New York Times Student Journeys

New York Times Student Journeys


How can I get in touch with Joshua Sokol? Please PM me if there is any way of writing him. This is of great importance regarding Mercury and some of his writings.
Hello everyone, I am third year student and trying to accomplish a research which will be used in my final thesis. I would like to honestly ask native Americans to answer the questions which are indicated in the survey. Thank you very much in advance ! Have a nice day !

Survey link:
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Small group educational journeys for high school students. Explore your passions, or find a new one. New York Times Student Journeys offers educational travel programs to places The New York Times has covered, where students can benefit from our special understanding and insider’s view as they explore themes and topics associated with Times coverage of local issues.

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New York Times Student Journeys updated their business hours. 08/31/2021

New York Times Student Journeys updated their business hours.

New York Times Student Journeys updated their business hours. 03/03/2020

Peru: Public Health and Development in the Andes

Travelers to Lima, Peru, are rewarded with a "rich historic and cultural capital filled with picture-perfect squares like Plaza Mayor, museums filled with ancient treasure like Museo Larco and artisan-dotted mansions like Dédalo Arte y Artesania," writes The Times in its "52 Places To Go in 2020."⠀

On our Student Journey in Peru, students immerse themselves in this historic capital city, exploring its multicultural and indigenous history from their home base in the vibrant Miraflores neighborhood, a seaside district known for its scenic charm and bustling cafes.⠀

#travel Learn how government has worked closely with international health groups to provide community-based health care to Peru’s diverse population. 02/29/2020

Oxford Journalism: Media and Digital Storytelling

Develop your journalism skills in Oxford this summer as you immerse yourself in culture and current events. Attend a Shakespeare show and practice writing an arts review. Visit the MINI car factory and investigate how Brexit affects the auto industry. Explore Stonehenge, take a day trip into London, and see the sites at Oxford where Harry Potter was filmed — all while honing your skills in the field. Gain hands-on experience in interviewing, writing, editing, photographing, podcasting and more. Hone your skills as a journalist with guidance from a New York Times expert at one of the Western world’s great centers of learning, Oxford. 02/28/2020

D.C. to Detroit: Traversing the American Political Landscape

As the 2020 presidential election approaches, spend two weeks this summer gaining a deeper understanding of what unites and divides the U.S. beyond the D.C. Beltway. On a road trip from D.C. to Detroit, examine life in both urban and rural areas, and what the difference may mean for people's ideologies and political outlooks. Explore how differing perspectives on issues like health care, immigration, energy and more are making the United States far from united. 02/27/2020

California: Perspectives on Immigration

Explore perspectives on immigration throughout California this summer. Talk with border patrol officers, immigration lawyers, farmers, advocates and more. Develop a deeper, more nuanced understanding of the issue, the policies and the people impacted. On a road trip from San Francisco to San Diego, explore different perspectives on immigration with a NYTimes expert. Apply for summer 2020. 02/26/2020

The American South: Spotlight on Social Justice

Trace the origins of social justice issues and meet with individuals and organizations working on solutions as you travel from New Orleans to Montgomery, Memphis and Clarksdale. With guidance from a Times expert, engage with issues related to social justice as you explore the American South. Apply now for summer 2020 travel. 02/21/2020

Episcopal Academy's Molly Limaye is Main Line Student of the Week

Two-time Student Journeys alum wins an award for her computer science research into using artificial intelligence to help diagnose dementia. A junior at EA, Molly Limaye recently won an award for her research in computer science by the National Center for Women and Information Technology. Her research focused on artificial 02/06/2020

New York to Milan: Fashion Design and Trends in Two Style Capitals

Will you be following the Fashion Weeks ahead? On our New York to Milan fashion program for high school students this summer, you go behind the scenes, study international trends and fashion history, meet with up-and-coming designers and then design your own line of clothing.

#studentjourneys #NYFW Apply now for summer 2020 and step behind the scenes of the fashion industry and learn to design, critique and create your own ready-to-wear clothing line in the global centers of style and innovation, New York and Milan. Travel for high school students with a New York Times expert. 01/16/2020

United States to China: Politics, International Relations and Diplomacy

How does the new trade deal stabilize relations between the economies of the U.S. and China? What comes next in negotiations?

Travel this summer from the U.S. to China and unpack the relationship between these two countries. Examine the forms and functions of diplomacy on this 18-day comparative journey with New York Times journalists. Apply now for summer 2020. 01/09/2020

52 Places to Go in 2020

Did you see this year's "52 Places" list? Whether you're drawn to Copenhagen or Israel, Peru or Washington, D.C., we have Student Journeys to help get you started exploring. We picked destinations to inspire you, delight you and motivate you to explore the world. 12/17/2019

Iceland: Nature Untamed (Middle School)

Our new Iceland program for middle school students explores the geology and natural wonders of this small country, as well as how a changing climate is affecting its glaciers, waterfalls and thermal pools. Travel to Iceland, a land of natural wonders, and get an inside look into how it deals with changes from climate change. 12/14/2019

D.C. to Detroit: Traversing the American Political Landscape

In the upcoming election year, explore the origins of today's political divisions and meet and talk with Americans from the East Coast to the Midwest. Engage with differing perspectives on a number of issues and learn the importance of civil discourse, productive dialogue and finding compromise in a diverse nation. Explore how differing perspectives on issues like health care, immigration, energy, and more are making the United States far from united. 12/11/2019

Rwanda: Models of Community Health

Examine public health initiatives in Rwanda from multiple perspectives, working with medical workers, grass-roots organizations and policymakers, and meeting with local people, health journalists, lawmakers, medical professionals and more. Apply today! Travel to Rwanda and examine public health from multiple perspectives. Contrast what you find there with practices and policies in the U.S. 12/08/2019

New York Times Student Journeys

Join us at The Times Building for a special information session about our 2020 Student Journeys. RSVP today! New York Times Student Journeys offers small group educational travel programs for middle and high school students, taking them to places prominent in Times coverage. A journalist or expert joins each program to share their insider’s view and special understanding of global issues. 12/07/2019

D.C. to Houston: Aviation, Robotics and Space Exploration (Middle School)

Did you know we have a new middle school version of our popular D.C. to Houston space exploration program? In summer 2020, students gain hands-on experience in the basics of aerospace engineering and robotics, and explore the life of an astronaut.

Learn more and apply today. Gain hands-on experience in the basics of aerospace engineering and robotics, and explore the life of an astronaut with a NY Times expert. 12/04/2019

Warming Waters, Moving Fish: How Climate Change Is Reshaping Iceland

Reported by Kendra Pierre-Louis, the Times Expert who joined our Iceland students last summer, this article explores the themes and places of our Iceland program.

Want to dive deeper into stories like this, with guidance from Times journalists? Visit our website to learn about our Iceland programs for high school and middle school students. Ocean temperatures are on the rise and warming waters are causing fish to swim for their lives, causing financial disruption and international conflicts. 10/19/2019

First All-Female Spacewalking Team Makes History

Did you watch the historic spacewalk? Moments like this inspire the next generation of astronauts, aerospace engineers and explorers.

We are excited for 2020 to be offering a space exploration program for middle school students — D.C. to Houston: Aviation, Robotics and Space Exploration — in addition to our popular D.C. to Houston program for high schoolers. The world's first all-female spacewalking team made history high above Earth on Friday, replacing a broken part of the International Space Station's power grid. 10/18/2019

NY Times Student Journeys

We are excited to announce our summer 2020 Student Journeys for high school and middle school students.

Choose from 30 programs, including design and sustainability in Denmark, public health in Rwanda or the arts in London, all joined by Times experts. Summer travel programs accompanied by NY Times journalists or experts. Curious, motivated teens learn about science, fashion, politics, social justice and more. Each journey focuses on newsworthy destinations, allowing students to delve into topics of personal interest or explore pre-college program... 04/10/2019

Black Hole Picture Revealed for the First Time

Excited by the big reveal of the first photograph of a black hole?

Students can dig deeper into space exploration on our D.C. to Houston summer travel program, or learn more about astronomy experiments at the Sphinx Observatory on our CERN and the Swiss Alps trip. Astronomers at last have captured an image of the darkest entities in the cosmos. 03/14/2019

CERN and the Swiss Alps: Pushing the Boundaries of Science

The World Wide Web turned 30 this week and was initially dubbed "vague but interesting" when it was developed at CERN.

Students on our program to CERN and the Swiss Alps experience firsthand this innovative atmosphere. Read the itinerary to learn more about the trip! In summer 2019, visit CERN, home of the supercollider and other scientific innovations, including the World Wide Web. Raft down the mighty River Lütschine into the turquoise Interlaken. 03/07/2019

Leadership Requirements

We're hiring trip leaders!

Travel the world with high school students this summer as you explore the fields of aerospace technology, engineering and robotics, diplomacy, public health and more. Accompanied by New York Times experts and inspired through meetings with industry leaders and engaging speakers, investigate these themes as you guide students through discussions and hands-on projects on your Student Journey. Inside Out Project Action led by Gabriel Rivera, 43 por 43, Tijuana, Mexico   Extraordinary Leadership Much of the success of New York Times Student Journeys stems from hiring engaging, enthus… 02/18/2019

Fashion Gets Down and Dirty

Student Journeys leader Natalie Lampert on how a German fashion label is incorporating the country's coal mining history into its pieces. A German label hits New York Fashion Week, honoring its birthplace by using coal miners as models.


Students can find dramatic landscapes like this on their way to Isafjordur in Iceland, bonding on a hike as they get to know one another and take in the scenery.


The roots of social justice movements run deep in the American South and feed the growing number of initiatives working for justice today.

Learn more about "The American South: Spotlight on Social Justice":


Do you know an ambitious high schooler who would love to spend the summer traveling to Switzerland, visiting CERN, and making new friends?

Learn more: 01/27/2019

Were You Born Between 1995 and 2010?

Are you part of Gen Z? If you were born between 1995 and 2010, that makes you a part of Generation Z, which according to U.S. census data is the most diverse generation of all time. But what does that mean? And more importantly, what does that look like? That’s where you come in.


What is the best way to manage public lands? It's a complex question. Communities in the American Southwest have historically relied on drilling, mining, and ranching on publicly owned lands to support their economies.

Some communities, though, have realized the power of outdoor recreation on these public lands to bring people and dollars into their areas. What are the benefits and downsides of each approach? Who are the stakeholders in these policy decisions?

Explore these questions on "American Southwest: The Battle for America's Public Lands":


What does the future hold for China and its businesses? It's an exciting time to engage with this question, as news reports say the economy is slowing and that growth is potentially stabilizing.

High schoolers can grapple with this question and more on our trip to Shanghai and Hong Kong, titled "China: Business and Economics in a Rising Market."

Visit our website to learn more: 01/02/2019

NASA’s New Horizons Takes Photos of Ultima Thule, 4 Billion Miles Away

Four billion miles away! High school students on our Aerospace Technology and Space Exploration program don't travel quite that far, but they do journey from D.C. to Houston to learn about cutting-edge aerospace technology and what we can learn from our solar system and beyond.

#travel #science #nasa Now scientists await a bounty of new data about the small, mysterious icy body, the most distant object ever visited.


With the New Year right around the corner, are you already thinking of summer's vibrant sights and sounds? ☀️🌻 Where will you journey next summer? 🌏

#nytstudentjourneys #travel 12/19/2018

‘Justice’ Prevails as 2018 Word of the Year

"Merriam-Webster selected 'justice' as its word of the year, inspired by 12 long months of news headlines about the obstruction of justice, the Department of Justice and a certain Supreme Court justice, not to mention high-profile debates over racial and social justice (or the lack thereof)."

Speaking of inspiration, our summer travel program The American South: Spotlight on Social Justice digs deep into histories of justice and injustice and also examines inspiring individuals, organizations and initiatives working toward justice today. In choosing the noun, Merriam-Webster said it was looked up on its website 74 percent more often than in 2017.


The historic halls of Oxford University are calling you next summer. 🙋🌞✈️🌍

With the guidance and insight of New York Times experts, as well as accomplished leaders, students can spend two weeks learning the skills of journalism and then applying those skills to create stories of your own. Check out our website to learn more about the program! 12/13/2018

Warming in Arctic Raises Fears of a ‘Rapid Unraveling’ of the Region

"The rising air temperatures are having profound effects on sea ice, and on life on land and in the ocean, scientists said. The impacts can be felt far beyond the region, especially since the changing Arctic climate may be influencing extreme weather events around the world."

Interested in learning more about climate change? Travel next summer to the edge of the Arctic Circle on our Student Journeys Iceland trip to learn about climate change's effects and this island nation's successes in renewable energy.

#nytstudentjourneys The Arctic has been warmer in the last five years than at any time since records began in 1900, a report from a United States scientific agency found. 12/12/2018

E.U. Hoped to Put Its House in Order This Year. Not Even Close.

"The immediate question is who can organize and lead Europe now, as a new generation of politicians, in Germany and elsewhere, slowly emerges."

The complexities of "the great British psychodrama of Brexit" are on full display—dig into these complexities on our U.S. to the European Union trip next summer.

#nytstudentjourneys Britain, France and Germany are all facing political change or upheaval. For the European Union, the question is who will guide the bloc into an uncertain future.

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Spanish moss and Magnolia trees
Journey with us across the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma, Alabama. This bridge is steeped in history. It's the site of B...
Join us live at The New York Times and learn about our summer travel program for high school students!
You're invited to join us next Thursday, April 6 from 7–8 PM at The New York Times Building. Click here to R.S.V.P. toda...
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NYT Student Journeys is Live at The New York Times!
What will you discuss at the Thanksgiving table today? The answer is easy: where you'll travel next summer! Apply now fo...



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