pests that really annoys you best? Read sandybayapartments' latest blog post: Less Pests, Less Worries, Great Living ... Apartment complexes have often specific problems as it pertains to pest management. Property owners may have given a great effort to get rid of these things 10/31/2012

Secure Living in a Luxurious Apartment Communities

Secure Living in a Luxurious Apartment Communities --- follow sandybayapartments on Tumblr and we'll Tumbl together! There are several deluxe apartments rentals which are part of a bigger real estate and local community. These residential areas provide people a highly managed and exclusive local community which is not normally amenable for the open public. This enables the routine maintenance workers to maintain t...


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Charlottesville Virginia -- One of Virginia's Tourist Attraction. located in the eastern foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, offers Virginia visitors the opportunity to enjoy the many historic and contemporary tourist attractions such as Monticello, the University of Virginia, Ash Lawn-Highland, Historic Court Square and the historic circa-1784 Michie Tavern. Enjoy your stay in Virginia!


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Tour - Website of sandybayapartments!

Take your tour virtually at sandybayapartments! Living room or lounge room is a space in a residential house for relaxing and socializing. Such a space is sometimes called a front room when it is near the main entrance at the front of the house. Are you dreaming of having a perfect living room? Or are do want to live in a perfect living room?


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Practical Concepts for Little Bedroom Area

Are you worrying because your place seems to be small? Well is isn't. There is always a cure for this kinds of problem especially in the bedrooms. Furnishing and designing a little bedroom area may be challenging, but having a specific design concept and a few living space conserving techniques, a little bedroom turns into a peaceful haven. Modern alternatives for enhancing floor area, attaching valuables and reducing the dimensions of bedroom...


This is from Freshome - indeed a very clever way to use woods on the gardens. 10/17/2012

Beach Front Apartments: A Perfect Living With Nature | Sandy Bay Apartments Updates

Check Out Sandy Bay Apartments' latest blog post on Beach Front Apartments: A Perfect Living With Nature ... You can find nothing more magnificent than living in an amazing place at the beach front, and much more when the beach is really a stunning place. It can be


Make every dwelling place a zone where all the the love is in. 10/16/2012

Give Your Apartment’s Kitchen A New Look

Kitchen Is A Place In The Home Where You Also Need To Improve And Give A New Look. The most basic step to provide a decorative touch to a kitchen in a studio apartment is to make the area accessible to the other portion of the place, instead of making it as an isolated space from the other part of the apartment. Thinking about the best method to decorate a little space can be a bi...


A good home must be made, not bought.
-Joyce Maynard


Where we love is home - home that our feet may leave, but not our hearts. 10/11/2012

Experience an Excellent Beach Front Apartment Living

Experience It Today! Have you ever think what does it feel to step out of your doorways and you will see a vast of blue water in front of you just a few steps away from your place? Just imagine the feeling while you are lying in your bed and calmly sleeping at night while listening to the sweet sounds of crashing water ...


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Luxury Deals in Today’s Apartment Living

Luxury Deals in Today's Apartment Living ... Read the whole article now to know how to. Luxurious yet affordable apartments have been in great call nowadays and therefore numerous developers take the opportunity to offer it to a lot of customers seeking this kind of deals. ...


I believe that being successful means having a balance of success stories across the many areas of your life. You can't truly be considered successful in your business life if your home life is in shambles. ~Zig Ziglar 10/08/2012

Best Decorative Ideas for Your Bedroom Apartments - Website of sandybayapartments!

Best Decorative Ideas for Your Bedroom Apartments ... Make your bedrooms look like never was. At last, you are now ready and excited to move to your new bedroom apartment. It is true that you're going to get your privacy by leasing your personal apartment, yet the truth remain that you will have a limited space on it. To make the best in furnishing your bedroom apartment, you should need t... 10/05/2012

Boosts Your Apartment’s Physical Look That Simply Fits Your Budget

Budget Friendly But Will Make Your Apartment Look Classy. Whether it is your first time experience living in an apartment or you haven’t been pleased with your previous decorating initiatives, it is always possible to try new ideas in making your space more fabulous. Some apartment leasers feel stifled of the little alternatives they could make when it com... 10/04/2012

Making a Frugal But Excellent Living in an Apartment

Live in an apartment and experience excellent living today! Living in an apartment may not be meant for everybody, aside from it can be very costly way to live, it’s also hard for people to make developments with the other aspects of their living due ... 10/03/2012

Furnished Apartments Norfolk Virginia / Extended Stay Norfolk Virginia

Enjoy your stay in Norfolk Virginia with Furnished Apartments ... Sandy Bay Apartments offer Furnished Apartments in Norfolk VA, Extended Stay in Norfolk, Off base military Navy housing Norfolk VA, Furnished military short term apartments, Off base housing in Norfolk, NATO housing in Norfolk, Medical Hold Housing Norfolk


Enjoy the view of Chesapeake Bay View with Sandybay Apartments. 09/29/2012

Why Not use “Tricks” to Live without Limit in Your Apartment? | Sandy Bay Apartments Updates

Simple tricks that you will find definitely helpful in living without limit in your apartment. It may be a desire of every dweller to have an apartment that has no boundary or limit as to everything that he intends to do. But this magical imagination is


Experience Norfolk beach with Sandy Bay Apartments.


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