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Refuge River Ranch


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About five minutes outside Leavenworth, you can experience the perks of ranch life in a breathtaking setting. 🚜

Refuge River Ranch sits against the backdrop of Sleeping Lady mountain and is home to a menagerie of special needs animals. ⛰️

"Refuge is a safe place, and we're on the river, and we're a ranch with a lot of rescue animals,” said owner JodieK, a single mom who also acts as caretaker for all the ranch creatures. "They're my fur babies. It just feels good." 💓

Learn more about Refuge Ranch, the winner of Best Roadside Attraction in 2022's Best Northwest Escapes viewer poll, here:
Congratulations to Refuge River Ranch for winning “Best Roadside Attraction” in the 2022 Best Northwest Escapes viewers poll! 🐷🐐🐴🐓🦃❤️
Campers in the Cool Critters camp last week had a lot of fun exploring and discovering cool critters around WRI and Leavenworth! They collected bugs, rocks, played lots of animal games, and even visited Refuge River Ranch to learn about the animals that live there!

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We were there over the weekend and wanted to share this picture with you. How can you not fall in love with that face!!! Love your farm and what you are doing. Wishing you well through all of this.
Had an incredible time here! Such a blessing! Wonderful work! Show your support!
What a great experience! Thank you so much!
You are getting some great shout outs from the Rush Limbaugh show! The fill in host, Todd, is calling them dems out for you!!!!
Baby Bob...high on mom.
Refuge River there a way to donate cash to you? I am looking but can't find anything...could you please send me an email [email protected], or fb private message....I am afraid I might not see it here...thank you!!
Jodie, God bless you for what you're doing, helping the animals. My heart was breaking when hearing the news about closing the farm. Loren Culp mentioned you and your farm at rally in Redmond. I hope that he will be our new governor! Praying for you to stay in business!
Governor Jay Inslee has been imposing regulations on businesses across Washington state during the COVID-19 pandemic in an effort to slow the spread of the virus, but it’s crushing many local business owners.

JodieK, the owner of Refuge River Ranch near Leavenworth, told Dori Monson on KIRO Radio that the ranch is now shut down for the second time due to the latest restrictions on agritourism.
I just s a w your video, and shared your page. I'm so sorry you're going through this. Prayers and positive energy to y'all!

Refuge River Ranch is a wonderful place where all ages can connect with rescue animals in and intimate way without the crowds. Combined with unparalleled mountain scenery, there’s nothing quite like Refuge River Ranch on earth.

Operating as usual


I love how all of the animals are friends here at Refuge River Ranch This photo was taken midJanuary and the chickens are keeping their feet warm on Oreo, the Nigerian Dwarf.


Well look what we have here! I think we got our answer!
One Boy & One Girl...looks like someone is getting fixed😜


Taming a new rescue

My kids have been out each morning and after school, for the last 48 hours, helping me tamed this one. We have it to the point of being able to pick up all 4 feet, rub body, legs, belly and even genitals area...but guess what...It's a GIRL!💕

Now we will work on the other one and figure out if we have a boy and a girl, or two girls! This is something we actually have to feel for, because it's impossible to see with all of that shaggy hair.

Any guesses? We were told it's a boy, but I'm not sure about that....


The 2 newest rescues are mini donkeys. They are not tame yet, so that is the first task, so we can get under all the hair to see what sex they are, geld them if necessary, they also need to be tamed so that they can have their first vaccinations and dewormer and they definitely need their feet done ASAP!!


New Arrivals, stay tuned!

Ranch Tour & Experience at Refuge River Ranch 03/28/2022

Ranch Tour & Experience at Refuge River Ranch

Meet Dudley, our newest Rescue. Dudley is 11 years old and was attacked by dogs twice before coming to us. He is all healed up, but he has permanent holes in his ears and some scar tissue bumps on his sides and back legs. Dudley took the 9 hour car ride with Billy (the one eyed alpaca) and I last month to WSU where he had his tusks and feet trimmed, fecal test, shots, nutritional analysis, blood work and an ultrasound over the scar tissue incase it was tumors. Dudley is on a special diet as is the case with Billy, so they have become good friends and eat in a special holding pen made just for them, so the others can't steal their food. One of the reasons I decided Dudley would make a good fit here at the Ranch is because we don't just care about the rescues physical needs, but we place a high priority on their emotional needs. Dudley had PTSD with dogs (and rightfully so!). Our Ranch dog, Duke, absolutely loves pigs, so the goal was to bring Dudley here and hope that Duke could win him over in 3-6months....If you've met Duke, you know he is took 2 days for these 2 to become BFF!! Now I place both ranch dogs (Duke and our LGD, Duchess) in with Dudley for a couple of hours each morning and let the 3 of them play together. Dudley is in a happy home with friends you would have least suspected! Come take a tour and meet Dudley and the other rescues this spring break!❤️ And spread the word, because tours are how we pay for the care of these animals. Thank you! #refugeriverranch #washington #seattletravel #leavenworth #leavenworthwa #leavenworthwashington #vacation #picture #springbreak #post #thingstodoinleavenworth #picoftheday #leavenworthactivities #postoftheday #familyfun #minipig #instalike #pictureperfect #instagram #familyactivities #explorewashington #wanderwashington #washingtonstate #animals #rescueanimals #horsesofinstagram #funforthewholefamily #ranch #pigs #springbreakleavenworth

Ranch Tour & Experience at Refuge River Ranch Refuge River Ranch Tours: The Ranch Experience Book your Refuge River Ranch Tours: Click below to book tour Refuge River Ranch is a family friendly ranch that offers daily hands-on educational tours, known as “The Ranch Experience.” When you arrive at Refuge River Ranch you will be amazed at the...


Rescue animals in Leavenworth WA!
A Caretaker (couple or single) is needed at a Rescue Ranch. Animal experience and handyman skills are a PLUS. Must be able to pass a background check. Perfect for an adventurous and hard working retired couple that would like to live in Leavenworth, WA and can't afford to. Please PM me for details and tell me a bit about yourself and your experience. Thank you.


This is me on my way to the vet! Except instead of all dogs, make that two dogs, 3 cats, a pig, a goat and an alpaca with a rooster in the front seat. 🥴. Yah, it's crazy! For this weeks circus, I have to take Billy (the one eyed alpaca) back to WSU for a follow up and joining us for the 9 hour drive will be Duke (the very large ranch dog) and Dudley the PIG (who has PTSD when something approaches him from behind because he was attacked by dogs twice before coming to our rescue Ranch)! Yep fun times! I can see it now, Billy bumping into Dudley because of his missing eye and Dudley freaking out because of his PTSD and Duke trying to climb in my lap to avoid it all....So if anyone knows of a high top CARGO VAN collecting dust, Refuge River Ranch has a NEED! With 80 plus animals, there are many trips like this year round! 🥰

Photos from Refuge River Ranch's post 01/06/2022

HELP NEEDED!! Goats are buried in their two story shelter, a horse shelter collapsed, can't get doors to animals shelters open to feed, animals can't get to their waters...can't even see water troughs, Chicken just flew off fence and had to be dug out and rescued, worried other shelters might collapse, Horses are stuck in stalls, its not good. I don't know if the roads are even open for anyone to get here to help....Prayers and if anyone can get here to help, please bring a shovel! Thank you!🙏🙏🙏
(Photo is second story of goat house, goats are trapped underneath, second photo is trying to get to alpacas who are trapped under shelter which may collapse if snow is not removed, third photo is attempt at snow removal.


Happy new year!! Not a great time for our rescue animals in these temperatures!! But hoping for an easier 2022!! And grateful for you all! Stay warm and thank you for all of your love and support for the rescues here this past year! ❤

Photos from Refuge River Ranch's post 12/25/2021

Not a moment too soon! Santa got the message that his elf had stolen kids presents and came to save the day! He assured me he had extra toys for the little girls and boys who had gotten theirs broken by the elf and the ranch rescues. All is well… Merry Christmas from Refuge River Ranch

Ranch Tour & Experience at Refuge River Ranch 12/23/2021

Ranch Tour & Experience at Refuge River Ranch

Come take an hour long guided tour with our rescues animals. This is a hands-on education experience where you will feed them, hold them, love on them and learn about them and their stories! Great for ages 5-85 so bring the whole family!
***Rated 5 stars by TripAdvisor, FB, Google and Yelp!***
Come support the work we are doing and prevent more rescues!

Ranch Tour & Experience at Refuge River Ranch Refuge River Ranch Tours: The Ranch Experience Click below to book tour Refuge River Ranch is a family friendly ranch that offers daily hands-on educational tours, known as “The Ranch Experience.” When you arrive at Refuge River Ranch you will be amazed at the natural beauty of the Icicle Valley...


Not sure why business is so slow (because I know it's not in town!), but I only have 4 people booked for today and 5 people tomorrow (can't survive on those numbers!) We are rated all 5 star reviews on TripAdvisor, Google, FB, and Yelp...but we need to get people here, because tours are what pay for the care of these rescue animals.🙏
Please spread the word in our local shops and hotels or if you know anyone coming to Leavenworth! I also have rack cards available for businesses if you'd like some.
😒Leavenworth FB page admin won't even allow me to share the elf posts anymore🤷‍♀️ Only one post a week🙄 I could use some marketing help FB friends!! 💕 Thank you! 💕


🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️…to think, this Barbie was Santa’s gift to some sweet little girl😢. We need your help capturing this elf who has stolen Santa’s presents and brought them to the Ranch. The presents are getting ruined by the rescue animals and time is of the essence! Book a tour now and help us find him!
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Oh no! I’ll give you one guess who did this! That Elf is destroying kids Christmas presents! These poor children will never get their gifts. I have to find that Elf and that bag of presents he stole from Santa. If you come for a tour at Refuge River Ranch, please keep a close eye out!!

Photos from Refuge River Ranch's post 12/18/2021

OH NO!! and he's laughing😧
If you come for a tour at Refuge River Ranch and you see this elf, we have got to stop him!! Apparently...he has stolen kids presents from the North Pole and he gave this one to our LGD to destroy😢 Looks like little Sussie will never get her present from Santa...this is absolutely HORRIBLE!!


Oh you've got to be kidding!!!🤦‍♀️ He is posing in front of the security camera!!.. and I can't find that big coffee bag of presents... I bet you HE has something to do with this!!🤔
And if I know him from last's not going to be good!😠


12 days till Christmas and all is finally quiet and peaceful at @refugeriverranch hoping to have a more peaceful Christmas than last year (If you remember that naughty elf that wreaked havoc on our ranch and our rescue animals). The only thing out of place, so far, is this large coffee bag of toys left in our sleigh. Kind of weird… And addressed to names I don’t recognize. So if you were here, taking a tour and left these, please let me know.
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Photos from Refuge River Ranch's post 12/01/2021

Thank you everyone!! We did it and Billy is now home! He rode in the back of the SUV and kept putting his head over my kids shoulders and smelling their cheeks from behind. He was so happy to be with his people! But when I got home and got him out of the car, he dashed for his pens entrance gate. When I opened the gate he bolted in and there were lots of alpaca cries (a real noise) and sniffing throughout the herd of 5. You could tell the other 4 were a bit shocked to see him again. After 3 weeks, they probably had resigned to loosing him forever. After about 5 mins in the pen Billy started excessively foaming at the mouth. I quickly called WSU to confirm, but this would be equivalent to you or I not knowing if we'd ever get home again to see our family and then just tears of joy and stress relief. Billy was having an alpaca meltdown (or better yet, an exhale of relief and joy).
Welcome HOME Billy the Kid!!! We missed you!!!💕

Ranch Tour & Experience at Refuge River Ranch 11/27/2021

Ranch Tour & Experience at Refuge River Ranch

💕Go in Peace sweet-old Mr. Shorty. 🙏 We love you!💕
Mr. Shorty, our toothless horse, (who we fed baby food to twice a day) colliced again. So, even though it's the worst part of my job to make these tough decisions, it was definitely time to help him to greener pastures this morning.
Refuge River Ranch Come love on our rescues and help give them their best days. Hear their stories and learn rescue prevention.

Ranch Tour & Experience at Refuge River Ranch Refuge River Ranch Tours: The Ranch Experience Click below to book tour Refuge River Ranch is a family friendly ranch that offers daily hands-on educational tours, known as “The Ranch Experience.” When you arrive at Refuge River Ranch you will be amazed at the natural beauty of the Icicle Valley...

The Ranch Experience

Do you or your kids love animals?

Do you love feeding them, touching them, learning all about them?

Refuge River Ranch is no petting zoo...this is a wonderful place for young and old to connect with rescue animals in an intimate way without the crowds. Combined with unparalleled mountain scenery, there’s nothing quite like Refuge River Ranch on earth.

The delight all ages get at Refuge River Ranch creates memories that you and your loved ones will never forget. The experience delivered is often therapeutic for you and the rescue animals.

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Taming a new rescue




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