R&R Beach Retreat

R&R Beach Retreat


This was our second year in a row staying at R&R. We cannot wait to go back again next year. This place is phenomenal and we love the easy access to everything at this condo. Ordering from the Cabana Cafe is one of our favorite things! They deliver right to your room! The pools are phenomenal and it’s just a short walk to the beach! Rod and Becky could not be more accommodating. Hopefully next year we will be here for two weeks instead of just one. Also, if you plan on parasailing you should go to no other than Gilligans. I took my eight year old son and we couldn’t of asked for a better experience.
Some cool photos we’ve taken while here.
Chuck Greenamyer& I just went for our 2nd time, 5/18 to 5/25/19!
If you don't check this place out you're really missing out! Perfect weather both trips.
Absolutely beautiful, so much to do!
We will definitely be going back for trip #3
Highly Recommended 💜💜💜
Doreen Staffieri

Doreen and Glen Staffieri Oct 06, 2018

We couldn't be more pleased and grateful to Becky and Rod for their hospitality! The condo is beautiful! Couldn't have asked for a better place! They even refunded us a day that we missed due to Hurricane Michael! This is going be be our go to place! Love love love it!
Had a great time during our stay!
....until next time! 😊
We have enjoyed the beautiful views and the weather this week. The condo is absolutely beautiful and perfect for our family. Soaking up our last few days here!

Two bedroom, 2 bathroom, queen sleeper sofa and a bunk room. Sleeps 8 comfortably. Huge balcony with gulf view.
2 resort style pools. Short walk to beach.

Operating as usual


Can You Spot the Rip Current?

This is good info for the upcoming summer!!

Photos from R&R Beach Retreat's post 05/02/2021

Sea turtle nesting season started yesterday and goes thru the end of October. Some gentle reminders while at the beach 🐢

Photos from R&R Beach Retreat's post 05/01/2021

We had a great time at Lulu's. Awesome place for kids to hang out and have fun.


We had a blast at Crab Island today. Thanks Gilligans Water Sports for the Cadillac of boats!!

We had a blast at Crab Island today. Thanks Gilligans Water Sports for the Cadillac of boats!!


Looks whose property was listed as a "premier stay" in the official ad for Emerald Coast By Owners!!

Looks whose property was listed as a "premier stay" in the official ad for Emerald Coast By Owners!!


This is a picture of what rip currents look like. If you would ever get caught in one, swim parallel to the shore and hopefully you would come upon a sand bar. Try not to panic!! Don't go in the water, ever, when there are red flags or double red flags.

This is a picture of what rip currents look like. If you would ever get caught in one, swim parallel to the shore and hopefully you would come upon a sand bar. Try not to panic!! Don't go in the water, ever, when there are red flags or double red flags.

Photos from Underwater Museum of Art's post 02/10/2021

This is minutes away from our condo.....


What is waiting for our guests each time they arrive at R&R.....this. My Granddaughters couldn't wait to get their hands (and mouths) on them!!



This is a fabulous video of our little slice of heaven!!

BEACH HAPPY 🏝️ 😎 visits Miramar Beach, Florida.

Presented by Grady-White Boats
MarineMax Panama City Beach | MarineMax Fort Walton Beach
MarineMax Pensacola | Land Rover Gulf Coast | southwaltonfl.com


Fun 4 Emerald Coast Kids

This park is about an hour east of us in Panama City. Pack the cooler and make a day of it!!

Check out the new "Ninja Warrior" play area at Oakland Terrace Park! It's the first of its kind in Florida! We were already impressed with the pirate ship equipment here (watch to the end to see that) and now this makes it even better! PS: NO shade, so plan accordingly;) Info: https://bit.ly/3c15h3l


Updated pictures of our guest parasailing. Thanks for sharing Abby!!


Fun 4 Emerald Coast Kids

Um Yum!!! Definitely gonna try this out!!

Take the fam down to Hokulia Shave Ice- Santa Rosa Beach FL! I know it sounds weird but...get ice cream in the middle of your shave ice (trust me on this one!) I tried their lime ice cream and they don't skimp on quality! Owned by a local family:) Info: https://bit.ly/3hrt3sq


Whale Shark Encounter - Destin, FL - August 9th 2020

This video is AMAZING!! A family was able to capture a video of a Whale Shark hanging out with them. Some dolphins even joined in.🐬 Despite their size, Whale Sharks are very docile and pose no danger to humans.

This Whale Shark Encounter was filmed by Kenneth Worley, his wife Christi, and son Coleman on August 9th, 2020 just offshore in Destin Florida. Whale sharks ...

[08/11/20]   Our current guests had a blast Gilligan's WaterSports!! They saw a dolphin and shark from 500 feet in the air!!🐬🐋 Thanks to Gilligan's for always taking such good care of our guests!


Turtle tracks 🐢

Let's talk sand messages: as trained sea turtle conservation teams, we are trained over time to notice things about sea turtle movements and that helps us to help them survive. On a morning that we see a good hatch, all turtles go straight to the water and all we see are hatchling tracks from the nest to their new home. But sometimes we find hatchlings have become disoriented by lights from houses (please shut off all outdoor lights and pull your curtains at sunset) or fall in man-made holes (fill it in before you leave each day) or we see natural tussles with crabs. Yes, if we see a crab has dragged a turtle to its den, we will dig and rescue! Adventures of turtle patrol teams can be dangerous with pinched fingers! Thank you all for keeping the beaches #cleandarkflat


Florida Sea Turtle Watch

Why do Momma Sea Turtles cry when making their nest?
We associate crying with egg laying because that’s the only time they come ashore in our area... But they cry in the Ocean as well. The tears also help flush sand from their eyes when nesting.
Sea Turtles are Reptiles & have less efficient kidneys than mammals & they can’t produce urine with a higher salt concentration than the Ocean water they drink. To avoid poisoning themselves with salt buildup... Sea Turtles have a gland in each eye that actively pumps salt ions into their tears. They need to run these glands continuously to maintain the correct balance of salt in their bodies.
Remember if you're ever lucky enough to see a nesting Sea Turtle on the beach... Never shine a white light on them & stay back 25 feet away please

#FloridaSeaTurtleWatch #CleanDarkFlat #LightPollution #FWC #concerncitizen #CaseyJones #TMNT #SeaTurtles #DEP #LeaveNoTrace #FSTW #SeaTurtle #SeaTurtlelivesmatter #beachlife #stopthebabySeaTurtlesfromdying


Something for the kids...

Hit the road! We rounded up 46 day trips to explore: https://fun4emeraldcoastkids.com/Fun-Around-Town/Day-Trips/


Jason Aldean - Got What I Got (Official Music Video)

Another country singer has fallen in love with Destin!!

The official music video for Jason Aldean's "Got What I Got" from his new album '9.' https://jasonaldean.lnk.to/NINE #GotWhatIGot #9 #JasonAldean ►Subscribe ...

getthecoast.com 07/02/2020

Freediver breaks world record in Destin, FL for red snapper


getthecoast.com Skye Bailey has done it again! Just 3 days ago, the Mississippi-born freediver set the speargun and pole spear world record. And as of Wednesday afternoon, she broke her own world record for the largest red snapper caught on a pole spear. And the best part? It happened in the Bay just off of Destin,...


Great day to be at R&R Beach Retreat! Crab Island
Gilligan's watersports

apnews.com 05/22/2020

Florida's Grayton Beach No. 1 in top-10 US list

#1 in the county!! Right down the street from our condo!!

apnews.com TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (AP) — The sand along the coast of Grayton Beach State Park is so unique, some say it speaks to you. It's compared to sugar, and is so white it's almost blinding in bright...

[05/21/20]   For those heading to our place...☀️☀️
Please know that our grocery stores and restaurants have not seen the likes of this for almost a year. Supply lines are stretched thin. Restaurants have finally figured out how to "sort of " do take out, where they have never had to before, and reconfigured ordering , staffing, floor-plans with new parameters, and so, so much more. PLEASE, be accommodating. This is your vacation, but their nightmare of logistics. No amount of your yelling will make avocados appear, or lines into a venue dissipate. These workers have been here for you, for years! They want you to have the experience you had before, but the world has changed. Don't blame them. Reataurant workers are the third most vulnerable to this virus due to viral load/duration of exposure. Don't punish them because your experience isn't what is was 1, 2 , 10 years ago. They are literally willing to stare down this virus because their families need to survive. Be nice. Tip well. Make this a place that welcomes you beyond this time.


This is beautiful or what 🐢❤

People ask all the time... How do u know where a Momma Sea Turtle came out of the Ocean & on to the beach at?
Well see the tracks in the beach sand? That is a Sea Turtle track.
Can anybody tell me what kind of Sea Turtle made that track?


Get The Coast

The artist who painted the Destin water tower is from Dayton!!

Here is a quick look at the mural being painted on the new Destin Water Tower.

(📸Marty Buchman)


Friendly reminder whenever we go to Florida...🐢

LIGHTS OUT on the beach. It is officially baby sea turtle season May 1 - Oct. 31. Please keep the beaches CLEAN - DARK - FLAT. No flashlights. Fill in your holes. Pick up beach furniture. Knock over sandcastles. Leave only your footprints. Don't touch baby sea turtles. Please help spread the word. #SeaTurtleLivesMatter | #ShareTheBeach


Florida is opening May 1st!! Our resort is getting ready for our guests!!


Something different to do. 30A is a gorgeous area. Lots of quaint shops and restaurants.

The 30A Trolley is back at #GulfPlace30A 🙌

The trolley service will commence operations on March 1, providing scenic tours and transportation between Gulf Place and Inlet Beach, connecting beachgoers to the 12 beach communities and over 250 merchants and restaurants comprising the 30A marketplace.

Utilizing four fun, open-air vintage trolley buses, each named after a local fish and branded “The Beach Trolley,” the service will operate continuously between the hours of 10 a.m.-10 p.m. from March 1 to Oct. 31. The 30A Trolley Company will be a hop-on/hop-off service, arriving and departing every 20 minutes, with planned trolley stops in Gulf Place, Blue Mountain Beach, Grayton Beach, WaterColor®, Seaside®, Seagrove Beach, WaterSound®, The Hub®, Alys Beach®, Seacrest Beach, Rosemary Beach® and Inlet Beach.

Besides providing a fun educational one-and-a-half-hour scenic tour for 30A visitors, the trolleys will help alleviate the overcrowding at public beach parking areas by serving the nine regional public beach accesses along the route. The trolley will also reduce car and golf cart traffic by an estimated 500 vehicles a day, providing a viable alternative to drinking and driving while enjoying the area's local restaurants and nightspots.

Bob Dickhaus, founder of The 30A Trolley Company, said, “We expect the beach trolley to provide a viable alternative to guests having to drive once they get to 30A, reducing traffic and contributing to a safer environment."

Randy Carroll, member of the 30A Alliance Advisory Board and President of the WaterColor Homeowners Association, stated, “The trolley service is an important first step in proactively addressing transportation issues surrounding the housing growth in South Walton and a welcome addition to our community.”


Sandy Ripple


Clear and close up footage of this beautiful majestic creature😍


2019 was a tough year for the community that Rod & I live in that affected us both personally and professionally. The KKK had a rally in Dayton and attempted to spread hate thru our city and lost that battle. Two days later on Memorial Day we had a devastating tornado that neighborhoods are still recovering from. There was a mass shooting where 9 people were killed and numerous injured. One of our brothers in blue was shot and killed trying to keep our community safe. We are reminded on a daily basis that life is far too short. We are so thankful for the blessings we have and the loved ones in our lives. We are so ready for 2020. Let this year be our best ever!!


From our family to yours we hope you all have a wonderful holiday season!!


We are thankful to all the military, past and present, and happily give a discount on your stay to show our appreciation.


Our current guests view from Pomano Joes tonight. Just gorgeous!! Thanks for sharing Laura!

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What are you waiting for?Book your week today!Beautiful fall day with the beach all to ourselves!
Fall is fabulous at R&R Beach Retreat! 77 degrees and not a cloud in the sky! You need to be here!
Wish you were here?!




112 Seascape Drive Unit 602
Miramar Beach, FL
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