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Press release company is needed for book release.
Supplements: Integrated Approach.
Author Efroim G Gurman, press release. To order book @AlexanderGGurman
Currently working on front and back covers
Looking at various distribution deals,
Product placement is also available
Additional advertisement is also in discussions.
Whole sale orders for schools, and organizations and for giveaways are also on the table
1. To my readers
2. A personal introduction
3. The history and prehistory of nutritional supplements
4. Healthy food mythology and commerce influence
5. Balanced nutrition and Theory of Adequate Nutrition
6. Minor food ingredients:
a) Enzymes;
b) Enzymes’ inhibitors;
c) Hormones;
d) Toxins and drugs;
e) Host metabolites;
f) Microbiome metabolites;
g) Vitamins, minerals and microelements.
7. Flesh as a source of active ingredients
8. Herbs and vegetables as a source of active ingredients
9. Cookery intervention in eating pattern
10. Behavioral and psychotropic effects of micronutrients
11. Micronutrients’ effect on bone-muscle system functions
12. Pro- and anti- digestive food components
13. Micronutrients influence excretion (swelling, urination defecation)
14. Immunomodulatory effects of food
15. Food control of sexual activity
16. Food control of cardio-vascular functions
17. Indirect supplements’ effects through microbiome modulations.
18. Supplements against aging.
19. Poly-potent action of supplements:
a) Varity of active ingredients in natural food as an evolutionary factor;
b) Plurality of the effects of each active ingredient;
c) Integrative action of supplements;
d) Dosage and time-sheet guidance.
20. The complexity as a principal difference between supplements and drugs:
a) Ethnic cuisines;
b) Food consumption as a chronic process;
c) Specificity of methodology and scientific approach to supplements’ practice;
d) Future – what to expect next;
e) Economic consideration and types of supplements.
21. Conclusion: Supplements (FFS) as a must for healthy diet now and in future
22. Appendix 1: Applicability of supplements ideas to humans and pets, practical advises.
23. Appendix 2: Herbal Directory.
24. References.
25. Un-brushed afterword/comments

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Dino Luzzi Energy Drink is our magazine sponsor We need creators to produce content, testimonials, pictures, etc, music videos with Dino Luzzi Energy Drink. We need on-camera talent, models, actors, spoke personalities, influencers. Energy drink may sponsor events. Produced by Italian Food & Beverage Corp. (OTC PINK: IFBC) . We look for photographers, SEO, marketing folks, models, groceries and various publications to promote the drink. We actually tasted the drink and loved it, drink taste really good. We are working on new pranks and Tiktok content. To coordinate marketing efforts please message at IG @alexanderegurman email [email protected] we are currently working with a reasonable budget. We urgently need folks to participate in our beverage tasting campaign, Sunday June 27th at the Central Park, Bethesda Terrace, code ALEX for discount pricing. Thank you our next fashion show in Miami July 6th and July 12th

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Transportation Fashion Show

Transportation Magazine updated their information in their About section. 05/30/2021

Transportation Magazine updated their information in their About section.

Transportation Magazine updated their information in their About section.

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Limousine fashion show

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Maxim Magazine cover girl competition needs your vote please vote @wenyescobarx her instagram,
Paid partnership with super model Wendy Escobar
Sponsorship content, if you want to advertise and produce content with Wendy please reach out directly and do not forget to vote for her on Maxim cover girl magazine
After you vote for Wendy if you can message her on the instagram that you voted that would be wonderful for tracking and accountability of our posts
Please mention our page where you found out about Wendy Escobar
We appreciate your support

Fashion and Modeling - YouTube 03/16/2021

Fashion and Modeling - YouTube

Restaurant to deliver food is needed for the fashion show'songoing collaboration. We will have over 120 models and 9 designers and mediacrew. Everyone needs to eat at the event from 10 am to 7pm. The way we want to structurethe deal is a 10 percent discount for the order for everyone as a group dealand 15 percent fee to the producer for arranging and promoting the restaurant.We can also do some pictures and videos of our models eating the food and withthe restaurant's logo and perhaps some testimonials by models and crew forthe restaurants. You can see our prior shows at do shows every month and look for ongoing collaboration. The plan is thatsome of the production team will call the restaurant and place orders forwhat they want and with our code you will know to charge them less and delivergroup packages. Thank you. We would like to have delivery at 12 noon and at 5pm. Show takes place in midtown Manhattan but we can do delivery from Brooklyn orQueens or Bronx and even from NJ as long as it makes sense for you as welldriving to the city. One of the shows is kids show, so if you have a kids menuthat is a plus. You will get great images with amazing models and viral videosthat would look great on your tiktok. One of the shows is a bridal fashion show,so you can get a few pictures with gorgeous brides (models) and your food andyour logo. We can also do product placement photography for your food andproper food photography as well. Also in the show we do have dogs so that isalso an additional distinct factor. Dogs often provide hire visibility to productsthey correlate with.

Fashion and Modeling - YouTube Fashion and Modeling, NYFW, shows, behind the scene footage, interviews, interested in sponsorship productions, have many full censor cameras, mirrorless cam...

Free Giveaway program from VetVittles of the Healing cream with any purchase 01/14/2021

Free Giveaway program from VetVittles of the Healing cream with any purchase

Sale. 10 percent off for pet supply products, dog food, treats for dogs can cats, medicine for dogs and cats sale for all items on with code Alex from our page. Offer ends February 1. We are looking for more brand ambassadors, reach out at @VetVittles also we have special offer for pet stores to carry our product line.

Free Giveaway program from VetVittles of the Healing cream with any purchase Free Giveaway program from VetVittles of the Healing cream with any purchase

| VetVittles 12/16/2020

| VetVittles

Folks who love dogs and cats are needed for creative partnership.
Dog and cat related business is needed for collaboration.
We already sponsored by and looking for more brands to participate
Professional photography and film making is sponsored by we can shoot at dog playgrounds, in the parks and on locations.
We can give you this book as a gift free of charge
We can also give you this book as free of charge
We are also partially sponsored by veterinarian and grooming services and looking for more pet and grooming and veterinarian businesses to join us.
Our main sponsor is
Please share what your social media is, if we can do funny dog videos with your pets, if we can do interview with dog owners, if we can do sketch, if you already have existing content that you are willing to share.
Thank you, [email protected]
We would love to collaborate with other photographers and film makers

| VetVittles CHAMPION YOUR PET’s WELLNESS Learn More Take time. sniff the difference. Transparency In transparency we trust. We developed a page with information about our ingredients for you to know exactly what you are getting Quality No to fillers! No to artificial components! No to dyes! All ingredients an...


Remote interview co host is needed
Looking for subjects for the remote interview, we can talk about fashion, modeling, online classes, inspirational stories, new business pitches (no pyramids or illegal activities), we publish at 300 fb pages with over 200k followers and YouTube channel with over 30k subscribers and on Free Speech TV BRIC TV and state Ukraine TV channel and channel in India and Canada state TV, my instagram is @alexanderegurman, my skype is Alexander.Gurman we can do it also via zoom, Viber, WhatsApp, we can do jokes, pranks, challenges, pitch, educational video, let me know what is the best time, we can outline the topics and details. [email protected]. I like to use teleprompter, proper light, sound, etc.
We can do life feed interviews as well
Email what would you like to talk about, basic talking points, your social media profile.
We also accept content for our youtube and pages, let us know if you have great programming, pictures and videos and articles that you would like to share. We can discuss the copyright and profit sharing.
Positive things that help to combat corona virus pandemic and fears and share facts and healthy vibes.
Podcasts and content that has many views has potential to make a profit from sponsorship opportunities. Now that so many people are at home our youtube channels have more than 900 percent growth and we add recently more than 20 percent subscribers on our pages organically.
Working from home has its challenges but we can share our routine and things that works for us and what to avoid.

If you need content for your channel, we may also send you some videos and pictures if you like, if it makes sense for both of us, obviously we would love to sell our content if you have budget to pay and we also consider trade opportunities. Some of our videos and pictures attract a lot of views and valuable for posts and we will share with you our copyright when it makes sense.

Real Estate Fashion show
Lingerie, home wear, comfort wear, night wear, business wear, cook wear, foodie cloth, new spring collections, pajamas fashion show, comic con costumes,
We got free gifts, raffle, we got discounts from our sponsors,
Come to the show to see our collections and models,
Live feed at and
Sky Room 34fl 330 West 40th Str NYC March 26th, 5 pm start. Show at 9 pm
[email protected]
Need more models, more crew members, more sponsors, etc

Real Estate Fashion show
Lingerie, home wear, comfort wear, night wear, business wear, cook wear, foodie cloth, new spring collections, pajamas fashion show, comic con costumes,
We got free gifts, raffle, we got discounts from our sponsors,
Come to the show to see our collections and models,
Live feed at and
Sky Room 34fl 330 West 40th Str NYC March 26th, 5 pm start. Show at 9 pm
[email protected]
Need more models, more crew members, more sponsors, etc

Transportation Magazine updated their business hours. 12/28/2019

Transportation Magazine updated their business hours.

Transportation Magazine updated their business hours.

Transportation Magazine updated their website address. 12/28/2019

Transportation Magazine updated their website address.

Transportation Magazine updated their website address.

fashion models 12/28/2019

fashion models


Photographer and videographer are needed. NYFW productions powered by Mr. Great needs additional photographer and film maker and news anchor. We offer from $250 per day to TFP. To see our work please look at we got 30k subscribers and our fb page is instagram is @alexanderegurman
Email at [email protected]
In order to be considered please email your social media links, your area of expertise and what do you want to learn, you may do photography and want to learn video, or other aspects of productions that we do. We offer various agreements case by case so let us know if you willing to shoot for TFP or you would agree for 50 dollars per day or 100 per day or 200. Those who offer best deal for us will get the spots. We have passes to many fashion shows. When you email us please let us know what days do you have availability. FW shows starts from 5th to 20th approximate.
In for past we placed a number of models in various shows,
We also need DJ and additional light engineer gaffer for our productions.
Also looking an additional modeling agency

Transportation Limousine

Transportation Limousine we can assist you to arrange transportation in NY and NJ area, please email at [email protected] and you can watch our videos at

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our  actress model in pet commercial, we cast now talent for full feature film
Miss Mexico about the pageants




Casting director, creative producer, photographer, film maker, talent agent, modeling agency, fashion producer, fashion designer, marketing and SEO, product placement, location scout, writer, content provider, TV producer, acting classes, produce comedies, fashion and music videos, advertising campaigns, DJ, gaffer, photobooth, makeup and hair stylist. Video editing and image retouch,


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