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The Blessed Door of Kaaba, Makkah

The original and ancient Kaaba used to have two doors; one for entrance and the other one for exit. There was one window as well which was situated at one wall of the Kaaba. Now the Kaaba of our times consists of one door and no window.

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Due to the importance of #Makkah and #Madinah in the #Muslim world, and the millions of #pilgrims they attract, the two #holycities form a major component of #SaudiArabia.

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Pigeons on the Road to Arafat, Makkah

The pigeons roam the sky of Arafat and land confidently among pilgrims who feed them as part of the tradition of people of Makkah.

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Muslim USA

Our Premium Umrah Package ... to airfares, we are one of the large tour operator in the United State, offering premium Umrah packages across the globe as well as Hajj, Group Umrah and travel and tour packages.

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[08/22/20]   May Allah grant us Umrah shortly.

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Heavy rainfall on the Prophet Muhammad PBUH Mosque - Madinah Munawarah

Heavy rain surprised worshippers at Masjid An-Nabawi (the Prophet Mosque) in Medinah, Saudi Arabia, on Eid 4th Day.

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Friday night pray

Friday night pray the messenger of Allah

May Allah pray and bless our Lord Muhammad and his God and his health

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Best Time for Riadhul Jannah, Madinah Munawwarah

The #Riyadhul_Jannah is the name given to the center of the #Holy_Prophet_PBUH mosque. Many Muslims including scholars have named this area to be sacred and ...


Muslim USA

We are now taking bookings for #Hajj_2020, Our #Silver_Makkah_Hajj Package from New York include direct flights, Makkah first, no Aziza, #North_American sheet-rock tents. Call us +1 212-244-1818 for the best #hajj_deal from the USA with 5-Star accommodation.

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How to Engage You Children Constructively During Ramadan?

blog.dawntravels.com Very useful Ramadan ideas for kids includes telling a Ramadan story at bedtime. Many important events in Islamic history took place during Ramadan.


What is Tawaf? - Hajj and Umrah

It is an important part of both the major and minor #pilgrimages, or #Hajj_Tawaf and Umrah_Tawaf. The tawaf is the name given to the encirclement of the #Kaaba_Tawaf in an anti-clockwise direction. A total number of seven circumambulations are made around the Kaaba at an ordinary to fast pace. Believers may recite various supplications and raise their hands in prayers to ALLAH SWT when performing this action. The pilgrims also recite Takbir while performing it.

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2 Types of Umrah

ilinktours.com Types of Umrah: - Umrah is one of the most beautiful Sunnah of the Prophet

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Historical Places to Visit in Makkah During Hajj

ilinktours.com Makkah During Hajj, Makkah the city that houses the majestic Holy Kabah is the most

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Importance of Five Daily Prayers in Islam - Dawn Travels

blog.dawntravels.com Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) ascended to the Heavens on the night of Miraj by the grace of Almighty, Allah blessed him with the five daily prayers.


Muslim USA

We are offering the best price and high quality 8 nights #Premium_Umrah_package with 5-Star accommodation in both Madinah and Makkah. Experience our spiritually enlightening #Premium_Umrah Offer 2020.

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Muslim USA

Get the best 7 nights February Female Group Umrah package with flights and 5-Star hotels accommodation both Makkah and Madinah.

Our Female Group Umrah is specially designed to facilitate our valuable customers. Plan your specially Umrah Offer now. Call us at free: 212-244-1818.

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Useful Tips for Your Umrah Journey - Dawn Travels

blog.dawntravels.com Millions of Muslims perform the Umrah journey every year especially in the month of Ramadan. Umrah is best ways to build a relationship with Allah.


Muslim USA

Looking for #February_Group_Umrah Package? We are offering Affordable February Group Umrah in USA.

There are several ways to spend holidays, but one of the best ways for #Muslims_USA is to spend holidays by pleasing Allah (SWT) with reasonable #Umrah to Muslim.

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Why Umrah is Important for Muslims?

ilinktours.com Just because we Muslims think that Umrah is a minor pilgrimage doesn’t mean that it

dthajjandumrah.weebly.com 12/24/2019

The Three Holy Mosques and Their Significance

dthajjandumrah.weebly.com One of the oldest faiths of the world, Islam has continued to exist for more than 14 centuries. The rich Islamic history spreads across various regions of the world. The holiest places in Islamic...

blog.dawntravels.com 12/23/2019

What to Know Before Visiting a Mosque? - Dawn Travels

blog.dawntravels.com Hence, all the Muslim brothers must realize the importance of visiting a mosque and try to pray as much as they can in the mosques.

blog.dawntravels.com 12/19/2019

The Most Important Thing to Consider for Umrah - Dawn Travels

blog.dawntravels.com Lastly, visiting the holy places and monuments is one of the important things to consider for Umrah trip. Visiting these places shall uplift your faith.


Doors of Jannah

At many places in the Holy Quran, Allah talks about the bounties and blessings of Jannah. Allah promises the blissful life in Jannah to all those who spend their lives in this world according to the teachings of the Holy Quran.

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Muslim USA

Looking for the best Umrah offer from USA to facilitate your trip to the house of Allah? - Our 7 nights/5-Star February group umrah package is designed for those who wish to perform umrah in February with group & family and this a is convenient package for them.

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The Blissful Masjid-e-Nabawi and Its Importance in Islam

blog.dawntravels.com Millions of Muslims travel to Madinah to offer prayers. Masjid-e-Nabawi stands as the second holiest mosque in the world, after Masjid-al-Haram.

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Benefits of Zamzam Water

ilinktours.com Zamzam, the miracle of Allah: - The well of Zamzam is located in the holy

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Holy places to visit in makkah

slideshare.net The enormous desert of Arabia has played a remarkably vital role in the history of Islam. From this desert, we as Muslims get two main life-changing growths, o…

blog.dawntravels.com 10/14/2019

How to Recite Surah Yasin? - The Heart of Holy Quran

blog.dawntravels.com Some of the Surahs have great importance and reverence leading to incredible benefits for the readers. One such surah is Surah Yasin.

blog.dawntravels.com 10/07/2019

Married Life in Islam - The Importance, Light of the Quran and Hadith

blog.dawntravels.com It is the right of the husband to remain faithful to his wife. Allah does not like those who remain unfaithful in married life.

ilinktours.com 10/03/2019

Umrah - A Holy Journey

ilinktours.com The Holy Journey of Umrah Every year hundreds of thousands of Muslims visit the blessed

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The Blessed Door of Kaaba, Makkah
Pigeons on the Road to Arafat, Makkah
Heavy rainfall on the Prophet Muhammad PBUH Mosque - Madinah Munawarah
Friday night pray
What is Tawaf? - Hajj and Umrah
Doors of Jannah



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