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To see full testimonial click here: 1-Recommendation / Testimonial by: Lori & Howard Avery I have known Nomie Azoff for over 5 years. My son, Danny Avery, switched from Temple ###XX to JSN in his 3rd year of Hebrew school-due to an extremely heavy school work load..... And the rest, so they say, is history! Danny loved Nomie's class- and always came home with a smile on his face and a desire to learn more! She made learning fun! I would stand outside her door, waiting to pick Danny up, and I would hear laughter coming from her room (along with familiar Jewish tunes!) And due to her enthusiasm and wonderful knowledge of Judaism and Israel- we decided to do Danny's Bar Mitzvah in Israel with Nomie! We did a private tour with Nomie, just my husband Howard, Danny and myself, Lori Avery. Nomie and I carefully planned, planned and re-planned the trip! My older son was selected to play in the Maccabiah games, so she helped us coordinate the trip around the games. And as you can imagine- we had to make many changes to accommodate the athletic schedule. Nomie was never thrown by any changes- and usually helped improve the plans. The trip to Israel was one of the highlights of our lives. It was magical- and we traveled to a foreign country (even though it is our "homeland") without one problem. She really designed the trip around Danny's interests (keeping us happy also). We traveled the entire country, and did not want to leave. We saw Israel through the eyes of an Israeli, but also a friend. The Bar Mitzvah was at Robinson's Arch-at the Wailing Wall, and was absolutely perfect! The setting was breath taking, surrounded by such rich history. It was casual, spiritual, meaningful, full of love, and a day that we will never forget. Nomie suggested that we invite my older son's basketball team (that had just won the gold medal the night before) to join us at the Bar Mitzvah. She provided transportation for the entire team! And helped plan a lovely lunch for all of us. Danny's Bar Mitzvah was everything we could have wished for and more- thanks to Nomie!!!! Nomie's enthusiasm is contagious! Every moment was a teaching moment- but in a fun way. I can't recommend her enough! And I hope someday that we will be able to travel back with her again! Lori & Howard Avery Hired Nomie as a Judaic/Hebrew Instructor in 2005, and hired Nomie as a tour guide in Israel in 2008." 2-Recommendation / Testimonial by: Judith Rosen Independent Philanthropy Professional “Nomie is creative, upbeat with an eye towards educating and entertaining her clientele. Her energizer bunny go to attitude gives you the incentive to reach outside of your comfort zone when exploring the world around you.” January 21, 2011 Top qualities: Personable, Creative judith rosen, Hired Nomie as a tour guide in 2009" 3-Recommendation / Testimonial by: Jackie Sereboff Nomie Azoff planned a fabulous trip to Israel for our family last summer. The trip was a great combination of history and fun. Not only did we learn a lot, we did a lot. We have memories that will last a lifetime. Jackie. Sereboff Jackie Hired Nomie as a Judaic/Hebrew Instructor in 2005 to2010 and hired Nomie as a tour guide in Israel in 2010" 4-Recommendation / Testimonial by: Brad Halpern Brad hired Nomie as a Leader, Tour Guide, Trip Planner, Tutor in 2011 Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative “Nomie is the one... She personifies the can-do attitude and overflows with enthusiasm at everything she does. We were so lucky to have worked with her and have her lead us on a two week tour of Israel. All who went credit her knowledge and talent as having made this journey so memorable. She is truly the best of the best, and any other tour or tour guide would have surely paled in comparison.” November 2, 2011 Hired Nomie as a Tour guide in Israel in 2011 "

Mission: Israel With Nomie: Educational Tours & Bar/Bat Mitzvah Planning In Israel MAZEL TOV! If you feel the pressure and burden of planning your event or/ and your trip to Israel, you came to right place. Let "Israel With Nomie" take care of all the planning of your Bar/Bat Mitzvah trip to Israel. Our expertise and wisdom lies in tailoring the tours which best fit the interests, skill levels and preferences of all the participants – creating a Bat/Bar Mitzvah trip to Israel which will bring forth unforgettable moments, meaningful shared experiences, memories to last a lifetime, connecting to the land, fun, adventure, heritage, tradition, and a time of incomparable bonding with friends and family! Before we get into the planning stage, we will always have a long and in-depth conversation with you. This helps us get to know you, your family, the Bat or Bar Mitzvah, your desires, expectations and your dreams of this trip to Israel. From all the details, A to Z, we’ve got you covered. We will take you to extraordinary, unique, off-the-beaten-track locations which you didn’t even know existed in Israel. We will make sure everything is running smoothly so you can truly relax and enjoy your special day knowing everything is in our capable hands. We will create a unique atmosphere, provide creative ideas and we will put together a once-in-a-lifetime, unforgettable Bat/Bar Mitzvah ceremony, a celebration, a tour and trip arrangements to Israel which will be engraved in your hearts for years to come. Our biggest advantage is our many years of experience in the fields of event planning private touring in Israel and Bar/Bat mitzvah tutoring for all levels. We will create for each different group or family a private tailor-made special and exclusive event, better than anything you could have dreamed of. You can choose from any variety of dramatic entries, such as skydiving, zip lining or even by helicopter to an indoors or outdoors ceremony in a hall or ancient synagogue on the beach or at a holly site such as the wailing wall. Our expertise in planning special events is knowing how to masterfully combine the needs of everyone in the group. We will plan on a location to fit the atmosphere and the style you wish to create at your Bat/Bar Mitzvah. The success of your Bat/Bar Mitzvah trip to Israel depends on it being well-planned, taking into consideration the preferences of the Bar/Bat Mitzvah, your family and your guests. If you are anywhere in the US, we can meet and plan together and cut the middle man. We can also prepare your child for his Torah portion and service in person or on Skype (in reform, conservative or orthodox style) Israel is a Microcosm of the World. Wondering What it’s Like on a Short Trip to Israel? Have you ever considered visiting Israel? It's the place you need to visit at least once in your life time, regardless of religious affiliation. Posted by Nomie Azoff. Click here for full article :

Inspiration tour: Artist Villages in Israel
Spreading creativity is always a great thing, especially for artists; This is the idea behind the artist villages in Israel, located in pastoral locations and being a lovely place for a visit. Here are three of them, from north to south:

The concept was born in Europe in the early 20th century, and from there spread to other continents. The idea behind artist villages is to provide artists with a warm and supportive environment, so they can inspire each other and spread creativity. There are several artist villages in Israel, and a visit to one or more is a great introduction to contemporary art in Israel, as well as an opportunity for one-on-one encounters with painters, sculptors and designers in their workshops and galleries.

Ein Hod
Ein Hod, the first and largest artists village in Israel, was established in 1953 on the ruins of an abandoned Arab village. The life and soul of the village was Marcel Janco, a painter and an architect, and one of the leading exponents of Dadaism. The early years were harsh, but later on the village prospered and attracted artists from various fields, and today there are several hundred resident artists living in the village, painting, sculpting, designing, composing music, acting, dancing and more.

The artists village Ein Hod
The village is perched on the slopes of Mount Carmel, surrounded by pine groves and boasting some lovely views. The picturesque houses are surrounded by lush gardens, with statues and other works of art strewn about all over the village. In the heart of Ein Hod is a central gallery, with a permanent collection of works by resident artists, as well as changing exhibitions by other Israeli artists. Also here is the Janco Dada Museum, dedicated to Marcel Janco’s playful and imaginative artwork. During school and religious holidays, the museum hosts a range of activities for children, all in the spirit of Dadaism.

In 2004, community leaders at Aniam, a small village in the Golan Heights, decided to set up a cluster of galleries and workshops where resident artists can display their artwork and communicate with visitors and potential buyers directly, without any intermediaries. Today, the Aniam Artist Village hosts about 15 galleries and workshops for ceramics, prints, jewelry, Judaica and religious objects, specialty housewares and more. And there are also two cafes, a kosher grill restaurant and some bed-and-breakfast options.

The location itself is simply gorgeous, next to the Yehudiya Forest Nature Reserve, with its abundant waterfalls and springs, so don’t miss out on a beautiful hike in nature, before or after your visit to the village galleries.

In the Arabah desert is the Tzukim Artist Colony, also established in 2004. The goal of its founders was to establish a village for people from the urban center of the country, who wanted to make a significant change in their lifestyle, far away from the hustle and bustle, so they can work and create in the serenity of the desert. The people of Tzukim work, among other things, in agriculture, desert tourism projects and the arts. The village has several workshops for ceramics, jewelry, sculpture and woodwork. In addition, Tzukim has a micro-brewery, the Araba Brewery, and operates a few unique accommodation options, overlooking the magical desert scenery. Every year in November, Tzukim hosts the Arava International Film Festival, screening arthouse movies from various countries.
Getting there
Tzukim is located west of Highway 90 (the Arabah Road), between Paran and Tzofar, about a 100 km (60 miles) north of Eilat.

MIRACLE! For The First Time Ever, Listen As A High Priest Enters The Holy Of Holies

MIRACLE! For The First Time Ever, Listen As A High Priest Enters The Holy Of Holies
The Temple in Jerusalem was a place that was not merely a place for a few Holy Priests to doe their service. It was a place where the entire Jewish nation came up to serve and pray several times every year in order to bring Godliness into their lives. How was this achieved? What was so unique about the service of the Temple?

The Temple was a place that was awe-inspiring to all who served there. It was awe-inspiring to all of one’s senses. When you walked in, you could look straight up and see a building that was more than 6 stories tall – and hollow. It was also beautifully decorated with all kinds of bright and glistening colors. It had beautiful smells too from the different spices. Basically, the physical senses were all majorly activated. The sounds of the Temple were beautiful and powerful also.
But, what the Temple was all about was spiritual connection to a Higher Being. The main goal of a person who served at the Temple was to become reconnected or to assume a new connection to the Godliness in the world. The essence was to reach a new level of realization of God awareness. This was done via the feeling that each person in the Temple felt. They felt like they were actually inside of God. Then when each person went back home they were able to bring back the newfound feelings, emotions, and awareness into their daily life in order to be more God-informed.

What a wonderful find. To hold even a bit of dust from the Holy of Holies would be wonderouse to hold a bell from the chief cohen inking back to such a time must be glorious. Share on FacebookTweet WhatsappThe Temple in Jerusalem was a place that was not merely a place for a few Holy Priests to doe their service. It was a place where the entire Jewish nation came up to serve and pray several times every year in order to bring Godliness into their lives. How was this […...

The non-obvious trip: 5 hidden gems in Israel
It’s time to toss out the standard guidebook and venture beyond the Tel Aviv-Haifa-Jerusalem route: lakes, caves and little-known cities around Israel are just begging to be discovered. Here is some info. Enjoy! !

1- Hebrew Music Museum

Music is a language that bridges time and space. In the case of the Hebrew Music Museum of Jerusalem, these are impressive connections between past, present and future, east and west, all in one homogenous continuum of addictive sounds. The museum is made up of seven spaces, each one embodying a unique characteristic. Of the different spaces, one is dedicated to musical instruments from Morocco and Andalusia; another to musical instruments from Iran, Iraq, Syria, Egypt and India; and yet another space with sounds of Europe and Ashkenazi culture. The last museum space is dedicated to the Israeli melting pot. In this space, one can see musical instruments and read ancient scriptures that unfold the history of music in Israel and in Jerusalem as far back as the days of the Holy Temple.

Aside from visiting and seeing the ancient musical instruments, each one of the museum spaces invites the visitors to partake in an interactive game. So, for example, the “Central Asia” space offers visitors a kind of Guitar Hero game in which each one can “experiment” with playing on old instruments. Some of the spaces invite visitors to answer questions using tablets, but the interactive highlight awaits them in the Hebrew space, where visitors are invited to wear virtual reality spectacles, enter the Holy Temple, listen to original music and experiment with various holy rituals.

The perfect integration of past-present-future at the Hebrew Music Museum of Jerusalem leaves a rich, lasting impression on its visitors.

2. Sataf forest: hiking the Jerusalem mountains

Hiking in the Sataf
The sataf forest in Jerusalem

Further East is Sataf, a must-visit site for hiking lovers. This forest is a great location for year-round family-friendly outdoor adventures. Choose from five hiking trails or do all of them if you’re feeling especially active, passing through prehistorical agricultural remnants, water springs and ancient settlements. Plan for half a day of outdoor activities, and pack a picnic lunch – or opt for the little café in the upper parking area. The information desk in the upper parking area has a mountain bicycle rental station.

3. Stalactites cave: underground adventures

Avshalom cave
The Stalactites cave near Jerusalem

Fancy some more nature? Then it’s time to go underground. The Stalactites Cave, also known as Avshalom Cave or Soreq Cave, situated 3km from Beit Shemesh, is an astonishing cave studded with stalactites and stalagmites dating back some 300,000 years. The guided tour starts with a short film that explains all about stalactites and stalagmites, after which you set off on a 45-minute long underground adventure. It’s a family-friendly course, but not for strollers due to the 150 steps leading to (and from) the cave. Prepare for high humidity and endless oohs and ahhhs!

4. Hula lake Park (Agmon HaHula): birdwatchers’ paradise

Bird spotting in Hula lake in Northen Israel:

Now it’s time to turn north and visit a true birdwatcher’s paradise. Welcome to Hula Lake Park, a resting spot for 500,000,000 migrating birds who stop over on their way from Europe to Africa and back. Apart from the 390 different species of birds that take up residence for the spring and autumn, lucky observers might get a glimpse of wild acts and water buffalo.

The lake suffered massive damages following misguided draining attempts in the 1950’s. Thankfully, a re-flooding project initiated in the 1990’s has helped the area regain its past glory. An 8.5km track surrounds the lake and includes many good observation spots.

5. Ramla: History comes alive

Enter a small rowboat and explore this underground water reservoir
The Pool of arches in Ramla – row your boat

The city of Ramla (also known as Ramleh, but not to be confused with Ramallah in the West Bank) is located in the center of Israel, a quick 30-minute ride from Tel Aviv, or 45 minutes from Jerusalem. This 1,400-year-old city has plenty to offer in the way of history – Muslim rule, the Crusaders, Ottomans and the British, all favored the city for its central location.

Ramla’s Old City is a good place to spend the day. Start off at the White Tower, a twelfth-to-fourteenth-century beauty overlooking the Ayalon Valley. The 30-meter tower is the alleged home to the Tomb of Nabi Salah (Salah the Prophet), and was possibly used as a minaret for a mosque. Climb up to the observation point for a delightful view of central Israel.

From that point continue to the Pool of arches, where you can enter a small rowboat and explore this underground water reservoir, making your way through beautiful archways. By now you should be hungry enough to hit the famous Ramla Market and take in the colors, head-spinning aromas and sounds of authentic food stalls. You are sure to find a satisfying midday snack, and maybe top it off with a new dress or pair of sandals at ridiculous prices.

Finish the day off at the Ramla Museum, formerly an administrative headquarters of the British Mandate period. It’s a great way to get a grip on the city’s historical significance and take a peek at some ancient relics.

Israel Defense Forces

Hanukkah is everywhere!! Even on the train......

When an IDF soldier started singing a Hannukah song on the train in Jerusalem, the most beautiful thing happened next...

The annual light festival started last Thursday. I had a blast!!!
A unique experience seeing the old city of JerUSAlem decorated with lights . A real treat was to meet the artists who created the lights( from all over the world) in person.
SIMPLY magnificent!!

Shabbat Shalom everyone!!!click to hear:-)

Annual Light festival in JerUSAlem. SIMPLY magnificent!!

Annual Light festival in JerUSAlem. SIMPLY magnificent!!

Annual Light festival in JerUSAlem. SIMPLY magnificent!!

[07/04/19]   I recently took a family to a culinary tour in Iarael that included a visit to the unique BAHAT Winery. This inspired me to make a Mojito using their delicious Limoncello and served it to my guests who couldn’t have enough of it.
Follow the 65 seconds instructions in this movie to learn how to make it. CHEERS!!( NomieCello)

TGIF! Overlooking my beautiful citi of Jer-USA-lem

KAN | Eurovision 2019 - The musical

Eurovision Israel
This entertaining musical is a fun way to show the world a side of Israel that they won’t see in the media.
The Eurovision song contest is a platform for people throughout the world to compete and show their talent. This year, it is being held in Tel Aviv, Israel. And of course, Israel-haters are trying to boycott that. What are they trying to stop? Unity? Peace? Entertainment? Israel boycotters clearly do not care about creating peace – they just want to disrupt, destroy, and ruin anything that gives Israel a good name.
The Eurovision Musical

This musical is entertaining and is trying to show the world that Israel is just a regular country. It is not a country of “war and occupation.” On the contrary, it is a peaceful country. People of all different cultures walk side by side in the streets. It is a land of milk and honey, as the Bible says. Israel is a beautiful place. A place where the sun shines for most of the year. A place where people are free to protest and hold rallies without being arrested. Israel is a democracy, a startup nation, and the perfect place to host the Eurovision Song Contest. Even from the first bit of the musical, you can see how Israel does not discriminate – a Russian and an Arab are the ones singing the song! Is that what Israel-haters are trying to boycott? That Israel is an accepting country?

And of course, you can’t forget – Israel has the BEST shawarma!

You're welcome to get to know our land of sun and honey! Join Lucy and Elia and sing along You're welcome to get to know our land of sun and honey! Join Lucy...

Awesome trip with an extraordinary couple!!! It was extremely difficult to keep it under 4 minutes, but at least you get a taste of this visit.

יקב רמת הגולן

At the Bahat Winery...
Happy Passover from the Golan Hights where this delicious liqueur is produced ....

Tzefat, Zfat, Zafet

Must visit! This is the incredible mystical city of Tsefat ( I combined last few visits in this video)

Visit the unforgettable mystical city. Visit the Nero alleys, meet with the artist personally, visit some of the oldest synagogues, visit the Kabbalah center...

Camel rides in the Negev desert was so much fun ! Israrl is a place EVERYONE should visit! So many historical sites and so much fun ... A short visit will make you want to stay there forever........

Israrl is a place EVERYONE should visit! Wondering what to see in Israel? here is what we explored in a week. So many historical sites and so much fun ... Here are few that will make you want to stay there much longer........

קולולם | One Day - מתיסיהו | חיפה | 14.2.18

There is much more that unfies us than divides us. Koolulam is a social-musical initiative aimed at bringing together people from all corners of the diverse, multi-cultural Israeli society. The idea behind Koolulam is to stop everything for a few hours and just sing – together.
Complete strangers come together in Haifa and sing Matisyahu’s ‘ONE DAY’ – the result is amazing.
The project enables its participants to enjoy the feeling of togetherness through a deep communal experience. Our sounds and voices coming together to create a social choir, full of hope and optimism.

Israeli society is sometimes viewed as a very fractured society. While Israel is a Jewish state, there are various Jewish communities all vying to make an impact on the Jewish identity of the State. Israel has various Jewish religious groups as well as a large secular group. In addition to these sub-divisions within the Jewish community, there are also non-Jewish groups. Israel is a Middle East haven for minorities, as opposed to her Arab/Muslim neighbor states. Israel has a large Muslim, Christian and Druze population, in addition to much smaller minority groups like the Bahai, the Druze, tge Carmélites...

The Koolulam music project is a fabulous new initiative that breaks down the barriers between the different sectors of Israeli society. Watching the video, one sees religious Jews, secular Jews, Arabs etc. all singing together having fun. They all come to the event as strangers, learn to harmonize a song, and then perform. “One Day” of Matisyahu is but one example. The result is nothing but spectacular.

Koolulam is traveling city to city to bring this unifying project all across the country.
The truth is that while the media like to focus on the divisions in Israeli society, most Israelis, of all persuasions, feel very much unified.
The truth is that there is much more that unfies us than divides us.

One Day by Matisyahu

"להביט יחדיו אל הבאות ויום אחד לשנות..." 3,000 איש ואישה שלוש שפות וחיפה אחת שרים יחד קולולם. מקווים ש one day קרוב מתמיד... ~ האזינו ל-One Day בפלטפורמת המו...

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