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Come as a guest, leave as a friend! Beaver Valley Lodging, located in Plain Washington, is proud to present our gorgeous rustic farmhouse lodging facilities.

Offering a variety of lodging choices for your family, group gathering or that special get away. Call for availability and select which options best suit your lodging needs. Affordable luxury and fun. Stay in the Alpine country with Leavenworth being just a 20 minute drive away. The main lodge is in addition to our current lodging that has been cherished by our guests for years. Our 50 acre histor

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All of our guests staying with us this winter season receive complimentary trail passes to Plain Valley Ski Trails hosted by Plain Hardware. 15 miles of groomed trails, and 3 miles of snowshoe trails make this the perfect winter adventure for you and your family.
Book your room today, and hit the trails before the snow melts and you have to wait till next season!
Book now at or call 1-800-763-5215
For more information on ski plain visit 12/15/2020


All the lights were hung with care, ornaments placed meticulously around the trees, and holiday cheer is spread throughout. Beaver Valley Lodge is ready to host you and your family this holiday season. Visit or call 1-800-763-5215 to speak to a reservation specialist to book your room today! WELCOME TO BEAVER VALLEY LODGE Come as a guest, Leave as a friend Beaver Valley Lodging is located on 50 acres in the beautiful country foothills of the Cascade Mountains in Leavenworth (Plain), WA. The property has a historic farm feel and our guests


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Come stay with us, and experience a true winter wonderland this holiday season. We’re booking up fast, so be sure to reserve your room now at or speak to a reservation specialist by calling 1-800-763-5215


Book your winter vacation today!

Snow fall, hot chocolate, and a quiet country setting make Beaver Valley Lodge the perfect winter getaway for you, and your family this holiday season.
We are operating at reduced capacity, and our housekeeping staff uses the highest levels of sanitation practices in the industry. We want to ensure you can relax, and enjoy our winter wonderland.
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Each one of our decorations is hand picked and curated by our property manager Heidi. She meticulously ensures each piece looks visually stunning for our guests, and brings that warm, and cozy farmhouse country feeling to Beaver Valley Lodge


Fall is fast approaching! Book your stay today, and enjoy a beautiful autumn retreat at Beaver Valley Lodge!
Visit for rates, and availability


It is a beautiful day in Plain, WA!!! The weather has been perfect! When are you coming to visit?


Beaver Valley Lodging


THE LAST STRAW: Eileen was in her factory apartment for say, 2 years. People were always telling me the latest escapades. Most were just a little irritating, but not too bad. We had started a night shift of say, 10 men. Unknown to us there were pranks going on with Eileen. The lunchroom was under her apartment. If they got too noisy, she would pound her cane on the floor. They used a broom handle and would pound back. One evening in her nightgown and nightcap and her cane, she went to the lunchroom and told them they were too noisy and told them to go home. THEY DID. The next day, I said to Grahame she is too disruptive, we cannot have her on the property anymore.
The little town of Winslow on Bainbridge Island was sponsoring a senior citizens housing complex, the first. I went down and signed her up knowing she would never do it. Roughly six months later, she gets a call, " Mrs. Clancy, your apartment is ready". With a full head of steam, she came to my office and told me off. Weeks went by and she would not go look at it. Finally one day, she agreed. One look and she loved it. Moved in very soon after that.
I knew she was capable of turning the little town of Winslow upside down. She did. I figured the town could handle it, as they always seemed to have senior citizens that were characters walking about. She had a culture of taking things home (even food) and returning it shortly. The merchants all became aware of her and this habit. The other seniors convinced her to clip coupons to save money. She really got into it. The grocery store clerks would hide when she entered with a fistful of coupons. Her expectations were to hand it off and they would get them. THEY DID.
The cheekiest thing she did that I heard of follows. The senior apartments had a hobby room. They had no piano, which she could play. Grahame suggested she take it on as a project to get a piano. He suggested a local man, kind of God Father of the town and a Rotarian, could possibly help her. It went silent for awhile, then proudly telling us she had one and it was in place. It was a very nice piano. She played some songs for us. Time went by. I met the shopkeeper who donated the piano. We thanked her. She said do you know how that went? No. " I had to drive her to my home seven times to be certain it was just the right piano." Seven times, I was stunned. Apologized.
Eileen passed at 95. She had emigrated at 72. Born an orphan, finding her father, traveling Europe as a Ladies Companion. Married twice, outlived both. Lived in two countries making the USA her final stop, the third. She mastered shopping, bus riding and charming nearly everyone she met. When her furnishings arrived from South Africa, she was possessive to the point of obsession. Upon her passing we had to put her things in storage. We built the Beaver Valley Lodge in Plain. Her son, Grahame designed a room for many of her things. I know she visits her possessions often. I feel her in the room trying to get my attention. Many guests with no knowledge of her have had odd events surrounding the Eileen Suite. Eileen is our resident ghost. Eileen will never be mean or scary, but she might play tricks on you. I grew very fond of Eileen. She did not want me to move to Plain. I replied, "Well, I guess I could divorce your son and stay here and take care of you". She said no. Two of our daughters and a granddaughter took on my duties with Eileen, for which I am eternally grateful. She will be waiting for me with a long list of things to do for her when I pass. - Barbara Watson


Eileen In The Apartment: Eileen in her element now. Many people to socialize with and away from me, telling her what she should and should not do. Below her apartment in the factory, they were still fine tuning different pieces of equipment. Sometime, after 2 weeks in her new place, she asked rather nervously why her bathwater was always milky white? Upon tracking this down, we discovered a glue line below had been attached to her bathtub water. As she was also adding hot water, it was diluted.
Sometime during this period, I suggested she have a complete physical with my doctor. When she came out she was furious with me. "You never told me what "complete" meant. Never in my life have I had such a thing." I am not certain how her two children were born.
Dentists were a problem for Eileen. She seemed to be extremely sensitive to pain. What should be one appointment for cleaning would be at least three. At one appointment, I was waiting for behind a temporary thin wall. Could hear the conversation. She was given to telling TALL TALES. We told her she was giving us a SNOW JOB from time to time. Being new to the USA, she had a difficult time with American slang. Would mix words up, which made the slang even funnier. I don't know what the dentist said, but her response was "you are giving me a SNOW BUSH". The dentist kept mumbling SNOW BUSH?
Eileen became a US citizen at 78. She tried to study the info all are given, mostly history, but it was difficult for her. She had a secret plan. Now, privately before a judge to answer questions, she started telling him stories from a book she loved, "Presidential Passions". I still have it. The judge escorted her out, saying she had passed. "I certainly just learned about the love lives of our Presidents, which I did not know."
I cannot tell Eileen anything, she will do just the opposite to prove she can. Our retention pond, just in front of the factory, had a mixed bunch of ducks and geese. She would collect bread to feed them. That's great. I told her whatever you do, do not feed them in front of your door. Well, she did. They started camping there all daylight hours. Duck and goose poo all over the walkway. I made certain it took a long time to clean it, as she did not like walking in it.
She started watching Phil Donahue. Without asking, she figured if it was on TV it was safe to talk about it. He had a program on different sex positions and related subjects. Not understanding, she went upstairs to the receptionist and asked her. She was so mortified , she could not speak. Eileen then went to other office staff, asking them. None could respond. She asked her son while he was carving meat. He stopped, dead silence. I had heard about her office questions. I said OK Eileen, here goes. She was stunned and mortified. Nothing more was said on that subject.
Grahame took her on an airplane flight to San Jose, as he had volunteered to drive a car back for our daughter and her husband, as they were moving back to Washington state. When the plane arrived at the airport, it was a long ladder ride to exit. She had a panic attack and froze. It would seem the whole staff and her son had to put her in a device that lowered her down. The tears were flowing. Perfectly fine when she touched ground. While in San Jose, she got a little sight seeing in with our daughter. The best part for her was going to a very large bank, where they would clean your money. She would always only accept clean money from banks and stores. To be continued.............- Barbara Watson


EILEEN SETTLES IN: We called it the Americanization of Eileen. Just when you thought she couldn't do anything else odd, she did. Somewhere around the 6th month, I was getting edgy. 4 children, 1 grandchild and Eileen. Not to mention a factory full of people that had increased in number and were no longer a tight nit group. They loved to fight, especially when Grahame was gone and I was the ranking member, We were about to build an additional large factory building. We decided to build an apartment for Eileen. We put in, next to the 2 factory buildings, a temporary, new single wide for Eileen. Never occurred to me this may become a challenge.
She moved in with our German Shepard for protection and comfort. The construction crew started. She would walk the property with her cane, socializing. Construction men chew and spit. She would see this, point her cane and shake it and saying "Dirty man, dirty man". Pretty soon the construction crew was living in terror of her. Then a lunch wagon would show up and honk his horn. She started waiting for him, would hit her cane on his hood, telling him to stop hooting his horn. He would not, so it escalated. She had successfully intimidated all these very masculine men. We were being told. Telling her to stop to no avail.
They had accumulated large stacks of materials close to her little home. One night some thieves went right by her home and stole much of it. She heard them, became scared and hid with the dog. The telephone right there, she didn't use it, as they might hear her. Finally, the building was done and we moved her in. One event I recall was the can of soup episode, while still in the single wide. She liked soups. I made certain she had a large supply. When visiting, I noticed the amount stayed the same. I asked her why, no real answer. Then one day an answer "I don't know how to use a can opener". "What did you do before?" I asked. "I called Johannes", a staff member at the residence hotel she was in. In her mid 70's, I was giving Eileen can opener lessons, she did master it. To this day, when I have too much to do I will say "I need a Johannes".
Time to move, say 100 feet into her new apartment. The single wide was removed. Seemed all was going as planned. Now the events became more numerous. As she was used to many people in the residence hotel, now the entire factory and office workers became her Kingdom. Certain employees were most kind and could not say no to Mrs. Clancy. She quickly figured out who they were. It was kept from us for a long time, then the magnitude of her requests could no longer be hidden. She could not manage light bulbs, batteries or bottles to open, a special purchase from the store. She was at the mezzanine level. The stairs and sidewalk went right by her door, from bottom floor to top. The chosen ones were trapped going by. Many started walking the opposite way around to avoid that area. Peeking through a slightly open door, it would be "ooh who" and they knew 30 minutes were gone. To be continued.......- Barbara Watson


Teaching Eileen To Shop: We lived in the industrial area on Bainbridge. Lived on top of our factory for 7 years, as we had put all available dollars into building the factory, after 10 years of marriage and we could not afford a house. We decided to have two more children 18 years later and built a house in a heavily wooded spot on the same property. As it was isolated, Eileen could go for walks, but no one to make friends with. I was the entire focus of her attention. It was exhausting.

Time to teach her how to shop. We had two grocery stores, one of which is still there. They operated on the principal of great Nordstrom customer service. Top quality meat and seafood. The other now gone and replaced by Safeway. It was more affordable. I shopped sales. Usually went to both. At first she was just with me and whatever children were along. She had panic attacks, sadly I did not understand and thought it was just part of her routine. I first heard this story early on as standing in line, speaking loudly, she appeared to be ready to faint. People being kind would gather, then this story. "Where I come from, I would sit in a comfortable chair and they would bring the produce to me and I would select the best." This seemed to be a BS story, but it calmed her down and I did not stop her.

This furthered the rumor she was royalty. She never denied it. Of coarse, she had a fur coat, royalty copies of real jewelry. I am in jeans. She never figured out stores have a pattern of traffic flow. She always went the opposite. When I started giving her 3 items and turning her loose she was easy to find. I looked down the aisles and wherever there was a traffic jam, Eileen was at the center telling stories.

She became rather famous around the town. She loved to smoke a cigar about 4pm with a SPOT, which in her case was scotch. With age, it became a double. If she had to do something that seemed scary to her, Valium was added. She had an amazing constitution and was never the slightest bit silly, even with the combination. The perfect lady.

She was a nervous car passenger, so it always began with a Valium and a scotch. She had a giant container of Valium, perhaps over 1000. I asked her how did she get that through customs. No answer. She came with a lifetime supply of bras and girdles, as she had been told American women did not wear them. Anyway, once or twice a month we would travel to Kmart in East Bremerton to get pampers for two toddlers, usually two cases. Then dinner. My husband, who had started smoking at age 12, had quit and taken up cigars. This sounds made up for today's society, but then you could smoke most anywhere, cigars and pipes were OK too. My amusement was to fall back about 15 feet with my cart and watch Eileen and my husband travel through Kmart. She is dressed in furs and jewels, he in very casual, sharing a cigar. Every 3 or 4 minutes he would pass it off to her. The fun part was watching people. They would be completely stoic passing, then turn and look in disbelief. I often recall that picture. To be continued...........-Barbara Watson


Eileen Finds Her Father: Let me start by saying, when I was young the custom of people keeping family secrets was still alive. None of these Facebook revelations. I was an adult before I learned both my mother and her mother had been divorced. These sorts of things were considered shameful. It was obvious, when Eileen moved into our home at the age of 72, she did not discuss delicate things. As time went by, she told me some of her past. I thought it showed great determination and courage to have experienced these things, nothing to be ashamed of. She then began telling others her life, usually glamorized.

Eileen was living with her foster family. She had fond memories of them, so I presume it was not a bad experience. She must have been in her late teenage years, time to set out on her own. She was now an attractive young lady. The adult children of her foster parents told her where to find her mother and father. Another village. She knocked on her mothers door in a small apartment only to have the door shut on her. She went to the big home at the end of the road and knocked. A man came, he was happy to see her, saying "I wondered what happened to you". Her father allowed for her to stay and arranged for her to buy some better clothes. As time went by, he paid for her to attend a school for young women, being trained to be companions for wealthy widow women. Her first and long job was with a wealthy widow, who spent every winter on the Mediterranean Sea. There she learned the airs and graces of the wealthy, which became her personality to the end.

Her father passed away and she inherited a portion of his estate. She needed help with money and paperwork. Mr. Watson was hired to help her. He fell in love with Eileen. Two sons were born to Eileen, who did not care for children. Nannies and early boarding school filled the gap.

After the war there was much devastation in England, they lived 17 miles outside of London. Sometimes the flying bombs made it to their neighborhood. Searching for better opportunities, Mr. Watson took the entire family to South Africa. Eileen was nervous of her new country and lived in what is called residence hotels, the whole family. Later, upon Mr. Watson's death, she continued that living arrangement. She became first assistant to the absentee owner. She ran the entire staff, all things were done for her.

Then came news the hotel was to be torn down. As I had become infatuated with Eileen, I suggested we move her to the USA. Upon her arrival, by the third day, I met a whole new person. Demanding, needy, panic attacks. I temporarily became depressed at what I had just done to myself, no returns. I shortly got myself together and started to deal with it. My husband would just smile at me, as if to say you asked for it.

I now was working full time at our business, which grew quite large. Four children and one grandchild at home. One husband who did shows and installations, most far away. My first adventure with Eileen was to teach her how to shop. I would give her a list of 3 things she needed,and do my own shopping, often with 2 toddlers in my cart. It led to many odd be continued. One of Eileen's favorite sayings, repeated many times, "I have out lived 2 husbands and 2 cats. I really miss the cats". - Barbara Watson

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Come as a guest, Leave as a friend
Beaver Valley Lodging, located in Plain Washington, is proud to present our lodging facilities. Great for Stevens Pass Skiiers as we are the closest and most affordable for your ski trip.

Offering a variety of lodging choices for your family, group gathering or that special get away. Call or go to our website for availability and select which options best suit your lodging needs. Affordable luxury and fun. Stay in the Alpine country, Leavenworth is just a 20 minute drive away.

The main lodge is in addition to our current lodging that has been cherished by our guests for years. Our 50 acre historic farm setting nestled in Beaver Valley offers visitors country atmosphere and charm. We own and operate all lodging facilities and offer on site management. We are close to a laundromat, grocery store, epresso, link bus stop and Old Mill Cafe.

Center stage at the main lodge is the courtyard with classic wrought iron Victorian gazebo. Rocking chairs outside every porch. Rock, relax and watch your children play chess on our over-sized chessboard with custom crafted chessmen. Listen to the water in the large Victorian "Wind in the Willows" wishing fountain. Lots of photo opportunities.

Perfect for reunions, musical groups, and clubs. Call for single night rates.

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