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PermaGO's cover photo


PermaGO's cover photo




Here's a sneak-peak at PermaGO's biggest Iceberg update -- coming October! We'll be giving away some cool prizes leading up to its release so stay tuned!


#NYC #BigApple | Check out the Humans of New York for stories and photos of the best city in the world!

“I’ve been out of art school for a couple years now. Eventually I’d like to make a living as a fine artist. I try to challenge myself in a different way every day. I’m always trying different colors, or different materials, or different styles of drawing. It's my way of leveling up. Right now I’m seeing if I can touch the paper only once with each mark, yet still create enough information to convey light and shade. The hope is that by challenging myself enough, I can eventually reach a level where I can challenge the art world.” 07/23/2016

PermaGO, la App que conecta a los viajeros alrededor del mundo

#viajar #redsocial #travel #meetpeople #traveltips | Thanks to Social Geek for the fantastic review of our concept and social travel network Iceberg Viajar es una de las actividades que más disfrutan muchas personas alrededor del mundo, no solo porque te brinda la …


Streets of NYC

Come visit #NYC this year to experience the most energetic and diverse city on the planet! Book your accommodation with PermaGO Iceberg!

Documentary video about New York. Shooted in September 2015. 06/25/2016

New York Quality Lodging Provider | PermaGO FiDi Home

Introducing PermaGO HOMES™ for groups! Book your group's stay today on Iceberg BOOK and mention "Facebook" to receive a 20% discount. Offer expires 7/30/2016.


Seasons of Central Park (HD video montage of New York City's Central Park )

Experience the diverse #seasons of #NYC with this cool video shot in #centralpark

Over the period ~15 months, I walked around with my DSLR in Central Park to capture its natural beauty as New York goes through its four seasons. As it so ha... 06/03/2016

USA Trip

Fantastic #video on a journey that appears on everyone's bucket list: a trip through the diversity of the USA! #roadtrip #traveltips #inspiration An essence of our trip through US: 19 Days, 5 States (New York, Utah, Arizona, Nevada, California), 3 hired cars, over 1500 miles, 9 plane flights totalling over…



To all those interested in a FREE stay in #NewYork!

Iceberg is offering free accommodation in DOWNTOWN New York City to travel or lifestyle bloggers who will write about the concept.

Check out their platform at and see how they work at

If what they are doing resonates with you, send a short hello to [email protected] for more information!

Happy Travels :) 05/05/2016

Today is the birthday of the most badass woman traveler of all time

Matador Network #travel #cincodemayo #badass | Hats off to Elizabeth Cochrane Seaman, one of the coolest travelers of all time! Nellie Bly was possibly the coolest traveler of all time.


Iceberg® - Propose & Join Events

Learn more about proposing and joining events on the #Iceberg platform! Meet those people you're destined to meet #NYC #NewYork #traveltips #travel #friends

Propose an event or Join those proposed by others. With our Social Quotient™ system, get a sense of those you’re meeting up with before going! Designed with ... 04/18/2016

Lady Gaga’s startup Backplane burns out and sells assets

Irresponsible fundraising at absurd valuations. Dangers of the game, and a somewhat embarrassing current state of affairs. Great read though... "Why do you need money from me when you have every great investor on earth?" That's the question that caused Backplane to buckle under the weight of its own.. 04/14/2016


Come join the community over on LinkedIn! #Follow #Iceberg #Travel



#NYC #NewYork #BigApple #Travel #IcebergMEET | What more of a reason do you need? Get the Iceberg App today and start planning your trip!


This infographic breaks down how you can avoid feeling terrible on your next flight

Awesome inforgraphic to stay smiling on your next trip abroad! #travel #healthtips Between discomfort, jet lag, and terrible airport food, flying can be rough on your body. Here's how to keep healthy while flying. 03/26/2016

Virtual currencies create pathways for people in emerging economies

TechCrunch #currency #business | Interesting read on the present and future of virtual currencies in emerging economies Immense hype surrounds virtual currencies and distributed ledgers these days. Maybe this is inevitable if you combine an inscrutable, cutting-edge technology,..


#Travel #MeetPeople #TravelTips | Join in with the PermaGO Travel Community today @


I Paint

Thijme Termaat #thefuture #art | Stunning artwork by this genius! Welcome to the PermaGO network! 02/29/2016

The best burger in New York

Although a little dated, this list still has relevance! Thanks to Inigo Cavestany for this cool moving picture. #burger #NYC #NewYork Leyends, urban myths, rates, lists, scores, all of the United States is plenty of burger places. Everyone you ask will tell you that they know the best places to… 02/21/2016

A Year in New York

A year in #NYC elegantly filmed in a 5-minute clip. Thanks to The Clancy Connection for showing some of the diversity of this fantastic world city #NewYork Iceberg As a filmmaker living in New York for the first time, I'd grab my Canon 7D and shoot footage of what was going on around me, to try and take in all that was… 02/11/2016

New York City - Timelapse

Fantastic #timelapse of #NYC from the guys and girls over at Stimul in Switzerland. Join our Iceberg community of travelers and locals to make the most of this incredible real time. Directed by Alexandre Favre - Pierre Dumont - David Mignot Production stimul Music Symphony No. 9 (Beethoven) New York Philharmonic New York City -… 02/06/2016


#Travel #Adventure | Awesome video on #Mongolia from Nessim Stevenson! Check out more of his work on Vimeo In September 2015 I set off to Mongolia for three months to work on short documentaries for a local TV news channel. This is a short video of my trip. Music:…



Incredible photograph of the recent storm in #NYC. Stay safe and warm everyone! Colossal Iceberg

This stunning photo of the winter storm that hit New York last week looks uncannily like an impressionist painting. 01/22/2016

Cinematic Photographs of Tokyo at Night by Masashi Wakui

Thanks to Masashi Wakui for these incredible portraits of #Tokyo by night. #photography #travelphotography Tokyo is an infinitely photogenic city. And there’s no shortage of photographers capturing its vibrant landscape. But local resident and photography aficionado Masashi Wakui has a unique, surreal style of capturing Tokyo by night and making it look like an animated still from Akira or a Ghibli f 01/20/2016

WATCH: Best friends challenge you to follow in their footsteps and live an epic life

Matador Network #Challenge #Travel | An incredible video that everyone can relate to! Wind in your sails, start traveling today! "Choose Life is another accidental byproduct of my best friends and I simply choosing to get the most out of our lives."

Our Story

Tired of the “good seasons” and “bad seasons” with sharing your home on Airbnb or Exhausted by guests that disrespect your property, house rules, and even you -- as a person?

STOP. You don’t need to put up with these types of guests ever again. PERIOD.

Imagine guests that already know to take off their shoes at the door, or to not invite unauthorized guests without asking, and to always respect other people’s privacy and property at all times (including YOURS.) Did you imagine that? If you did, you’ve just imagined a PermaGO member.

By hosting on our exclusive network and running the PermaGO system, rest assured knowing that each member has agreed to the golden rules and will strictly adhere to them at all times, thereby giving you the peace-of-mind to welcome them into your home. As our host, PermaGO will not only customize and convert your spare room into an exclusive, shared lodging environment specifically for our world-class members, but you’ll also earn a guaranteed monthly income regardless of the volume of members you host.

We believe that the only way to satisfy that yearning for home when you’re on-the-GO, is by providing our members with a fun, safe, and consistent environment, while matching them with hosts who are passionate and knowledgeable, about their homes and city.





222 Broadway
New York, NY

Opening Hours

Monday 1pm - 9pm
Tuesday 1pm - 9pm
Wednesday 1pm - 9pm
Thursday 1pm - 9pm
Friday 1pm - 9pm
Saturday 1pm - 9pm
Sunday 1pm - 9pm
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