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DaVinci Limo & Tours - East Elmhurst, NY - Alignable Do local business owners recommend DaVinci Limo & Tours? Visit this page to learn about the business and what locals in East Elmhurst have to say. 07/02/2018

Overall rating of by ★★★★★ It was easy to order my custom flag. I was able to upload the image I wanted and there was no difficulty in getting exactly what I wanted.


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If you’re a NYC tour guide, or simply a New Yorker, you’ve seen these Christmas Angels, possibly just walked past them without a second glance, every holiday season since 1971. Well, the artist who created them was Valerie Clarebout and the lady in the pic is her grand-niece. And today I had the pleasure of giving a tour to her and her children. Clarebout installed the first angels in 1954, they were 12 feet tall, half again as high as the current angels. She experimented with different subjects in the 1960s, snowmen & deer. But she returned to angels in 1971 and they have continued gracing the Channel Garden since. She was the first sculptor to work in steel and aluminum wire.


Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Have a happy and healthy holiday weekend.

#thanksgiving #citywalksny #nyc #friends #family #greatful #exploring #touring #newyork 10/19/2017

Willem de Kooning's former Union Square home is closer to becoming a NYC landmark

Hopefully, on our way to a win here! The proposal to landmark the buildings received unanimous public support on Tuesday. 09/06/2017

Visiting NYC? Here's Why You Need to Consider a Customized Walking Tour | CityWalksNY

Come and see. We'll be here to show you a great time in NYC! The city of New York is a wild, diverse, and exciting place. But if you are unfamiliar with the City That Never Sleeps, then you risk missing the most interesting parts 08/16/2017

Have You Seen This Mysterious Silver Spaceship Tank Around Brooklyn?

Come to NYC, see a hybrid home made spaceship/tank! The driver is alleged to be a "total hipster." 08/11/2017

Loew's Jersey Theatre Tours The Landmark Loew's Jersey Theatre is a remarkable building in many ways, including its grand decor and epic size, the design and scale of its structure and mecahnical systems, and -- not least -- the ideal with which it was built: take the grandest architecure of European royalty and build it even… 07/18/2017

Is the tourism industry experiencing a Trump bump?

Something to brighten my day and that of all my fellow NYC tourism industry colleagues! Is the tourism industry experiencing a Trump bump? 07/11/2017

CityWalksNY is now highly recommended! Thank you for the recognition and check out all our recommendations on Alignable. 06/29/2017

Why whales are back in New York City The Cetaceans are back in town. 06/28/2017

Businesses scramble as Macy’s moves fireworks out of view

New location for Macy's fireworks this year. The layout for this year's fireworks deprive some of the city's favorite spots of a view. 06/19/2017

NEW YORK 1911 | MoMA

Take a tour of NYC 1911! Other project. June 16–July 14, 2017. This documentary travelogue of New York City was made by a team of cameramen with the Swedish company Svenska Biografteatern, who were sent around the world to make pictures of well-known places. (They also filmed at Niagara Falls and in Paris, Monte Carlo, and… 05/11/2017

Irving Berlin - Wikipedia

On this day in history, a real legend was born.
Izzy Baline, born in Russia came to America and changed his name to Irving Berlin. , Berlin arrived in the United States at the age of five. He published his first song, "Marie from Sunny Italy", in 1907, receiving 33 cents for the publishing rights, 04/27/2017

I. M. Pei - Wikipedia

Happy 100th Birthday to great Chinese-American Architect I.M. Pei! . There he spent seven years before establishing his own independent design firm I. M. Pei & Associates in 1955, which became I. M. Pei & Partners in 1966 and later in 1989 became 03/31/2017

Vision Hero: Watch This Fed-Up Pedestrian Confront Lousy NYC Drivers

Today's CityWalksNY hero! This man has HAD IT with reckless NYC drivers, and he's going after them one by one.


Artist/Activist Ai Weiwei To Install Fences Across City - BKLYNER

This should be interesting To celebrate its 40th anniversary, the Public Art Fund will present Good Fences Make Good Neighbors, a city-wide exhibition by world-renowned artist and activist Ai Weiwei. Ai, a vocal advocate for human rights, will transform metal wire security fences into powerful messages about immigration and c... 03/29/2017

In Brooklyn’s Kosher Pizza War, Modern Tastes Battle Ancient Law

Oh Brooklyn, this is why we love you! A civil dispute between two pizzerias in Crown Heights comes before a rabbinical court. 03/26/2017

Jonas Salk - Wikipedia

On this day in 1953, was announced the first successful polio vaccine, developed by Dr. Jonas Salk, a great New Yorker. , later choosing to do medical research instead of becoming a practicing physician. In 1939, after earning his medical degree, Salk began an internship as a scientist physician at 03/26/2017

What Happened on March 25, 1609

March 25th 1609, English explorer Henry Hudson, working for the Dutch East India Company, set out to find the fabled Northwest Passage, a route through North America to Asia. What he found instead was one of the world's greatest natural deep water harbors and an island the indigenous people called Manahatta! What happened on March 25, 1609. Browse historical events, famous birthdays and notable deaths from Mar 25, 1609 or search by date, day or keyword. 03/20/2017

Never-Before-Seen Photos of the Velvet Underground in 1966

20 years later I spent a lot of time in the space that had been the Dom. The Velvet Underground and Nico performed in downtown Manhattan before recording a debut LP; the show was captured by Larry Morris. 03/09/2017

How five fallen Broadway theaters paved the way for a new Times Square

Here's a great thumbnail history of The Great White Way.
Take a Times Square/ Broadway tour with CityWalksNY and learn more! The `Great Theater Massacre` of the 1980s led to the destruction of five historic Broadway houses to make way for a hotel—and forever changed Times Square as we know it.

[03/03/17]   Hey, all my CWNY peeps. I need some help here. I have to find someone in Greenwich Village with a dog with whom I could meet while giving their dog a walk with a family of four. This is for a "Secret Life of Pets" tour. I promised these folks we meet and walk with dog for part of the tour. Can you help a tour guide out? Share this please! 03/03/2017

There Are 200 Years of New York History in This Beloved Manhattan Bar

I'll take you to the Ear Inn if it's something you'd like, but let's not make a thing of it! “It’s tiny, but there’s room for everyone — it’s also just plain perfect.” 03/02/2017

Homesick for the food of Ireland? You'll find all your favorites in this NY shop

Aaah Myer's of Keswick; Scones & Clotted Cream & SPOTTED DICK! Hooray! For the Irish in New York City there is relief in sight, and it comes in the shape of Myers of Keswick. 03/02/2017

Mickey Mantle retires - Mar 01, 1969 -

On this Day in New York History! On March 1, 1969, New York Yankees center fielder Mickey Mantle announces his retirement from baseball. Mantle was an idol to millions, known for his remarkable power and speed and his everyman personality. 03/02/2017

Gulliver’s Gate, a Huge Miniature World, Will Rise Near Times Square

A new attraction in Times Square! The $40 million project will depict highlights of the world, from Beijing to New York, at 1:87 scale models displayed in a 49,000-square-foot exhibit space. 03/01/2017

Anthony Bourdain’s Top 5 New York City Restaurants

I'll agree with Bourdain on 4 out of 5. But, Shake Shack? Seriously? There are lots of great burger joints in NYC, Shake Shack does not top the list! There are a lot of people we'd take a restaurant recommendation from, but Anthony Bourdain tops the list. 02/25/2017

Sculptor behind The Sphere, which survived 9/11, dies at 92

The Sphere will return to the World Trade Center overlooking its former location. #WorldTradeCenter #911Memorial Fritz Koenig, who had said that it was a miracle that the large bronze globe persisted, died Wednesday at his home in Altdorf, Bavaria. 02/24/2017

The Woolworth Building Now Has A Bar Where You Can Channel Spirits Over Cocktails

The Wooly is great! You should try it! #woolworthbuilding #tallestbuilding Cocktails, jumped up pub grub and board games built into the tables. 02/24/2017

Top 100 Independents 2016

Guess which city hosts 28 of the 100 top grossing non-chain restaurants in the U.S.? The Top 100 Independent Restaurants list ranks the highest-grossing independent restaurants across the country.



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