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Welcome to Monsey Tours, one of New York’s finest bus charter companies for over 40 years. Because we understand that travel does not have to be stressful, we make every effort to transport you to & from your destination with comfort.

Monsey Tours is a proud family owned and operated business. For over 40 years we have provided our passengers with a reliable, safe and comfortable mean of traveling the roads no matter the destination. Monsey tours has earned a reputation for integrity and service. Our Professional and courteous coach operators command our fleet of 60 motor coaches with knowledge and efficiency. They make it thei

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Last licks of summer
This school enjoyed one of the last summer days with a trip to East Stroudsburg, PA
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Chartering a Bus to National Parks

Our nation’s national parks are favorite vacation spots during all four seasons of the year. Here are some locations your group is sure to enjoy!

Rocky Mountain Park
In Colorado, the Rocky Mountain National Park is of the most visited national parks. Situated in the Rocky Mountain range, the park is home to many lakes and diverse ecosystems from wetlands to wooded forests and mountain tundra. Camping, fishing, horseback riding and hiking are popular activities. There are also many picnic areas providing beautiful views, and wildlife watching — bighorn sheep, elk, moose, mule deer, marmots, golden eagles and prairie falcons.

Great Smokey Mountains
The Great Smoky Mountains are a mountain range rising along the Tennessee–North Carolina border in the southeastern United States. A subrange of the Appalachian Mountains, they are sometimes called the Smoky Mountains or Smokies. The Great Smokies are the home of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. It is the most-visited national park in the United States.
The Smokies derives its name from the blue mist lingering over the mountaintops and settling in the valleys. Extending along the Tennessee and North Carolina border, the mountains are teeming with wildlife including black bear, white-tailed deer, red and gray foxes, bobcats, coyotes and European wild boar.

Grand Canyon
The Grand Canyon is one of the World’s Seven Natural Wonders. It is the second most visited U.S. National Park, with over 5.5 million visitors annualy. The canyon drops a mile deep and at some points stretches 18 miles wide. The immense majesty includes colored horizontal rock layers across this landscape. Consider joining a mule trip up and down the canyon or take a river trip along the Colorado River at the canyon’s basin. There are also museums and ruins to visit of a Pueblo Indian village built nearly 1,000 years ago.

Safe and Stress-Free
Strengthen your bonds and share the greater outdoors with your family and friends. Charter a bus from book online or call 718-623-9000. You will enjoy our modern and competitively priced coach buses. | Home | Home 09/06/2017 | Home

Add Hospitality and Charm to Your Business Trip:

Being away from home and your familiar environment can add to the discomfort of business travel. That is another reason you want to consider chartering a bus for your business travel from! Our specially trained professionals will add that homely touch to your travel experience. The onboard wifi, clean bathrooms, and comfortable seats, will enable you and your colleagues to feels as comfortable and homely as possible, while away from home.

Southern hospitality is a phrase used to describe the stereotype of residents of the Southern United States as particularly warm, sweet, and welcoming to visitors to their homes, or to the South in general. However, you can find Southern Hospitality closer to your location. Consider family run venues for your overnight stay and meals. The small business feeling is very refreshing and a homely experience, in contrast to the more expensive services often provided in the larger North East venues.

When you have a relatively small number of business associates who are gathering for a meeting as opposed to gatherings for large corporate events, you can take advantage of a smaller boutique venues and Bed and Breakfasts venues. Away from the large hotel atmosphere, guests enjoy more private, secluded surroundings that are ideal for corporate retreats and business meetings. Guests experience the charm and personalized attention a bed and breakfast venue offers without sacrificing technological amenities.

Chartering from takes the stress out of transportation. As a small family run business, you are sure to feel at home from when you are picked up until you return home! So call us at 718-623-9000. We look forward to greeting you! | Home | Home 09/06/2017 | Home

Enjoying the Changing Seasons:
Fall foliage in the Northeast can be breathtaking. Viewing the changing colors of the sugar and red maples, oaks and river birch trees as their leaves change to brilliant palettes of red, orange and yellow. The mountains and highway sides are bright with color, and you too can enjoy in the beauty of the natural phenomenon.

Join the thousands who flock to the countryside to enjoy it.
Vermont, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Massachusetts and New York are popular fall tourism attractions. specializes in taking tour groups exactly where they want, when they want. Charter a bus and bring your group, family or friends to enjoy this natural beauty!
Vermont boasts a disproportionate amount of maple trees, more than anywhere else in New England. If you travel down Vermont Route 100, also called the Green Mountain Parkway, you’ll reach scenic Route 125. Drive through the Green Mountain National Forest. The best time to visit is the end of September up to mid-October, when the color of the leaves reach their peak.

A popular New Hampshire scenic attraction is North Conway. The drive along Route 112, the Kancamagus Highway, has a breathtaking display of fall colors dotting the wooded areas. Driving down the Kancamagus Highway will take you through 37 miles through mountain terrain, breathtaking views, and covered bridges.

Between early October and mid-November, the colors of the Connecticut trees peak, but this varies by season. Take Route 9 along the lower Connecticut River Valley where brilliant leaves paint the landscape. Route 7 is another great Connecticut area for fall foliage.

At the beginning of October, the small town of North Adams, Massachusetts, puts on a Fall Foliage Festival to celebrate the season with a parade and family activities. Drive down the Mohawk Trail through the Berkshires and admire the colorful leaves.

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We boast a fleet of the most modern coach buses with free WiFi.

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Summer is fading away! Its time for a family reunion!

Don’t procrastinate! Schedule that long overdue family reunion. You may feel overwhelmed by the idea but with proper planning the event can run very smoothly. It’s a good idea to ask for help from family members; the more input you have, the better your chances of coming up with a well-rounded family reunion. Whether you are planning an event for 20 or 200 people, the following responsibilities can be divided among several family members.

• meal planning
• invitations
• accommodations
• charter bus
• activities
• movies or activities for the charter bus

For a smaller group, one other family member helping you out may be enough to handle the responsibilities. For mid-sized or large family reunions where you bring together 3 or more families, however, you may need to organize a reunion committee. A committee is composed of several family members, with tasks assigned to each member. It is also possible to have multiple committees if the event is especially large. Committees have tasks, but also the responsibility to make decisions for the area they are responsible for.
Consider a variety of on-site activities for every age group in the family, including some adult time? Each age group may have different criteria for comfortable accommodations, aesthetic décors, menu or health sensitivities.

Finalizing your guest list should be a priority in the planning process. Much of the event planning will depend on who you invite including activities, menu and access to location.
Consider inviting the immediate relatives first, and then as the momentum builds you may consider expanding the guest list to include extended family members.

Choose the perfect Charter Bus:
Enjoy the travel time by chartering a coach bus to bring the whole family. Let Grandpa and Granma entertain all over the busses PA system and have the children make performances for all. Relish the family experience while a professional driver deals with traffic and parking. Bus charter is the safest form of ground travel in the nation and the greenest of all modes of transportation.

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Take Your Group To Experience Life In New York

Manhattan, known as the “City That Never Sleeps”, is truly a city with never ending action. During the day you can view the massive sky-scrapers and view them lighted up at night. The endless museums and art galleries can keep you occupied for weeks, and the nightlife with keep your adrenaline pumping until morning. The best way to maximize the New York experience is to come to New York City, feel it, and live it.

Monsey Charter bus, competitively priced is a friendly and convenient way to get your group to the nooks and crannies of NY city at the lowest cost.

Be in touch with the local New York Office of Tourism for a list of concerts and shows by world renowned artists. There are New York Times Square shows and various shows in each of the little villages that comprise the Island of Manhattan such as East Village, Soho, China Town, Battery Park, Chelsea, and more.
You may want to consider the following option for a day tours. New York historically was a maritime city, so a great place to be dropped off by Monsey Charter Bus to start your whirlwind tour is in Midtown at the Hudson River near 46nd Street. Have a look at the famous Intrepid Air-Sea Museum moored at West 46th Street. Then, proceed south towards Battery Park at the southernmost tip of Manhattan. After you pass the West 30th Street heliport, the new Hudson River Park begins to unfold in all its glory.

One of Manhattan's wonders of the new millennium is this beautiful waterfront esplanade, which now features a bike path that extends all the way around the circumference of the island. This section features great views of New Jersey, and in the distance to the south you'll soon see the Statue of Liberty in the harbor. Meanwhile, stay alert for some interesting architecture. As you head into Chelsea, you'll pass some of the dozens of art galleries that have opened here in recent years. Have a look at the uniquely-shaped off-white panels of the Richard Gehry-designed building across from the Chelsea Piers complex at West 19th Street. This neighborhood is in transition as the formerly derelict New York Central overhead railway line is being transformed into the world's first major metropolitan elevated park, called the High Line.

Need more travel ideas? Call us at 718-623-9000 or email us from our website and we will be glad to assist you in planning your group vacation. | Home

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Monsey Bus - Offering The Best Charter Bus Service

Monsey Bus - Offering The Best Charter Bus Service Monsey Bus provides luxury coaches with Wi-Fi, restrooms, airconditioning, and DVD players, and other amenities. Our D.O.E ceritified drivers follow safety r...

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Safety first at @Monsey Bus Carter's. For all your #charterbus needs call #monseybus at 718-623-9000 or check us out online at
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Gather Your Friends for a One-Day trip and Charter a bus from

Here are some One-Day trip ideas in the Tri-State Area:

Beacon, NY
This small city in Dutchess County boasts eating, drinking and art scene for its size. Dia:Beacon, a modern art museum housed in a former Nabisco box factory, hosts the Dia Foundation’s permanent collection of art works from the ‘60s and on. You can also join a guided wine-tasting experience that leaves from Beacon and tours several local vineyards. On Main Street, Dennings Point Distillery offer tours and tastings of their bourbon, whiskey, gin and vodka on Friday and Saturday.

Cape May, NJ
Take a boat trip aboard the Cape Cod Whale Watcher into the Delaware Bay and you may see dolphins, humpbacks and finbacks. The captain explains cetacean behaviors, such as spyhopping (popping the head up and holding the position to have a look around) and breaching (the classic Shamu jump-splash routine). If you do not spot any water mammals you may receive another free trip! Contact the company for details. You can finish the day trip with a game of putt-putt at Cape May Miniature Golf.

Sleepy Hollow
Sleepy Hollow is a city from another era. It is the site of author Washington Irving’s short story named “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow.” Visit Irving’s home called Sunnyside and the Sleepy Hollow Cemetery where the tale tells how the Headless Horseman chased the character Ichabod Crane, and tour the area’s luxurious mansions, such as the Rockefeller estate, known as Kykuit, and the Lyndhurst mansion.

Middleburg, Virginia
Middleburg, VA is a great day trip getaway. Middleburg is horse country, known for polo matches. Don’t forget to drop into the Red Fox Inn & Tavern, which is on the National Register of Historic Places and was built in 1728.

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Faith Travel
Faith travel with your church group does not require airplane tickets and expensive travel to Israel and the Middle East. A meaningful and enjoyable religious experience for your church group can be nearby, in just a one or two-day trip! is the choice vendor for charter buses by many ministries.

Day trips appeal to more potential travelers because they are shorter and less expensive than multi-day tours, and they can sleep in their own bed. Shorter trips also benefit the travel planner since day trips can increase a sense of belonging to the church travel program, and fosters a sense of community. The friends that are met on these trips will make all feel more comfortable traveling with the church group in the future.

Planning Your Church Groups Bus Charter Properly
A day trip’s destination is usually no farther than three hours away. To travel any farther requires a rest stop, which adds even more time to the trip. We recommend destinations less than three hours away by bus charter so that people do not feel that most of their day was on a coach bus. This would distract the enjoyment of the mission.

To help the three hours on the coach bus pass, play movies on the chartered coach bus or pass out games. Perhaps the leader can deliver a sermon using the on-bus audio system! Snacks and drinks are another way to ensure your group has a comfortable ride. For example, if your faith-based group is leaving early in the morning, provide a breakfast of muffins, Danishes and juice. This helps pass time, as well as keep the passengers from starting the trip feeling hungry or thirsty.

Finding Faith Based Destinations
Finding a compelling religious attraction or ministry within a three-hour radius isn’t hard. First, it’s important to know your faith-based group members and what kinds of activities they might like.

Consider the age group. Is your church group mostly youth-based, senior-based or mixed ages? You can then decide how much walking your activities should have, such as boat rides or dinner theaters for seniors and family friendly museums or outdoors adventures for youth. Just asking your travel members while on other tours where they would want to go can give you a lot of insight into what trips would be the most popular.

Your state’s tourism website can provide many initial ideas on some fun day trips. Newspapers and brochures may feature nearby destinations.

A quick way to learn several nearby day trip destinations is by contacting someone at a local convention and visitors bureau or a state tourism office. These travel experts can also suggest additions to your trip that you might be interested in, such as a step-on guide, group-friendly restaurants and local places that offer ministry opportunities.

Most important is not to fill your time with too many activities as this will put pressure on everybody to rush. You never want your group to feel stressed or hurried through the day.

When planning the day, also be sure and allow your church travel group to invite other guests to come along. That way even more people can enjoy the fellowship and fun of the day trip. is the choice many ministries choose for faith based travel. Give us a call and find out why! | Home

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